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Honored brothers and sisters,

A new year awaits us. With the celebrations of the end of previous year behind us, it is time we look to what lies ahead once more. I know I need not mince words with the rest of you. The Horde has had a troublesome year behind it, and it will not look up anytime soon with the war in full swing just yet. As we gird ourselves for threats from both in and out, we must take this chance to steel ourselves for the hardships that are to come. This means that we should be ever vigilant for the threats that loom upon the horizon of the new year.

Even in the safety and solitude of Durotar, we must prepare for war and be vigilant of what happens in neighboring lands. Continue to harden yourselves and to honour the spirits. For one day soon, we shall be in need of their guidance and assistance.

For the Blood of Redblade,

Kor'batar (January) Events

Water's Tide, or Kor'batar, marks the beginning of a new year. Traditionally known as the time of shifting tides of Draenor's seas, it is also a time of new beginnings, endings and transitions. Guided by the element of Water, Kor'batar is known for particularly strong currents and an ideal time to commune with the elements of water. It also offers a fresh start to those orcs who seek one, often accompanied by sober eating habits and meditation.

[Campaign] The Wolf God
Okiba Spearbreaker intends to use the month of Kor'batar to pay tribute to who many orcs consider the greatest wolf deity of all: Lo'Gosh. From the 20th day of Kor'batar onward, he shall lead an expedition from Razor Hill through Felwood and to Hyjal in order to honour the great spirit. Be you a spiritually minded orc or not, this shall be a fine opportunity to join the clan on a venture that takes us out of the confines of Durotar.

[Server-wide] Uldum Nights
The streets of Mar'at are once more home to the neutral-aligned festival of the Dunedwellers, hosted by Siavash. Pay the town a visit and join in on the festivities! View the Uldum Nights information board for more information. As always, bear in mind that any aggression here will not be tolerated.

[Allied guild] Call of the Wolf
For those who do not desire to share a moment of peace with the Alliance in Mar'at, the 26th day of Kor'batar also offers the monthly tournament of the Iron Wolf Clan. Honour and a feast will be given to whoever possesses the strength to be named champion. Do you have what it takes to compete?


[IC] Clan Gathering
With a new year upon us, new times await us as well. The Wolfking calls upon all orcs of the clan to gather in Razor Hill on the 13th day of Kor'batar. Come and find out what the new month - and year - has in store for us!

Honored brothers and sisters,

A full year has passed hence the day the clan has first come together from the ashes from whence it was born. A joyous occasion one might say, but an occasion that comes with a warning as well. In this ever-changing, rapidly evolving world, many clans have been known to wither and die with the passing of time. Be it hubris, sloth, weakness or otherwise, death is ever stalking its prey. And ever sure of it, sooner or later. Like how the old Red Blade tribe once met its - albeit temporary - end, we should be ever vigilant of all these things. With the month of the dead behind us, we should look to strive for life as the new year soon dawns upon us.

Many hardships yet lie ahead of us. So despite this anniversary, let us not forget what time we live in. A time of great peril and uncertainty. It is in times such as these that we orcs should look to one another more than anyone else, for if we cannot even afford to stand together and support one another, how can we hope to carry the rest of the Horde upon our backs? Walk forth into this long night with this burden upon your backs, knowing not only the fate of the clan rests upon your shoulders, but that of the Horde as well.

For the Blood of Redblade,

Nath'lok (December) Events

Nath'lok, the Long Night in the traditional orcish tongue, marks the end of the year and the centre of the winter season. A great emphasis lies upon the reflection of the past year and the preparation for the next, as orcs are ritually cleansed of their deeds from the previous months and make offerings to the spirits for a prosperous year to come. Among some clans, it was once the month when some of the most ancient (and sometimes most taboo) rites and traditions would be practiced, such as the worship of the Pale Lady in the sky.

[Celebration] The Long Night / Winter Veil
Though a date has as of yet been undecided, there shall undoubtedly be a feast to commemorate the end of the year as well as the midwinter season at the end of this month. Although we of the Red Blade have our own traditional celebration in the form of the Long Night, we may have plans to host a joint Winter Veil feast with our friends of the Shattered Shield community as well. More news shall be unveiled on this matter when all has been decided upon this matter.


[IC] Clan Gathering
Much has happened since the last Clan Gathering, so it is high time for the clan to get together and reflect on what has happened in the past month and is yet to happen in the coming month. Answer the call on the 9th day of Nath'lok!

[OOC] Guild events
As with last month, everyone is very much encouraged to host and organize events of their own as they see fit. We're looking to place a little more emphasis on a community effort, so don't hesitate to take the initiative if you've ever felt like hosting a little something for the rest of your guildies! Of course, "official" events will continue to drip in as well.

Honored brothers and sisters,

We have each had time to wind down and recover from our perilous journey from Kul Tiras by celebrating unity within the Horde at the Kosh'harg festival, as well as licking our wounds in the sanctity of Durotar. That time cannot last forever, however. War continues to run rampant across the continents, and however divided the Horde may in truth seem, we too must do our part. We shall do so on our own terms, however.

With the Whiteclaw Communion's movement gaining momentum, we must do all within our power to support the cause. However strange it may seem in the face of the Communion's aversion to war, that also includes fighting the Alliance. After all, if we were to collectively give up our duty to the Horde, it would only mean others would take our place at this stage. Which means deceit and dishonour may well continue to be spread as the Horde's ideals. We must prove both the Alliance the Horde that the opposite can be true.

In the coming month, expect to be called upon to venture to war once more. However, this time we shall do so on our own terms. On our own battleground. With our own allies.

For the Blood of Redblade,

Ankathar (November) Events

Ankathar, the Ancestor's Tide, is the first month of the dark months of winter. As an opposite to the time of light and fertility in the first half of the year, death and darkness play a key role in Ankathar. The ancestors are remembered and honoured, and preparations for the coming winter are made.

[Celebration] Day of the Ancestor
Hunting season ends, and so the time comes for the nomadic clans to migrate to better harbor once more. Rather than affording a grand feast, instead ensuring enough foods are stored for the coming Winter, it is a sober occasion when the dead of the past year, but also prior years, are honored. The orcs visit shrines dedicated to the dead to pay tribute for their sacrifice. When the ceremony concludes, they warm themselves by great bonfires to share the grand tales of the honored ancestors. This year's Day of the Ancestor shall take place on the 11th day of Ankathar.

[Campaign] Ogrepowered
As our first collaborative initiative with the Whiteclaw Communion, the Red Blade Clan sets out to secure Azerite from an ogre-infested island on behalf of the Horde. Ogres may not be our only concern however, as Alliance ships have been spotted scouting out the other side of the island as well. Be prepared for anything! For any additional information, refer to the notice here.

[Allied guild] Call of the Wolf
The monthly brawling tournament of the Iron Wolf Clan continues to be held, so yet another chance for any aspiring champions among the Red Blade Clan to compete on behalf of us in order to bring honour to both your own as well as the clan's name! It shall be held on the 24th day of Ankathar.

[Server-wide] Day of the Dead
Our culture is not the only one that takes this chance to honour the dead. Hosted by Siavash from the Dunedwellers, the Day of the Dead is a neutral festival held in Sri-La Village. So, if you intend to attend, ensure to be on your best behavior! Read the festival program on the notice board here.


[IC] Clan Gathering
Once more, the month shall be kicked off with a Clan Gathering to discuss the past month and announce the plans for the coming month. The meeting shall be held on the 4th day of Ankathar.

[OOC] Guild Mog Runs
Another guild transmog run shall be held on the 9th. We will once again have a crack at Antorus Mythic, so gather up no later than 19:50 to get yourself some fancy looking gear!
From the Annals: A (Crude) Orcish Drinking Song

Kosh'harg is nearly upon us again, which is a great time for tall tales and songs! One thing that has always struck me, however, is how few in-universe songs we actually have. Both from Blizzard as well as player-made, particularly orcish songs are quite scarce. Luckily, we did have the creative spirit or two join us every now and then, and Mazguul was certainly one of the most creatives ones you would find out there! During her time as Thur'ruk in the distant past, she wrote a fair few songs that may or may not have been inspired by other game songs. Granted, the following may be a little bit on the lewd side for some, but it's definitely her magnum opus among the ones she shared with us. I present to you, the Quillboar Song!

The Quillboar Song

  Bestiality sure is a fun thing to do
    But I have to say this as a warning to you:
    With almost all animals, you can have ball
    But the Quillboar can never be buggered at all!
    The spines on his back are too sharp for an orc
    They'll give you a pain in the worst place they ought
    The result I think you'll find will appal:
    The Quillboar can never be buggered at all!

    You can bugger the bear, if you do it with care,
    In the winter, when he is asleep in his lair,
    Though I would not advise it in spring or in fall-
    But the Quillboar can never be buggered at all!

    Mounting a horse can often be fun
    A huge kodo too; though he weighs half a ton
    Even a mouse, though his hole is quite small,
    But the Quillboar can never be buggered at all.

    Ravishing a cow while she goes moo-moo
    Will be entertaining to both her and you
    Or you might try a tiger, if you have enough gall
    But the Quillboar can never be buggered at all.

    A fish is refreshing, although a bit wet
    And a cat or a wolf can be more than a pet
    Even a giraffe, though it's ever so tall
    But the Quillboar can never be buggered at all.
    You can order or shoo 'im, or run a knife through 'im
    The one thing you cannot do is stick it to 'im.
    If you try to seduce 'im, you'll end in a fix,
    His prickles defend him against rampant pricks.

    You'll find that the Quillboar has hundreds of prickles,
    To other Quillboar those spines merely tickle,
    If buggering Quillboar is what gets you raving,
    Just remember that first of all you'll have to shave him,
    Else the spines on his back are so grom-damned thick
    You'll end up with naught but a perforate prick.
    Forgetting to pluck them has led to the call
    That a Quillboar can never be buggered at all!

    At the end of the day, when you've had your rough way
    With all of those creatures, you'll just have to say
    "That damned prickly beastie has been my downfall!"
    For the Quillboar can never be buggered at all!

Honored brothers and sisters,

An arduous journey lays behind us as we have at long last returned to the familiar shores of Kalimdor. Through storms and battles we have navigated our way home, from the blood- and plague-soaked fields of Tirisfal to the treacherous cliffs of Kul Tiras. We have made both new enemies as well as new friends, however unlikely they may have been. But now we must see to what lies ahead.

Though we were briefly isolated from it during our time on Kul Tiras, the Horde has left behind it a trail of blood and suffering. Even on the desolate island, there is no escaping this truth. We have seen the true face of the present Horde and must see to our own if we are to carve out our own fate. If there is one thing that Kul Tiras has taught us, it is that not all is quite as black and white as some would have us believe. Humans can be true to their word. Orcs can be selfish and needlessly cruel. And the Horde is an entity that none of us can afford to neglect. We must work tirelessly to ensure its future. A worthy future.

To that end, we shall once more take up the task to host this year's Kosh'harg festival upon the plains of Nagrand. I invite you all to join me there, as there shall be not only joyful celebration, but also worthwhile reflection and introspection of who we are and what the Horde is to us. I look forward to greeting you all there.

For the Blood of Redblade,

Aka'Vrull (October) Events

Aka'Vrull, War's Blessing or Blessing of Vrull, marks the end of the agricultural season for those few clans who actively practice the art of cultivating land. More importantly to most other clans however, it also marks the traditional end of military campaigns as the weather grows too unfavourable to maintain active military efforts. As a result, tribute is paid to any spirits or patrons of war for the victories won that year. This is often done by sacrificing animals or trophies of the defeated enemies. Or, aeons ago, sacrificing captives of the enemies themselves...

[Celebration] Kosh'harg festival
Though traditionally held one month prior, the Kosh'harg was delayed due to the clan's troubles in Kul Tiras. With no other clan or organization having taken up responsibility however, there is still time for a belated Kosh'harg to help bring the people of the Horde together and unite in celebration! Considering the many questions that have arisen within the Horde's structure, it will undoubtedly be a pivotal place and time to see where we all stand. In addition to that, a closed Whiteclaw meeting shall be held to help decide the clan's fate in the months to come. The Kosh'harg shall take place on the 20th and the 21st day of Aka'Vrull.

[Allied guild] Call of the Wolf
For those who cannot stand to share the same space with the Alliance, they may wish to unwind on the same day instead. On the 27th day of Aka'Vrull, those who wish to test their mettle may instead attend the Iron Wolf Clan's Call of the Wolf event. In addition to the usual brawling tournament, there will be a feast dedicated to the victor.

[Server-wide] The Rule of Three's Autumn Ball
As winter draws near, we celebrate the last warmer days of the year and Hallow's End's festivities as one. With food, drinks and entertainment provided, the Rule of Three present their Autumn Ball. The celebration will be held on neutral grounds in Uldum, so expect to see both Horde as well as Alliance there. There may be a war going on, but we will respect the laws of our hosts upon neutral grounds. The ball shall take place upon the 27th day of Aka'Vrull. For more information see, the Rule of Three's Autumn Ball notice board.

[Server-wide] Earthen Ring Quarterly Gathering
On the 14th and 15th of Aka'Vrull, the Earthen Ring will gather in Stranglethorn Vale to discuss recent relevant events to all spiritually inclined matters. Any of the clan's shamans who have an interest in sharing knowledge or learning of the world's state is welcome to attend the event. Bear in mind that the meeting shall be held upon neutral grounds. More information may be found in the Earthen Ring's own notice here.


[IC] Clan Gathering
A Clan Gathering is to be held on the 7th day of Aka'Vrull to reflect on the clan's events both in Lordaeron as well as in Kul Tiras. Suffice to say that many important matter shall be mentioned here, in addition to it being the first Clan Gathering in quite some time due to the clan's restless times abroad!

[OOC] Guild Mog Runs
From the 6th onward, Gridish will start hosting guild transmog runs to old content so we may all start gathering those pieces of gear we haven't had a crack at yet! If you have an interest and want to support his efforts, make sure to join in! The first target will be Antorus Mythic.
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