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Honored brothers and sisters,

After some arduous weeks of setting upon the path and beating back enemies left and right, the time has come at last to unwind in one of two most treasured times of the year: the Kosh'harg festival. This season's Kosh'harg is bound to be an incredible undertaking, as we have made grand plans to make up for the world of excrement we have had to suffer over the past season. Now more than ever, we have earned this respite from discord.

In order to make it so, however, your help is required. Make sure to offer any aid you are willing to lend to any of your fellow orcs who intend to put their backs into the organization of this Kosh'harg. There are yet some of us out there who might still be in need of volunteers, so ensure to do your part if you can spare any hands. Even if it be for a single day.

Having said that, however, there is one order above all others that I seek to give to you this month: enjoy. Feast. Celebrate. And give thanks the ancestors for the strength of the pack as well as their support in the times that lie ahead. A new day dawns after the long night has at long last ended. It is a day that is ours for the taking.

For the Blood of Redblade,

Karoshgoth (March) Events

A paradoxical month, Karoshgoth, Serenity's End, marks both the time of the first bi-annual Kosh'harg festival - an essential time of peace for all clans - but also the beginning of new military campaigns as Spring brings with it mild enough conditions to start new wars or resume any outstanding wars. At the very least, the Kosh'harg often provided an opportunity for feuding clans to use the festival as a last chance to prevent any conflicts if at all possible... or a time to offer their respects to the enemy clan, knowing full well it would be their last time among one another as friends.

[Festival] Kosh'harg Celebration
That time of the year has come once more: the time of the Kosh'harg! And this time around, it's bigger than ever before. Just about everyone in the clan has stepped up to take some manner of responsibility in ensuring the festival will be bigger, larger and more entertaining than ever, so be it as organizer or as visitor, be sure to attend the festivities from the 18th to 25th of Karoshgoth! For any additional information, see the entire line-up of activities and events on the notice board here.

[Campaign] Journey to Outlands
With the Kosh'harg Festival fast approaching, the clan has begun to make its way to the Old World in preparation for the festivities. As always, however, the pilgrimage is bound to be beset by threats and unwanted distractions. In charge of the clan's journey to Outlands this time is Nar'thak Strongarm, who has taken up the responsibility to see the clan to Garadar safely. What might the clan find along the way?

[Tournament] Vrull'Morah
The monthly Vrull'Morah returns! Hosted by Razaron Madeye, the Vrull'Morah is the perfect chance for the orcs of the clan to hone their skills! As a tribute to Vrull, the Son of Strife, two different competitions shall be held on the night of the 8th of Karoshgoth in order to test which among the orcs rank as the best fighters the clan has to offer!

[Allied guild] Call of the Wolf
Failed to emerge as the victor on the clan's Vrull'Morah? On the 27th day of Karoshgoth, those who wish to once more test their mettle may attend the Iron Wolf Clan's Call of the Wolf tournament. In addition to the usual brawling tournament, there will be a feast dedicated to the victor.


[OOC] Kosh'harg Festival
Thanks to the collective efforts of the guild's members, we have an incredible amount of activities and events planned for this season's Kosh'harg! A big thank you to you all for your help and commitment! A lot of work still remains to be done, however! There are still several activities which require some additional volunteers for helping out, and it's never too late to host any extra events in case you're interested in hosting one in addition to the existing activities. Make sure to refer to the festival calendar found on our Discord server to see which activities are still in need of help!

[OOC] Officer promotions
As mentioned on our Discord server last month, we're actively on the lookout for fresh officer material again due to the incredible amount of newcomers we've had the pleasure of welcoming into our community. Though we've had a few volunteers step up to the task already, we continue to keep on encouraging any willing souls to step up and show interest if they have any! If nothing else, we appreciate any events that you all keep on hosting to ensure we have a nicely filled up calendar from this month to the next, as we've certainly not had a lack of events in the last few months!