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Author Topic: Letters to Home  (Read 6079 times)


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Letters to Home
« on: April 11, 2021, 11:50:42 AM »


ITS YOUR SON BAMM!!!!!!!!! <3

"What in fel tarnation i can hear you say?"

Well shitfire 'member how i told y'all before bout how these Red blade folk Arkail was telling me about to join and learn about Orc life and how y'all said it sounded like a good idea, but not to get too carried away? You remember dad right? well y'all said he was like real smart and charming and could talk his way into and outta more trouble than it was worth and spoke purdy like? Well he is nuttier than marmot shit now i tell you what.... rambling and raving nonsense. i am looking after him dont worry i am a good boy like you raised me to be! :)

Anyhow what was i saying? Oh yeah I am BAMM IRONSPARK now! I took part in a Om'riggor and i killed talbulk real smart like using a trap! I was naked as the day i was born at the time but that aint important. Yeah so i did that and gave me a name and i swore an oath to the demi gods they follow nice folk we had to go to the afterlife to rescue one recently he is nice!!

What was i saying oh yeah :)
Uh yeah i am adult now you're lil fella all grown up. I even started training in a part of the clan called Nag'ogar which is like the shield of the group. I am gonna protect them cause they my friends but its also like leadership and bringing hope in bad times and taking respsonibility for yourself and others conduct! You and gearoid always said that was important. So i doing as you taught me!

If ya see gearoid say howdy from his bestest student BAMM IRONSPARK. i hope his robo legs aintseizeing up too much!

How are things with y'all hope the captain is treating you right and y'all are sailing well and getting into fun adventures?

Making you proud i hopes
your ever loving son


p.s Boomer says hi!


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Re: Letters to Home
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2021, 03:10:29 PM »
Letters home


How are y'all doing Boss?? Shitfire it been a while! :)

Its your favourite student BAMM, that is BAMM IRONSPARK!!!
Yep, i got me a creation name like you! Well sorta Orcs are different like y'all said buts we's the same in many thangs! They hunt for the their name y'all build it! SAME THANG! Y'all have cartels they gots clans. Soon as folk see our similarities rather than our differences man i tell you what we gonna get on real well like!? :) :)

Anywho what was i writing about oh YEAH!! :)
I am doing real swell like like, i gots some nice folk around me and we gets into all kinds of fun! Like that time me and you got stuck on the zepplin full of naked half burnt dwarves? That was some FUN i tell you what!  I am well treated, not paid, well they pay me in kindness and respo.. respsonso... repsonobilililites. i tell you what that's almost as shiny

Yeah SO i want thank ya for passing on my half of our royalties these last few months. I have done built me a Gryocopter! not from scratch persee i stole it from some 'romancers in Northrend, then i crashed it into a vrykul village there cause a talking dragon shot me and a pal down!..... SO MUCH FUN.. but yeah i done rebuilt it and can fly it real well now
I call it the JITTERBUG!

Love ya PAL always man shitfire!

your bestest student and friend BAMM :) <3

ps. Boomer says hi