Orcs of the Red Blade

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Return of the Gul'thauk
(April Fools)

The Gul'thauk were, in the old Red Blade Tribe, among the most feared and mysterious Orcs the tribe had to offer. With initiation rites unknown to the surrounding world, they were tested and hardened relentlessly, in hopes of creating the most mentally strong and cunning Orcs to ever walk Azeroth. To a degree, it was successful. The ranks of the Gul'thauk were once booming, and they were a formidable force of outcasts, rogues, and outlaws that sought their place elsewhere than the other two paths that the Red Blade had to offer, lead by the Varog'Gor; the most elite bodyguards of the Chieftain himself.

In time however, their numbers dwindled and the Gul'thauk were soon unheard of, except for in those pesky dusty annals that nobody except know-it-all New Bloods read to prove a point to their superiors. The infamous curse of the Varog'Gor seemingly rubbed off on the Gul'thauk and drove them to near extinction; leaving only a select few left to tell their mysterious tale.

For years (give or take), there were no more Varog'Gor or Gul'thauk left. The path was made obsolete, and its followers were left mostly pathless in the newly reformed Red Blade Clan. But with the recent rise in Varog'Gor numbers, from zero to four, the Gul'thauk of old have begun stirring under the surface, and thus the Chieftain and his Elders made the quick decision to reinstate the Path of Cunning, but with slight reformation to avoid another downfall.

The comprehensive new guide to the Path of Cunning:
  • No Warriors
  • No Shaman
  • The Gul'thauk must be dabbling in some form of forbidden or shunned magic
  • The Varog'Gor are no longer Elders of the Path
  • There will be a council of Gul'thauk, consisting of one Nag'Ogar, one Gosh'kar, and a New Blood to ensure the Path of Cunning moves in the right direction
  • No Shaman
  • Training will be done in a free-form manner, there is no list of tasks or training that one must complete; it's to be done under one's own supervision
  • The Gul'thauk may break the code. Yep, you read that right! They're sneaky awful Orcs, why would they need to follow the code?
  • Gul'thauk must have a backstory of betrayal and supernatural occurrences
  • Shaman are not allowed

The selection process is carefully done by the Elders of the Clan, and thus only the strongest and most cunning Orcs will be accepted among the Gul'thauk. Do you think you have what it takes? Fill in this comprehensive, easy to fill in form and send it to one of our Officers on Discord or through the PMs on the forum!

Character name:


Has your character experienced anything supernatural? (Y/N)

Have you read the guidelines? (Y/N)

Why should -you- be a Gul'thauk and what does it mean to you?

Is your character a Shaman? (Y/N)

In no more than 4000 words, describe to us why you believe Gul'dan is the best orc in history.