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Om'riggor Transcripts

Started by Karak Stormsong, October 07, 2010, 10:05:50 PM

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Kogra Windwatcher

Arhnum Wildbranch, Friend of the tribe

let me first say it has been an honour to partake in one of your rites...
My hunt took me west, and north to the great forests of Ashenvale.
Hmm-hrm, I had originally intended to seek a black bear, or perhaps a brown ashenvale bear, a beast I associate with closely...
However, the Earthmother had other ideas... upon entering a clearing, I found myself looking upon a small herd of shadowhorn deer, many does. And one Stag.
The does bolter... the stag however, hmm-hrm, angered, charged me.
I tried to use my staff and weight to turn him aside, but found myself flung back, and disarmed.
From then on it became a struggle of grabbing, turning, blocking and forcing his goring head movements with my arms.
I was coming worse off, as you can see, its sharp black antlers piercing my skin. One misplaced shard and I could of been disembowled or my throat pierced...
So I grabbed it around the neck, and squeezed for dear life.
As it tired, and began to fall from lack of air, I hammered it with my hands as only I could, until I could throttle it properly... and so it died.
I took from it a shard of his antlers as trophy.
That is my story.

Given name: Grizzlehorn
"Never leave an enemy to die alone in the cold. Warriors should die with hot blood on their hands, not with ice in their veins"

Kogra Windwatcher

Okram Graywolf

I went northwards, I was thinking of perhaps crossing the river to the barrens to look for a suitable prey, I figured with the barrens having been my home for a long time it would be a suitable place.

However, I encountered a lone elemental on the way there. It intrigued me as it seemed to be out of place. I thought perhaps it was summoned by someone, or maybe a dark shaman remnant. I decided to observe it for a while.

After all I could not call to the spirits for an answer.

So I patiently waited and watched the Elemental like an old guarding wolf near it's master's hut. The elemental wandered aimlessly, the earth disturbed in its small path.
As I watched I came to the conclusion that it wasn't supposed to be here, and would be best returned to its plane. I slowly and carefully made my way towards it. Axe in my hand, as expected the elemental enraged at the sight of me.

I was forced to fight it. Whilst normally a lone elemental wouldn't provide too much of an issue I was once again reminded that without the elements I am slightly... handicapped when it comes to battle.

A lesson I should have learned by now. I traded blows with the elemental. It had mixed results, whilst I chipped away at its exterior I couldn't quite land any solid blows.

Earth elementals are as sturdy as the ground itself, not good for cleaving with an axe. For a while I tried to gauge it for weaknesses, see if maybe I could find a way to return it to the elemental plane quickly and mercifully.

As the fight raged on it was clear that I wouldn't be the winner of any endurance test. It had already bruised my muscles after a short while. I started drawing it away, towards the river.

I figured that maybe using the environment to my advantage might help.

Like a wolf driving it's pray towards the rest of the pack I carefully lead it to the water, limiting its movements. I kicked it down so it's body hit the water, then used the distraction to deliver a killing blow.

Luckily for me there were no crocolisks around this time. And as it dispersed I grabbed the binding it left behind as trophy.

I think it had been summoned by either an inexperienced shaman or a plain idiot.

Given name: Earthsunder
"Never leave an enemy to die alone in the cold. Warriors should die with hot blood on their hands, not with ice in their veins"



As you see, these are two severed jaws of two mighty beasts of the forest of Ashenvale. One.. a feral bear! The other, a large wolf. As I don't want to keep you up all night, I will cut it short to just the wolf.. So! I was wandering around the beaten path. The shrubbery was waist-high, and the odour of dung clung around the place. But I searched around.. until at a certain point, I heard the faint rustling of leaves. I drew my axe, and tried to pinpoint the source. Suddenly, the wolf pounced towards me from in between the shrubbery. It was faster than anything I had seen.. in a long while at least. I just barely managed to fall to the left side. The wolf withdrew itself back into the shroud of the shrub', hiding again. I roared fiercely. It echoed across the forest and it may have frightened the wolf as it had stopped moving for a second. But I saw the glimmering fur of the wolf in the shrub’. I charged forward, axe in hand and I lashed out at the wolf, slashing it in its right side. It whimpered and snarled lowly, but it had enough fight left in him yet! It pounced forward and dug it's claw into my shoulder, and it remained on top of me. Biting, snarling and drooling over me. I brought my knee up and hit it in its abdomen, seemingly depriving it of air. I saw my chance and grabbed my axe, and swiftly brought it against the jaw of the wolf, severing it in a clean cut. The blood gushed down unto me and it fell to its left side. I paid my respect to the worthy foe by ending its life quickly.. and I took it's jaw as my trophy.

Name given: Frosthowl
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."



I hunted a bear larger than I, I'll do the best I can to recall the ordeal. Not being much of a hunter I did the only thing I could think of to begin with, Check the water sources and places of food to see if I could hunt something that was drinking, hunting or grazing. I followed the rivers and checked the lakes and didn’t particularly have much luck until I spotted something that even the untrained eye like myself could see. Quite the trail of blood and a mash of footprints, couldn’t quite make out what but some where the size of pups and one… well larger than I’d expected. Of course I decided to follow it as I didn’t seem to have many options. After a few moments of tracking the trail I came across a small pack of wolves, three cubs and what I assumed to be the mother who looked wounded and weak, bleeding noticeably. Obviously the one leaving the trail which I followed. But something was off, the tracks I saw were prints far larger than that of the wolves so I waited and watched to see if I could spy anything that was… beyond what expected and it didn’t take too long. Nearby looming in the shadows was the largest bear I had seen, whether they were encroaching on his territory or it was hunting them I do not know but the bear being my prey felt, right. I charged it, hoping that I could catch it unaware and do what I know best. The beast towered ever more as I got closer. Even beyond my own height but I could not turn away for not only would I fail my hunt but these wolves would perish. I drove my blade deep into its side but seemingly it did little. The beast was definitely angered by my transgressions and turned its ire unto me. The following that ensued is… a tad blurry. We traded blows, I got a few strikes in and it took a few chunks from me. But the beast was sluggish in its movements  and had moments of vulnerability before and after swipes and bites. I managed to distract it’s vision away for a moment, at the cost of my blade, but it was enough time for me to sink my teeth into it. I was behind it’s jaws and too close to claw at and eventually, after removing chucks of flesh, it died with a whimper. I harvested some furs to wear, to remind me of the important battle and gave the carcass to that of the wolves. While frightened and unable to flee it didn’t take them long to see me as no threat. Eventually the wolf limped away with cubs in tow, I will probably never see the wolf or its cubs again but I can rest assured that perhaps due to my actions they will continue to live on.

Name given: Direfang
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."



I entered Ashenvale, dagger in my hand. The shadows of the forest were thick, but the moonlight was stronger than I ever thought it could be. I decided to stay away from the roads, an elven ambush is not something I was too keen on for the night. I figured I'll try to find a stag, or a fox. What I found was.. Something else entirely. At first I saw a shadow at a glance, but then I realised, that an eagle was flying above me, far on the tree tops. Brown feathers, except for a few white feathers near it's head, sort of plumage. It did not seem to notice me from below, or just didn't care. I started following it through the woods, over root, bushes and branches. I could not strike it in the air with a dagger, after all. I needed it to perch. I do not know how long I have stalked it, or followed. Eventually the path led towards the southern Ashenvale mountains. I saw it land there, and followed, dagger in hand. I carefully approached, tried to be as silent as I could, It is then that I heard the voice..
I was not alone in the mountain path. It was a strange tongue, with hisses and exes, sent a shiver down my spine. The scene I watched was.. Unpleasant. The eagle was on a nearby branch, watching her nest. In the nest were three eggs, and near the eggs, a chanting abbhorent creature of Ashenvale. Satyr. "Approach, orc, I've heard you already" He said in orcish, and I felt as if it was a command. "And here I was hoping I'd find an elf tonight, but you'll do better than the eggs. I wonder, are you as stupid as all orcs?" I was unsure what to do.. Should I call for aid? I couldn't move, he had me in a spell. The satyr sniffed at me. "Tell your friends you're fine. Tell them to stop asking."  I.. Did, I felt like I was compelled. I was furious, but couldn't move, couldn't speak, could barely think. The Satyr looked at me, lust and victory in his eyes. "Well, You might not be stupid.. We need to test that." "How about a riddle then. Solve this, and you'll get a question of your own. If you are a stupid orc, I will do you as I see fit. Do you agree?" I nodded.
Wether it was my choice or not, I cannot say. "What has two feet, then four feet, then two feet, then no feet, then two feet?" I got out of my daze, but knew I had to act. I still could not move. My mind raced.. I looked at the eagle. The white plumage, and brown feathers.. Eventually, it reminded me of certain brown fur. "A druid, I answered. They walk on two feet, but can change into a bear, then back to themselves, then a creature of the sea, and back to themselves." "Oh, surprising. You are a lovely, aren't you?. Your turn. Make it good." The Satyr said, playing with the eggs. I knew this was my only chance. Fell him with a riddle, or never return.
"What is as hard as steel, Pumping with blood, and belongs to us both?" I asked, hoping the young satyr would be as shallow as the tales sometimes proclaim. "He he he, feisty to meet me already, aren't you?" The satyr asked. "Well, you mean to my special little tool, you'll meet it soon." "You're wrong" I breathed. "What? I'm not wrong! I can't be wrong!" The satyr was furious. He approached me, claws ready, but his spell was broken by his ire, and I had my chance. I took my dagger, sharp as steel, and struck it in his exposed neck, letting the satyr's life-blood pump out and flow to the ground. With a heavy breath, the beast was down, and I felt the spell fading completely. The eagle looked at me, and landed on the nest, to see to her eggs. I do not know if she was guided by the spirits, or was just smart enough of her own. I took three of her feathers as well, from the nest, and let her be. I hope, and I believe, the nest will not be harmed. I hope that I was not harmed. I hope I have brought pride to this tribe with the hunt.

Name given:  Dreamwalker
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."



Grm. You all know why I undertook this specific prey; no need to repeat myself. I knew exactly where I needed to go, where the Elemental was waiting for me. My test. The scar that tore the Barrens in half. With the lava bubbling all around, the temperature near the bottom was incredible to behold.
I clambered down, along the rock formation. I found my way to a small open space - And there it stood across me. There was no need for words, no need for explanations. It knew why I was there, and it knew what needed to happen. I found out swiftly that the blessing I had been given to even the scores, allowed me to strike the Elemental with my fists as I would a beast, or an Orc. The fight was .. Brutal. The Elemental showed no mercy, no quarter and no sense of stopping. It attacked me with unrelenting force, and I fear I will bear the scars of its assault for many years to come. But I endured. I tore flame apart from flame weakee------ *The word here is scratched through and written anew.* weakened it with every blow I struck back. I could see its core. And as it's claws dug across my back, I stuck my left arm inside the Elemental; and ripped out its core. It turned to ash soon after, leaving it's Shackles as my prize. That is the end of my tale.

Name given:  Firebrand
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."



I Kardrak, bring this token as proof of my journey tonight. This was my first Om'riggor, my fist chance to feel what is to be an orc. As I left here, I felt something, something that I had never felt before. I felt ALIVE. I could feel the ground between my toes, the grass brushing my legs as I ran. Something drew me south, south towards the scar. I felt a scar with myself for so long now, I felt broken, incomplete. I crossed the scar, driven to find a worthy prey. Though I am no hunter, even I could see the signs of this beast. It left prey behind, untouched. I followed it and soon discovered its lair, and it was waiting for me, as if it knew I would come. We exchanged a look, we knew that only one of us would be the victor, and with that we charged. Claw and talons bit deep in me, tearing my shirt apart. I howled in pain and for a moment I wondered if I would fail.. I felt eyes watching me, judging me. I knew I could not fall, not now. The beast was upon me, his mouth wide as he aimed for my neck. I rammed my fist into his jaws, and pummelled it with all my might. Lifting the best, I twisted, and snapping its neck, it fell on me. *An inkblob seperates the last next sentence from the others a bit.* I crawled out from under it, bleeding, but more alive than after any battle.

Name given: Rageheart
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."



I, Klarous, bring both the head of this Prowler and the Canines of its Pack as truth. Similar to Kardrak, this was my First ever Om'riggor, so I was both eager to take part but nervous as well, not knowing what it would entail. I also went south, to the oasis, where I picked up a trail, the prints looked bigger than the normal cats tracks around so I followed them, cautiously and slowly. It led me up the mountain, still only following one set of tracks. It led me to a cave, very small in depth. As I peered in silently I could see this prowler, it was the biggest I’ve seen, almost twice the size as myself. I got in a position to snipe it from afar , but I didn’t kill it with one shot, and it saw me before I could fire another arrow. It turned round and revealed 3 smaller prowlers, fully grown, the same size as me. They charged at me , I was able to shoot one before they pounced on me , making me fall down the mountain side. It pounced one last time, pinned me down on my back. I thought I was dead, its claws imbedding my chest. with my bow broken I took one of the arrows in the beast and plunged it in its eye, killing it. Took me some time to take its head off to bring back and took the teeth out the others and made my way back here. Thus concludes my story.

Name given: Whitewolf
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."

Kogra Windwatcher


So... I heard from folks around here over the last few days, about warp stalkers in the area.They said they are hard to kill because they will warp away out of your attacks.

They also spoke of a certain warp stalker that was terrorizing the road, they had tried to hunt it down to no avail.That sounded like a worthy beast to track down.

So I set out north and then east, following the path they mentioned.I followed the path for a while till I noticed something in the distance, I slowed my pace and scanned the road.

I quickly went off the road, stayed near the trees and quietly stalked closer till I was in range of the stalkers.I carefully observed them, finding the right one, which was not all too hard.

I noticed in the back of the field near the road a huge and heavily scarred beast.I stalked closer and waited for the right time to strike, when I started my attack I was apparently not quick enough, my dagger scraped its skin and before I could really do any damage, it warped away.

I quickly turned and searched for him, he looked to have vanished.I turned around hearing something behind me, I turned the dagger around in my hand so it pointed down to quickly stab or slice the stalker but he was much quicker then I thought.

He snapped at my arm and before I could act he was gone again.This time I kept watching the side where he went, then pretended to go the other way, dagger ready. The moment I started to turn he jumped at me trying to snatch my leg I quickly stepped away and stabbed him in his flank.

The stalker hissed and warped away again but this time just a little bit in front of me, where he turned to just stare at me. I stared back bared my teeth and snarled at him. He jumped at me and then warped away again, to only come in from the other side, snapping at my leg again.

I jumped out of the way but a little to late as his fangs left their mark on my calf. I kicked him on his head hoping to daze him and then swung my dagger at him chipping off some of his skin.

He appeared on my other side again mouth wide open flying for my throat, I quickly pointed my dagger up and he sailed straight into it, my dagger seeping into his throat.

He jumped with everything he had, and knocked me over in the process the moment he went limp.I pushed him quickly off, took his fangs and a claw as proof, smeared his blood and made my way back en here I am.

Given name : Keeneye
"Never leave an enemy to die alone in the cold. Warriors should die with hot blood on their hands, not with ice in their veins"

Kogra Windwatcher


I did it, I killed... a fel reaver! Yes-yes

I joke, I slew a raptor.. so gullible

I present you with two gifts chieftain.

This be one of the raptor eyes and this be one of my eyes. They are gifts for you, yes-yes.

Careful, they be very squishy.. Yes

Yes, I think it be time for me to explain everything. Yes.

My father was a elder of the Bleeding Hollow clan, we use to hunt raptors in Tanaan Jungle marshes. He taught me the way of life, the old ways. I never saw him once he went through the dark portal, I believe he died to the trolls.. Anyway, this is why I travelled so far north to hunt a raptor. I had to travel through the forests of Terrokar, navigate the marshes of Zangar and crawl up the caverns before I reached Blade's Edge. Yes-yes. Many spiders in there..very nasty.

I sneaky like Kai past the deadly spiders and out of the cave and saw a wolf den mother, I think she was already friendly with the orcs in the area but I gave her a good scratch behind the ear and the wolves in the area didn't attack.

Maybe I could be a beastmaster? I don't know. My prey, the essence of my being was getting close. I sought the raptor, it was far down in the deepest parts of the mountains. Many dangerous creatures I had to pass before I finally spotted her. It was like my whole life had been waiting for this moment.

I looked at my axe and thought to myself, I may need more than just this to defeat her. I didn't want to use any other weapon so I thought long and hard. I saw a scorpion on the floor and then it hit me, I shall extract the venom out of this scorpion. The scorpion looked just like... like.. like that!

The assumption could be made he pointed towards a scorpion, possibly Riplclaw’s.

I very very carefully extracted the glands and smeared my axe in the venom. if I could just get a clean strike on this raptor then I knew it would be a matter of moments before she would go down!

I climbed up to one of the spikeyest spikes and got to the edge of the blades edge spikes. The raptor hadn't noticed me.. I jumped down and.. I was too late.

The raptor had seen me, she had ambushed me, I thought to myself. Clever girl.. I managed to parry the the claw of the raptor and then she pounced!

I quickly slid down and swoosh, I chopped the leg off the raptor straight off.. I watched as the venom started to take over and I ended her suffering with one final slash. In the end, I probably didn't need the venom. But that's how it goes right?

I thought to myself, I'm not dragging this corpse all the way back so I just took the head. The eyes are the most important piece anyway.

Oh and you're probably wondering why I have this eye patch and no eye?

This brings it back to my father, he taught me the ways of the bleeding hollow. He was an elder and he went on the same shamanistic vision quest as me. He said to me, when I come of age, I want you to do the same ritual I have done here today. I'm sure You all know of the vision quests bleeding hollow go through? To see in to the future, most notably out deaths yes? Well I finnally came of age today, I did as he asked.. I fulfillled my promise. The visions I saw.... I cannot describe. They are personal, Very personal

Oh.. this is why the gift of my eye is important

Usually the eye is kept in vault of eyes, but this does not exist no more. I so it's your chieftain to keep for protection, this is a great honour for you. Yes-yes.

Given names: The primal and Madeye
"Never leave an enemy to die alone in the cold. Warriors should die with hot blood on their hands, not with ice in their veins"



My spear, and I... Ran west, to the northern barrens. There I felt the pull of the oasis, south west of the crossroads. I knew many warped beasts stalked the area around the Wailing caverns, and I was not disappointed. I happened upon the carcass of a turtle, and upon inspection found it had been pulled apart--only for the predator to worm it's way out of the water and attack me also. A hydra, not huge, but deadly. Three headed lunged at me, it's three heads snapping, biting... darting in and out at me. The middle head spat poisonous acid which i ducked under, it felled a tree by melting the trunk. Then all three heads grabbed my spear as i tried to deflect it's maws... and it pulled and pushed in unison, snapping the weapon. Thrown to the ground, and disarmed, I had to evade and roll to stay alive-- eventually grabbing what was left of the spear-head, and slashing at its necks. As I slash the first, the second bit into my arm--But through the pain I continued hacking, and felled all three heads. the wound is cleansed, and the skulls will be attached to my new nag'ogar weapon. I smeared myself in its dark blood and return here now, before you all.

Name given: Spearbreaker
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."



I bring with me, the trophy of my kill, the bloodied feathers of a Hippogryph. My hunt took me to Ashenvale, originally I planned to hunt a Nightsaber, a creature known for his cunning and stealth. But as I hunted my prey a came across a sight, a peon camp laid to waste, the bodies of those gathering wood, torn open and left to rot. As I examined the camp a shadow appeared over me, the Hippogryph charged at me, knocking me to the ground, before I could react. However as I was tossed to the ground, I heard a cry, one of the peons had not died, but the Hippogryph also noticed and turned its attention to him. It's carried him off and I was force to give chase. The creature was cruel, it tossed the peon while in the air and caught it in its claws, slowly ripping the peon apart, until the peon slipped...and impaled himself on a tree. The Hippogryph then kept to the air, where I could not reach...so I had to scale a tree, high enough to reach the beast. All while avoiding it's notice. Once it was low enough I leap from the tree onto the creature's back trying to force it to the ground, in order to try and shack it, it began throwing itself though the tree, hoping the thickness of their leaves and branches would knock him off. But I managed to hold on long enough to draw my weapon, and with a swing, I managed to slice though one of its wings. We both plummeted to the ground, as you can see, I did not die...however I did break a rib or two. But sadly...neither was the Hippogryph, wounded and maddened it likely would of slain me in a fair fight. However I played dead, allow the creature to think I had died in the fall as it drew closer to inspect my corpse... I trusted the blade into its neck, ending it once and for all.

Title given: Claw of Vrull
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."



Seems Ashenvale likes to change an orc's plans, as I had originally planned to hunt one of the large wolves that prowl there. I had heard a rumour that they are often seen around a particular Moonwell, so I headed out to look for myself. When I got there it was silent. Nothing around. I decided to hide by the Moonwell and wait to see if anything decided to show up. Eventually, something did. This thing. Seems my skills at hiding are worth squat, as the thing almost instantly noticed me by the well. I stepped up onto the well as it roared out and came crashing into it. It may have been an elder bear, but it was both wise and still strong. It's crashing into the well's waters served as a good distraction, allowing it a few good solid swipes with those claws of his. I returned a few blows to its body, but it didn't seem to faze the thing at all. I can tell you I missed the ability to harness my chi right then. I staggered from the well into somewhere more open, awaiting its next move. It quickly followed, roaring in fury. Hmph! My blows did nothing but anger the thing. If body blows were not going to work, I had to go for somewhat of a weak point. Namely the head and neck. Of course, aiming for such a place is not easy. It has both its claws and that maw to attack you with, neither of which I exactly wanted to meet my flesh. I watched as it rushed towards me, raising its front paws to maul me. I raised my staff in turn to block it, but the sheer weight of the thing knocked me to the ground. Winded, I freed a hand and swung at its head, managing to land a blow on its temple. With it disorientated I managed to stand to my feet, following up the blow with multiple hits with my staff. The bear roared out at my attacks, raising its paws up in an attempt to knock me down once more. Luckily my little attempt at goading it had worked. I was expecting it this time. I managed dodge the attack, swinging my staff up to meet its jaw as it descended. The crack it made was so loud I was sure I broke my bloody staff in two! In any case, it went down and didn't get back up. I have to say, getting the paw off the thing was a challenge, didn't exactly have anything sharp on me. Ended up using a sharp stone to cut the bear paw off, but it worked out.

Name given: Strongarm
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."



I present the pelt of a feral riding wolf. I will admit, I had not any particular beast in mind when I set out on my task. In my mind, the Spirits would provide as I moved west. As I crossed the Southfury Watershed I noticed a large pool of blood by the riverside trailing into the barrens. It was a good start, a fair start. I tracked it to the corpse of a large, dead kodo, feeding at it was this large wolf, a mangled and aged saddle still affixed to its back, riddled with a few broken arrow shafts and scars matting its fur. The beast saw me a mile away. It fled, almost immediately. I figured it had been wounded in the fight and tracked it to the Forbidden Pools. The beasts Den was there and I hadn’t realised, in my overconfidence I ran right where it wanted me. It lept from the brush and attcked me out of nowhere, blindingly fast. I jabbed my dagger into its neck, I hit an artery but the beast didnt bleed near fast enough. It thrashed me around a bit, I knew I was in a bad place. It howled and lunged at me. In my panic I rammed my fist down the beasts open maw, up to my shoulder. The breast thrashed around, ripped my arm up, eventually it choked out. I finished it with my blade, gave thanks for the life I had taken and skinned the beast. That is the tale.

Name given: Wolfmane
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."



I am not a tracker, I am no hunter, so I decided to screw the planning, any sneaking...and just head on down south, see what I could find. What I could kill! After some time had passed, I...had not seen anything, not a scorpion, not a boar, nothing. I sat down by the riverbed, confused, and tired, also worried! But, as father always said, stop worrying, thinking and just do stuff. So I sat there waiting for a beast to come wandering. But as I was enjoying my time there, this...terrible sound started ringing in my ear. A darn cicada... I could hear it, not see it, it was driving me mad, just....those sounds, all those...noises! I had to find it... And wouldn't you know, the bloody thing jumps out of the grass onto a rock right next to me. I did the only natural thing. I tried to smash it! But...alas. Too fast, too quick. Sprang away it did, jumped. Tried to smack it again...to no avail, jumped away. I got up on my feet, started chasing it, started with a walk, then a jog, then full spring, by the spirits, this thing was fast! Not saying I’m a natural sprinter, but...sure outran me.
I was catching up however...then suddenly. A frog. A FROG, had stolen my prey. Eaten it up. Gobbled it. It was gone. I was of course not very happy with this, I needed to get it back, it had annoyed me, and I had chosen it as my prey. The frog stared at me for only a moment, until it saw the fire in my eyes. It too leaped! Ran, jumped! I sprinted after it, even let out a few roars, I was not happy... But luckily, I was catching up! Frogs are not perfect beings it seems, yes, I too was surprised learning this. And just...as we were coming around the riverbed, out of the grass... A CROCOLISK! ...My prey, lost, deeper, swallowed whole, not once, but twice! My PREY! Now, a cicada, might run from you, a frog might run... A Crocolisk? It doesn't run. So...when I started chasing it... I actually...caught it.
As some of you might know, I am not fond of beasts, I am in fact terrified of many of them. So, even though I wanted to reclaim my cicada price, I was not too happy to find myself embracing a darned river beast. It started spinning in the water, it's huge maw, biting, trying to get a grip, tear out my throat, tear me to bits! I am not nimble, I am not quick, i am fat and heavy, we sank. I grabbed something in the water, heavy, solid, a rock. Started bashing the thing, as I wrapped my cloak around its maw. Our fight must have lasted for minutes!
Until it finally stopped moving, well for a moment, until it lashed out one last time, almost leaving me with eight toes! I bashed it once more, knowing I had a great task ahead of me, I wasted no time. Sat down, started sharpening the rock I had used to kill it, I needed to cut into the beast, to reclaim my price. And so I did, I sharpened the rock, for a fairly long time, probably why I was the last one to arrive! Then I gutted the beast, reclaimed the frog, squashed the frog, and found my cicada. Then I brought it here, and painted my face with what little blood I could find. If...only I could have found and fought a beast more worthy than a cicada... But that was the tale, honoured chief.

Name given: Ironwill
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."