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Title: Om'riggor Transcripts
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Seeing as Rargnasha 'arsked' me to transcript the Om'riggor stories I hear from now on. I shall document them here for your perusal. If yeh can't read my writing... tough.

[Written on Parchment]

1. Tirnak Lynxclaw

I already knew what I wanted to bring you.
I went to the den south of the Barrens.
I managed to go past the grunts patrolling the area, and found a hut on a hill
I went up to investigate, as it was a decorated hut I thought there would be something worth killing in it.
And indeed, my instincts didn't fail me.
One of their captains was stationed there, feasting on the flesh of one of our orc brothers.
So with the element of surprise on my side I charged into the hut.
Granted, melee combat is not my thing...
But I obtained a few blows to the legs but I managed to down him and slit his throat. I let him bleed dry.
I brought his tusk and his blood on my face.

Given Name: Bloodsworn
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"I first thought to try and penetrate the tower’s ward, but whoever conjured the shell did so flawlessly. I moved to the West and camp across a massive Blackrock encampment, I move across the lake to bypass it and I saw it; a gargantuan shark, as out of place in temperate mounts as Garrosh in a druidic hand holding circle.

Yet my heart faltered, and my mind quivered, for I knew my strength was neither in swimming nor the slaying of beasts. Yet a great and wise warrior gave me sage advice on the truth of the orcish condition, and I knew then, that as large a challenge it represented, I would do it.

I knew I could not fight it evenly, so I slayed a boar and took its carcass to the lake. The whiff of blood drew the shark. It swam furiously towards me. I sent the elemental in first, the shark cut through it releasing its bindings and returning it to the maw. It drew closer, and so I used a duplication spell. And watched as the shark tore my very images apart, decapitating and disembowelling each. My own image’s blood ran thick in the water.
Quite a thing to see yourself murdered again and again. It came for me, catching my trousers in its teeth. I struggled, barely releasing myself from the rags of my clothing. I drew my staff close and jammed it into its gills.  A fain red mist filled the water as I fled to the shore a few minutes later I struggled back to the shore. I got two trophies and had a jolly nice walk home. "

Given name: Sharptongue
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Well I came across this opponent upon the burning steppes, and I was thinking of my chances in succeeding in slaying it, it spotted my and attacked. Got me a tad as you may see, but I came out victorious and cut one half of its front leg.

Given Name: Bearmane
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I rode south first, looking for something to kill. I eventually made it to the blasted lands and considered one of the demons there. I saw the dark portal and decided to go through. I saw one of those things, fen striders, and though I could kill one on the road but I saw none. I eventually made it to Nagrand, where I’d heard tales of the Elekk that lived there, primarily around Oshu’gun.
I found a heard of the beasts, and though about how I could separate one from the pack and bring it down,. That’s when I saw the gronn: i thought I had a –slight- chance of taking it on. I thought a long time about how I was going to kill the beast and decided upon surprising it from afar and bringing it down before it reached me. I found a small cliff and walked to the top. The gronn kept a constant path around Oshu’gun so all I had to do was wait in ambush. I hurled everything I had at him, but he merely picked up a tree and hurled at my direction. That was when I broke my left arm. I sprinted away, and he gave chase. I hurled bolts of lightning behind me, hoping it would hit him. He was nearly upon me, so I thought of something that probably won’t work, but I was out of options. I concentrated on the earth between myself and the gronn. I heard an almighty crashing sound – The Gronn had managed to trip over the earth. I turned around and sprinted to its body. I climbed onto him and pierced its neck with my stave; he seemed quite pissed at that. I expected that to koill him, but as he tried to get up I blasted him with lightning and it killed him. I took his eye when he fell back to the ground.

Given name: Earthbreaker
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"I travelled to the Blade's Edge mountains, where on an earlier trip there I'd caught the scent and sight of Black Dragons.  Along the way there, my wyvern from Azeroth bumped into me and travelled alongside me. Took a few head beatings to get it through to him that I wasn't going to ride him. We reached a region that was covered in crystals. In the sky I could see the Black Dragons.

Brutus...following my gaze, immediately took off.

Damned fool.

The bugger....he tried to fight the dragon closest to us. All he managed to do was make a tear in its wing and get himself killed.

Roasted and eaten before my eyes, I swung my axe in rage at the beast as it mocked me....my axe broke against its hide. It then knocked me back with its claws, then breathed a stream of fire at me.  I couldn't move...if it hadn't been for Earth taking his Elemental Form in front of me...I wouldn't be standing here. As the fire streamed around me, Fire decided to join in the fight, by taking the fire from the dragon's maw into herself. As the Elementals enraged the dragon, I recalled something that Krogon mentioned once. That a dragons weakest point was its eyes. Taking what remained of my blade, I waited for the right moment...and threw it into the beasts left eye. Time seemed to hold still as the blade flew...I was sure my aim was off, or that it would blink.  But my blade landed in the eye. Then the dragon got really pissed off. It smashed Earth into pebbles, extinguished Fire with its wings. I saw the smoking carcass that remained of Brutus, the pebbles of Earth, the smoldering embers of Fire......and let loose my own fury. I called upon the Wind and Storms....and channeled them towards the dragon.  The dragon laughed, stating that a mere bolt of lightning couldn't break through its hide.

Unfortunately for it, I wasn't aiming for its scales. I aimed for my blade's hilt that was still in its eye. The lightning charged through my blade, and straight into the dragon's brain. I watched as the lightning arced through its body, electrifying it from the inside out.

With the dragon now dead, I pulled out my hilt from its eye, with a satisfying pop, and stabbed into its scales over and over, until I pried one loose. Then did the same for some of its fangs.

 I then covered the flowing blood onto my body......and feck did that hurt! Note to any other orcs here...wait for the blood to cool down. Otherwise it burns like nothing on Azeroth. "

Given name: Earthbrother
Title: Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
Post by: Karak Stormsong on January 26, 2012, 11:14:18 PM

"I went to shadowmoon Valley, due to tales i had heard about great beasts corrupted by fel energies from the legion. Unfortunately my pray didn't end up with such a beast.

I had hardly crossed the border, when the first pack of fel orcs ambushed me, though they were weak, and wore no armor on of the six blades manage to scar my skin, before my axe cut through them like a nice through butter Being this weak, I didn't see them as a worthy prey an continued further in. As i was near a place with crystals or something like it on the ground, the second pack attacked me from now where, probably warned since the first group hadn't returned form what ever they were doing. This pack consisted of six well armed orcs, again. But they fought with a rage, that made it easy for me to cut them down, and leave them be.

Atlast i came to my destination, a mountain infront of the black temple. But my attention wasn't turned towards this, but towards the sound of dreanei and their mount screaming in pain. As I turned around I could see a little large pack of Fel orcs, good armed, and seemingly well around the ways of combat, these orcs cut down the dreanei and although i had hoped they hadn't seen me, they turned towards me. Seeing as I had no choice, I grabbed my axe and charge in, the strength from my charge alone with the curved bow my axe made, made it cut through the first orcs armor and into his shoulder and further into his chest. As I fought to get my axe free, another orc attacked me, and I could do nothing, but let go of my axe, and move out of the way from his swing.

I then jumbed at him, apparently taking him by surprise and broke his neck, taking his sword as my own. Although swords not is my best weapon, I turned around to meet the next orc. This battle lasted longer, and he managed to cut me several times before he fell to the blade I had taken from his fellow fel orc.

I was then attacked from behind, being cut in the back, and though it not was a serious wound, it hurted like fell. I kicked the orc away from me, and went to grab my axe, and only just got it up before the orc i had kicked along with another charged at me, i swung my axe and killed the first in the first strike, and the second in the second strike. leavin only three Fel orcs left, including the one I would later find out was the leader.

The last two, went slowly towards me, after having looked at their fellow orcs slain. And because of i was grewing more and more tired, and the wounds got in the way, the battle took it's time, and i got cut yet another time, though they didn't seem to be able to get close enough to make any deep wounds with their blades. As the last two orcs fell, i turned towards the last one. He was slightly bigger than me, aswell as the other fel orcs. And he was carrying two blades, those two i took with me. I was at this point gasping for air, due to the long battle, but nevertheless I knew I couldn't give up, so I standed straight waiting for his attack.

 When it came, it was powerfull, and almost send me to my knees when I blocked it with my axe. And as the second attack came, I really fell to my knees. He then stopped, and laughed calling me a weak pup, and by then I lost it. He had insulted my honor.  I stood up, pushed him away from me, filled with rage. And then the real battle started. He swung at me I dodge, and I swung at him and he dodge.  We seems like equals in the battle, until he hit me in my leg, not enough to stop me figthing, but enough to make it hurt every time i moved.

It seemed like he wanted me to give up due to the pain.

But atlast he didn't get that joy, as a testement to my strenght of will, I ignored the pain. Running towards the Orc, and swung my axe. This he hadn't seen comming and it cut through his neck, decapitating him.

 As his corpse did fall to the ground, I smeared his black blood on my face, knowning he would be the strongest I would be able to hunt for this day, I also took his weapons, as a testement to that no fel orc will ever get the better of me, no matter how  weak he would see me, and now here I stand."

Given name: Felbane
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"I ran from t'Hold as fast as my achin' legs could carry me, sightin' dozens o' worthy wolves an' bears but none took m'appeal. Nay, in time, I sat upon a large rock and rested, closin' m'eyes an' ears te tha' world around me as I entered a meditative state. I begged te Spirits te guide me an' in time, m'prayers were answered.

Wise High Blade Thur'ruk, ye remember te Wolf tha' I slew fer yer last task?  Te one tha' blessed yer Pup wit' et's teeth as a gift, an' t'Tribe wit' et's meat, blood an' skin. Well He be called Jorak.  He came te me in te 'oer Realm an' took me, led me. Before I knew it I was standin' at te peak o' t'old World Tree.

Below me I beheld a dreadful sigh', Furbolg, White an' Red, at War.  decided te investigate alas et were too high te jump so I traveled back down on m'own two feet te find a crude encampment strewn wit' t'bodies o' these beasts.Within this encampment lay a feeble campfire, nearly dead, so I sat an' spoke wit'et. After te Flames 'ad life in them again, an' te Fire blazed into te form o' an Elemental, I was told t'story o' tha' warrin' Tribes an' t'history o' te dead Tree, gifted wit' visions from te Fire etself o' times long past.

Much like ourselves, Orcs, these once noble Furbolg were corrupted by a force beyond themselves. Tis t'corruption tha' fuels their lust fer War, even amongst each other, Redfang an' Frostpaw, when previously they 'ad been in peace.  I thanked te Spirit o' t'Fire, askin' et te bless my axe before I moved on. Thankfully et did.   So I ventured forth, before I saw one o' te Frostpaw Tribe bestin' three o' more Redfang on et's own whilst more cowered from 'im.  Seein' te strength in 'is eyes, I yelled, “Fer te Blood o' te Tribe!” an' sprung forth wit' blazin' axe raised like in m'youth. Te strike was true, te Fire caught on 'is fur an' as I swung again, sprayed in blood, as I saw te Fire on 'is body cackle alongside me.

 Before long, although et seemed like long, I rose victor wit' te cuts an' bruises ye see on me. Yet as I cried out, an' drank my fill o' te beasts blood...Coverin' m'face wit' it, as tradition, te other survivin' Redpaw gathered around me... eerin' at te Blood, sniffin', tastin' et themselves before they too cheered an' allowed me free exit.

So I cut off t'beasts Paws which I plan te fashion inte m'own Claws an' returned sniffin' out t'Tribe on my way back, walkin' te way."

Given Name: Fireaxe
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Groshnakk [Deceased, mostly]

"In my previous life i took on a bat. This, was suiting in that time.

Now, i decided to go -bigger-.

 I ventured, as hard to imagine as  it might be, all the way to the egde of Icecrown. Here, i found what i had already chosen in my mind. A newly spawned Frostwyrm. I knew the mature Wyrms would rip me apart, so i found one of their... Birthplaces. So, as soon as one of  them rose from the dead, i waited until it stood on it's four legs. Then i charged forward, before it could take flight, catching it off guard. The precise details of the fight, is a tale for another time. But it ended, after me dogding claw after claw, with me being able to drive my axe into it's ribcage, breaking it's very essence. As i hit what was keeping it alive, it became hard as stone, and this is what remains..

As i hit it, the bones fell to the ground, as were they never alive.  And, seeing as the beast has.. Had, no blood to smear over my face, i brought back it's very "heart""

Given Name: Wyrmbreaker
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"I was moving over the grass of the plains when I heard a large screech from ter air. I looked up and saw a large Windroc soaring the skies, I looked at the large beast and knew that it was the perfect prey.  I looked fer a way ter reach the beast,
I followed it as it flew around the skies before circling around. I noticed right away what it was looking fer. I seen a large Clefhood lying dead with a flock of other windroc’s pecking away at its flesh,
The large windroc flew down and the others fled from it. The large windroc landed on the ground and began pecking at the Clefhood eating its fill. I snuck around it and lunged at it grabbing it by its gripping onter it.
It shook me off and turned ter face me and lifted of inter the sky before swooping down grabbing me in its massive talons and flew inter the sky. I did not struggle against its grip. I waited fer my time.
The windroc took me ter its neck and dropped me. I scrambled ter my feet grabbing my knife from my belt and readied myself for it. The beast kept ter the sky and stabbed down at me with its talons and moves swiftly over the nest avoiding the sharp claws.
I looked the beast in the eyes and it made another swipe with its talons I moved out the way and grabbed onter its leg. The beast began ter fly inter the sky and I moved my way up the beasts body pulling myself up using its feathers.
 I gripped my knife in and cut at one of the wings of the beast and it went crashing ter the ground it despriatly tried ter keep itself up but with its wing clipped it could do little but slow itself down.
I held on tight as it hit the ground and pulled myself up my arm bleeding from the fall. I stumbled terwards it and picked my knife up from the ground. I move ter the head of the Windroc as it lied there squawking in pain.
I lowered my head and sunk my knife inter the beasts neck killing it.

I then went to the local village and jumped up and down at the local children shouting "You're new!. The schoolmaster didn't approve of that so I kicked him in his happy-sack. Then I got bored and walked back to camp. I also killed Karak's wolf. Because I'm a horrible, irresponsible buffoon"

Given name: Talonslayer
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"I already had a prey in mind the moment i set my foot out of this fortress. I had seen them the night when i arrived here and met some of the tribe members. But ofcourse i didnt have any reason to kill them at that point.

anyway...i set my pace towards the howling fjord...

I was watching the sky to be able to spot them before they spotted me;  after what seemed like a long trek i saw a silhouette flying in the distant. I ventured closer, avoiding all the vrykuls and other lesser predators.  And saw a fiery hatchery of some reddish proto-drakes

I stood there behind the tree waiting... Then i saw my target....a fully grown broodmother had landed to tend to its whelps.  Sneaked closer...and jumped onto its wing and before it noticed i was slashing at its back. The moment i hit her, she took off...

i almost fell off but managed to drove my sword into her....all the way the hilt! I was holding on the my dear life while she flew....i had no idea where... then she started rolling....to her unfortunate action i managed to pull myself ontop of her back again. While i was trying to get my sword out of its hide...i got a  peak at how high we  had flown...

 So i took a hold of whatever i could. I finally got my sword out... and while holding on i slashed at its wings and back, trying to make her descent but not die instantly! But that only enraged her...

Soon enough, she was clawing at me with her front paws. Caught me in the leg...and i drove my sword into her once again; then she let out a huge roar.... we were heading towards a mountain peak, eventually crashing upon it....

I took my chance to let a killing blow while she was dazed of the crash,  I slashed a huge wound at her neck....which spilled blood everywhere t that point she roared again and attempted to bite me...but due to her loss of blood and wearyness...i dodged it and dove under her. I drove my sword up through her jaw and through the top... her head fell upon me, with great effort i managed to get out of there. Only thing i could of gotten and manage back here was her claw..."

Given Name: Bloodclaw
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I killed a big snake and made a purse out of its face.

And that's all you're getting. I could've written a three volume epic that questions the very nature of the universe and our place within. But no, you didn't bloody listen to me did you? It was probably the most sensible out o' all the screed yer forcin' me to transcribe, but oh no, my life and death struggles aren't interesting enough for the chieftian to even acknowledge! So I'll just take my tried and tested huntin' skills elsewhere and yeh can all marvel at me resplendence when I rescue from whatever demon possesion, schism, valkyr raid or what-have-you y'all get yourselves entwined with every damn week.

It's not as if I'm bitter or anything.

Given Name: Dirgesong. I don't know if I should be offended or not.
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I went out hunting, and my target got found out by an ogre. So I hunted ogre. Was planning on Talbuk, but eh, planning never worked out for me anyhow. The ogre seemed sorta fitting, ...smarter. And y’know it just sorted wanted to kill me whereas the Talbuk just most likely wanted to run.

Well it got me on the shoulder, but I managed to slice its stomach open. So I needed to crawl out. I grabbed its head but it seemed too much so I hacked off its horn and threw it in the river.
Given Name: Bloodhorn. Or Meadhorn
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It’s a marsh ray. My master warned me about these creature,s sayin’ they were subtle. Creatures that attack when you least expect it, therefore thought it was a fittying challenege. An opponent I cannot read or prevent from attacking me.
I heard that up north, Dragons would fly. I first set out for those. Before that of course, this beast showed up out of nowhere, looking like a normal mushroom in Zangarmarsh. I couldn’t prevent me from overthrowing me which got me bit.
However, nothing can survive a sliced throat. At least that’s what I thought. I needed to turn to a different tactic. I t had gotten my arm so I played dead. The beast fell for it and I tore out its guts.

Given name: Marshfang.
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I ventured south east, along the coast, on my bare feet alone. Moving past Northwatch and its fighting like a shadow...
Into dustwallow I plunged, lurking through mire, pool, mood and stream. Into dustwallow I plunged, lurking through mire, pool, mood and stream. As I lurked along, i spy'd a Raptor drinking from a pool. So i lowered myself to crawling, and pulled myself close... ready to strike. Just as i came near face to the side of its... I looked over to the other side of its head, and doing just as i ... Was A giant set of fangs, And dark yellow eyes.
And that moment it struck, and I leapt backward... The raptor had its head ripped off and body flung aside with the furious ripping and throwing of the Lizards head and body.
n that moment it struck, and I leapt backward... The raptor had its head ripped off and body flung aside with the furious ripping and throwing of the Lizards head and body.
Struggling to keep my balance and speed in the water i leapt atop a fallen tree's stump.
But I simply leapt to the next stump, or rock, or boulder
Its Neck Cut, it oozed blood and thrashed to death.
So I took The fangs of the Ancient lizard, and its Tail meat for the tribes dinner.

Given name: Bloodedge.
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I know not how to hunt to make stories or paint my own honour with better colours. But I know how to kill demons; it has always been my calling. So that is where I first began. I set off towards Ashenvale in search of the place where Grom fell.
There I hoped to find the twisted shapes of the enemies that corrupted our kin, but alas. They had been slain by a force unknown to me. They will surely return, but I had not the time. So I ventured further north, towards Felwood.
There I found a..
Hold, in lack of better words. They've built themselves a stronghold there. Demons patrol the area. I singled out a felguard on the outer edges, knowing full well that alerting the entire hold would result in a brief fight, and my death.
I preyed on its stupidity, and unability to work in packs; drawing the felguard from its kin. They are formidable foes, but my form is perfect. I have trained for this throughout my life.
But I confess, I have grown used to my shield. It showed in the fight.
It cut me, being too fast for me to evade. But I was faster, and stronger. It died, as all demons will, to an orc axe.
Her youth showed in her stupidity. She must've felt the demon fall, and came to see what had happened to it. I rushed towards her.
Swung my axe against her chest. It melted upon its blade with a loud crunch, and she died before any demonic curse could be heard. Perhaps the demon's name will now be forgotten, and its shape never resummoned into our world again.
I brought its head back as proof. The summoner, our fallen kin; I took her body with me. I burned it, away from the settlement. Her spirit is gone, dissolved or in search of any ancestors that will take her. I care not. She was orc once.
And deserved a last show of honour.
Ghrm. That is the story.

Given name: The Unbroken
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Orok again.

I started to travel to un'goro crater.......Where I....Found footprints of something I didn't know what was. so i....followed them and came to the area of silithid. But after I came there.....I Soon realised the Hunter had become the Hunted. Just as I passed a small hill.....I heard a sound behind me...It sounded like A bug....But one huge one not one of them small ones. As I turned around...And what I saw....was one huge bug..as soon as I had turned around.. it jumped at me.. piercing it mandibles into my left shoulder and stomach, nailing me to the hill behind me. As time passed....And it didn't move, but seemingly waited....for me to die out from pure bloodloss...I could...slowly feel how death came closer. sounds...started to get harder to hear....and everything slowly got blackish.
Then It was....I started seeing the faces of the orcs ...Who have helped me with in the tribe, and those I wouldn't fail by dying As I saw those Faces.....I some how got back from the brink of death...placing my legs by its stomach or what it be having on the buttom. grabbing its mandibles. and started to...Push it away.
With a cracking sound......The mandibles got thorn off the bug and it fell a few feet down the hill. As it lay wounded, I started to pull out the mandibles, and get onto my feet to face it, as it still wasn't death....Although it was dying. It grabbed my axe, and knew I wouldn't have time to fight it for long....So I used the hill and pushed me off it, leaping towards the bug...and placing my axe in its skull killing it. I use some of my bandages I always....carry with me to do what little I could to stop the bleedings...then took the blue goo from the bug, smeared it on my face and....took the Mandibles and started making my way back.

Given Name: Stonehide

Angst Wah Wah Wah
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I rode north. I wanted the cold to be beneath my feet. When I reached the white plains past that tainted woodland, I started to hunt.
I found footprints, large enough to be a bears and followed the tracks silently.
I sludged through the cold and found my prey in an opening, surrounded by cliff faces.
The bear had white, bristley furr and was a powerful beast. It felt threatened at my approach. *smirks and nods, remembering* so I raised my blade..
Then suddenly behind it, the mountain formed eyes!
A large foot slammed down on my prey, a heavy crunch echoed on the air.. blood splattered the snowy plain..
The mountain came alive! Thirty, no fifty feet tall, I'd say!
I roared, angered by the thief! I charged forward and swung my blade against its leg. Barely did a thing!
It picked me up like a cub and began to squeeze me in its grip.
So I grabbed hold of one of its fingers and pried myself loose. Pried it so hard I snapped ir right off!
Like.. *tries to think of something similar* like.. a branch!
But when I dropped, the rock beast was hardly weakened. So I began to step back.
As I thought about how I was going to take it down, I felt myself almost slip.
I noticed I had stepped onto ice. Eyeing my surroundings, I was at a lake, frozen over.
So I lured it.. it followed, seeing me as easy prey..
then as it stepped further onto the ice, I saw it crack. The mountain plummetted into the ice!
Only its head and arm was visible. It tried to dislodge itself but could not.
So I ran and leapt onto its lodged arm and climbed my way up.
I hacked once at the head..
And on my third one, I tore through its neck and kept hacking!
Then at last, it tumbled behind the mountain and lie still.
I tried to lift its head but it was too large. As large as..
A.. A tree.
So I brought the first thing I pried off back with me instead.

Given Name: ColdBlood
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I 'eaded south, an' finally came ter what was once The Thousand Needles... 'ad ter swim fer what seemed like days but finally came ter the desert sands o' Tanaris.
Wanderin' the desert wastes my eyes beset on the kill. A trophy worthy o' any orc, it appeared ter be, like Felbane a Silithid.
Bu' it 'ad various subordinates following in 'er wake, a lesser queen per'aps?
Anyway, this beast was bulky n horrific in appearance.. She 'adn't seen me i assumed cause she went lazily about 'er business, so i used this ter me advantage.
I charged the creature bu' as i soon discovered she be well prepared fer a frontal assault, she parried me blow an' sent me sprawlin' across the desert sands.
With lightnin' quick speed, surprising fer 'er size she was barin' down upon me, rollin' out o' the way ter dodge one mandible
Only fer anot'er ter come down on me left arm, causin' this 'ere wound.
Severely 'ampered i knew another strategy was needed, regained me composure allowing me ter roll out o' range of anot'er assault, in t' process slicing deep inter 'er front leg, crippling the slimey beast.
A' guess we'z both even on the crippled scale at this point
The Silithid clearly enraged, an' i didn' wan' it ter call it's minions i tried ter lure it inter the desert sands, an' i succeeded.
Laboured as she was, she'd slowed 'er attacks, i weaved through a large skeleton of a beast long dead.
An' just 'as i thought, her gargantuan mass 'ad become.. Trapped.
'er body impaled on the bones o' this dead animal, gave me the perfect chance ter strike.. I weaved through the skeleton, as she reared up in anger, a' seazed this opportunity an' threw me axe inter 'er fleshy abdomen, spewing 'er filthy blood everywhere.
Clearly distressed the beast was barely fightin' back, i rolled under a clumsy attack and dislodged me axe from 'er body, climbed on 'er back 'n drove me axe right down inter 'er 'ead!
The beast moved no more.. I broke away this chunk o' carapace fer inspection, doubt Sharptongue would wan' ter lick me sweaty body clean o' it's blood
But 'e can if 'e so wishes
An' thats me 'unt.

Fiven Name: Steelheart
Title: Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
Post by: Karak Stormsong on May 07, 2012, 12:43:40 AM

Me's cross 'da forest and make into 'da BAD Forest
Fel Forest.
There.. Me's crush a big bear. Me's crush a big bear. 'Dat is sting. 'Dat is sting. Borammus crush 'dat bear. Then.. Me's walk back into 'da Elf Forest. Me's walk back into 'da Elf Forest. Me's walk back into 'da Elf Forest. Me's walk back into 'da Elf Forest. It big.. like tower. But statue. An'.. Borammus look at 'da statue. Suddenly.. Three wolfs is come out of cave! And big wolf-man jump from trees. 'Em make attack to Borammus! But.. Borammus swing Bloodreaver 'round. But.. 'Da wolfman jump on Borammus. Borammus on floor like 'dis! Borammus on floor like 'dis! 'Im try bite Borammus in neck. But.. Borammus put Bloodreaver in front. Me's knock 'im off.. An' 'im grab 'da Bloodreaver and take from Borammus!
Then.. Me's go angry. Grr! While 'im hold 'da Bloodreaver, Borammus grab 'ead. Borammus tear off 'ead. 'Im fellow wolfs flee. An' Borammus check for wounds. Wolf bite Borammus in behind!
After make out 'da forest. Angry elf try kill Borammus. Angry elf try kill Borammus.

Oh gods I can't keep writing this. [Small drawing of a giant stick-orc kicking a worgen in the face, yelling "ME MAKE SMASH"

Given Name: The Slayer
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on July 29, 2012, 11:33:30 PM
Given Name: Bearmane

I started off on my wolf and went straight for the cliffs. When I got there, I left my wolf by the ground as I started the climb up, and down again on the other side, getting me into silithus.
As I got me feet safely on the ground. I started moving towards feralas, thinking I would have done my last climb now, but as i got closer I noticed another cliff sealing my way, which was why i said bloody cliffs. Walking a bit back and forth I found a somewhat safe place with a lot of places to put my feet and hands, and so I climbed again getting into feralas.
As I got there, took a short break since it aint easy just climbing, and as I had gotten my breath i went out looking for my prey..I didn't have to look for long before I saw this big black bear..i belive their are named Ironfur bears..and as sneaked in behind it, and threw myself at its back with my knife in the hand, it barely went through the bears fur and draw blood, only angering it. It stood up on its back-legs and as it did so it threw me off.
I landed on my back, as it turned around and with an angry roar charge at me, trying to pin me down with its weight, and biding my throat to kill me, but instead of my throat i placed my arm between its jaws. trying to hold it off me.
As we were struggling I got myself closer to its ear and since I was about to lose the struggle I snarled and took a bite of it, making the bear letting go
It backed away, as the pain hit its ear, giving me the chance to get up on my feet. I slowly moved around it, waiting for it to attack me.. as it did, i threw myself to the side, but not fast enough getting hit across the chest by its claw, sending me to the ground.
I slowly got on me feet again...with a brief pain at my chest...from which I think I got from a broken rib or two...this time I almost didn't have the time to get away as it ran towards me again..this time I threw myself at it. and as it stopped in surprise I Got onto its back again, this time placing my arms around its neck clinging to it with my life
After a few minutes of struggle, it start getting tired, and here I saw my chance..I used all the strength I had in my arms..and twisted it's neck. it took several tries until it at least broke with a snap and the bear feel down, dead.
As it was dead,I grabbed the knife and started skinning the bear...and while doing so a wolf sneaked in on me..as it attacked me i managed to stab the knife into it, and killing that as well...and then I started my trip back here.
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Given name: Bloodstrike

Already before I set off, I felt something pulling me North.
So that's where I set off, until I reached the cliffs. Still feeling the tug, I had no choice but to descend.
It was a hard climb, slippery surface, and few handholds. I still had some way to go, when I slipped.
I slid along the cliffs, trying to break my fall. But to no avail. I pushed myself out from the cliff, aiming for a large, lizard-bird creature. I've heard them called "Pterror-dax"
I landed hard, and the creature twisted, falling with me, during the fall. Getting on top of me, tearing at me with beak and claws.
The landing knocked the air out of me more then it. Tearing into me, before I managed to get my knife, stabbing it repeatedly.
Eventually, it stopped moving. I painted my face with its blood, and as I was taking its head for a trophy, a deamon tore out from the bushes, pouncing at me.
A felhunter.
I killed it, took my trophy, and made my way back.
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on July 29, 2012, 11:34:38 PM

Givename: Steelskull

I too, went to the Un'goro crater.
But whilst Oathbound Therak went via the cliffs, I rode in.
I spent much time in that crater whilst we were in Tanaris, and I learnt a few things about the wild-life. There is a creature there that all other dear. And that is why I chose it for my OIm'riggor.
The locals at Marshall's Stand simply call it a 'Devil'saur.
It is, for all its size, an elusive beast, preferring to stay deep in the thick foliage of that primeval place.
So I found a good, tall tree, slanted to make life a little easier, and I climbed it, using the creepers that hang from all plants in that place.
These beasts have easily mapable patterns.
I leapt, and landed upon its head. Keeping myself there, however, was another matter.
I thrust my hand into the thing's ear, and held on as best I could.
I then proceeded to smash my forehead into the top of the 'Devil's' skull, for there is a place there that is soft and more brittle than the rest of its head.
Once the skull cracked, I let go and took a piece, before stabbing my arm down into the thing's brain.
I took its tooth, and I made my way back out of the crater.
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on July 29, 2012, 11:35:29 PM

Given Name: Wildeye

I had already decided what I wanted to kill before I set out. When scouting the other day, there were Scorpid in the desert. Cunning and deadly creatures, a normal sized one proves a worthy match for any Orc.
There were, however larger ones in the Desert, almost twice the size of the usual breed. These, were me target. A worthy opponent. I had me bow, I had me eyes, I had me wits. This beast was going down.
The open deserts provide good view, and I was able to find a good vantage point upon these beast. I made my way silently, knocked an arrow. I took the shot, piercing the Scorpids armour just above the head. Problem was, this did nothing but enrage it.
The Scorpid scuttled towards me, at frightening speed and was on me before I had taken three steps. It knocked me down, and with its claws the size of my body, cut open this gash on my left arm. I realised, time was not my friend.
Too close to knock an arrow, and with the monster right on top of me and no close-combat weapon, I did the only thing I knew I could do well. I headbutted it as hard as I could. Apart from giving me a insane headache, it stunned the beast and bought me time
Using this time, I managed to crawl backwards, knock an arrow, and let loose. By the luck of the spirits, it pierced the beast through the eye, and into its brain. It writhed around in its death throes, and I had ter dodge its huge stinger several times-
But finally, it died.
Ah broke the stinger off, as proof of my kill.
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on October 16, 2012, 11:34:07 PM

I made my way east, running until I reached the flooded area.
Once I got into the water, I used stealth, in order to avoid the crokolisks, all the way up to the river.
I swam south, until I found lions tracks along the edge of the river, there I hid, and waited.
I didn't have to wait long until a big bastard of a lion came to drink, scars, and a missing eye spoke of battles of the past, and his size and muscular frame, of his vigour.
I jumped him as he was about to drink, at first he fought back, clawing at my chest, I couldn't get a clean strike. Not until he bit down hard, missing my neck, and finding my shoulder, did I get a clean
The blood of my prey paints my face, and I brought his fangs as a trophy.

Granted name: Duskstalker
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on October 16, 2012, 11:34:38 PM
Right... I went to a cave known for it's demonic..problems. I found it fitting to prove once and for all that I'm over my past and what happened there, by hunting one down.
I entered the cave, though it was very quiet.. In my opinion a bit too quiet, until something jumped at me from around a corner.
It was the very thing I was searching for, one of the felhunters. It managed to surprise me though, actually throwing me off my feet and it managed to bite me several times, also clawing my stomach slightly.
I managed to get it off though, and cut off one of the tendrils, those big ones. It snapped at my legs, but I kicked it in the jaw, actually breaking it, to my own surprise.

I managed to get my axe in it's neck right as it clawed at my legs again, bringing it down.. I thought it saver to just bring the whole thing back instead of covering myself in it's blood more then was neccesary.

Granted name: The Steelhearted
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I went up, along th' Southfury River t' hunt th' bear o' Ashenvale. Not far from th' Lumbercamp, I saw a giant monster o' a bear, without a doubt, soon t' become my prey.
I didn' hesitate t' let out a challengin' roar, an' soon found th' bear strin' me right in th' eyes, then chargin' a' me.
Before I coul' even react, i' came t' close, an' mauled me t' th' side, leavin' me dizzy an' confused on th' ground, an' moments after, finding it on to of me. As I was layin' there, i' continues t' pummel an' claw me, 'till finally managed t' land a punch on ts snout.
As soon asi i' was off, I picked up a large branch, an' as i' ran towards me again, I hit it, straight t' th' head, an' after a few times i' i' gettin up, continue fightin', an' finally puttin' i' to rest, I found a sharp rock, an' go' its paw off.
This be no doubt a beast o' pure strength. A beast any Orc shoul' look up to.

Granted name: Bearclaw
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on October 16, 2012, 11:35:33 PM
I was mounting my worg and i drove to the Barrens to find a suitable prey.
I was watching over the valley when i spotted a Hyena in the distance, it was feasting on a Kodo corpse. I was suprised that he killed that Kodo alone.
I looked around to build up some tactics.
Sneaking is not my best skill, so i sprinted towards my target with a vicious roar!
He quickly noticed me, turned around and leaped towards me. While he was reducing distance he appeared to be massive! Bigger then i expacted.
I tried to deliver a few strikes on him, but the Hyena was fast and furious! I got a chance to hit his jaw. He was weakened.
The Hyena enraged! The beast knocked me back and roared a furious howl! More Hyena's were approaching from the distance, but i still had my axe. It was a pack of Hyena's!
The whole pack was circling around me, i got the oppertunity to cleave a few Hyena's but they worked as a pack so i got bit in my left arm and right shoulder.
One of the Hyena's jumped at me and stole my axe!
The whole pack was circling around me, i got the oppertunity to cleave a few Hyena's but they worked as a pack so i got bit in my left arm and right shoulder. One of the Hyena's jumped at me and stole my axe!
Only a two of them left, and me without a weapon. I performed my Doomshout to scare the other one away so i could get my axe back, but the hyena with ma axe ran away!
The last Hyena was the Alpha, i could notice that by his scars. He leaped at me! I grabbed his jaws and kicked him! After a few punches i brought him down to the ground, took a good grib on his jaws and ripped them apart!
The corpse on the ground i kneeled before him, ripped his paw off. I brought it with me.

Granted name: Ironcharge
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on December 02, 2012, 11:53:11 PM
Here is my tale: upon embarking on my hunt, I headed up into the foothills of the mountain. As Frostwolf, I hunt best in such lands - I am in my natural element.
I saw many beasts and foes, but they proved too mighty for one such as myself - great abominable snow-men, fierce tiger matriarchs and various... tauren-type beasts.
I found prey that was... more suitable for my status.
A wizened, greyed elderly goat, grazing the meagre grasses hidden beneath snow.
It... acted strangely as I approached it. Shaky, erratic in its thought - per-haps mad. I thought it best to put it out of its misery.
Yet as I approached, the strangeness turned to -ferocity-.
The goat lunged at me in a manic charge, seeming almost unthinkable in a beast so old!
At once, it had me upon the ground, knocking me back with its horns. As it advanced upon me, the end was near for one of us.
It bleated in -fury-, and lunged to finish me off!
Yet as it seized upon me, I thrust my crooked longknife towards the beast, penetrating its ribcage and causing it to collapse at once in shock!
As it lay there upon the ground, trembling and bleeding, I finished it off by cutting its throat.
I took a horn from the beast, and this nearby burlap sack, filled with... foul beans. I suspect these beans may have driven the goat to madness.
As is customary, the blood of the beast is also painted upon my face.

Given Name: Iron-Willed
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I got this lizard man from a cave not to far from this camp.
To start with he wandered off away from his group... I followed him and tried to burn him... However this lizard man wanted to gut me.
This saurok did put up a worthy fight that is why i brought his body back so i can hang his skeleton up in my hut...
With the use of fire i kept distance from me and his spear before being able to disarm him and drive the spear through his stomach.
It seems they don't wish to be burnt.
Then i brought his body back to the camp here.

Given Name: Bloodletter
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The large horned beasts  in the mountains recently had their young.  The mothers stay close to the dens unless they hunt.
It was a matter of grabbin' one of the whelps while the mother was out of sight, that allowed me to kill the beast.
I made sure my scent was spread on the trees nearby, so she could track me down.  Krenta carried the whelp in her maw while we scaled the mountain.
Little bastard screamed up a storm, but that was what I was hoping for.
Few minutes pass and it comes up, red in the eyes lookin' for it.
The matriarch charges, thumping the ground with her fists.
I edge closer to the cliffside with the youngling in hand, and toss it over the edge.
Now, the beast didn't quite know what to do, come after me, or try to save the youngling.
Turns out she bolted to the cliffside and tried to grasp the baby, she slipped and fell upon the hard valley, as I planned.
I made my way down and delivered an arrow to the eye, as a way to make sure she was dead., also-- many Bleeding Hollow Orcs would remove an eye from their kill.
But the whelp--.
Seems to have survived in her grasp.

Given name: Orphanmaker. You sick bastard.

Honestly, I know certain predators do this but we’re an honourable species. If you’re actually capable of reading this Raxxok, I hope yer eyes are pecked out by Eagles. And don’t go blatherin’ about this survival of the fittest barridin, it’s naught next to empathy and intelligence.
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on January 20, 2013, 11:48:48 PM

I had first my mind set on a raptor. I head west from here to look for one but suddenly came across an ogre not too far from the human settlement.
I had not chosen a weapon with me so I followed it for a while first. It was heading back to their cave further on.
So I ran to it, in hopes it wouldn't notice me and I would have the element of surprise with me. But it did notice me and I received a quick swing of a mallet to my side.
For a good while I just kept dodging its swings. But as soon as I got to my feet, I ran at it just as it hit the ground with its mallet and managed to climb to its back. I had no weapon on me so I kept biting, hitting and clawing it.
It finally fell when I ripped its ear off and went unconsious. It had a blade with it that alowed me to give the final blow and end its life. Also let me took off its head.

Given name: Emberclaw
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on January 20, 2013, 11:49:27 PM

I'll be quick, I knew Hillbrand from my...imprisonment there.
I travelled west to the wreck that was Durnhold keep.
I knew my prey already; there was a fire elemental, once controlled by a mage who was captured during Thrall's release of the camps.
The Mage had left his elemental bound by magic to the lower depths of the hold.
Needless to say it had gone insane.
I tell you no lies, it was not a hard kill, it never even acknowledged my presence.
My axe smashed its core to pieces. Vengeance, or maybe to avenge a life i lost...
I took part of it, an' burnt ma'self in the process...

Given Name: Wolfblood
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on January 20, 2013, 11:50:53 PM

As I said to yer earlier, I chose my prey as soon as you mentioned Om'riggor.
Raptors. They are powerful swift and ferocious prey. Killing machines with deadly claws, and consisting entirely of muscle.
I sought one out, not far from Hammerfall. The beast spotted me long before I saw it, yet I could feel it sense the danger radiating from myself. It regarded me cautiously, as if planning its attack.
Tossing stealth aside - my cover had been blown, the raptor seemed to back away. I pursed over the hill, eager to settle the kill, when I heard padding to my right.. Another raptor. It had come from the right while I had set eyes on the other.
Clever girl.
The beast had leapt upon me, giving me seconds to react. It tore open this shoulder wound, but its momentum was my advantage, and I literally -threw- the beast aside.
I was on it before it could get to its feet, both arms around its neck. I tightened my grip and twisted sharply, giving it a quick and clean kill.
As I tore the talon off, I thanked the Spirits, or Ancestors, or whatever ancients we revere for the chance to hunt such a prey. I believe that is the correct ritual.

Given name: Skullsunder
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on January 20, 2013, 11:51:35 PM
I traveled south east beyond the span to my clan's land
When I first arrived there I sort not my prey...but my bait
The Drakes prefer a certain meat that is hard for them to come by without Wildhammers stopping them.
Gryphons. I found one close to their village and manage to kill it and bring it away before they could notice me toward a clearing and waited
Soon enough a black drake landed, and began gorging itself on the dead griffon.
As it remain distracted I attacked, leaping from my cover and slicing at its wing, preventing it from trying to fly off
The drake roared in pain, and swiped at me with its claws
As you can see, it managed to hit me,
But I was not going to let the creature win. I managed to get under it cutting its underbelly. As it roared in pain and trust my blade into its heart, killing it. With the beast dead I removed it's head and carried it back here

Given name:  Scalebreaker
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on March 19, 2013, 11:09:04 PM

Ghrm.. fer some clearification, the original reason for this kill was not to earn a name. Hence why It didn't occur to me to adhere to th' traditions of the Om'riggor in regards to wearing armor on my upper body. I would have also taken trophy less.. er..
Ghrm.. suffice it to say I wouldn't have taken a feckin' eyeball.
As for the fight itself..
I spent alot of time shadowing my target, trying to learn Its routine, Its weaknesses. Clearly it isn't possible to outmatch a Gronn with physical strength so I had ter fight.. Dirty.
I waited for him by a pond that he had been using to drink from, while he was drinking and seperated from any allies I approached him and issued my challenge.
I didn't think he would understand me.. maybe he didn't, I aksed him to answer a riddle. "I have a box, I put something into the box. The box is now lighter than it was before... what did I put in the box?"
Whether or not he understood me is irrelevant, I were jus' trying to get his attention an' confuse him somewhat. Apparently It worked.
While he was standing there dumbfounded I threw one of my axes at his head, sticking him in the aye. I blinded the poor wretch.
The beast roared with anger and failed its arms in the general direction of where I was standing, luckly for me I had already made my move to strike him in the legs.
I approached him from the side and hacked at the back of his leg with my remaining axe, I intended to cripple him by severing a tendon or something, didn't quite work out that way but I'll come ter that in a moment.
The blows were enough to force him onto a knee, I took my chance and ran around him to get a clean strike on his neck.
I struck him twice in the leathery flesh of his neck, the wounds were deep but not deep enough. He roared in pain as he stood up on his legs once again, my axe was embedded.. stuck in his neck.. at this point my plan sort of went ter shit.. just a little.
He lifted me up with him and simply backhanded me away like a feckin' fly or something. Ghrm.. everything went black for a moment. I vaguely remember seeing the night sky for a moment before hitting the ground... hard.
When I regained my senses he was charging at me... or er.. hobbling quickly. It would seem that my attempt to cripple him didn't work.
Before I knew it he was standing right over me, ready to strike.. one good hit from those things an' clearly you aren't gettin' up again.
In desperation I noticed that my Axe was still embedded in his neck.. I can't fully explain what happened next... I'll do my best.
I called upon the Elemental Spirits of Air ter aid me. Next thing you know I be holdin' out my arm an' forks of lightning are extending from the palm of my hand as if It's second nature. Hah.
The lightnin' did somethin' ..strange ter the Axe. It ripped it from the beast's neck and sent it flying through the air, never seen anything like it.
The hole that it left behind was.. considerable. The beast gripped at Its neck.. I could hear him gargling and drowning on Its own blood.
It stumbled around for a few moments, clearly disorientated. It then fell to thr ground, dead.

Given name: Stormaxe
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on March 19, 2013, 11:14:38 PM

I went to Terrokar forest to find a wolf. I thought it was suiting but as I was watching one, looking for a way to attack... Something bit down my shoulder from behind. I acted on instinct and plunged my dagger towards it head, it just left a scratch...
It disappeared and I realized it was a warpstalker or what ever they are called.
I readied myself cause I hear those things don't leave a wounded target. I heard something behind me as it reappeared and I turned around quickly and plunged my dagger down its mouth as it jumped me.
It died and I thought that maybe it wasn't me who should choose the prey but the prey to choose me. So... there it is... Not much to tell really.

Given Name: Swiftblade

[Behind the Parchment there are numberous drawings of giant elven lynxes scampering around perfomring acts of heroism.]
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on June 11, 2013, 10:24:08 PM

Unexpected turn of events during me hunt. I intended to go after a demon.
'Em got in the way. But with how they fought, I thought it would be fit.
I got on m'wolf and rode toward the demon scar which had been scouted before. 'Owever, on my way, I came across a scoutin' part of three, an' one of them I recognized.
The one leadin' them was one I had met in the arena a few times. Our matches came to a draw, because our fights ended up lasting long, as just become boring, so t'let others fight an' not t'lose audience, they pulled us out.
'Im recognized me as well, an' we had a lil' chat before he told the two others to stay back while we fought, just fer the good ol' days.
An' like before, our fight lasted long. Like before, 'im wieldin' a heavy axe, an' far heavier armour than me, where I wield lighter weapons an' armour.  After ehr...I don' know 'ow long, I toom him down. Enraged by the loss o' their leader, the two others came runnin' at me. Clumsy an' with the fighin' skill of a peon, 'em were quickly taken down. M'ol' friend however, 'im fought with honour, which seem t'be rare among Kor'kron these days. An opponent I will remember dearly.

Given name: Blood render
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on June 11, 2013, 10:27:55 PM

Hm. I will spare you the boring details of how many months of preparation this took me.
I knew of my quarry long before I set off on my hunt. It's name was Winterhowl, my Frostwyrm.
Hm. He wasn't when I heard of him again, after getting free of the Lich King's control.
The sever of my bond to the Scourge as a whole, to him, drove him to become feral. It was when the trial of Om'riggor was announced that I decided I would take care of him.
The easy part was locating him, and make him attack me. My presence was not something he was... Happy about.
Of course, I knew this would happen. And I had made preparations for restraining him when I'd brought him down from the air.
The chains I had prepared, didn't hold him for long. I was forced to restrain him myself, with minor success. But it was all I needed.
It gave me enough time to break his bones open, so I could rip his heart out from inside of him. If I had tried to bring him down with pure force, I would have died. His entire body shook before falling into a pile of bones.
Those bones was retrieved aswell, for any potential use in the future.

Given Name: Blackblade

[Behind the parchment is a bad drawing of a cat with... 5? Legs.]

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Post by: Karak Stormsong on July 01, 2013, 10:29:16 PM
I traveled over the sea with the help of Frostwyrm , the long hard flight gave me time to prepaire my plans. I landed near the ruins of Naxxramas, to hunt a certain Scourge called. "Rattlerib" but the creature had moved to Icecrown to the dark caverns.-
My Frostwyrm did not help me, to add this notion.
She only gave me the ride to the continent. I moved by foot from then, but back to my story.
But yes, in the caverns I spend the dark weeks, hunting the Rattlerib.
Rattlerib was a "Siege" weapon of Scourge, massive monster of bone and ice, the darkness of the caverns betrayed me many times, I traveled deeper and deeper, until I found a frozen "Hall" carved by something, only light I had was the small spots of ligh-
t, through the thick ice. I had finally found my prey, but I have to admit my confident was not in the highest, last time when I saw Rattlerib it was a Skeleton size of a Ogre, but now..
It had consumed weaker scourge to bulk it's frame, like a boney spider guarding it's frozen nest. But I did not plan not end my hunt for this. "Setback" I challenged Rattlerib, letting it know of my presence, and pulled my Runeblade.
I fought Rattlerib for Five days and five nights. If I am correct to my counting of the moments of darkness during my battle.
Only thing I could saw were Rattleribs glowing blue eyes, on the fifth morning I lost my Runeblade to my own foolishness,  but I kept on, the blade was lodged to Rattleribs, rib, I almost faced my Final death when I charge to retrieve my Blade, but the -
But the gambit was worth it, I retrieved my blade, and by the luck of a fool or blessing of the spirits, I saw an opening and my blade found it's mark between Rattlerib's neck and shoulder plate, cutting it's head clean off.
After the beast was dead, I moved to siphon the essence of Rattlerib into my blade, to empower it and finally give it a worthy name.

Given Name: Ironblood
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Post by: Rhonya on December 04, 2013, 12:34:44 AM
I set out on my hunt yesterday morning, after having rested from our trip to Blade's Edge. There wasn't that far I needed to travel, but I had many preparations to do. As you may already have guessed, I have hunted an Elekk. It was very close to where we hunted the big white one, but this one was not that large. It was a bull though. I spent most of the day preparing things. I had acquired a bag of oil and an old rusty mining pick, so I started with finding a good rock to sharpen the mining pick, and get the rust away.
Well, most of it anyhow. When I had done that, I went out to gather some...Some dried talbuk droppings. I put them in a shoulder bag, and when it was full, poured most of the oil into it, and left it to soak. Then I prepared three wooden spears, for throwing, so not very heavy. With all the things prepared, I carried them over to the same spot where the great white Elekk had been. By this time it was evening already, and most of them wasn't close. After doing my meditation to the spirits, I rested the rest of the night, waiting for the morning. I went up and made a small fire and prepared a light meal. When I had eaten, I went down the slope, and almost when I was down, carefully poured what remained of the oil on the ground, in a line stretching from one edge to the other. I found a stick on the ground, and used it to make a small torch, and went back up to the fire, where I sat down to meditate.
I uhm...
It was the first time I have asked the spirits to help me. I looked up at the stars and glowing things above me when I came out of the meditation, and felt a light breeze brushing over my skin. I took my things and went down the slope, making sure to place the torch in the ground close to the line of oil. The wind were blowing against me, up towards the peak of the cliffs. In the distance, the Elekks were approaching, and one started to come close. I waited for it to come close enough, then crept closer... When I thought it was close enough, I rose to shout at the top of my lungs to the Elekk, and threw one of the spears. It turned to me, and then the spear had sunk into the upper part of its... Uhm... Nose thing. I turned to run right away, and it didn't take long for it to charge after me. When I reached the torch, I threw it down on the ground, so it fell on the trail of oil I had made earlier. The Elekk weren't far behind me, but the fire quickly caught in the oil, forming a line, and started to grow. I just ran a little bit further before turning around.
The bull had slowed down on the other side of the flames, so I roared at it and threw another spear. It bounced of the skull of it, tearing some skin, but it seemed to anger it at least. With the smoke and flames blowing against me, and the Elekk charging again, I dashed a bit to the side, towards the fire, and ran through it. Uhm... I don't think I realized then... But I think that was when I got this... Anyhow, all this time, I had the bag with talbuk droppings hanging over my shoulder, and I reached down in it to pull up one of them, and threw it at the face of the Elekk.
It splattered across the forehead, and it started to charge again. I had taken another handful of droppings, and when the bull had almost reached the wall of flame, I threw it into the fire. It created a ball of fire right in front of it, and the one splattered on the for head ignited. It... uhm... screamed and turn away from the wall of flames blowing towards it. I think it was a bit blinded too. It tried more times, but each time, I threw another one in front of it, causing it to steer back. The wind kept strong, pushing the fire to the peak of the cliff... Pushing the Elekk in front of it. That was what I had prayed for, that wind... Eventually, the Elekk was cornered on the edge, and with a last ball of fire it reared up, slipped, and tumbled over the edge. I turned and ran back over the blackened grass, picking up the mining pick on my way down. I turned around and ran over the edge of the cliff, and found the Elekk below it. One of the front legs were shattered. It was panting, trying to rise, sooty, the eyes watery from all the smoke. I leaped against one of the tusks, swinging myself in one of the uhm... horn thingies to get onto its head. I used all my strength to hit down with the mining pick, aiming for one of the eyes. It went all the way into the shaft, and the Elekk relaxed, and stopped to breath.
That was my hunt.

Name given: Redhand
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I hunted a Windroc that be perching at most trees in Nagrand. Since they hunt in flocks, the hard part be getting the attention of just one. I hunted a talbuk and left its meat near a tree, in hope to attract one. Two of them were lured to the bait. Waiting patiently for one to leave, I prowled in the grass, watching them. Seeing they enjoyed taking their time however, I decided to go for it, hoping one would fly off when I approached. I took my spear and crawled toward the bait, then thrusted it at one of the Windrocs. One went down with the spear, but the other came straight for me once my position had been given away. It flew up high, then flew down toward me. Reaction too late, it got me down on my back and started tearing at me with its talons, and pecking, both the beak and talons sharp as a blade.  Holding one arm over my face while trying to grab it with my other proved difficult, but I finally managed to grab its wing and break it, making sure it would not fly up again. After doing so, I managed to get on my feet again.
The Windroc had no intention of stopping there however. The large bird again came for me, despite not being able to fly. I took hold of the bird by its neck, where it again would wildly try and get me with its talons. While I held the bird by its neck, it would flap its other wing, desperately trying to get off. I took my dagger and thrusted into the birds chest, giving it a swift death.
Name given:  Wingslasher
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Alright. Well this hunt didnt started out the way I wanted it to.
Instead of finding my prey... well it found me. Was just flying with my drake over Blades Edge looking for a dragon. Just found dead ones though. Was about to turn my drake around and look for something else. Couldnt come back without blood on my face, right? And then I heard. The sound of wings in the wind behind me. And the sound was followed by a searing heat, that came closer and closer. Luckily I managed to dodge the flames that where sent at me and my drake. And there he was. Mighty and terrible. A Black Dragon almost as big as the inn up the hill. Flying just above me. And he came closer. Looks like someone made him angry. Cracked his eggs or something.  Anyroad. Couldnt just fly there and watch in awe as the beast came rushing towards me with its talons and fiery breath. So I flew my drake right towards it. Charging head on! And just a few meters before him, we changed direction and got barely out of reach of his maw. Now I was above him and the real work could begin. I grabbed those and changed dragons.
Jumping right on his back and started to work. I had to get the fucker down now, didnt I and so I started to attach the chains to his wings, which is easier said than done. With those, if anyone is curious. Flung them around his wings and thrusted them into his back. The beast roared in anger. The pesky little orc annoyed him. The Dragon did its best to get me off his back and succeded nearly one time. Just as I thruted the last harpoon in his back I lost my grip and slided down. Luckily the end of the chain was tied to my belt. And now I hung there under the dragon, which took his change and threw fire and insults at me.
"You Dragonmaw think you are the master of my kind? I will show you, you insignificant worm!"
Well I dont think that my clan is the master of his kind, but we know one or two things about them. I used my weight to swing around with the chain, so that I could dodge his breath. Got burned a few times. And I think I lost some of my hair... again. The stuff was just growing back. Pulled myself up as fast as I could and got on his back again. And now this bad boy comes into play. With the orc on his back, sticking little pointy things in him, we was to busy to get me off. He didnt realize how close he had come to the mountains. So I attached the chain to the last harpoon, sticked the harpoon into this bad boy and aimed for the mountainside. Now I had to get him even more angry. So I climbed towards his head. Got cut in te process by his sharp scales and horns on his back, but that is the price you pay. When I reached my destination I started to swing with my axe at his head. Managed to cuts some deep wounds in his neck and head. So he started to fly down, in the hope to get my off again.
Well he succeded and I went flying down frown his neck. But now the chain get its purpose. You see. In its rage the dragon tied its own wings together as he flew to the ground. And he went straight down, some hundred meters. I did fall too. But I had a backup plan. My own drake picked me mid air up and after that we just heard an angry roar and the sound of the dragons impact. And since he went down with its head first. We also heard a gut wrenching, but satisfying crack. Went down to make sure he was dead and collected some trophys.  Some  Dragon Teeth and  Obsidia Scales for good measure. And thats basically how my hunt went. Learned those tricks back in the highlands, though never tried them on one that was that -big-.

Name given:  Blackspine
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I left Garadar on my wolf, went the south path down to Terokkar. Cut across the Bone Wastes and up through Stonemaul Hold, then followed the path towards Shadowmoon Valley. As I shared in a campfire tales night a couple of weeks back, where I grew up, in the Valley of Trials, we were plagued by demons. I thought it fitting that my Om'riggor would be to hunt and kill one of 'em. And I didn't have to go far when I saw the perfect one. Upon enterin' Shadowmoon, I saw these huge, hulking beasts scattered around the path into the main part of the Valley. Big muscley feckers, bout 3 times me height, with armor on their legs, shoulders, arms and head. Wrathguards, so they were. Ye' want me to slow down a bit, Thu'ruk?

*Some odd scribbles and lines go straight through the words here*

Alright.  So anyroad, I tied me wolf up to a burnt tree stump, and took me place behind a rock, waitin' fer' one of 'em to stray a good bit away from the rest. I threw a rock at him to get his attention. Bashed him right in the nose! He was damn angry, so he was! Foul demon, ran over to me, an axe in each hand, raised in the air. I raised my own to block, and so began our long clash. I thought they brute'd be swingin' wildly, but this fella had some skill! Agile fecker too! Was hard to get a shot in he was movin' his blades so fast. Thats when the first hit came.
He took a big swing with his left axe, which I had to use all my might to block with mine. Suddenly, he quickly pulled away and slashed with the right. That's how he got me chest. But the best thing about these things are, they fill ye' with rage n' bloodlust. I swung me axe upwards, and tore the demon's jaw off!  Had to jump back to avoid the spray of his blood, don't want that stuff gettin' in yer mouth. He let out a horribe gurglin' noise and swung his right axe down on me left shoulder.  Tore deep, so it did. We clashed blades for a while longer, not much happenin', until he sweeped down low with the two blades. 
One bit into the plate armour on me left thigh, the other slice across the now exposed flesh. That one hurt most, made it hard to stand. But it filled me with anger, so it did. We clashed for a while more, until finally, it was over with two strikes. He swung one blade high, aimin' for me neck. I blocked it wit' the wood of me axe. The second, I weren't ready for. he swung all his weight up top.  However, he still had some power left. I guess I underestimated the damned Demon's Blood.  His second axe bit right into me right side! But. Whatever way he put it in, he couldn't get it out.  He was surprised by this too! He tried pullin', and that's when I saw the openin'. I pushed back his axe that clashed with mine, and put all me weight into fallin' back. Ripped the axe out!, 'twas damn sore! But I sent the demon stumblin'. And that's where I swung. Right across the stomach. Whatever vile organs that son o' a bitch had, just spilled out. He collapsed to his knees, and that was that!

Name given:  Gorewrath
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(The words are hard to read, not on one line entirely even. )


Hrm, I went into Terokkar Forest to hunt to Basilisk there. I took the path through  Zangermarsh, to the border of Terokkar and the swamp. By a lake shortly across the border I saw my prey. A basilisk cornering a starved wolf. I hid in the grass, waiting 'till the beast would catch the scent I would no doubt catch going through the swamp. I rose a bit from the grass, growling lowly the get the beasts attention. I wanted to bring it to me.
Soon enough the basilisk started looking for the nearby threat, but didn't wait long before it went back to the wolf. So Instead I took its attention by letting out a loud roar. Soon enough, the giant lizard started running to me.
I wanted to get to higher spot. I climbed a tree and let out' a mocking growl at it. Then, given the opportunity, leapt down on the beasts back.
When I 'ad landed on its back, I made sure I would stay there. Drove my claws into its side and started biting a' its back. It took a while as them have bloody tough skin, but eventually the bleedings got bigger and bigger, eventually killing the basilisk.
And not long after, the basilisks previous prey - A starved wolf would come for me. It locked its jaw around my arm. I took hold of it and bit its throat as well, giving it a swift death. Brought back the basilisks hide to proof of the hunt.

Name given: Bloodmaw
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Well, I also did my Om'riggor in Terrokar Forest.. I wasn't really what to hunt.. maybe a wolf, maybe not... but yeah..
But very early on my journey while in the forest, I felt like something was following me.. and not only that.. but also that something was missing..
So I grabbed my staff just in-case... traveled deeper into the forest, I decided to step off-route.. maybe my chances would be better to find something there.
While I went off the path, I - saw- some sort of flashes in the corner of my eyes.. but when I'd look.. nothing would be there..
Until I suddenly heard footsteps right behind me, and some kind of cry, so I turned around.. and there was this lizard beast heading for me.
It jumped at me, but I could whack it off its collision course with me, since I had my staff ready.
While the lizard was coming to it' senses, I tried to cast a spell thru my staff... but.. I didn't feel any arcane power flow, so I wasn't able to cast a thing…and before I knew it.. the lizard disappeared...
Then it reappeared!
And then disappeared again... and kept doing that in a pattern, circling around me..
Every time it did that, I felt a disturbance.. which was most likely what didn't allow me to cast... So.. i had to take a moment to calm down.. and figure out what as happening... the beast kept on appearing and disappearing in a constant pattern.. So I predicted it's next reappearance..
I made a low sweeping movement with my staff, attempting to predict the lizards movement... and I did.. hitting it pretty hard. It let out a cry, and I tried to cast again.. but again no success.
It disappeared once again.. just right in front of me.. it vanished!
Next thing I know, I hear it behind me, as I turn around.. it jumps me, pushing me down to the ground, trying to snap at my face with its mouth.. but my staff was in between its mouth and my face... So then it decided  to start digging its way into my chest...
I whacked it in the face with my staff... and rolled to my side, kicking the beast off me.. Then I rolled away from it.. and before I could get up again.. it was gone again.. And went back to his annoying pattern of appearing and disappearing. I tried to predict his movement again, only this time it appeared further away from me, and sprinting towards me, and jumped at me, launching itself from the ground with its tail.. Before it could actually get to me, I rolled backwards in the same movement, putting my staff and my leg, and launched the beast over me, into a tree..
It hit its head pretty hard, and didn't move once it hit the ground. I went over and snapped its neck.. And yeah... that was my hunt...

Name given: Rimeweaver
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Err.. I be runnin' till I be near some trees. I saw 'im ugly raptor there. I be no' likin' raptors anymore, so I be sneakin' closer ter 'im.
4ha' ugly raptor be hearin' me comin' though. He smacked me righ' in me face with ïm ugly tail!
4I snorted as I wen' fer 'im throa' but 'im clawed me face. So I be backin' a bi' off..
There be me and tha' ugly faced raptor as I ran straigh' fer him, roarin' with all me pride.
He be starin' at me fer some time, I think 'im be scared, but he be runnin' at me soon after, clawin' me arm. I be angry then, so I grabbed 'im tail and threw him onto the ground.
He clawed me stomach, but I be no' carin' anymore. I smacked 'im righ' in the face and cu' his throa'. Then I covered me face and arms in 'im blood.

Given Name: Facebreaker
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on May 02, 2014, 11:58:19 PM

I was near the wailing caverns, sitting on a ridge waiting for a particularly big Centaur I had seen the other day.
I knew he would come, because I saw him drinking from thepond a few days earlier.
 As he showed up in the horizon with his Entourage, his figure got bigger and bigger the closer he came, before suddenly they started looking nervous and fled.
I thought they had spotted me until I heard a loud hiss behind me.
It seems this three headed swimming snake saw me and wanted supper.
I swiftly turned and waitedfor it to strike, dodging the middle head and catching the right one.
I don't know, I've never seen a hydra
 With a firm grip around its neck, it tried to shake me, but I kept squeezing until I heard a crack andthe head grew limp.
 It roared, then I roared louder, grabbed my axe and swinged it at him, but I missed and it stepped on it.
Then the middle head went straight for my faceand I grabbed its jaws...
With everything I had, I ripped the beast's lower jaw out and stomped on it. The last head was screaming and it slowly backed away, so I picked up my axe, jumped for it and split it's skull in two.
I took one piece of its face and smeared my head with it

Given Name: Sunderskull
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Post by: Karak Stormsong on May 03, 2014, 12:00:11 AM

I didn' really know wat I woul' be 'untin', so I jus' ran nort', and ran past the jungle dere. Nothin' dere really interested me... So I ran on. An' foun' dese blue flyin' thin's making nests in da trees an' suc'.
I 'id behin' one o' da trees a little part away, closin' in throug' da 'ig' grass, wen one was slightly alone on da side, I sprung up an' grabbed it's talons, pullin' it down.
 It screeched an' we fought, claws, teet' an' all, feathers flyin' everywhere... Until I managed ta rip 'er t'roat' out. I smeared 'er blood over me, an' I think I got some feathers too...

Given name: Throatrender
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Hrmm.. I wnet to the forests of Ashenvale, spotted some wolf just sniffing around its lair... I believe it is what they call a 'ghostpaw' a white wolf, pretty larger then the others in surrounding area? Wasn't much of a fight, as I approached... it just gnarled at me and leaped forward right into my blade... it got its jaws in my back, but aside from that nothing else really happened.

Given Name: Heartseeker
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This might not be the most interesting story but here goes.. I had to "travel" a bit before i found the right pray.. So when i got here, to sholazar, i thought that i might try my luck wiht a huge poisenous snake! I had to stalk the beast for a while.. When i decided to attack it, my element of surprise was lost, quite quickly. It managed to coil itself around me. But i somehow managed to free my hand and cut open the beasts stomach. The end.

Given Name: Ripscale
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Post by: Rhonya on June 26, 2014, 11:39:16 PM

I took off on m'Worg and rode hard into t'wilderness o' Dragonblight but continued on, t'place was full o' Undead and I didn't feel any connection t'slayin' such. I continued further, ridin' entirely through the bitter cold and before me rose a great stairs leadin' into Zul'drak.

Again, as is with t'majority o' this land, undead immediately met me an' I took my time in blastin' them aside. Weak, mindless troll zombies, not worth anyone's Om'riggor. Continuin' easterly, I begun t'see signs of shrines, altars t'the Loa tha' t'Drakkari worship, o' worshipped.

Anyroad, I begun t'see signs o' life, a skeleton crew o' Argent Crusade remained stationed there an' despite neutrality, I manoeuvred around them carefully, until before me stood a huge altar with wha' looked like purple stained blood bursting from its higher peaks an' imagery o' a great snake.

The area was quiet, too quiet, a lot quieter than it would've been durin' t'War I bet. Corpses still littered t'ground, kept frigid an' fresh by t'weather, an' I spied in front o' me what I thought was another troll-zombie.
I dismounted Greytooth, drew m'dagger an' slowly approached, t'zombie wore a long dark robe an' was hunched o'er a corpse, it looked like it were eatin' it.

As I got closer, t'stench o' death faded an' I could sense t'warm emission o' fresh blood. I grunted t'alert t'Troll an' it turned t'face me, tusks stained wit' blood, an' I saw on t'floor a twitchin' corpse of a Orc o' t'Argent Crusade.
T'red was such a contrast against t'pure white o' his tabard, I could barely take m' eyes off it before t'Troll charged.
I don't speak much Troll bu' it sounded -mad-, an' as t'Troll leapt towards me, I tried t'boil t'blood on his tusks t'disintegrate them, but it didn't work. Somehow t'Troll 'ad countered m'blood weavin' an' charged me t'the ground, makin' this.
T'Troll seemed some sort o' Priest, as I was downed, 'e drew a twisted dagger from 'is belt an' begun t'weave -my- Blood. It curled up upon t'dagger an' circled around it, slitherin' like a snake, as t'Troll evoked shadows t'enter m'mind, weaponizin' my blood t'gain entry.

I tried with all m'might t'rise t'my feet, but as soon as t'Troll assaulted m'mind, I knew I couldn't. I was struck with images o' death, visions o' snakes crawlin' up m'body, feastin' on m'eyes, crawlin' into m'mouth...
All t'while I was under this illusion, t'Troll drew ever closer, an' lunged t'kris into m'other shoulder, hunchin' down t'feast upon t'gushin' wound, believin' me helpless.

It was t'pain o' that stab tha' shocked me awake, I expelled t'shadows t'Troll 'ad weaved, an' drew in energy from m'blood, exhalin' in incantment I managed t'curse t'Troll in agony, interruptin' it's meal.
I quickly drew in more energy from m'blood an' peered at t'dyin' Orc nearby, it's still twitchin' body turnin' t'view our fight, eyes mostly rolled back. As t'Troll screamed, attemptin' t'fight off t'progressive agonisin' curse, I looked directly into t'Orc's eyes an' saw t'light o' life flicker off.

It was like I could sense t'Orc's Spirit rise out o' him, an' as it did, I saw m'chance.
I channelled all m'focus into energizin' tha' Spirit an' as it formed a ghostly figure, I saw t'glint in 'is eye again and t'gether, we charged t'recoverin' Troll.

T'Spirit burst into an' through him, fadin' after doin' so', and I stabbed deep into 'is heart with m'dagger. Before 'e could do anythin' else, I begun t'drain t'Shadowpriest's Soul into this Soulshard. Fer better o' fer worse, this be m'trophy.

Given name: Soulfury

(A small drawing is made on the side, of an Orcs face with a snake wriggling out of his mouth.)
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Post by: Sadok on August 16, 2014, 12:51:50 AM

Kradak took off all clothes and ran towards Barrens!
Ran south south south.
Down towards marshlands

But what is this I think! A prospector in mountain side.
He look for something.
I run towards him, he turn towards me and scream!
I throw weapon and helmet on ground and jump on him!

Start bite in neck!
Beat with fist!
I hit and hit and hit and hit!

I cut off head with sword!
And paint two stripes with blood on face!
Then I come back.

Given name: Fistfist.
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Post by: Sadok on August 16, 2014, 12:55:59 AM

Well, I headed north of Thunder Bluff, which is quite beautiful this eve. I noticed some rather large tracks headed east, so I followed them. Finally spotted an old bull kodo. He was BIG.

I set about planning my attack, and tried my best to stay downwind of him. But as always I discovered that knowledge and wisdom are two separate things. He spotted me and in an instant charged me, and so it began.

He was nearly upon me, but hah! I managed to sidestep him and attempted to wipe at its legs.
I connected, but the blow knocked the sword out of my hand and the bull seemed unaffected!
He span nearly on the spot and charged again. This time I wasn’t so quick and before I knew it, the world was a blur. I was bouncing and rolling, lucky to still be breathing, I think. I don’t really how, but before I knew it, I was up and charging him!

As we charged each other, I somehow, through instinct or adrenaline, managed to climb upon his back. I gathered what arcane I could muster and attempted to hit him with a blast! As I was about to release the bolt, he bucked and threw off my aim. I knew was gonna have to dig deep.

So again I gathered what I could! But this time, I gathered it about my hands and used it to rain blows down upon his head! The bull roared and skidded to the ground, throwing me quite far. I went to gather my sword and trophy, but lo and behold! He attempted to rise… that is when I drove my blade into its head.

And there the bull was dead.

Given name: Blastblade.
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Post by: Sadok on August 16, 2014, 12:57:34 AM

I set off, hoping tha' I could reach Ashenvale, and ge' a bear. Unfortunately tha' was not the case.

Bu' anyroad, I figured the fastest way would be to cross the Stonetalon Mountains, So I hurried, I ran across the Barrens, and into Stonetalon. I made it quite near the border when suddenly… a large spider came at me! I quickly shot it down and continued on, there was no way this spider was going to be the kill for my unt’.

The spider screeched as it died, and I heard heavy foot steps in the distance. I decided to investigate, and made my way towards the sound. What I saw scared me. It was a huge Storm Cliff! No’ as huge as the one we got the other day, bu' still big!

It' charged towards me, and I just merely managed to jump to the side avoiding being crushed to death. I tried to aim my new bow at it countless times, but I failed to get a proper aim at it, before it charged again! So I ran behind a tree, hiding.

The Storm Cliff looked straight at the tree, when I jumped out, roaring. I aimed my bow and arrow straight for it's head, and shot! The Arrow flew with swift speed toward the head and pierced it's skull. The Storm Cliff fell to the ground.

I was confused. How could one arrow simply kill this large beast?

I pulled the arrow out of it's skull and used it to cut its guts up, hence why I am soaked in blood. Then I proceeded to break off it's horn. I returned just in time.

Given name: Stormshot.
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Post by: Sadok on August 16, 2014, 12:59:15 AM

Having just ran away from the camp I quickly found out that my sight would not be with me as the trees itself were moving in my way to obstruct me and I could not dodge them.  Having eventually found my footing I ran to the closest place I could remember with huntable prey, The west.

With having only one task in mind, I stuck to the trees and looked out for some hunt able prey but only to notice that everything around me had turned into a giant blur. From that moment I knew that I had to rely on my other senses instead of my sight which I so much prefer.

I tried to locate a mighty beast that I would heroically fight in a one on one combat but alas, there were none around as the predators themselves seem to have taken to their own corners of the plains.

Having almost given up on finding something to hunt, No wait, I would never do that! Never give up! Anyway. I heard the screeching of a bird that sounded like it wanted to be hunted down. I heard it traveling to... I don't know, I was quite disoriented, having traveled for month-... Moments.

I heard the beating of winds on the air somewhat closer, somewhere very close... Yet not so close as that one would find it uncomfortable. As I moved to find out what this beast I was hit.. I mean hid behind a rock. Wings even!

As I laid down in waiting, I tried to determine how far it was away from me but I was confused as I suddenly heard someone speak in a tongue that sounded like broken orcish, That and some squawking. It said something about seeing an orcling. I pondered what this was until I noticed that I was hiding on the wrong side of the rock!

Two razor sharp talons pierced my shoulder as the beast had seemingly noticed me. I screamed at it as loud as I could to try to confuse it and use that time to create some distance between me and the being. Alas, my tactic of confusing the enemy did not work. I felt the life-force dripping down my shoulder as the talons had made its wound.
With one dead eye it looked at me and I looked at it and from that moment on I knew... I would kick her ass. Not having your eyes to use at this point is a hindrance so one had to do with just her scent and hearing. It screeched as the flying monster chicken made a dive to get in close for another attack. This time I heard it coming and listened to the wind however it turns out I'm not a great listener.

The talons once more pierced my flesh. This time however I used this to my advantage and swung my axe quickly, Using all my little strength. It however seemed enough and chopped the beings leg clean of! It started to curse, not in a tongue I knew but one that possibly exists. As I continued to hear the beatings of the wings I concluded that this beast was not down yet.

I heard the beast turn around and prepare itself for another attack. This time however I did not want to get hit first and used my super secret tactic of swinging my axe to swing with a lot of grace and totally not at random. I grinned as my axe came to a stop and the being screeched once more. I knew then that I this was the end of the battle. With a promise to come back it crashed down at the earth, it nearly seemed too dramatic.

As I looked down upon the weird flying chicken, I grinned and picked up the leg that I now hold here in my hand.  Having confirmed that it was a clean kill I howled in the wind and afterwards tended to my wounds to make sure I would not die from bloodloss.

And that is how I have done this ancient orcish rite.

Given name: Windwatcher.
Title: Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
Post by: Rhonya on October 20, 2014, 02:08:21 AM

I se' ou' with almos' no clothes on! Jus' like 'em told me ter.. I decided tha' t'steppes were too borin' an' bare ter 'unt anythin' in, so I 'eaded towards t'swamp instead. After quite some runnin', aye, I -ran- all t'way, I finally made it ter there.  'owever, 'ere was nothin' interestin' either, an' even with almos' no clothes on it almos' seemed warmer than t'steppes. I walked around fer a bi' on me sore fee' untill I found a gian' lake! I though' tha' t'spirits was with me, an' 'ad 'eard me though's abou' 'ating to be sweaty an' all tha'. So I wen' fer a swim. I know I should be 'unting an' all tha', an' I were jus' abou' ter 'ead ou' ter find somethin' again as I fel' somethin' comin' closer. I turned abou' ter peer around, bu' I couldn' see anythin' bu' trees. So I told meself it probably jus' was somethin' me mind 'ad made up.. owever! Suddenly I feel somethin' bite into me le'! I le' ou' a yelp, almos' jumpin' ou' of t'water only ter see a stupid ugly giantic fish bit into t'flesh of me le'! Lucky fer me I weren' tha' far away from t'shore, so I quickly swam closer ter it. As I made it onto t'coas', I stared at t'fish who still 'ad it's teeth in me le'. Lettin' ou' a growl I pulled it off me le'. I stared at it some more, a real ugly fecker, an' after some intense starin' eye-ter-eye I stabbed it. Then I cu' it's teet' ou', an' it's 'ead off, usin' it's body ter smear blood onto me own face an' body. I be no' sure if this be a worthy kill an' all tha', bu' it bi' a good lunch of me le' off. Stupid fish.

Given name: Redtooth

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Post by: Rhonya on October 20, 2014, 02:09:32 AM

My family, has throughout time been known as the "Eaters of rock." or "Rock hardened" depending on the generation. We made a name for ourselves by fighting as well with a shield, than any Orc does with an axe... The Shield helps us to become a rock, and to also break a rock. We spent our childhoods bashing a large rock, continiously, for years on end. Until eventually a crack appeared, and then over time it gave way. It taught us patience, and a steady resolve... So for my kill, I thought I would honour the rite of passage of my ancestors. The lands of the Gorge have been swamped in the blood of our kin, and living here are the golems. Creations of pure stone, empowered by the elements themselves. Or even by mechanical genius. In this case, The Golem I sought was created by the Dark Irons. A creature easy two times the size of me. The head alone, as you can see weighs more than a troop of Orcs, and is the size of my torso. To kill such a beast is deemed impossible by some, due to their skin of stone. But I am of the Rock-Eaters. And this is what we have lived for. This particular Golem was encamped with a small troop of Dark Iron Dwarves. With only my shield, I was able to swoop into the camp quickly as the Golem was on the other side of the pickets. After a few gruesome blocks, parries and bashes. I was able to dispatch the small troop of Dwarves, and there was the trophy I sought. With no expression or reaction it simply came at me, shaking the ground beneath it. I could hear cogs turning as it got close. With amazing speed for such a heavy creature it lashed forward. I was barely able to bring my shield up as the stone fist clashed against. Sending my flying back. From a strike to my shield alone I was almost breathless. But I did not go in without a plan. Such a creature is not sentient, it is programmed to do the bidding of its master, that is all. And that was my advantage. Many of the trees in the land are scorched, easy to topple. So I lead the golem round the camp. Dodging and throwing myself away from the ground breaking strikes. Eventually I was able to fell the trees, each colliding into the creature with a weight  almost matching. But of course, it did no damage to the Golem, but the trees had done what I had hoped. With such force crashing down, it had begun to alter the cogs inside the Golem. a whirring sound had erupted from the creature, and its once direct route had now become all over the place. It side stepped, and went in circles, juttered and lost focus. I had now backed up to the edge of a ridge. The Golem slowly following me as the faulty sounds grew louder. The edge of the ridge had grown soft, and could barely hold my own weight. But I stood fast. Then, as it came to the very edge. Its fist rising in the air, I rolled underneath the Golem, letting out a call for my ancestors, devourers of stone. I launched forward, shield braced. And I pushed it, with every ounce of strength in my body it took that step too far. And as the fist crashed to the ground. The ridge dissolved, sending the Golem down an almighty drop. It took what felt like minutes before the crashing sound echoed below.  Exhausted from the push, and now realising I had broken my ribs. I peered over the edge to see the scatter of cogs and stone. The head of the Golem perfectly intact, smashed from the torso looking back up at me, expressionless. I had done what I had done as a child. Devoured stone. Broke it, and become the rock myself.

Given name: Stoneshield

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Post by: Rhonya on October 20, 2014, 02:10:31 AM

I started ter move towards Stonard, I saw a mountain on me left, I decided ter have a look on the top of it. I walked around the mountain trying ter find a path that leaded up. I found one, made Whitney wait there while I started ter move up very quietly. Once I got to the top of the mountain I saw a warlock with a felhunter standing in a cave. I decided I wanted ter take down the felhunter so I sneaked me way closer towards the cave. Fer some reason they spotted me and the felhunter started ter charge towards me. I quickly rolled to me right, avoiding the charge. When I got back on me feet the warlock send a spell in me direction, I barely managed ter avoid it. I sprinted over to the warlock in attempt ter hit him in the arm but him was fast and stepped aside, then hit me against the wall. It be then when I realized I needed ter do this in a different way since they outnumbered me. I kept myself in the middle of the felhunter and the warlock then when the felhunter charged I stepped aside quickly, the felhunter ended up biting the warlock in his leg, he fell ter his knees. As he was in pain his guard was lowered I ran behind him and stabbed him in his spine the warlock be dead. Then it be only the felhunter left ter put down. I lured him out of the cave ter have more room ter run. I checked me surroundings and found some rocks, I picked one up and then swept me leg on the ground, it made a cloud of ash. I used this ter position meself on top of the rocks. When the ash cloud started ter lower I threw the little rock behind meself and the felhunter, making him turn. I then jumped off the rock next to the felhunter while I pierced me dagger in his head. I quickly pulled it back out before slicing off its head. I picked up the head by its horns.  That be me tale.

Given name: Ashveil
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Post by: Rhonya on October 20, 2014, 02:11:09 AM

I rode into Bogpaddle, where I left my wolf. I ventured deeper into the swamp on foot, until I reached the shoreline. Having always had a good bond with the spirit of water I decided to hunt a marine predator like a shark. They're mostly shallow-water ambush predators, so that's where I went. I made a shallow cut on my arm to draw one in and I believe I may have been too succesful in that. The first shark that appeared was a monster, just look at the head. It got a bite in before I could strike, but let go and swam away only to come at me again. But this time, I was ready for it and planted my axe in its head. Afterward, I cut its head off and took it with me as trophy. Only, I left my wolf and armour at Bogpaddle, I just realised... But that's my tale.

Given name: Grimtide
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Post by: Rhonya on October 20, 2014, 02:12:16 AM

I decided to search for something slow, as I am not very nimble myself lately.. I traveled to Loch Modan for my hunt, looking for Ogre as they seemed the best fit, reasonably slow that is. Upon reaching Loch Modan I was riding around when I spotted the Mo'grosh Stronghold, with a single Darkmauler in front doing his patrols. I had to figure out a way to slay him without having to face him, he would surely have crushed me in my current state, had he noticed. I noticed there was quite some space between his legs every time he took a step. And with his size, I decided to try and throw my walking stick between his legs. As soon as he turned at the right angle, I threw my cane between his legs, he tripped and fell to his face. I conjured a fire to try and burn him while he was on the floor. The fire was hot and the Ogre's clothing took ablaze as he was rolling on the floor. As quick as my feet would carry me I walked over to it,  picked up my cane and thrusted the pointy end into his left eye. The Ogre died swiftly from that, I put my hand into his now caved in eye socket and smeared myself with the blood. It might not have been a real fight, as it never saw me coming.But in the end, it died and I, did not.

Given name: Bloodeye

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Post by: Rhonya on October 20, 2014, 02:14:23 AM

I wandered around Burning Steppes in search for my prey. I was worried since my hunting skills and not that advanced. I used whatever knowledge I picked up from the hunters within the Tribe and tried to adept. I knew 'bout the Blackrock Pass once had a small demonic infestation. I thought it would be wise to hunt one beast that I -have- much experience with, demons.  Since a long time most of the demons were killed by adventurers or other traspassers trough the pass. Only small groups of imps were crawling 'round. I spotted one up ahead who was moving away from the others. I found my prey. I used the higher path in the pass to be at the higher ground when I jumped him, I knew the strength of an imp isn't that great. However their magical and fire abilities was what I had to avoid since I self were not allowed to use any. I went for a quick kill, I leaped on the little fel bastard to quickly cut some limps that would disrupt him from casting any spells. The creature was quickly overtaken but screamed out a noise that was unbearable. The other imps noticed and crawled toward me in huge numbers, I set up my wolf not far from were I was and ran trough the pass. I heard the sound of flames behind me and screaming imps! I hesitated to use any kind of fel to.. save myself but resisted. I jumped on me wolf to get the fel out of there and rode as fast as the wind could carry me to Stonard. In all the haste I was able to break off one of the horns of the imp.

Given name: Blackhorn

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Post by: Rhonya on October 20, 2014, 02:15:04 AM

It has been long since i hunted without me wolf and weapon.. But i managed to find a group of Wind Serpents.. nothing major.. until i saw one of them.. the others were bright colors but this one was black and white.. And bigger than the rest.. i snuck up on it preparing to charge when it noticed me.. as i charged at it, it breathed a lightning at me.. When i got to it it simply flew away.. luckily i could hit it by throwing my axe at it.. i hit it in its neck and took a scale with me.. and covered myself in blood.. Though.. the blood smell attracted some swamp crocs.. but that matters not.. and that is my tale..

Given name: Wildwind
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Post by: Rhonya on October 20, 2014, 02:15:44 AM

I left Stonard... but wasn't sure where to go or what to hunt... I looked up and saw a star shooting across the sky. I followed its path before it faded from sight. It led me to an enclave of Lost Ones... A bit of dark humour on the Spirits parts no doubt. Eventually I was the victor after ripping out his jugular with my own maw... I took a crystal that he had worn around his neck as a trophy. As I made my way to leave, after painting myself in the Lost One's blood... I er... ran into some difficulty... seems they go by a "biggest is boss" motif there. And well... lets just say I have never ran harder in my entire life. That's my tale.

Given name: Starmaw
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Post by: Sadok on January 26, 2015, 12:18:43 AM

I chose to go after this Frostwolf Alpha, since there had been rumors going around in Wor'gol, that one of the stronger Alphas of the region had gone berserk, attacking anything it saw even its own pack, eventually leaving it a lone wolf.

Knowing that when a Frostwolf turns against its own pack in such a way, is a clear sign that is suffering from something, I thought it an excellent prey, both to prove my worth to the tribe, and at the same time bringing this mighty wolf out of its suffering.

Given Name: Bloodpaw
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Post by: Sadok on January 26, 2015, 12:19:16 AM

I ran ta Grom’ar, cause dat be w’ere I were taken ta, before. As said, I ain’ did dis ‘unt fo’ a name. I did it fo’ reven’e, fo’ an offer to da spirits so dem woul’ maybe restore da link dat were cut off from me by da one w’o’s skull I be wearin’ rig’t now.

Wat I were lookin’ fo’ was one o’ da T’underlords dat survived da tribes assaul’, or maybe one dat ‘ad come back down to da place. It still be ruins, bu’ dere still were some lef’. So I ‘ad ta pick carefully.

Took one o’ dem scouts as a tar’et, cause dem be furt’er away, less c’ance I be ambus’ed.

I picked up two rocks from nearby, t’rew one to da T’underlords ot’er side. W’en it looked ta see wat it were, I ran in. Tried ta smas’ me rock ta ‘is ‘ead, but ‘e turned too fas’, jus’ nickin’ me skin wit’ ‘is knife.

Mana’ed ta ‘it ‘is ‘ead wit’ me rock t’oug’, ripped out ‘is t’roat as ‘e fell. Pulled ‘im aside quickly before any ot’er scout saw, coverin’ mos’ da blood marks wit’ snow an’ ‘id da body.

I took ‘is ‘eart as me offer. W’ic’ I will brin’ down to da pools later.

Given Name: N/A
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Post by: Sadok on January 26, 2015, 12:19:37 AM

I have been warring with myself for longer than I like to admit... I gave myself to the spirits guidance fully and they pulled me north, to the mountains.

I was not surprised when I found myself at the lava pools. Where I found myself, the heat was intense, made only more so by a wild fire elemental who lingered in the pool.

It spotted me before I had the first move. My weapon was my call to the elements, which thankfully saw fit to heed my call. However in drawing the water and cold from the air, proved to be fairly useless.

When the water and snow came close, it evaporated to steam. Already it was attacking and already.. it had landed a few hits.

I tried to suffocate it with the wind, to snuff out its fire. But this only proved to fan the flames... There are reasons to why my next thought came to me but it would be too long to dive into tonight, in front of all...

I fanned the flames, and I called to the fire. I drew upon it and sought to increase the flames. It grew too much even for the elemental to handle and it shattered, throwing me.. and its heart, to cliffs.

I have learned much and I have heard clearly that the spirits have spoken to myself, whether it proves fit for this trial or not.

Given Name: Emberheart
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Post by: Sadok on January 26, 2015, 12:20:16 AM

I went after the great worms of the snow... Those that have been pesterin' us when we did travel through the wastes. I knew we last sighted some to the north-east, near the great open wastes.

So I went there... Looking for bulges in the snow. I found one and began trackin’... It felt like I waded through the snow for hours without any sightings... I began wonderin' if I had time to try and find other beasts to hunt…

However... The snow caved under me and I was flung into the air. When I got back up I had pincers stuck in my shoulder.

It was a worm well-enough… I jabbed it in the face, but not fast enough to not get a few holes in me.

I was flung aside and a hellish shriek was let out from it. It eyed me for a while before it launched at me again... This time I could see it not bein' under the snow. So I managed to dodge it, but my weapon was caught and cracked.

It lifted me from the ground and I gutted the bastard through the throat and down. Long story short, it is now dead and I got this to prove it.

Given Name: Dreadmaw
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Post by: Sadok on January 26, 2015, 12:20:45 AM

I went looking for those wolves you all talked about but ended up in some Ogre camp! I thought I might aswell kill some while I was there! That was until I found a cave in the Ogre camp saying  “don’t feed the beater”..

I went in the cave and found the remains of a Shardtusk. That’s until I saw the giant Ogron! Clearly found a challenge worth my time!

I thought I could sneak up on the Ogron.. but his backhand to my mask proved me wrong and send my flying into the cave wall! As I got up laughing from excitement the Ogron got confused and I charged the ugly “beater”. ..

This time tho I got a hold of his arms and quickly climbed my way on top of the Ogron.

As stupid as Ogrons are he started trying to bash me with his hands while on top of him. Ofcourse I made sure he did nothing but impale his own hand on his shoulder spikes! Glorious!

As the “beater” was screaming in pain, from beating himself, I smashed my hands in his eye socket and tore the eye out!

Even tho it didn’t kill it. It made it easier. As the Ogron now used his one free hand to hold over his missing eye I used the teeth of my mask to puncture a hole in the Ogrons neck. Watching him.. Choking in his own blood! Like him.

All my enemies will perish!

After he stopped moving I of-course cut a smile in the “beater’s” face. Sadly his head was too big to carry back…

Given Name: Rendfist
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Post by: Sadok on January 26, 2015, 12:28:59 AM
Trakmar (Again... Again)

My hunt lead me to the Rylak near Stonefang Outpost. After gaining understanding of the Wild Spirit here, I sought the most ferocious and cunning creature here that be not a Garn. It did not take me long to find a suitable prey.

A smaller one, but not lacking in the others ferocity, I kept watch on it as it took to its wings. I found a stick and sharpened it on a rock to make a spear. And a lucky throw directed its attention to me, as a hole was torn in its wing.

When it landed, both the heads worked together in trying to, trying to make me its meal. It manages to push me on me back, and I had to use both hand t'keep it at bay. After some struggling, I managed to push one head into the snow and keep it there.

Keeping its head down, I rolled myself on to its neck, using my weight to keep it down, though kept no mind to its wings. It used its claw to make a cut on my back, making me lost grip on its other head, which then bit me shoulder.

Acting swiftly, I placed me foot on the rylak’s shoulder and pushed it down to keep the wing in check. Then clawed at the head I was keeping down, and after a few strikes, managing to tear its throat.

As it let out a pained growl, and much weakened by the loss of one head, I took holds of its snout and made quick work of it, as I sinked me teeth into its neck.

As trophy, I hacked off its heads with a stone.

Given Name: Beastbane
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Post by: Kogra Windwatcher on March 25, 2015, 12:18:44 AM

I went to the harbour the Iron Horde have built on the coast, looking for prey. Found a Shattered Hand orc scouting on the outskirts.

I distracted him by throwing some stones at him, then moved. Once he came where I stood before, I leaped at him and struck.

Both of us fought like our clan does. Dirty tricks with throwing sand in the eyes, spitting in the opponents face and otherwise. At last I managed to knock him off his feet and slit his throat. Cut off the bladed arm to keep as trophy.

Given name: Slitskin
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Post by: Kogra Windwatcher on March 25, 2015, 12:24:03 AM

For my hunt I decided to go east of camp and down a talbuk, since I've never seen the point in hunting something for sport only. I'd rather hunt something I can get a lot of use and benefit out of..

But, I digress.So, I left camp and started east. I've studied the talbuks these past few weeks and I've come to know their habits and favourite places for grazing failry well by now.

The talbulks were grazing peacefully, and I took great care to move downwind, lest they'd catch my scent and scatter.

Since I didn't have Frostfang with me I couldn't use him to single out one of them, so I'd just have to wait for one of them to stray a little bit away from the rest of the herd. So I sat down in the shadow of a large tree to wait.

What I hadn't counted on, however, was that I wasn't the only predator out hunting tonight... nor had I counted on the fact that I could be seen as prey...

I caught the scent of cat seconds before it sprung on me and I managed to roll aside, so as not to be impaled by its claws. I spared a thought to the fact that it moved more like a humanoid being than a cat before I had to concentrate on surviving.

I am not at my best when I have to fight an enemy in hand to hand combat, so at first I was mostly trying to defend myself against whatever creature was attacking me and try to keep it from killing me.

It managed to rake me with its claws a few times before I finally managed to get a hand free and grab one of my arrows. I could feel the creature's hot and putrid breath against my face and I stabbed it wildly with my arrow...

The creature howled in agony and thrashed against me before it went still. I crawled out from underneath it and upon closer inspection I realised that I had managed, by pure luck, to stab the thing through the eye and into its brain.

Not quite believing my own luck I thought about how to proceed. The talbulks had long since fled, the noise from the fight, as well as the smell of blood, had scared them off. But I figured this creature would serve as well as any...

So I painted myself with its blood and returned to camp... and that's my tale.

Given name: Swifthowl
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Post by: Kogra Windwatcher on March 25, 2015, 12:28:54 AM

I travelled north-east over the plains. I hadn't thought out what I was going to hunt, I suppose I just enjoyed the hunt in itself.

Eventually, I was drawn in a rather specific direction. I was nearing the elemental throne, and the air smelled of ash.

As I grew closer to the throne, the spirits beckoned me. But they did not want me to go to the throne. They directed me eastward. That is when I knew what I was hunting.

Over a few hills, I found a raging fire elemental, enraged and gone mad by spirits knows what. I realized then, the spirits would have me end it's suffering.

Having nothing to hide behind and wait, I lay down on the grass and waited for the elemental to rush nearby location so that I could surprise it. When it finally did, it wasn't easily phased.
I struck it with my axe, but it recovered quickly and retaliated. It focused it's rage on me now instead of the landscape.

Blow after blow I managed to evade or parry... Except this one.

If the elemental would not have burned me as it slashed, I would have bled to death on the way back here, no doubt.

Before it hit, I had tried to commune with the spirits of water to aid me. It isn't my strongest element, so I had to shift my focus from the fight momentarily.

That is when it found a way through my defense and hit me. However, the water heard me and soon granted me the strength to push back the elemental.

With blow after blow finding it's mark with my axe, the elemental was soon struggling to keep itself together.

As I delivered the final blow, the fire elemental burst into smoke. The only thing left was this...
I took it as my trophy and returned. The elements were pleased with my effort.

Given name: Blazebreaker
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Post by: Kogra Windwatcher on March 25, 2015, 12:32:58 AM

It took some time before I found a prey. But then I found a good one. Something I actually haven't hunted before.

When I was in reach, I took and arrow.Knocked it against the string carefully pulling it back as I aimed.

I shot, but missed! Because the snake had seen me and it actually dodge the arrow!

It then flew towards me and I just dodged it! I quickly drew two arrows and shot. One missed, one hit. Right at its throat.

I think it was the throat, it was bleeding heavly. It went for another strike and I raised me bow to block it! And the bow broke in half..

Here it became tough... I took two arrows and held them in each hand, wating.. We stared at eachother, circling. Then it came.

It attacked again, but this time I jumped over it and dug my arrows into it! I held hard with one arrow I kept stabbing it. But I lost the grip when it throwed itself at a tree.

I quickly took new arrows, it was bleeding alot. Slowed. With a final strike it came! Taking my leg with the bite! And I stabbed it!

This time I killed it! The arrows went through the throat and the head!
I carved out one of the fangs.

Then I came back here and passed out.

Name Given: Wildmark
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Post by: Kogra Windwatcher on March 25, 2015, 12:38:10 AM

Alright. I'm going to take it a little from the past.

In my last task I was to hunt prey with two other orcs. I've started searching for prey worth to kill that thay. Learned about two peaceful but worthy beasts to hunt. I've asked around if anyone volunteers for the hunt.

Unfortunately no one did from the tribe. I kept asking around and found two orcs who volunteer to hunt with me. They are of the tribe now While I was learning about worthy preys to hunt, I have learned about a big black wolf called Blackjaw in Nagrand.

I've been told that it leads the biggest wolf pack in Nagrand and have a black jaw as strong as crocodiles.I've kept it for my Om'riggor task, for this day. I have waited for long time for this moment.
I went hunting for it today, ran all the way to the border of Talador. When i entered its den, wolf started to circle me. Jaw of black steel, fur as the dark night.

The giant wolf sniffed. That moment I was ready, just as always. Quickly jumped to the side, seeing the wolf is pouncing on me. It scratched inside of my arm with it's claw but it was not good enough.
enough. It was my turn to pounce on prey now. Quickly jumped to its back and chopped its head off with my axe. It was quickly over. It's blood started flowing like a fountain. I have seen that its blood is as black as mine.

I've drawn to lines with it blood under my eyes. It was just as strong as I am if not more but not smart enough. That moment i have remembered one thing.

I've been called mindless brute in the tribe before but I have always known about the power of the mind. If it was just about the strenght only, today, it would be me who is the prey.

Name given: Thundertooth
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Post by: Rhonya on May 31, 2015, 11:39:40 PM

Well this is a tale for the histories! As we all know I was hunting the wild and bloodthirsty Sharptongue, but I guess they’re going extinct so I carried on wandering around. I saw many different types of prey, quilboars, raptors, kodo's, cats the list goes on. But I found a camp of raptors, only around three of them. So I made a plan, If i charge in and take them out one at a time it might just work. It didn't so I retreated like a chicken, or so I made them think! As I turned to run, I turned around once again and sliced the chest of one of the raptors leaving two left. At this point I knew I would be fine, so I sliced and diced as much as I could eventually killing one of them. Then the last one I thought hm.. If I don't kill this one I can ride back to camp rather than walking like the others. So I jumped atop of one of them, it wiggled and it wiggled but eventually a nice spank on the ass it ran like a horse.

Name given: Scaleslasher
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Right! These are my kills. Though I only count it as one. Since its rider and its mount. Haa. But as how they died... I went out to look for quilboars, hatefull buggers and allways annoying. So I kept scouting them camps to find a worthy one, not some poor little pig- And after crossing the river and running up a hill, I came to a view of some thorns and huts. There I saw it! Ha, never before have I seen a quilboar on a raptor. So I sent to stalk it. I followed it as it strode all proud and buffed up. Skulking through the tall grass, I made my way toward it. Haa, then when I came close enough, I pounced! Yelling loud and then laughing louder I came at it like the fury of a stampede. Its raptor mount had no change as I crushed it's neck with one blow! But then came the fight! A full armored, armed to the teeth quillboar. No idiot either! We fought, we cursed at one another. But eventually I disarmed him and then buried my hammer to its gut! And now! Here I am! With his head, his mount's head and..ha, some intestines. Tied up nicely with his own rope!

Name given: Redskull
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Well, I saw thi' magnificen' beast in seh waters, a big one infact.. A Toothgnash' yes. I thought abou' to attack it head on,but nah.. I decided to be sneak sneak.. Unfortunaly, I splashed into de' waters like a big fa' Elek! Uh-hadada. Des pesky beast charged at meh.. Bit on meh pants! Uh- If Ilost meh pants.. Hah-hah.. Anywah! I then attempte' to jam my axe on it's hea'! Sadly.. I slipped in di waters.. Hea' first!.. It bit me again! On me rumpa! Ouch.. It hur'. Good thin' is, I then hacked at it, hittin' the poor beasts lef' leg. Heh.And by the spirits! It then snapped at me again, I payed back my kicken' at it's jaw.. It jus' lied dere.. More dea' tha' alive! I finis' it by a solid hack on it's skull! Easy!.. Weh. I pulle' it onto the land, cut it's jaw uff. Keepihn' e' as trophy! I ran my fingeh's through it's blood, paintin' it on me forehead an' shoulders. We' That's that'.

Name given: Manglejaw
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Now, as I set out on this hunt, a number of thoughts went through my head. Mainly the fact that I am no hunter, no stalker, or anything of the like. I wandered through the barrens, but the only thing I could hear of any plainstrider, or zhevra, was The beasts fleeing thuds. So I thought for myself, that I would not hunt for a kill in such fashion. I, Mazthar, hunted for an honorable battle. And that I found, as I approached a large, black boar in the open plains. I had never expected it. We saw eachother at the same moment, I stared into its eyes, and it into mine. We charged at eachother. He knocked me off my feet, but I pounced atop the beast. It rolled its muscly form atop me, but even at that point, I impaled it's skull upon my fist-weapon. And then, as it laid dead before me, I claimed my trophy of the dead beast. That is my tale, my tale of a hunt, for a fine battle.

Name given:  Bravetusk
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So, my hunt. At first I was clueless on what to hunt since, I was looking for something honorable. So in my deep thought I went to an Oasis in the Barrens to clear my head.  Then on arrival there, I saw it.... Something I havn't fought before. Something honorable. A raptor, not just an ordinary raptor, a big raptor, big raptor with huge claws you know? It was just there minding its own business next to the Oasis. And becuase its something I havn't fought before, I decided to do what I usually do to things I havn't fought before. Engage it all guns blazing! I ran at it, throwing fireballs like a Pyromaniac high on troll herbs. It lunged at me clawing at me with those big claws. We then begin to trade blows, it scratches me, I burn it. However note to self, throwing fireballs at point blank range also causes burns to yourself. You don't notice it though, especially when you're in that state of wanting to burn everything around you. Anyways, after the fight, it was there dead on the ground, burnt to a crisp. I then procceeded to rip out its ribcage as trophy and cover my face in its blood. Probably could have taken its head but the heart is more important, so I took the ribs since it leaves the heart exposed. There, that is my hunt.

Name given: Flamefury
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Raider Thrork

For my hunt! i set out to claim the skull and hide of one of this lands great apes! a silver back!
Running through grass, and leaping from tree to tree! i eventually came to a clearing...
within it was a harem of female apes, there young... and the biggest, knuckle dragging ape ya ever saw!
So i set into the grass, and prowled...
...i got close, when suddenly the apes starting getting agitated and a cry wen't out!
then a hiss!
two big raptors leapt from the bushes at either side, running towards the females!
The females ran up a small hill, with a narrow slopw, the big silver back blocking the way!
So the big silverback was fighting one raptor, hims big fists a shield and a weapon, hammering it down...
but the second got on hims back!
...so i leapt in and tackled it off him!
it clawed me, i stabbed it, slash! snarl! bite!
*Thrork pats his waist, is been clawed.*
i stabbed its throat out eventually,
...then turned to see the silver back fling the other, squeeling into the bushes!
Him looked at me, i looked at him...
we approached... quiet in the air,
Orc to beast!
...then the big bastard sucker punched me so hard i flew!
*Thrork points at his black eye!*
When i woke up! him was gone, and only my raptor kill remained.
So i dragged it back. Claiming its skull, and claws as trophy!

Given name: Snarlfang
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Well, after we started, I went south-east of Booty Bay.

Heard lots of rumors about the so-called "sea giants" roaming there.

As I got near the beach, I heard something big moving trought the water. There was this big humanoid with scales instead of skin.

I knew I couldn't charge it head-first, so I looked around. Luckly for me, there was this tree going from a cliff right above the water. So I carefully climbed there, and waited.

 I waited for the giant to come underneath me and I jumped on him, my axe splitting his skull.

I took his ear as my trophy and smeared his blood on my face.

Given name: Giantstalker
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Hrmh. My blood rushed faster than ever before. The thrill of the hunt! I moved north-east, through the jungle and over the hills, constantly watching my surroundings with my one eye. I caught a glimpse of the big panther lurking in a few bushes, about five feet away.

The beast pounced at me, but I was ready. I rolled out of the way and aimed a strike at the pnathers head with my blade. But the beast was quick, too. It dodged the blow and tried clawing at my shoulder, and it succeeded. I slammed it with my fist, and   it ran off into the jungle. I followed it for long, through bushes and trees. Until it finally took a stop. It simply had to rest, and this was my chance.

 I got a better look at my prey. It was at least double the size of a regular panther, with scars all over its body. I came to a conclusion that the panther was a female, and had seen many fights. I charged at it with a roar, and i managed to cut one of its paws off. Despite that, she continued fighting like Grommash himself. It attacked once more, and clawed my left side. Blood was gushing out, but the fight was still on.

It jumped at me once more, and we had a big brawl. I was about to lose the upper hand when suddenly, I felt the steady hilt of my blade and I sliced in blind rage, cutting its head off. I kept the paw I had cut off, as a reminder that true warriors fight until the end.

*Marnosh lifts the paw up high with a loud snarl.*

"Let this be a lesson for you younglings who have never seen real battle. No matter how desperate the battle is, always fight until the end."

Given name: Ragescar
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 When we be in Booty Bay, and I tried my best to drink it dry, I heard tales of this croc. It was told often there. Almost as big as an ogre it was, and as vicious as the best o' wolves in war.

Heard it like to be 'round here, Grom'gol. And take any-orc careless enough to go into water for dinner. But cunning it was, 'cause no hunting party ever catch it. Ha. So, knowing it only prey on orcs who be alone, I came here, waded into the water just  far enough to wet my ankles, 'n' waited.

Sure enough, the beast come, maybe hungry, maybe think I be dumb. Maybe both. But it be strong, refused to die even if I swinged my axe at it twice, wounding it. So I ran from the water before it caught me, to get out of the rivers comfort.

But it be quick, too. Managed to bite me, almost tore my arm off and tackled me down, trying to drag me back. I know then, that if I don' kill it, I be making friends with the spirit of Water soon enough. So with my other arm free still, axe in hand, I hack at it, every hit striking true, and the thing let out a vicious grunt.

It decided enough be enough, let go, and make a run for the water. I can't come back without a kill, so I leapt at it with the last o' my strength, and sank my axe into it's neck, finally killing it. Brought back the head as a trophy, to make a necklace of the teeth or bones. Seen a lot of battle, that croc, a lot of scars. Only has one eye, and it's jaw almost hacked off.

Given name:  Goretooth
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Well, after walking a bit through the jungle, I came by a small path which I decided to head up. It brought me to a small waterfall, and a nice view of the sea! Sadly, there was no beasts in the area, so I decided to head back down the path...

At that point, I was taken off guard as something wrapped its body around my neck. When I turned and looked up, I knew I met my match.

*Kessiel holds up the body of a black wind serpent. With large wings and a long body. This serpent also has long horns coming from its head.*

Compared to other serpents, I have never seen one like this one. But at that moment in time, I had to think fast. I attempted to claw the beast's tail from my neck, but everytime I tried, its grasp tightened!

So instead, I grabbed the beasts' body and dropped to the ground, taking it with me beast with me and smacking it against the floor!

It hissed and stuggled, I thought it dazed. I took the oppertunity to remove its tail from my neck. I got the time to catch my breath and get to my feet, only to turn around and see it flying again, and lunging itself at me.

Thankfully I catched it with both palms, and dragged it back to the ground. I pinned it and it stuggled, hissing and spitting. Its tail lashing against my side as it struggled.

I had to keep it in place for as long as I could. I asked for the aid, the elements of water which aided me, I casted a spell as the energy's ran from my palms, I began to drown the beast, filling it's body with water.

It's struggles began to face, until it didn't move at all. I stood up, and to finish it off, I smashed my mace into is neck, sending it's blood splashing.
Then I dragged it back here and claimed it's skull.

Given name: Skysurge
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It appears the ogres have learned to tame the apes of these lands. I swam to the islands west of this shore, where from a distance there appeared to be a small encampment - possibly Naga, or so I expected.

When I slogged my way onto the beaches, the stench was what hit me first. The islands are host to only death and despair, with the ogres as their masters.

I couldn't count how many, but for about a league down the beach, there was nothing but Naga corpses, some had chunks ripped out from them, so was laying in positions that I've never seen a man in.

Through the red puddles I went, towards the sound of brutish laughter and screeches coming from inland... I eventually found my way into a brush overlooking their hovel. About fifty ogres in all, lead by a sea giant that had taken refuge in the caves and homes that the Naga once owned.

The screeching was only getting louder as I approached - it was too high pitched to be an ogre, but soon enough I saw the source. They must have chained up a tribes worth of apes - they were being yelled at, beaten... Broken.

I spied their taskmaster, a brute of an orc uglier than a kodo's behind. He had two red apes on metal leeshes, and he was letting them tear at another ape. They looked starved, depraved. It is no way to treat an animal.

I waited for a while, until he split off with one of the apes. He took it with him on what seemed to be a patrol around the camp, and when he took a moment to gather himself near the beach, I striked.
I came at him from behind, and with the spirit of the wolf behind me, took out the back of his knee before he heard me coming.

With a roar a stumbled forwards, grunting out slurs as he reached for his trident. The ape lunged at me, somethign I wasn't expecting at all. He clamped his teeth down around the hilt of my axe, and shook me until the ogre found his target.

 I managed to wrestle the ape in front of me as a shield, as the trident speared through its chest. The ogre let out anohter shout of rage and annoyance. He pushed the ape towards me and pressed me to the ground as itls limb body shielded me from the sharp tip of the trident, I stumbled and lost my axe.

 I rolled the ape off of me and called upon the power I have trained to use - I brought the powers of the spirits to my hands and with it I guided a flurry of blows to the ogres stomach. He let out a winded gasp and fell flat on his back. It was long  enough for me to be able to grab his trident, shake the ape off, and claim his head as my prize.
I drove the trident through him, and ended his life.

Given name: Knuckleheart
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As I was stalking through the jungle, I stumbled upon an abandoned cart. The rider's mauled body laying in front of it. The blood was still warm. There was a trail of blood, leading away from the cart, I followed it. Through the thick foilage of the jungle.

 I came upon a tiger, sleeping on a fallen tree. A half-eaten body laying not far from her. I grabbed my sword and charged towards the beast, but she was already aware of my presence.

She pouncd at me, knocking me to the ground, her claws digged into my flesh, and her jaw tried to lock itself around my throat, in order to kill me off in one bite. However, I managed to struggle her off.

We engaged in a wrestle of sword and claw, both parties getting wounded. She walked back, and started circling me. Growling loudly as she awaited her moment to strike.

But, the moment she pounced me again, I was prepared. Instead of keeping my hands ready to fight off her vicious maw once again, I let myself fall back, holding my sword out! The jungle cat impaled herself on my weapon!

Her blood rained down upon my chest. I pushed her off, and finished her suffering with one final blow.

I collected her fur as a trophy.
Given name: Bloodstrike
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Aye. I had found my prey earlier today, on my way back from Terokkar. I thought it would be a perfect kill for tonight. So, tonight I remembered where I had found the nest of the giant, black and scarred Windroc. I climbed over the hills above the nest, carefully waiting for my opportunity. When the bird awoke, I jumped down on it, attempting to slash it. It dodged my blade, and clawed at me. I got furious, and it ended up with a bloody fight with claw and teeth.. And beak. So, I covered my face in its blood, and I crafted a pike out of a small tree. I made this thing as a trophy. I should add that I slit the birds chest open as the finishing blow. That's... Pretty much all. I'm not good at stories.

Given name: Ironclaw
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I went far and wide to the west without seeing anything, but as i went near the water to get a drink, i felt the earth rumble beneath my body. I looked around and suddenly a large clefthoof bull came trampling down towards me. I was not fast enough at first as it swung its mighty head, i flew through the air before landing in the mud, the fight was on as the clefthoof snorted angry. Within seconds we met in a long hard battle, i took many hits as i brawled with the large creature, it took many hits before the beast fell before me with the help of a large rock.

Given name: Stonefist
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I've never been much of a hunter of beasts. No clan or tribe that I've travelled with has ever offered me Om'riggor or given me any name other than the moniker I carry now, so before I begin I would like to thank you all for giving me this chance. It means a great deal.  As I say, I have never been much of a hunter of beasts, so I journeyed east in search of something that deserved to die. Squatting in the ruins of an orcish village in the mountains' shadows I found ogres, their skin red and their torches glowing with green light. Mag'hari and Felblood orcs alike were nailed to banners outside hovels and caves as the ogres wandered around. They laughed at the dead, defaced them. In the centre of it all stood one of their leaders, carrying some burning staff and boasting to his fellows even as they dragged more captives to the stakes. Once he had finished his preening and celebrating he returned to his cave, which is where he found me. I crippled his legs with my knife before he saw me, then took the eye of one head and cut the throat of the other as he fell. The rest of him now hangs from one of his own meat hooks in his hovel, waiting for his comrades to find him. This is my kill. I hope that it brings the Tribe some measure of honour.

Name given: Ogrebane
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Grm. Every orc here .. Knows m'situation .. I am no great warrior. I can barely swing .. M'axe and shield .. I cannot use magics, .. I have no innate ability t' .. Be stealthy .. And I have no knowledge 'buildin' traps. So withou' armou' an a shield .. M'options be limited .. I chose deception'. I spotted a .. Raptor earlier this day. A lone beast .. Seemed t'not have a pack. Raptors be intelligent .. Cunnin' and full o' guile. Y'wondered abou' coverin' mself in blood? I figured th'only way i'd defeat th'beast was to deceive it. I figured i'd have one chance .. T'kill the beast. I knew where its den were .. And as I approached it emerged, lockin' gaze on me. I feigned weakness. Injury. Collapsed t'me back in a heap. The blood made it think .. I be an' easy wounded kill. I knew i'd have one chance t'make m'axe .. Land true. Th'beast approached. Sniffin' mself. I could sense it were unsure' .. It bit down on m'leg, seemin' t'test if I were truly dead .. I didn' move a muscle or make a soun'. It moved aroun' .. Growlin' an' snarlin', dug its claws int' m'torse .. I still didn' move, nor make a sound. It were only when I could feel its breath on m'face .. I struck. Graspin' m'axe I swing hard. M'blade dug into th'beasts neck as I leapt up, wrappin' m'arm around the beasts neck. It didn' die instantly. We scrabbled' an scrapped for some moments .. It's claws dug in everywhere .. But I kept firm, keepin' th'axe firmly in its neck. Finally, I felt it's life leave it .. I took it's talons as m'prize.

Name given: Bloodaxe
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Post by: Kogra Windwatcher on July 03, 2016, 11:17:48 PM
Arhnum Wildbranch, Friend of the tribe

let me first say it has been an honour to partake in one of your rites...
My hunt took me west, and north to the great forests of Ashenvale.
Hmm-hrm, I had originally intended to seek a black bear, or perhaps a brown ashenvale bear, a beast I associate with closely...
However, the Earthmother had other ideas... upon entering a clearing, I found myself looking upon a small herd of shadowhorn deer, many does. And one Stag.
The does bolter... the stag however, hmm-hrm, angered, charged me.
I tried to use my staff and weight to turn him aside, but found myself flung back, and disarmed.
From then on it became a struggle of grabbing, turning, blocking and forcing his goring head movements with my arms.
I was coming worse off, as you can see, its sharp black antlers piercing my skin. One misplaced shard and I could of been disembowled or my throat pierced...
So I grabbed it around the neck, and squeezed for dear life.
As it tired, and began to fall from lack of air, I hammered it with my hands as only I could, until I could throttle it properly... and so it died.
I took from it a shard of his antlers as trophy.
That is my story.

Given name: Grizzlehorn
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Okram Graywolf

I went northwards, I was thinking of perhaps crossing the river to the barrens to look for a suitable prey, I figured with the barrens having been my home for a long time it would be a suitable place.

However, I encountered a lone elemental on the way there. It intrigued me as it seemed to be out of place. I thought perhaps it was summoned by someone, or maybe a dark shaman remnant. I decided to observe it for a while.

After all I could not call to the spirits for an answer.

So I patiently waited and watched the Elemental like an old guarding wolf near it's master's hut. The elemental wandered aimlessly, the earth disturbed in its small path.
As I watched I came to the conclusion that it wasn't supposed to be here, and would be best returned to its plane. I slowly and carefully made my way towards it. Axe in my hand, as expected the elemental enraged at the sight of me.

I was forced to fight it. Whilst normally a lone elemental wouldn't provide too much of an issue I was once again reminded that without the elements I am slightly... handicapped when it comes to battle.

A lesson I should have learned by now. I traded blows with the elemental. It had mixed results, whilst I chipped away at its exterior I couldn't quite land any solid blows.

Earth elementals are as sturdy as the ground itself, not good for cleaving with an axe. For a while I tried to gauge it for weaknesses, see if maybe I could find a way to return it to the elemental plane quickly and mercifully.

As the fight raged on it was clear that I wouldn't be the winner of any endurance test. It had already bruised my muscles after a short while. I started drawing it away, towards the river.

I figured that maybe using the environment to my advantage might help.

Like a wolf driving it's pray towards the rest of the pack I carefully lead it to the water, limiting its movements. I kicked it down so it's body hit the water, then used the distraction to deliver a killing blow.

Luckily for me there were no crocolisks around this time. And as it dispersed I grabbed the binding it left behind as trophy.

I think it had been summoned by either an inexperienced shaman or a plain idiot.

Given name: Earthsunder
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Post by: Rhonya on August 01, 2016, 12:40:03 AM

As you see, these are two severed jaws of two mighty beasts of the forest of Ashenvale. One.. a feral bear! The other, a large wolf. As I don't want to keep you up all night, I will cut it short to just the wolf.. So! I was wandering around the beaten path. The shrubbery was waist-high, and the odour of dung clung around the place. But I searched around.. until at a certain point, I heard the faint rustling of leaves. I drew my axe, and tried to pinpoint the source. Suddenly, the wolf pounced towards me from in between the shrubbery. It was faster than anything I had seen.. in a long while at least. I just barely managed to fall to the left side. The wolf withdrew itself back into the shroud of the shrub', hiding again. I roared fiercely. It echoed across the forest and it may have frightened the wolf as it had stopped moving for a second. But I saw the glimmering fur of the wolf in the shrub’. I charged forward, axe in hand and I lashed out at the wolf, slashing it in its right side. It whimpered and snarled lowly, but it had enough fight left in him yet! It pounced forward and dug it's claw into my shoulder, and it remained on top of me. Biting, snarling and drooling over me. I brought my knee up and hit it in its abdomen, seemingly depriving it of air. I saw my chance and grabbed my axe, and swiftly brought it against the jaw of the wolf, severing it in a clean cut. The blood gushed down unto me and it fell to its left side. I paid my respect to the worthy foe by ending its life quickly.. and I took it's jaw as my trophy.

Name given: Frosthowl
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Post by: Rhonya on August 01, 2016, 12:41:22 AM

I hunted a bear larger than I, I'll do the best I can to recall the ordeal. Not being much of a hunter I did the only thing I could think of to begin with, Check the water sources and places of food to see if I could hunt something that was drinking, hunting or grazing. I followed the rivers and checked the lakes and didn’t particularly have much luck until I spotted something that even the untrained eye like myself could see. Quite the trail of blood and a mash of footprints, couldn’t quite make out what but some where the size of pups and one… well larger than I’d expected. Of course I decided to follow it as I didn’t seem to have many options. After a few moments of tracking the trail I came across a small pack of wolves, three cubs and what I assumed to be the mother who looked wounded and weak, bleeding noticeably. Obviously the one leaving the trail which I followed. But something was off, the tracks I saw were prints far larger than that of the wolves so I waited and watched to see if I could spy anything that was… beyond what expected and it didn’t take too long. Nearby looming in the shadows was the largest bear I had seen, whether they were encroaching on his territory or it was hunting them I do not know but the bear being my prey felt, right. I charged it, hoping that I could catch it unaware and do what I know best. The beast towered ever more as I got closer. Even beyond my own height but I could not turn away for not only would I fail my hunt but these wolves would perish. I drove my blade deep into its side but seemingly it did little. The beast was definitely angered by my transgressions and turned its ire unto me. The following that ensued is… a tad blurry. We traded blows, I got a few strikes in and it took a few chunks from me. But the beast was sluggish in its movements  and had moments of vulnerability before and after swipes and bites. I managed to distract it’s vision away for a moment, at the cost of my blade, but it was enough time for me to sink my teeth into it. I was behind it’s jaws and too close to claw at and eventually, after removing chucks of flesh, it died with a whimper. I harvested some furs to wear, to remind me of the important battle and gave the carcass to that of the wolves. While frightened and unable to flee it didn’t take them long to see me as no threat. Eventually the wolf limped away with cubs in tow, I will probably never see the wolf or its cubs again but I can rest assured that perhaps due to my actions they will continue to live on.

Name given: Direfang
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I entered Ashenvale, dagger in my hand. The shadows of the forest were thick, but the moonlight was stronger than I ever thought it could be. I decided to stay away from the roads, an elven ambush is not something I was too keen on for the night. I figured I'll try to find a stag, or a fox. What I found was.. Something else entirely. At first I saw a shadow at a glance, but then I realised, that an eagle was flying above me, far on the tree tops. Brown feathers, except for a few white feathers near it's head, sort of plumage. It did not seem to notice me from below, or just didn't care. I started following it through the woods, over root, bushes and branches. I could not strike it in the air with a dagger, after all. I needed it to perch. I do not know how long I have stalked it, or followed. Eventually the path led towards the southern Ashenvale mountains. I saw it land there, and followed, dagger in hand. I carefully approached, tried to be as silent as I could, It is then that I heard the voice..
I was not alone in the mountain path. It was a strange tongue, with hisses and exes, sent a shiver down my spine. The scene I watched was.. Unpleasant. The eagle was on a nearby branch, watching her nest. In the nest were three eggs, and near the eggs, a chanting abbhorent creature of Ashenvale. Satyr. "Approach, orc, I've heard you already" He said in orcish, and I felt as if it was a command. "And here I was hoping I'd find an elf tonight, but you'll do better than the eggs. I wonder, are you as stupid as all orcs?" I was unsure what to do.. Should I call for aid? I couldn't move, he had me in a spell. The satyr sniffed at me. "Tell your friends you're fine. Tell them to stop asking."  I.. Did, I felt like I was compelled. I was furious, but couldn't move, couldn't speak, could barely think. The Satyr looked at me, lust and victory in his eyes. "Well, You might not be stupid.. We need to test that." "How about a riddle then. Solve this, and you'll get a question of your own. If you are a stupid orc, I will do you as I see fit. Do you agree?" I nodded.
Wether it was my choice or not, I cannot say. "What has two feet, then four feet, then two feet, then no feet, then two feet?" I got out of my daze, but knew I had to act. I still could not move. My mind raced.. I looked at the eagle. The white plumage, and brown feathers.. Eventually, it reminded me of certain brown fur. "A druid, I answered. They walk on two feet, but can change into a bear, then back to themselves, then a creature of the sea, and back to themselves." "Oh, surprising. You are a lovely, aren't you?. Your turn. Make it good." The Satyr said, playing with the eggs. I knew this was my only chance. Fell him with a riddle, or never return.
"What is as hard as steel, Pumping with blood, and belongs to us both?" I asked, hoping the young satyr would be as shallow as the tales sometimes proclaim. "He he he, feisty to meet me already, aren't you?" The satyr asked. "Well, you mean to my special little tool, you'll meet it soon." "You're wrong" I breathed. "What? I'm not wrong! I can't be wrong!" The satyr was furious. He approached me, claws ready, but his spell was broken by his ire, and I had my chance. I took my dagger, sharp as steel, and struck it in his exposed neck, letting the satyr's life-blood pump out and flow to the ground. With a heavy breath, the beast was down, and I felt the spell fading completely. The eagle looked at me, and landed on the nest, to see to her eggs. I do not know if she was guided by the spirits, or was just smart enough of her own. I took three of her feathers as well, from the nest, and let her be. I hope, and I believe, the nest will not be harmed. I hope that I was not harmed. I hope I have brought pride to this tribe with the hunt.

Name given:  Dreamwalker
Title: Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
Post by: Rhonya on January 15, 2018, 12:17:57 AM

Grm. You all know why I undertook this specific prey; no need to repeat myself. I knew exactly where I needed to go, where the Elemental was waiting for me. My test. The scar that tore the Barrens in half. With the lava bubbling all around, the temperature near the bottom was incredible to behold.
I clambered down, along the rock formation. I found my way to a small open space - And there it stood across me. There was no need for words, no need for explanations. It knew why I was there, and it knew what needed to happen. I found out swiftly that the blessing I had been given to even the scores, allowed me to strike the Elemental with my fists as I would a beast, or an Orc. The fight was .. Brutal. The Elemental showed no mercy, no quarter and no sense of stopping. It attacked me with unrelenting force, and I fear I will bear the scars of its assault for many years to come. But I endured. I tore flame apart from flame weakee------ *The word here is scratched through and written anew.* weakened it with every blow I struck back. I could see its core. And as it's claws dug across my back, I stuck my left arm inside the Elemental; and ripped out its core. It turned to ash soon after, leaving it's Shackles as my prize. That is the end of my tale.

Name given:  Firebrand
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Post by: Rhonya on January 15, 2018, 12:19:22 AM

I Kardrak, bring this token as proof of my journey tonight. This was my first Om'riggor, my fist chance to feel what is to be an orc. As I left here, I felt something, something that I had never felt before. I felt ALIVE. I could feel the ground between my toes, the grass brushing my legs as I ran. Something drew me south, south towards the scar. I felt a scar with myself for so long now, I felt broken, incomplete. I crossed the scar, driven to find a worthy prey. Though I am no hunter, even I could see the signs of this beast. It left prey behind, untouched. I followed it and soon discovered its lair, and it was waiting for me, as if it knew I would come. We exchanged a look, we knew that only one of us would be the victor, and with that we charged. Claw and talons bit deep in me, tearing my shirt apart. I howled in pain and for a moment I wondered if I would fail.. I felt eyes watching me, judging me. I knew I could not fall, not now. The beast was upon me, his mouth wide as he aimed for my neck. I rammed my fist into his jaws, and pummelled it with all my might. Lifting the best, I twisted, and snapping its neck, it fell on me. *An inkblob seperates the last next sentence from the others a bit.* I crawled out from under it, bleeding, but more alive than after any battle.

Name given: Rageheart
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Post by: Rhonya on January 15, 2018, 12:23:54 AM

I, Klarous, bring both the head of this Prowler and the Canines of its Pack as truth. Similar to Kardrak, this was my First ever Om'riggor, so I was both eager to take part but nervous as well, not knowing what it would entail. I also went south, to the oasis, where I picked up a trail, the prints looked bigger than the normal cats tracks around so I followed them, cautiously and slowly. It led me up the mountain, still only following one set of tracks. It led me to a cave, very small in depth. As I peered in silently I could see this prowler, it was the biggest I’ve seen, almost twice the size as myself. I got in a position to snipe it from afar , but I didn’t kill it with one shot, and it saw me before I could fire another arrow. It turned round and revealed 3 smaller prowlers, fully grown, the same size as me. They charged at me , I was able to shoot one before they pounced on me , making me fall down the mountain side. It pounced one last time, pinned me down on my back. I thought I was dead, its claws imbedding my chest. with my bow broken I took one of the arrows in the beast and plunged it in its eye, killing it. Took me some time to take its head off to bring back and took the teeth out the others and made my way back here. Thus concludes my story.

Name given: Whitewolf
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Post by: Kogra Windwatcher on February 25, 2018, 11:32:46 PM

So... I heard from folks around here over the last few days, about warp stalkers in the area.They said they are hard to kill because they will warp away out of your attacks.

They also spoke of a certain warp stalker that was terrorizing the road, they had tried to hunt it down to no avail.That sounded like a worthy beast to track down.

So I set out north and then east, following the path they mentioned.I followed the path for a while till I noticed something in the distance, I slowed my pace and scanned the road.

I quickly went off the road, stayed near the trees and quietly stalked closer till I was in range of the stalkers.I carefully observed them, finding the right one, which was not all too hard.

I noticed in the back of the field near the road a huge and heavily scarred beast.I stalked closer and waited for the right time to strike, when I started my attack I was apparently not quick enough, my dagger scraped its skin and before I could really do any damage, it warped away.

I quickly turned and searched for him, he looked to have vanished.I turned around hearing something behind me, I turned the dagger around in my hand so it pointed down to quickly stab or slice the stalker but he was much quicker then I thought.

He snapped at my arm and before I could act he was gone again.This time I kept watching the side where he went, then pretended to go the other way, dagger ready. The moment I started to turn he jumped at me trying to snatch my leg I quickly stepped away and stabbed him in his flank.

The stalker hissed and warped away again but this time just a little bit in front of me, where he turned to just stare at me. I stared back bared my teeth and snarled at him. He jumped at me and then warped away again, to only come in from the other side, snapping at my leg again.

I jumped out of the way but a little to late as his fangs left their mark on my calf. I kicked him on his head hoping to daze him and then swung my dagger at him chipping off some of his skin.

He appeared on my other side again mouth wide open flying for my throat, I quickly pointed my dagger up and he sailed straight into it, my dagger seeping into his throat.

He jumped with everything he had, and knocked me over in the process the moment he went limp.I pushed him quickly off, took his fangs and a claw as proof, smeared his blood and made my way back en here I am.

Given name : Keeneye
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Post by: Kogra Windwatcher on February 26, 2018, 12:11:58 AM

I did it, I killed... a fel reaver! Yes-yes

I joke, I slew a raptor.. so gullible

I present you with two gifts chieftain.

This be one of the raptor eyes and this be one of my eyes. They are gifts for you, yes-yes.

Careful, they be very squishy.. Yes

Yes, I think it be time for me to explain everything. Yes.

 My father was a elder of the Bleeding Hollow clan, we use to hunt raptors in Tanaan Jungle marshes. He taught me the way of life, the old ways. I never saw him once he went through the dark portal, I believe he died to the trolls.. Anyway, this is why I travelled so far north to hunt a raptor. I had to travel through the forests of Terrokar, navigate the marshes of Zangar and crawl up the caverns before I reached Blade's Edge. Yes-yes. Many spiders in there..very nasty.

 I sneaky like Kai past the deadly spiders and out of the cave and saw a wolf den mother, I think she was already friendly with the orcs in the area but I gave her a good scratch behind the ear and the wolves in the area didn't attack.

Maybe I could be a beastmaster? I don't know. My prey, the essence of my being was getting close. I sought the raptor, it was far down in the deepest parts of the mountains. Many dangerous creatures I had to pass before I finally spotted her. It was like my whole life had been waiting for this moment.

I looked at my axe and thought to myself, I may need more than just this to defeat her. I didn't want to use any other weapon so I thought long and hard. I saw a scorpion on the floor and then it hit me, I shall extract the venom out of this scorpion. The scorpion looked just like... like.. like that!

The assumption could be made he pointed towards a scorpion, possibly Riplclaw’s.

I very very carefully extracted the glands and smeared my axe in the venom. if I could just get a clean strike on this raptor then I knew it would be a matter of moments before she would go down!

I climbed up to one of the spikeyest spikes and got to the edge of the blades edge spikes. The raptor hadn't noticed me.. I jumped down and.. I was too late.

The raptor had seen me, she had ambushed me, I thought to myself. Clever girl.. I managed to parry the the claw of the raptor and then she pounced!

I quickly slid down and swoosh, I chopped the leg off the raptor straight off.. I watched as the venom started to take over and I ended her suffering with one final slash. In the end, I probably didn't need the venom. But that's how it goes right?

I thought to myself, I'm not dragging this corpse all the way back so I just took the head. The eyes are the most important piece anyway.

Oh and you're probably wondering why I have this eye patch and no eye?

 This brings it back to my father, he taught me the ways of the bleeding hollow. He was an elder and he went on the same shamanistic vision quest as me. He said to me, when I come of age, I want you to do the same ritual I have done here today. I'm sure You all know of the vision quests bleeding hollow go through? To see in to the future, most notably out deaths yes? Well I finnally came of age today, I did as he asked.. I fulfillled my promise. The visions I saw.... I cannot describe. They are personal, Very personal

Oh.. this is why the gift of my eye is important

Usually the eye is kept in vault of eyes, but this does not exist no more. I so it's your chieftain to keep for protection, this is a great honour for you. Yes-yes.

Given names: The primal and Madeye
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Post by: Rhonya on June 18, 2018, 01:08:44 AM

My spear, and I... Ran west, to the northern barrens. There I felt the pull of the oasis, south west of the crossroads. I knew many warped beasts stalked the area around the Wailing caverns, and I was not disappointed. I happened upon the carcass of a turtle, and upon inspection found it had been pulled apart--only for the predator to worm it's way out of the water and attack me also. A hydra, not huge, but deadly. Three headed lunged at me, it's three heads snapping, biting... darting in and out at me. The middle head spat poisonous acid which i ducked under, it felled a tree by melting the trunk. Then all three heads grabbed my spear as i tried to deflect it's maws... and it pulled and pushed in unison, snapping the weapon. Thrown to the ground, and disarmed, I had to evade and roll to stay alive-- eventually grabbing what was left of the spear-head, and slashing at its necks. As I slash the first, the second bit into my arm--But through the pain I continued hacking, and felled all three heads. the wound is cleansed, and the skulls will be attached to my new nag'ogar weapon. I smeared myself in its dark blood and return here now, before you all.

Name given: Spearbreaker
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Post by: Rhonya on June 18, 2018, 01:15:17 AM

I bring with me, the trophy of my kill, the bloodied feathers of a Hippogryph. My hunt took me to Ashenvale, originally I planned to hunt a Nightsaber, a creature known for his cunning and stealth. But as I hunted my prey a came across a sight, a peon camp laid to waste, the bodies of those gathering wood, torn open and left to rot. As I examined the camp a shadow appeared over me, the Hippogryph charged at me, knocking me to the ground, before I could react. However as I was tossed to the ground, I heard a cry, one of the peons had not died, but the Hippogryph also noticed and turned its attention to him. It's carried him off and I was force to give chase. The creature was cruel, it tossed the peon while in the air and caught it in its claws, slowly ripping the peon apart, until the peon slipped...and impaled himself on a tree. The Hippogryph then kept to the air, where I could not reach...so I had to scale a tree, high enough to reach the beast. All while avoiding it's notice. Once it was low enough I leap from the tree onto the creature's back trying to force it to the ground, in order to try and shack it, it began throwing itself though the tree, hoping the thickness of their leaves and branches would knock him off. But I managed to hold on long enough to draw my weapon, and with a swing, I managed to slice though one of its wings. We both plummeted to the ground, as you can see, I did not die...however I did break a rib or two. But sadly...neither was the Hippogryph, wounded and maddened it likely would of slain me in a fair fight. However I played dead, allow the creature to think I had died in the fall as it drew closer to inspect my corpse... I trusted the blade into its neck, ending it once and for all.

Title given: Claw of Vrull
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Post by: Rhonya on June 18, 2018, 01:22:15 AM

Seems Ashenvale likes to change an orc's plans, as I had originally planned to hunt one of the large wolves that prowl there. I had heard a rumour that they are often seen around a particular Moonwell, so I headed out to look for myself. When I got there it was silent. Nothing around. I decided to hide by the Moonwell and wait to see if anything decided to show up. Eventually, something did. This thing. Seems my skills at hiding are worth squat, as the thing almost instantly noticed me by the well. I stepped up onto the well as it roared out and came crashing into it. It may have been an elder bear, but it was both wise and still strong. It's crashing into the well's waters served as a good distraction, allowing it a few good solid swipes with those claws of his. I returned a few blows to its body, but it didn't seem to faze the thing at all. I can tell you I missed the ability to harness my chi right then. I staggered from the well into somewhere more open, awaiting its next move. It quickly followed, roaring in fury. Hmph! My blows did nothing but anger the thing. If body blows were not going to work, I had to go for somewhat of a weak point. Namely the head and neck. Of course, aiming for such a place is not easy. It has both its claws and that maw to attack you with, neither of which I exactly wanted to meet my flesh. I watched as it rushed towards me, raising its front paws to maul me. I raised my staff in turn to block it, but the sheer weight of the thing knocked me to the ground. Winded, I freed a hand and swung at its head, managing to land a blow on its temple. With it disorientated I managed to stand to my feet, following up the blow with multiple hits with my staff. The bear roared out at my attacks, raising its paws up in an attempt to knock me down once more. Luckily my little attempt at goading it had worked. I was expecting it this time. I managed dodge the attack, swinging my staff up to meet its jaw as it descended. The crack it made was so loud I was sure I broke my bloody staff in two! In any case, it went down and didn't get back up. I have to say, getting the paw off the thing was a challenge, didn't exactly have anything sharp on me. Ended up using a sharp stone to cut the bear paw off, but it worked out.

Name given: Strongarm
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Post by: Rhonya on June 18, 2018, 01:29:27 AM

I present the pelt of a feral riding wolf. I will admit, I had not any particular beast in mind when I set out on my task. In my mind, the Spirits would provide as I moved west. As I crossed the Southfury Watershed I noticed a large pool of blood by the riverside trailing into the barrens. It was a good start, a fair start. I tracked it to the corpse of a large, dead kodo, feeding at it was this large wolf, a mangled and aged saddle still affixed to its back, riddled with a few broken arrow shafts and scars matting its fur. The beast saw me a mile away. It fled, almost immediately. I figured it had been wounded in the fight and tracked it to the Forbidden Pools. The beasts Den was there and I hadn’t realised, in my overconfidence I ran right where it wanted me. It lept from the brush and attcked me out of nowhere, blindingly fast. I jabbed my dagger into its neck, I hit an artery but the beast didnt bleed near fast enough. It thrashed me around a bit, I knew I was in a bad place. It howled and lunged at me. In my panic I rammed my fist down the beasts open maw, up to my shoulder. The breast thrashed around, ripped my arm up, eventually it choked out. I finished it with my blade, gave thanks for the life I had taken and skinned the beast. That is the tale.

Name given: Wolfmane
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Post by: Rhonya on June 18, 2018, 01:36:43 AM

I am not a tracker, I am no hunter, so I decided to screw the planning, any sneaking...and just head on down south, see what I could find. What I could kill! After some time had passed, I...had not seen anything, not a scorpion, not a boar, nothing. I sat down by the riverbed, confused, and tired, also worried! But, as father always said, stop worrying, thinking and just do stuff. So I sat there waiting for a beast to come wandering. But as I was enjoying my time there, this...terrible sound started ringing in my ear. A darn cicada... I could hear it, not see it, it was driving me mad, just....those sounds, all those...noises! I had to find it... And wouldn't you know, the bloody thing jumps out of the grass onto a rock right next to me. I did the only natural thing. I tried to smash it! But...alas. Too fast, too quick. Sprang away it did, jumped. Tried to smack it again...to no avail, jumped away. I got up on my feet, started chasing it, started with a walk, then a jog, then full spring, by the spirits, this thing was fast! Not saying I’m a natural sprinter, but...sure outran me.
I was catching up however...then suddenly. A frog. A FROG, had stolen my prey. Eaten it up. Gobbled it. It was gone. I was of course not very happy with this, I needed to get it back, it had annoyed me, and I had chosen it as my prey. The frog stared at me for only a moment, until it saw the fire in my eyes. It too leaped! Ran, jumped! I sprinted after it, even let out a few roars, I was not happy... But luckily, I was catching up! Frogs are not perfect beings it seems, yes, I too was surprised learning this. And just...as we were coming around the riverbed, out of the grass... A CROCOLISK! ...My prey, lost, deeper, swallowed whole, not once, but twice! My PREY! Now, a cicada, might run from you, a frog might run... A Crocolisk? It doesn't run. So...when I started chasing it... I actually...caught it.
As some of you might know, I am not fond of beasts, I am in fact terrified of many of them. So, even though I wanted to reclaim my cicada price, I was not too happy to find myself embracing a darned river beast. It started spinning in the water, it's huge maw, biting, trying to get a grip, tear out my throat, tear me to bits! I am not nimble, I am not quick, i am fat and heavy, we sank. I grabbed something in the water, heavy, solid, a rock. Started bashing the thing, as I wrapped my cloak around its maw. Our fight must have lasted for minutes!
Until it finally stopped moving, well for a moment, until it lashed out one last time, almost leaving me with eight toes! I bashed it once more, knowing I had a great task ahead of me, I wasted no time. Sat down, started sharpening the rock I had used to kill it, I needed to cut into the beast, to reclaim my price. And so I did, I sharpened the rock, for a fairly long time, probably why I was the last one to arrive! Then I gutted the beast, reclaimed the frog, squashed the frog, and found my cicada. Then I brought it here, and painted my face with what little blood I could find. If...only I could have found and fought a beast more worthy than a cicada... But that was the tale, honoured chief.

Name given: Ironwill
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Post by: Kozgugore on June 22, 2018, 11:37:55 PM

From the time I decided to do this, I spent a long time trying to figure out what I should hunt, and how.
That was when I heard slight rumors, of a large black beast hunting in ashenvale, it would apparently strike at anything that crossed its path, and barely left survivors.
Looking into these rumors, I found the area it were mostly being seen at.
On my way there, I found signs of a slaugther, blood and broken spears, aswell as a gnawed off arm of an orc. and amidst this carnage, I found a set of tracks.
Following these tracks, I came into an area of the forest, I had never been before, and it was unnaturally silent.
It was also there I lost the tracks, and at that point, I felt I had screwed up, a cold shiver went down my spine, as I realised, that at none of the other attacks there had been any tracks.
As if to confirm my suspicions, a chilling howl spread out from the darkness between the trees, and after alittle while, the beast appeared.
It was a large black worg, It's fur bore the scars of a lot of battles, but none of them were fresh, and the worg were well fed.
 It only took a second, from the worg places it's eyes on me, and for it to attack. it leapt from the ground, and right onto me, as if it tried to finish the fight in its first attack, it tried to bite my neck, but I managed to move slightly out of the way
And instead it bit into my shoulder.
Using the force it's own force, I let it push me down, while I placed my feet to it's stomach and kicked it over my head, the kick, must have hit home, for it forced the worg to let go of my shoulder as it went over my head, and crashed onto the ground.
As we both got to our feet, we started to circle, never letting the other out of our sight. The worg were probably the the same size of shrewd if not a little larger.
After having circled eachother for alittle while, we both rushed eachother, the worg attacking me with teeth and paw, I with my bare hands, as I had promised myself to fight on equal ground with my prey even before I set out.
It went back and forth between a brawl, and a wrestling match. And it felt like it went on for hours. Then I managed to get my arms around its neck, while at the same time out of reach its powerful maw, and I started to squish, trying to bring the worg down. But it had other plans, and clawed my across my leg, trying to break free. We both fought back and forth for a while, neither of us giving in.
Realising I couldn't strangle the powerful beast, I changed my tactics, and tried to get a better hold around its neck, and when I finally got it, I digged my feet into the ground, summoned all my strenght, and with a powerfull jerk to the right.
I broke it's neck, It gave a last shiver, before it finally fell to the ground defeated, and I fell down beside it, exhausted.
I took a few minutes to get my breath, before I drew my knife, and skinned the worg, and put it's blood on my, and then I went here.

Name given: Bane of the Night Wolf
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Post by: Nakobu on June 14, 2019, 01:02:27 AM

I hunted a snake, or rather...it hunted me, for a moment, do not think it intended to eat me, but it was set on attacking me, very rude, unprovoked even! I was wandering down the path when i decided to cut through some bushes, can't often find prey on the road after all...

And just as i had left camp not far from here...i felt a sting, ow, that hurt something bit my arm, again very rude. Perhaps i had entered its home? I know not, i do not care, it bit me, and now it needed to die. As it hanged from my arm i grabbed it, pulled it, slammed it, bit it back, choked, it stopped moving, I had won.

Name given: Adderfall.
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Post by: Nakobu on June 14, 2019, 01:04:47 AM

I went north, swam through the river and ran a bit. Then I spotted a Raptor, the prey I was looking for! I hid behind the bush, thinking of a plan. That Raptor was eating something. Grom knows what it was. A meat certainly.

I decided to grab a stone from under my feet and throw to the Raptor's side, to distract it.
He indeed got distracted. AND THEN! I CHARGED! I was near my prey in a moment, so I KICKED IT IN THE SIDE, IN A MOMENT WHEN IT TURNED IT'S HEAD TOWARDS ME!
THE RAPTOR FELL! I JUMPED ON IT WITH MY DAGGER READY! I attempted to thrust my dagger in Raptor's stomach, but I failed. The beast shook me off of itself. I fell and it stood up. Second after, I got clawed! I knew I can take it into my advantage. Our position I mean!
I quickly grabbed my dagger from the ground and BAH BAH BAH! I made quick cut across beast's stomach! On the lower part, not the side!

The beast whimpered and moved to the side! Then I stood up! Completely ignoring my wound!
I jumped on the beast, not trying to mount it, but make it fall on the ground! I succeeded! The beast was on the ground, when I quickly kicked it in the head! Raptor was stunned for a moment but I also injured my foot against it's fangs... It didn't matter! I had to kill it! Beast was stunned when I once again attempted to thrust my dagger!



Then I grabbed my dagger once again. I cut the beast's head, as one of the proofs. Then I partly entered it's stomach, covering myself in blood entirely, also smearing it all over my body.
And here I am. I present you the blood on my skin, the head of my prey and the intestines I used to kill it. BLOOD AND THUNDER!!!!

Name given: Goresong.

Nakobu's note: “Goresong was quite fond of yelling parts of his tale. This has been shown through the use of captial orcish runes.”
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Post by: Nakobu on June 14, 2019, 01:05:31 AM

As I stalked the fetid and humid swamp lands, I headed far from camp to a far corner inhabited by many great beasts, damp soil beneath my claws as I stuck to the shadows. After some time, I reached a great lake over shadowed by a huge double water fall that reached the skies. As it fell, it cast a great mist across the waters.

Many Beasts of tremendous size rested around the murky misty waters edge, flew in its misty skies and lurked beneath the dark waters. It was quite a sight and difficult to decide which I should challenge as my prey. But before I could have a chance to consider, a ghostly shriek came from high above as I saw a great silvery white pterrordax swoop down and pluck an adult riverbeast from the shallows and fly off with it. I then knew what my hunt was as I followed the sounds of the heavy wing beats and the squealing riverbeast to the great waterfall.

Scaling its rocky paths, I found my prey with in a large cave hidden behind the great waters. A great pterrordax of immense size but ghostly white and with eerie icy blue eyes. At first, the beast did not notice me as it gorged itself on the riverbeast.

I began stalking up behind it when suddenly it turned, spotting me and lashing out with its tail and causing me to duck and roll as it began to flail around before heading for the cave entrance. I knew if I did not get a hold of it then and there it would fly away and I would fail.

So with an angry howl, I pounced onto the beasts back, digging my claws in as it tried shake me off and began diving head first out the cave and through the waterfall. Water beat down on my back and face as I clung on claws in for all I had.

The great ghostly looking pterrordax bucked, swerved and weaved, trying to throw me off as we swooped through the skies. Wings whipped my face as I clung on while trying to make my way up the beasts back towards it's neck. The beast got more and more desperate and reckless as it tried throw me off, finally after what seemed liked hours I clawed my way to the beasts neck, leaving deep long gashes along its back before I took my chance and dove in, letting out a loud howl before I dug my claws and fangs into the beasts neck.

The beast dove down into the vines and canopies hopping to scrape me off but I held tight tearing more and more into its neck as vines thorns, branches and more whipped and cut across my skin. Finally, the exhausted beast and I crashed landed into the swamps thick mud, throwing me from it's neck as it struggled to try take off. I was battered and covered in thick mud yet I did not relent. I charged at the beast once more, it snapping its fanged beak at me as I circled it swiping at its eyes and beak.

It almost managed to take flight once more as it tried grab me in its immense talons, slicing me across my back as I dove under the talons before leaping up to clutch onto its softer underbelly with my claws and began tearing into the beast as it flailed, trying with all it's might to get me off.

It managed to take off one last time before I brought it crashing down to the ground for one last time. Loud cracks echoed from the beasts neck as it crashed and from my side as we collapsed in the mud. I lay their panting, hip in agony as the beast lay there still. But I could not rest. I limped over to the beast, tearing off its great wings before I limped back here with them as proof.

Name given: Wildwing.
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Post by: Nakobu on June 14, 2019, 01:06:09 AM

Anyway. So as many know I have been watching and studding a large silver raptor near here for weeks now. So here it goes.

I knew exactly the creature I wished to challenge from the moment I left the camp. Part of me felt bad for choosing it, but I knew he knew I would be back to more then watch him one of these days. As I walked across to the part of the swamp he called home, he stood waiting for me like he knew I was coming. I bowed to the great silver raptor as I pulled out my fists weapon and we charged at one another.
The battle went on for what felt like a lifetime as we traded blows, speed and agility matching, before I managed to get onto the raptors back, clinging on with all I had as he tried buck me off as I waited for him to tire.

That was my moment as I steeled myself then clamped the jaw like fist weapon down on the back of his neck. I wrenched it sideways and with a crack he fell limp.

He lay there looking up at me as his last breaths faded. I thanked him for waiting for me, I then paid my respects to the raptor, burying him after collecting his jewel like feathers and silvery hide. Then I began heading back.

And that is my tale.

Name given: Silverfeather.
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Post by: Nakobu on July 31, 2019, 03:59:22 AM

Well, I have been scouting this region for a few weeks now before this day and I came across the giant crocolisk called 'Deadfang' by the locals. Now, at first I was unsure on how I was going to attack such a beast without the use of my magics. But then I looked into myself... and let my inner rage boil to the top.

I rushed into the water straight for the beast, it saw me coming and charged for me. As it lunged for me I drove my dagger into it belly but its teeth sank into my leg!
We rolled around and around - it tried to drown me! But as it tried to drag me down I pulled my blade up its belly right to its mouth splitting it open!

I slowly dragged myself to the bank, it was still in my leg so it pulled it out. Then I stood which was painful and held it over my head and let its blood cover me. I dragged myself and this strong beast with me here.

Name given: Riverscale.
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Post by: Nakobu on July 31, 2019, 04:01:01 AM

Just thought of the thing I most wanted to beat. For us... me and Chuckles, I mean, that's lions. So I went into the Barrens, as deep as I had to. Easier than I thought, in the end.

Except I found... five. Wasn't going to beat them all. So, I tried to think of something Chuckles taught me. And I started laughing at them. And whooping. And screaming. They didn't like it.

Four ran. One didn't. Her mistake. I'm not good with a blade, but I didn't want to pack the bow and make it easy, you know? ... Went alright, until this piece of garbage broke. Lost my grip on the pieces too. She slammed my hand into the rock and it just... ogres don't make good weapons, I guess.

Didn't know what to do, so... I tried to think what some other people would do. Not a lot worked out. The last one did, though. "Throatrender", yeah?  ... Diiiiidn't quite rip it out but I think I hit something important with my tusks. Just started bleeding like crazy. Managed to find the hilt, slice her throat properly and cut off the head. Dumped the body close to the hyena's territory. Seemed fitting. A group of lions is called a pride for a reason. Felt good taking them down a peg.

Name given: Beastgrin.
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Post by: Nakobu on July 31, 2019, 04:04:23 AM

I am nea in any fit state t' be wanderin' aroun' fightin' shite on land. Both coz I'm a one-legged man who 'asn' learned 'ow t' walk properly again yet, an' coz I don' know shite about t' beasts o' t' land or sky.

I ain' nae hunter. But I do know t' water, an' t' slimey gits that live in it. More than once I've seen sailors fall over t' side an' be knobbled somethin' nasty by sharks out in t' open ocean. An' more than once I've nearly been knobbled meself.

An' this bloody missin' leg doesn' stop me from swimmin'. So I decided t' go catch me somethin' I understand. I hobbled me crippled backside out t' t' shoreline, after 'avin' done some research ahead o' time t' confirm there be sharks in the area.

I wandered out into t' sea, throwin' me crutch t' wait for me back on land o' course...which forced me t' crawl t' last while till t' water woz deep enough f' me t' swim in. I swam me way out, occasionally ducking below t' water t' 'ave a look about t' see if there were any sharks there. When I got far enough out, I spotted one. Big 'orrible bugger 'e woz, but 'e wasn' comin' anywhere near me.

Sharks are dumb pissin' brutes, but they know wot their prey is an' isn't, an' Orcs don' generally LOOK like shark prey. Wrong shape. So I 'ad t' entice t' bugger t' come 'ave a go. So I cut me hand open, let me blood out into t' water. Beady eyed shites can smell blood f' miles beneath t' tide. Once 'ed picked up me scent, bastard rushed me like a mad thing. Sharks a' big buggers but they can move at great speeds.

Now, me plan 'ad been t' wrap t' chain around it's neck s' I could stab it in t' 'ead. I uh...underestimated it's speed. S' it got ahold o' me arm, an' damn near took a chunk out o' me. Luckily, that wasn' t' 'and holdin' t' knife part, That woz holdin' t' chain. I 'ad t' wrestle t' bugger f' a while as he tried t' drag me under t' waves, but I woz eventually able t' get t' chain wrapped around 'is gullet, an' managed t' jam t' knife in t' bastards beady little eyes. Bugger still fought me f' a good while though, an' managed t' break out an' rake me chest an' face wi' his teeth before 'e finally died.

Then it woz jus' a matter o' draggin' t' buggers blubbery carcass through t' water an' onto land. I woz GONNA bring t' whole shark but...he started t' weigh a hell of a lot more once out o' t' water. So I cut t' buggers 'ead off wi' me knife, splattered t' blood from t' neck stump on me head, an' impaled me knife in his mouth t' bring jus' t' head here.

Seagulls'll eat 'is body I reckon.

Name given: Tideraider.

Nakobu's note: I have attempted to convey Tideraider's rather unique accent in writing for this entry.
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Post by: Nakobu on July 31, 2019, 04:05:15 AM

Right. Many of you know me, or have known me for several years. Om'riggor have been held and passed me by... It was about time to change this. I went into the Barrens, and I'll be honest with you all. I had no idea who or what I was looking for.

The area around those snake infested caves seemed as good a place as any, but who the fel knows what is going on in there with the bloody druids. Eventually, I made my way up the nearby mountain, scaling along the easy paths long used by tauren.

And there it was. Resting, coiled around one of the rocks, probably still resting after sitting in the sun all day. Windserpents they call them, I am sure you all know. I mostly saw them in Thousand Needles...

... But this one seemed to have made the trips into the Barrens, for one reason or another. It doesn't matter... I knew at once that his was to be my prey, it was.... Just right.

I made my presence known as I crossed onto the plateau, kicking up some loose gravel... Although I believe it knew full well I was there. I drew my dagger, crouched... And just... Ran straight at it.

Obviously those wings are not for show, it dodged deftly... I won't bore you too much with the details but just imagine me running around trying to stap at this flying thing. Eventually it must have lost its patience and came in a dive...

 ... Took me by the shoulder, and dragged me down into the dirt. I was flailing. I think at least. Bloody fangs. Eventually I must've gotten one of its wings torn because it slithered away, making it self look big like some sort of cobra.

We clashed several times... Eventually it came down to me choking it while it was trying to wrap around myself... Thankfully I still had my weapon and just...

Got it in the neck. Don't look at the head, that was just for me to carry it around... I cut off its head and took a disgusting shower in his blood - which reeks, I'll have you know. And... That's it. I killed a wind serpent.

Name given: Valorwind.
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Post by: Nakobu on December 08, 2019, 02:56:06 AM

I walked up north. I had seen some tracks earlier, and I decided to follow, until I eventually.. stumbled.. upon an abandoned Troll settlement. I do not know the history of these lands, but it seemed out of place here. As I roamed around, I found the tracks again and saw the bear in the distance. Old parts of armour where still hanging on to its body and got caught on bushes every once in a while.

I knew I could not take it by myself if I had to face it head on, so putting my skills to the test. I stalked the creature, bow and arrow ready.. and waiting for a chance. And after a while it came, when I saw that one of the straps got caught on a rock.

Staying as.. silent.. as I could. I aimed and.. took the shot.. Landing the arrow in its side. I knew.. It wouldn’t be enough to.. take him down and would.. give away my cover. And I was right.. the bear turned around.. and came right at me.

I was.. lucky.. to have a rock close by I could climb. Getting above the bear on a safer distance. As I sat there and the bear.. circling underneath me, I waited for the next chance and fired again. This time the arrow landed in its shoulder.

The bear seemed dazed for a moment and I took this chance to get away, running to the other side and hiding again. I knew that I wouldn’t get the kill from the top of that place, so I needed a new chance.

I found some bushes and hid myself there keeping a close eye on the bear. It took a while but it found me again before I saw it.

It charged and as fast as I could I fired another arrow landing it in its eye. This did not stop the bear and it trampled me sending my bow flying.

Next thing I knew it was standing over me I tried to get away but noticed I had lost movement in my left arm. As a last resort in protection I swung it over my body leaving it on my chest.

The bear came down one paw swinging towards me, its claws digging in my arm.
I knew I had one last chance as the bear stood up again. I grabbed my last arrow and waited.

Our eyes locked for a moment the bear and I both roaring as it came down and I sank the arrow in its neck the spray of blood blinding me as the lifeless body sank down on top of me.

Struggling my way from.. underneath its body with one.. limp.. arm. I eventually managed to.. shove the bear aside and catch my breath thanking the ancestors I was still breathing.

Name given: the Unbroken.

Recorded by: Vraxxar Wildmark.
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Post by: Nakobu on December 08, 2019, 02:57:52 AM

Very well....  So, I went to the mountain side to look for my prey, had spotted a few prowlers around last time I was there working on something, so I thought I would make one my prey.

I tried to sneak around with my axe in hand as I search for the beast but.... It was the beast who sneaked up on me, I dropped my axe as I was wrestling with the prowler, the beast clawing at my arms and chest.

After a while, I managed to gain the upper hand and push the beast back and gone for my axe to even the odds. The beast leaped at me one more time but I blocked the strike with my axe and push it back as I leaped myself and tried to strike the skull and finish the fight right there but missed and only stroke a small slash on it's leg.

After that the beast's movement had become slow and sloppy, I used that to my advantage and charged at it once again, scoring another blow on the creature but it also managed to slash my leg, hindering my own movement.

The beast looked me in the eyes then leaped for another strike but I rolled below it and swang my axe at his throat, ending the fight at last. And that concludes my story.

Name given: Kinguard.

Recorded by: Vraxxar Wildmark.
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Post by: Nakobu on December 08, 2019, 02:59:20 AM

There was something-.. pulling on me, I don’t really know how else to explain… From when Kulgha took me hunting yesterday to our trip today, but before that as well, actually. Something weird. Unnatural.

I’d seen many animals while we travelled here, and d-during my lessons, but… Every time I asked someone about the Om’riggor , you all said it had to call to me. A special thing. Even the Chieftain said it. Nothing really s-spoke to me… So I followed that feeling instead.

No idea what I’d find. I went south and I came across ruins. I only saw when I stepped inside that it was filled with… statues. Like the ones we saw in the big building we arrived in. The Mogu.
I can still feel it. Nauseating. Wrong… The statues were not moving, but it was eerie..They were so large. I found a c-cave nearby. It came from there.

I’m n-not a good hunter.. nor a good killer. E-especially without my magic. But this place-.. I knew this was my prey. This being who emitted such wrongness.

There were jars inside. Broken, some n-not broken. I f-found a corpse.. one first and more later. There was a light at the end, and a larger room. Something was inside, chanting, making everything feel even more wrong.

It was one of those mogu. Not a statue, but a moving one. He was.. doing something. To one of the animals inside.. There was an energy floating, angry. Then I realized. Souls. He was using the souls. And putting them in the jars..

And that’s when he noticed me. I-.. Don’t even really remember how I managed to kill it. It’s all a bit of a blur, but I remember my own anger. This was evil. He was evil. I remember smashing the jars. Releasing the souls.. It seemed to weaken him, because he couldn’t draw on the power of them. He looked.. malnourished, actually. Desperate, I suppose. He hit me good a few times, but I was smaller. And faster. He tried to use magic, casting, but for some reason he didn’t manage.

 Eventually I remembered my spear and I held it up to the height of his neck while he swung at me, remembering Tagrok's words, and I guess his own weight impaled him while he moved forwards to try and reach me. A very, very lucky blow. I couldn’t get the spear out either but I want to go back for it later.

Name given: Soulwalker.

Recorded by: Vraxxar Wildmark.
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Post by: Nakobu on April 01, 2020, 11:59:01 AM

Zelyr of the Bleeding Hollow. I hunted an Ogre, singled it out. It was the... *coughs*.. Only foe tough enough to survive the first hit. I hid until I was just out of sight, then struck at him right in his home. Went right for the stomach, started bleeding him early.

He hit me, hard, as I went for the leg. But it didn't stop me, one armed I danced around him and struck again and again. He got me good a few times, hit me against the wall of his little clay hut.

But eventually he fell as more of his kind were quick on the heels. I ripped out his horn and put my face into his... *cough* Stomach. Before more came.

That's my story. I outwitted and outran an ogre, and survived.

Name given: 'The Bloodied'.
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Post by: Nakobu on April 01, 2020, 12:00:16 PM

My name is Draz'hul. I aimed to hunt a beast, but didn't know where to begin.
I just kept walking until I came to the ruins of a small village. It looked Orcish, It was on the other side of the lake. I'll be honest. I didn't mean to engage whomever I'd see.
But I came across a looter and got attacked myself. I defended myself the best I could.. Which wasn't great as you can see.
He had the upper hand but I managed to trip him, I got a good hit in with my staff and that was that.. I know we aren't to use magic, so I didn't. But I did give him a proper burial, to the best of my abilities.
I will return later to bury the.. proof.

Name given: Dusklight.
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Post by: Nakobu on April 01, 2020, 12:01:36 PM

My prey was a Talbuk. I went to the ancestral grounds for guidance, when I spotted her. But when I stalked her, and leapt, she ran. But not from me.

There was a w-worg, standing on the high ground, on the rocks above. Black in fur. Matted, one eye scarred over. Growling and snarling. I scared away his prey, and I became his.

Many of my clan know, I am.. terrified of wolves. And I believed this Worg was going to be my end. Truly.

It pounced, tearing open my stomach. I was ready to succumb when I felt the Ancestor's guidance at my back.

He bit me in the shoulder, piercing my neck with his fang. I bled, and he enjoyed the taste. I used my dagger to strike at him, and I blinded his other eye. Leaving him without sight.

I climbed onto his back, and he bucked, throwing me off against a tree, where I landed, to feel my body bruised but not yet broken.

I wanted to flee. But instead, I leapt down with my blade forward, to plunge it down, to fatally wound it.

As his last resort, he rolled himself over. Crushing me underneath him. I felt how my body s..splintered.

I could barely move.. and for a while, that felt like hours, I crawled from underneath him. Seeing him, hearing him whine, to bring him to the spirits.

I said a prayer to him, to guide him to the Ancestors.

"Rest now, for you will now meet your Ancestors. May you roam freely among the eternal planes. Beyond the mortal vision, on the evergreen fields of the realm beyond. Where your eyes will regain their vision. Your lungs regain the air. Where fire burns in your heart, and water and meat fills your belly. With earth under your strong paws. May the Spirits guide you home, and may you rest in eternal peace.”

And I plunged my dagger into its heart, and took h..his tail, as my trophy. Smearing my eyes with his blood. To mark myself.

Name given: Starsong.
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Post by: Nakobu on August 22, 2020, 06:32:42 PM

I know that the topic of what to hunt during one's Om'riggor is something that many often worry about.

When I first heard of the existence of the Om'riggor, I knew what it was that I should probably hunt should I ever come to do it. That being a demon.

To tell the truth, I had only ever seen drawings and heard tales of demons when I first thought about it.

But after seeing and even facing a demon once or twice in the time since then, my feelings didn't really change.

Demons chased my grandfather and the other draenei for over twenty-five thousand years during the Long Journey.

They had a hand in the corruption of the orcs of this time, leading to the events that you know and perhaps have even lived through yourself.

The idea of hunting a demon was quite symbolic, honouring those I used to be among, and those I am now.

But saying 'I shall hunt a demon' and actually doing such is two very different things.

I am not some strong orc warrior. I am not a vindicator, nor am I an anchorite.

I have my faith, but I could not call on it to help me. I have knowledge as an artificer, but such was not to be used either with its close link to magic.

I am not very good at using traditional weapons. So the idea of facing a demon with just that alone was, is frightening.

How people can charge against them as if they are something normal to face. I cannot really understand it.

I have tried to face a demon alone one time before, nearly a year ago when we were in Nagrand. A practice run of sorts that I did for this Om'riggor during the test for the Sword of Strength. A tale for another time I suppose but it did not go so well.

Though the Legion fell before I even came to this world, there are still demons around and causing problems. as I am sure you are all keenly aware from our time in Desolace.

Vin is a demon hunter. I asked her where there might be a demon in the lands around here that I could perhaps look for.

She said that at Ashenvale's Felfire Hill, there was a demon going after travellers that had to go through the area. A succubus, supposedly.

I had never really seen one of the creatures, again, only in tales and pictures. I knew very little aside from they use charm magics.

The ride over was really quite unpleasant. All I could really feel was dread for what I was about to put myself up against.

Luckily at least, the journey through the Barrens and into the forest was quiet and not very interesting. of course that only meant my mind got to worry further over what was to come.

Eventually, I made it to what was Felfire Hill, leaving my wolf at its base. Despite it's name as a hill, it is quite the flat area after the initial climb.

Perhaps it was because I finally arrived at the site where the demon lurked, but all I could feel was sick as I walked further in.

I do not know what happened at that hill in the past, but there were a number of craters, big and small, all over.

Filled with rainwater. The ground was slick with mud. It was like Draenor. Its battlefields, pockmarked from the artillery on both sides.

I eventually found the succubus amongst the craters. It was kneeling beside a young troll that was down in the mud. I had hoped I was in time to help him and for him to be simply injured but it was too late.

I do not know exactly what the demon did to kill him but it did not look to be a quick death. The sight of him like that was really quite haunting.

The demon noticed me quite quickly. The sound of me walking in the mud gave me away from quite the way away, I suppose.

It said some words, but Eredun and Draenei have a bit too much of a difference in dialect for me to properly understand. Though I am not sure I would much like to comprehend what it had to say.

Whatever did end up saying, it soon came running closer towards me, but it kept itself at a good distance. The battle between us both, it was not anything heroic.

The succubus used their whip and shadow magics from range, which was very effective, as evidenced by my state when I arrived back here.

The whip caused so much pain that it would cause me to lock up and freeze, even from only a light hit, which the demon would follow up with knocking me down and away with its shadow magics.

Getting close was very difficult. The times I thought I managed to get next to the demon, I would suddenly black out. I would wake up moments later, but on the ground with more open cuts from its whip and cold burns from its shadows.

It wasn't long before I realised it was the creature's charm magics at play. It was hard to resist it on my own. Without the Light to protect me, I was near defenceless to it.

Things carried on like this over and over until one time, I got lucky. The demon had an injury to the back of one of its legs. The troll must had done it before he had been bested.

The demon stumbled for a moment, and I was able to just barely get in close and stab it in the abdomen.

The stabbing allowed me to keep so close that it could not use its whip nor shadows against me easily.

I managed to sink the dagger in a few more times. Of course, being a demon, that wasn't really going to be enough.

But it gave me the chance I needed. With it unable to stop me, I pushed it into one of the craters by us. Injured, with the mud slick around the sides. It could not get out.

I said about the battlefields of Draenor, yes? Back then, in the lull between battle, rain would come. Fill the craters made by the artillery. Turn the ground to mud.

Those injured but still able to move would attempt to retreat from no-man's land to get back to their side.

But they would slip. Fall into the water filled craters. The mud would be too slick for them to climb out on their own. They would cry out for help, help that could never come because of the danger.

They would call out, and they would desperately splash in the water until they didn't any more. Exhaustion would take them and they would drown.

It may have been a demon. And it may have been viciously attacking any it could. But I am not one who can sentence anything to a long, painful demise, temporary or not.

It deserved some kind of mercy. Even for the sole reason that others that suffered that fate did not get any.

I went over near to the young fallen troll – he had a spear with him. It was broken but it was long enough.

After waiting a bit of time for the demon to weaken in the water, I got a bit closer to the edge of the crater while hiding the spear behind me. The demon was already by the edge, having tried repeatedly to climb out in vain.

Standing back, I readied the broken spear and thrust down at the demon as best I could. It was pure luck but I managed to catch the creature in the head and end it without any further struggling.

Getting the body out of the crater would be far too dangerous, so I cut the horns from the succubus' head as some form of grim 'proof', I suppose. And I had to leave the rest of it floating in those waters.

As for the young troll, I just barely managed to pull his body down from the hill and to a place in the forest uncorrupted.

I called on the Light to bless his body and gave him his rites before setting his body to burn with holy flame.

What I did was not the troll of doing things of course, but he deserved something. He did not have anything to identify who he was, nor where he was from.

If the spirits invalidate the Om'riggor because of my call to the Light for him, so be it. I do not think I want the approval of such spirits if that is the case. That is everything.

Name given: Shadowbreaker.
Title: Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
Post by: Nakobu on August 22, 2020, 07:13:29 PM

I’ve followed my gut towards Dustwallow Marsh. It was a long way, and my wolf rode as fast as it could to get me there. I had to be there. I needed to be there. It called for me.

When I arrived, the swamp was exactly as I remembered it. Murky, gloomy, and unwelcoming. I made my way through the bushes and waded through the water as my skin got infested by mosquitoes. I was lead further and further into the swamp.

Before I knew it, I stood eye-to-eye with a crocolisk. It hissed, and I crouched down, snarling in return.

But it turned away. There was no interest. No challenge.

He wasn’t mine to fight. So I continued. Even though I was happy to feel the mud at my ankles again, I wasn’t fond of the leeches that I had to remove from between my toes. I followed my instinct, my eyes set on a prey that would return my challenge.

I wandered deeper and deeper, my stomach churning in anticipation,or hunger, or both. As I crept closer to a hillside. Here I saw another beast.

Large, hairy. With eight limbs that skittered across the ground. It reared itself up, her front legs raised and her fangs forward.. But I remained perfectly still. This beast didn’t move. It was frightened, and waited for me to pounce first.

No. I wasn’t going to squish a bug. I walked on, the spider skittering away as I climbed one of the hills to get a good look. I felt a breeze coming up from behind. But that breeze turned into a gust, my wet feet slipping on the stone. I dug my toenails into the stone, but I felt as two of them got ripped off, as I tumbled down!

When the ground caught me, I looked up, and my eyes widened. A challenger!

Above me loomed a creature that I’ve only heard of in stories.

A snake, three times the size of Thronk, loomed above me.. But that’s where I noticed it’s body wasn’t resting upon the soil. It had wings!

It bared its fangs at me, and I saw how drops of venom clung to their surface. And I couldn’t help but grin. This was my prey. Before I could act, it lashed forwards, hissing loudly as it coiled its body around mine, trying to crush me! I laughed, adrenaline now building in my veins as I sunk my teeth into its scales.

I ripped off some of the protective scales, before I dug my teeth into the exposed flesh, rending the skin apart. The flying snake panicked and let go of me. I almost grabbed it, but the wind created by its wings forced me into the ground. I snarled and growled, fighting against what felt like a storm as I clambered back to my feet.

I ran forward, zigzagging between the trees, my feet splashing in the murky water. I launched myself at the creature, jumping up and coiling my arms and legs around it.

It trashed in anger, its fangs bared. It reared its head back, and lashed out to sink its teeth into my flesh.

The venom struck my veins, feeling myself getting tensed up as the world began to spin. I tightened my arms and legs around it as I climbed up, now clenching my legs around its windpipe. Is gasped and sputtered as my body fought against the venom. As it reared its head back again, I did the same.

I opened my maw and sunk my teeth into its scaly face. CRUNCH.

And I tore its eye from its socket, bringing scale and flesh with me. It screamed out in pain. A horrifying, high-pitched sound that made my ears ring. But I didn’t give up. My arm started to tingle from the venom. My high tolerance for poisons couldn’t even fend this off. But I didn’t care. This was my hunt!

My victory!

I snarled as I grabbed the jaws of the snake who was panicking and coiling around in pain, wrestling it to the ground where I pinned it into place with my arms. Stared it down. But it opened it’s maw and electrocuted me with it’s strange magics! I fell to the ground, numb, as it wrestled me. I felt like I could pass out, but right as it tried to turn me on my back, I wrestled him back!

I worked him back to the ground. My knees pushed down on its throat as I snarled.

This was it.

"Kavara has blessed this day, as I’ve hunted in her name. Death will be your only comfort, as Sharguul will bring you to the other side. I honour you and this fight, serpent, as you were a worthy opponent. Rest now, and let your pain wash away. Thank you for this moment."

Shok, Arash, Vrashaa!

I pushed my legs down one more time, until a firm crack snapped its neck. The windpipe was crushed, and it met a swift end. I marked my face with its blood, and took his fangs and some of its feathers.

I sucked the venom out of my own shoulder and made my way back.

Name given: Venomspitter.
Title: Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
Post by: Rhonya on March 25, 2021, 01:19:00 PM

My name is Grazur, and I killed an ogre as my prey.
I advanced to the south, running as far as I could... Trying to see what animal I should kill.. There were talbuks, clefthooves.. windrocs.. but.. I couldn't bear killing them, though I know its part of the natural cycle, they had offspring to protect.
And so I continued, until I heard something near the oasis to the south, the rough and heavy laughter of an ogre. I don't have a personal hatred for ogres nor I had in mind killing him, but curiosity got the better of me as I stealthly investigated the commotion.
What I saw was that he was torturing a windroc in its last moments near one of the trees, playing with his nearly dead prey. That infuriated me, but I knew I couldn't exact vengeance with someone so strong like him so I thought.. I had the advantage that he didnt knew I was there and the fact that I was clearly much smarter than him. So I created a distraction by throwing a peeble in the opposite direction of the tree, he heard it and went to investigate, so I sneaked around through the tall underbrush and pounced on him with dagger on hand.
I was able to stick my dagger right into the back of his neck, he yelled in pain trying to get me out but his body was starting to lock up, I may have.. done some nerve damage. So I stabbed him again until he fell down prone, and so I ended his life and took his toe. I checked upon the tortured windroc and it had died with its wounds, I had to leave it there so that the local predators do their job but.. as I was about to leave I heard the smallest cries on the top of the tree, it was a nest...
So I ventured over and saw that there was one windroc hatchling left.. I know its not my place to interfere in the cycle but I couldn't leave it with good conscience so thats why I took it so I could nurse it to hopefully find a home for it.

Name given: Beastbrother
Title: Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
Post by: Rhonya on March 25, 2021, 01:46:03 PM

Howday y'all my name is Bamm. Well I decided to run north west to see what I could find I had this old iron chain so welded this spike to it a decided to go out a lay a trap for somethang I dont know much about tradional weaponry so I figured it would be a dang ol hinderence. Anyhow. I saw a few Talbuk grazing in the distance from me figured it was as good as anything so I stopped and checked out the area. Sheer cliff to their left mountiany slope behind em so I could either attack from right or chase em and make em run to where I was currently hiding. So I began to dig a trench with said spike enough to possibly trip one! hooo'eee i thought that would dang sweet enough.
I dug down about a foot or so down and about 3.4... shiftire 3.6 feet across. About yey big. Enough i thought ya know shitifre?
But how to use this old chain to capture one i swang it around a few times trying to get a weight for it, figured it just wing it and see what happened!
Now all i needed to do was spook em enough to stampeed though the trap! Well i snuck up on em from the right, i guess the sight of me hollering and hooting at em naked as the day i was born worked! Boy howdy did they run. big ens lil ens all of em.
I charged after them hollering and a hooting swinging my chain and the a mighty yelp from this biggun with one horn! POW POW!! He stumbled then fell i was baring down on him he barely got to his feet again when i swung this chain spike first! i aimed to wrap around his neck and by luck it did.
WOOSH WOOSH! it wrapped twice tangling up him the spike so close to piercing his flesh i thought it was over then hoohah i gots him with one single pull i thought, but dang it if he wasnt ready to stop!
He took off! chain and me attached to him. Boy howdy did that hurt beening dragged like that 20 or 30 feet i think maybe more, but I saw a tree approaching so i scambled some what to my feet and threw  myself into the tree trunk!
BOOM!! I hit it so hard i was showered in leaves wind all knocked outta me, think i busted a rib. With all my might i held on to the that chain wrapped around my arm i though it was gonna snap.

The talbuk rearing and bleeting as the chain wrapped tighter! the spike which had been so close to its neck, connected penetrating i think a artery cause hoo'ee did the blood flow!
I crawled to it, i aint gonna lie to its prone bleeding body both spent, both exhausted. I looked into its eye dang spiritual i tell you what.
We had a dang moment!
I pulled the spike free and then stabbed it and tore it across the beasts neck, its eyes went dark and i was victorious. I think i yelled louder that i ever done did hooo'ee!!!
I cleaned my face of mud as best i could and smeared its blood across my face and snapped it single horn off. I'll gather its meat later! and thats my Hunt, shitfire that was fun!
Ah here i am!

Name given: Ironspark
Title: Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
Post by: Rhonya on March 25, 2021, 01:52:46 PM

I am Akshahe. But a few days ago I was clanless, but now I hunt for the Red Blade! I wandered the plains a while looking for suitable prey. The windrocs were plentiful - no harm in taking one, I thought. I eyed the flock for some time. There was one - the largest one, an old matriarch, perhaps. I knew I wanted that one. But she was flying far out of reach, and my aim, one-eyed, is too poor to throw my axe so high. I had no time then to hunt anything else for bait, so I drew blood of myself instead, and smeared it on the grass. And she came! I waited long, almost gave up, but she scented blood, and she came. I charged, and she flew at me, talons out. We tangled - she gripped me in her talons, and then, when she was caught up in me and unable to fly off, I hurled my axe into her neck, and she bled.
When she fell from me I struck again to make it quicker. Death by bleeding is painful, and she deserved better for the fight she gave me! So I struck her, and then I hauled her here.

Name given: Embergaze
Title: Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
Post by: Rhonya on March 25, 2021, 01:56:29 PM

I am Mazhga, formerly of the Frostwolves, now of the Clan Redblade. As I set out from Garadar, I took a moment to close my eyes, and feel the grass beneath my feet. It was as if I felt a tug upon my soul, drawing me westwards. It was nothing like the Elements' guidance, no this felt different, in a sense-.. I'm not quite sure how to put it, to be entirely honest.
Eitherway, I began heading westward. It must've been some thirty-minutes before I spotted something great nestled within a tree - it's grey-blue tail plume swaying gently in the wind.
A large Windroc, unlike any I'd ever seen before, easily quadrupling me in size.. I immediately knew this to be it, this was the great beast that I had to slay. One way or another. The how, on the other hand.. Well, I've never really been a big fighter, nor fan of heights, but I knew, I -knew-, that it'd be the only way for me to defeat my target; I would have to climb, and attack it in a surprise.

..So, I drew my knife from its sheate, and stuck it into my mouth so that I could climb with more ease. Now, I mentioned that I never really were a fan of heights, but it doesn't mean I can't climb.
My sister used to-.. Well, force me to climb when we were young, and if you hadn't already guessed, she was a bit of a bully back then, rough around the edges, although she usually meant well.
But, that's another story, so back to the actual story, as I'm trying to keep it short.
Finally having made my way up the tree, seemingly without drawing the attention of the great Windroc, I took the blade from my mouth. Already knowing I wouldn't be able to sneak all the way up on it, I took the carefully calculated decision to lunge at it.

As I landed ontop of it, it immediately went into fight or flight mode, screeching loudly as it wildly flapped its wings.
 At this point I was trying to wrap myself around it, to restrain its wings, and stop it from taking off in flight - dagger still in hand, as I went for a straight stab to its neck.
..However, I had momentarily forgotten that windrocs have, well, legs, and it leapt off of the branch onto the ground, with me still upon its back, I bit into its neck to hold on, but also in an attempt to wound it, as I now had missed with the dagger.
We tumbled in the grass, and I held on for dear life. Several rolls, wing slaps, and scratches later, - yes, it got my leg with its talons, - I managed to plunge my dagger straight into its chest. Twisting the dagger its movements slowly came to a  stop, and after ensuring it no longer was moving, I rolled over onto the grass to catch my breath.
 ..After that-.. I 'tended' to my leg, it was really just a.. makeshift bandage out of my tabard.. And took my trophy, making my way back here.

Name given: Rimewind
Title: Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
Post by: Zakarah on March 25, 2021, 03:20:15 PM

So... I didn’t have a plan for where to go or what to hunt. I’ve never hunted anywhere on this world, let alone this region. So I let the spirits guide me.
A part of me felt like I should do north, so north I went. When I crept through that mountain pass, I saw the most beautiful place, like something I’d never seen!
A swamp covered in massive mushrooms, as tall as trees. Like the shorelines back home, but a whole forest of them. Something about it reminded me of the Tanaan Jungle.
Not its flora or fauna or the humidity… or the mosquitos. But something… deeper?     The land itself just felt familiar. I guess it’s hard to explain, so uh- anyway! I knew I had found the right hunting grounds.
I stalked through the swamp, spotting various animals flying between the big mushroom caps. Large fireflies, fanged sting rays, and an animal that looked like some kind of… bat-mushroom-thing. I was trying to figure out how I’d reach the flying animals when I spotted my prey.

 Striding through the swamp was a massive creature: as big as a house! It stood upon three tall legs and had two equally long tentacle-like arms. Its body was smaller, about the side of a wolf. It looked sort of like a squid or a jelly fish. And in its centre: a big, glowing yellow eye.
It was a fierce predator, but beautiful and graceful at the same time. I was mesmerized. I’d found my prey!

I watched the animal for a while, hiding in the brush and behind the fungal stalks. Its legs were thin, but covered in a sort of carapace. It reached down with its long arms to grab what I think was a lizard or frog from the mud to eat. I then realized I couldn’t fight it head on. Its weakest point, its softer body, was far out of my reach, but it could easily attack me with its tendrils. I had to even the odds.

 I looked around and found these vines growing from one of the mushrooms. I climbed up one and started trying to gnaw through one of the vines- uh, until I realized I had a knife. Heh. I cut and gathered vines until I was satisfied. I tied the varies vines together to create a kind of makeshift rope. I then searched around for a suitably dense part of the fungal forest and I set my trap!

Once the trap was ready, I stepped out in the open near the strider and did my best wounded talbuk impression. Woooouuuuueeeeeh!
Uh, anyhow! The animal slowly turned its large eye towards me and made a startling hissing noise! I turned and ran and, predictably, it gave chase! I made sure to stay out of the way of its grasping tendrils. I was leading it back to where I had set my trap, but the strider had a trick up its sleeve…

A kind of… beam of blue energy shot from its eye and towards me! I didn’t know it could do that and wasn’t prepared. It hit me in the back and I went down. It burned like mage’s fire or a shaman’s lightning. I tried to crawl away when I felt one of its arm coiling around my ankle. It lifted me up towards its maw…

…but I stabbed its arm, causing it to drop me back onto the spongy ground. I twisted my ankle, but I managed to crawl away from it just in time! I ran and turned the corner around the next mushroom. I slid through the mud, grabbed the vine I had left there and waited. Sure enough, the strider rounded corner and strode towards me. I had put the makeshift vine-rope between two fungal stalks and hid it in the shallow water. I waited till the strider was just in the right spot and…
…pulled! The vine was pulled taught and raised up. The beast’s long spindly legs tripped over the rope and it fell down to earth! I had to be quick.
I ran as quick as I could, trying to close the distance. It discharged another beam of energy, but this time I was ready! I dodged, then reached the strider. It laid belly-up and I tried to get onto it to stab its soft underbelly, but the animal fought back fiercely.
It grabbed me with its tendrils and squeezed tight. I stabbed into its underbelly as fast and as hard as I could, trying to kill it before it squeezed me to death! I stabbed and stabbed and stabbed… until its grip loosened. I had killed it!

I kneeled on the wet ground and asked the spirits to guide the soul of this fierce and graceful creature to the afterlife. And I thanked them for showing me such beauty that was the marsh. I cut out the strider’s eye and covered myself in- okay, well, I think it’s blood. There was nothing red inside it. I checked. Uh, but back to the story.

 Actually, that was the story! I said one last prayer to the spirits and bade the strider farewell. It was stronger and bigger than me, but I had been faster and craftier! It was a strong beast and it fought well. I’m glad to have hunted it for my om’riggor.

Name given: the Viper
Title: Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
Post by: Zakarah on March 25, 2021, 03:22:00 PM

 I am Nrak of the Dragonmaw. For my hunt, I slayed an Elekk.

My father once slew a Rylak in lands now gone. There are no Rylaks, and no wyrms like in the Highlands. I decided to hunt the biggest thin' I could find.

Grm. Many beasts roam here. Talbuk, those scrawny birds, Clefthood. Fair game. But I'd shame m' ancestors if that's all I went for. I saw an Elekk in t' distance. A big bastard o' a bull. It slowly grazed towards a tree.

 I snuck alon' t' grass like, climbed t' tree an'... waited. Took t' lumberin' Elekk 'bout fifteen to twenty minutes t' get near enough..

I leapt from t' brances, axe in hand an' I drove my it down it's thick skull! There I was, a top t' Elekk, my axe lodged in it's noggin'. It trashed an' threw me off, I slammed into t' ground. It lifted me wit' it's tusk an' flung me trough t' air.

I tried liftin' my left arm an' failed, I tried runnin' but my legs refused. I stood m' ground. Fel damn me if I was goin' ter let that son o' a bitch get t' better o' me.

It charged at me. With everythin' I had left I dipped to the side, an' grabbed its hide. I poured all m' might into holdin' on. Barely managin' t' get back on its head.. There I grabbed by axe by the hilt. The beast recoiled in pain.

In it's pain it slammed into t' very tree I jumped from. That was t' moment I needed, to live, to kill. I lodged m' axe from it's skull and brought down t' killin' blow. My axe split it's skull, tore open it's skin. Ended it's life.. That was m' hunt.

Name given: the Slayer