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Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
July 31, 2019, 04:05:15 AM

Right. Many of you know me, or have known me for several years. Om'riggor have been held and passed me by... It was about time to change this. I went into the Barrens, and I'll be honest with you all. I had no idea who or what I was looking for.

The area around those snake infested caves seemed as good a place as any, but who the fel knows what is going on in there with the bloody druids. Eventually, I made my way up the nearby mountain, scaling along the easy paths long used by tauren.

And there it was. Resting, coiled around one of the rocks, probably still resting after sitting in the sun all day. Windserpents they call them, I am sure you all know. I mostly saw them in Thousand Needles...

... But this one seemed to have made the trips into the Barrens, for one reason or another. It doesn't matter... I knew at once that his was to be my prey, it was.... Just right.

I made my presence known as I crossed onto the plateau, kicking up some loose gravel... Although I believe it knew full well I was there. I drew my dagger, crouched... And just... Ran straight at it.

Obviously those wings are not for show, it dodged deftly... I won't bore you too much with the details but just imagine me running around trying to stap at this flying thing. Eventually it must have lost its patience and came in a dive...

... Took me by the shoulder, and dragged me down into the dirt. I was flailing. I think at least. Bloody fangs. Eventually I must've gotten one of its wings torn because it slithered away, making it self look big like some sort of cobra.

We clashed several times... Eventually it came down to me choking it while it was trying to wrap around myself... Thankfully I still had my weapon and just...

Got it in the neck. Don't look at the head, that was just for me to carry it around... I cut off its head and took a disgusting shower in his blood - which reeks, I'll have you know. And... That's it. I killed a wind serpent.

Name given: Valorwind.
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
July 31, 2019, 04:04:23 AM

I am nea in any fit state t' be wanderin' aroun' fightin' shite on land. Both coz I'm a one-legged man who 'asn' learned 'ow t' walk properly again yet, an' coz I don' know shite about t' beasts o' t' land or sky.

I ain' nae hunter. But I do know t' water, an' t' slimey gits that live in it. More than once I've seen sailors fall over t' side an' be knobbled somethin' nasty by sharks out in t' open ocean. An' more than once I've nearly been knobbled meself.

An' this bloody missin' leg doesn' stop me from swimmin'. So I decided t' go catch me somethin' I understand. I hobbled me crippled backside out t' t' shoreline, after 'avin' done some research ahead o' time t' confirm there be sharks in the area.

I wandered out into t' sea, throwin' me crutch t' wait for me back on land o' course...which forced me t' crawl t' last while till t' water woz deep enough f' me t' swim in. I swam me way out, occasionally ducking below t' water t' 'ave a look about t' see if there were any sharks there. When I got far enough out, I spotted one. Big 'orrible bugger 'e woz, but 'e wasn' comin' anywhere near me.

Sharks are dumb pissin' brutes, but they know wot their prey is an' isn't, an' Orcs don' generally LOOK like shark prey. Wrong shape. So I 'ad t' entice t' bugger t' come 'ave a go. So I cut me hand open, let me blood out into t' water. Beady eyed shites can smell blood f' miles beneath t' tide. Once 'ed picked up me scent, bastard rushed me like a mad thing. Sharks a' big buggers but they can move at great speeds.

Now, me plan 'ad been t' wrap t' chain around it's neck s' I could stab it in t' 'ead. I uh...underestimated it's speed. S' it got ahold o' me arm, an' damn near took a chunk out o' me. Luckily, that wasn' t' 'and holdin' t' knife part, That woz holdin' t' chain. I 'ad t' wrestle t' bugger f' a while as he tried t' drag me under t' waves, but I woz eventually able t' get t' chain wrapped around 'is gullet, an' managed t' jam t' knife in t' bastards beady little eyes. Bugger still fought me f' a good while though, an' managed t' break out an' rake me chest an' face wi' his teeth before 'e finally died.

Then it woz jus' a matter o' draggin' t' buggers blubbery carcass through t' water an' onto land. I woz GONNA bring t' whole shark but...he started t' weigh a hell of a lot more once out o' t' water. So I cut t' buggers 'ead off wi' me knife, splattered t' blood from t' neck stump on me head, an' impaled me knife in his mouth t' bring jus' t' head here.

Seagulls'll eat 'is body I reckon.

Name given: Tideraider.

Nakobu's note: I have attempted to convey Tideraider's rather unique accent in writing for this entry.
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
July 31, 2019, 04:01:01 AM

Just thought of the thing I most wanted to beat. For us... me and Chuckles, I mean, that's lions. So I went into the Barrens, as deep as I had to. Easier than I thought, in the end.

Except I found... five. Wasn't going to beat them all. So, I tried to think of something Chuckles taught me. And I started laughing at them. And whooping. And screaming. They didn't like it.

Four ran. One didn't. Her mistake. I'm not good with a blade, but I didn't want to pack the bow and make it easy, you know? ... Went alright, until this piece of garbage broke. Lost my grip on the pieces too. She slammed my hand into the rock and it just... ogres don't make good weapons, I guess.

Didn't know what to do, so... I tried to think what some other people would do. Not a lot worked out. The last one did, though. "Throatrender", yeah?  ... Diiiiidn't quite rip it out but I think I hit something important with my tusks. Just started bleeding like crazy. Managed to find the hilt, slice her throat properly and cut off the head. Dumped the body close to the hyena's territory. Seemed fitting. A group of lions is called a pride for a reason. Felt good taking them down a peg.

Name given: Beastgrin.
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
July 31, 2019, 03:59:22 AM

Well, I have been scouting this region for a few weeks now before this day and I came across the giant crocolisk called 'Deadfang' by the locals. Now, at first I was unsure on how I was going to attack such a beast without the use of my magics. But then I looked into myself... and let my inner rage boil to the top.

I rushed into the water straight for the beast, it saw me coming and charged for me. As it lunged for me I drove my dagger into it belly but its teeth sank into my leg!
We rolled around and around - it tried to drown me! But as it tried to drag me down I pulled my blade up its belly right to its mouth splitting it open!

I slowly dragged myself to the bank, it was still in my leg so it pulled it out. Then I stood which was painful and held it over my head and let its blood cover me. I dragged myself and this strong beast with me here.

Name given: Riverscale.
Game Related / Re: [Competition] Clan War Banner!
July 19, 2019, 06:50:35 PM
Is this where I sneak in with my uncoloured MS paint drawing and steal 1st place?  :o

Only joking! I hope you get a few submissions before the date is up Okiba! It's a great competition idea, I just sadly don't have the artsy skills to join in myself!
Applications / Re: Application: Broshgar
July 19, 2019, 06:41:00 PM
Hey there Broshgar! Thank you for your interest in joining our little clan! As a mag'har from Draenor, you'll be in good company with many of our orcs who also hail from there! I'm sure as you interact with them you'll be able to flesh out Broshgar a bit more with the specifics of Draenor as you move out of the pen&paper stage! But as for you have down right now, it all seems to be in order! So do seek us out down in Razor Hill sometime. Looking forward to seeing you in-game!
The Campfire / Re: Everything Will Be Alright
July 13, 2019, 05:25:49 PM
Thank you Okiba! <3

Really looking forward to you coming back!
The Campfire / Everything Will Be All Right
July 11, 2019, 06:57:45 PM
The waters of the cool Zangar Sea laps against the small boat as it gently moves through the dark of night, its lilac sails fluttering slightly in the wind. In the distance lies Shattrath City, the jewel of civilisation on Draenor, shining like a beacon for the vessel, guiding it homeward.

“Our path is one of compassion. We do not take up arms in anger or fear, but in the defence of others. We do not ignore a plea for help, we do not ignore a call for mercy. Always do we extend our hand to those in need. And if one is willing to change from their path of darkness, never do we shun. … Are you listening, Nakobu?”

A young mag'har sits near the prow of the ship, his hands aglow as he levitates a small wooden crate in front of him, the sides marked with the crest of the Frostwolf clan. His eyes are fixed upon the crate, carefully maintaining the spell.

“Of course, grandfather. When do I not listen to what you say?”

The aged draenei smirks at the boy's words, shaking his head. Even by draenei standards Vedaan looked old, grey hair having taken much of his natural brown away from him. His skin was wrinkled and worn, his eyes belonging to one whom had seen much in his time.

“How about fifteen minutes ago when I told you to give your practising a rest for the night, hm? Come, sit with me.”

Nakobu releases his spell, the crate falling and landing with a loud thud upon the wooden deck. The young mag'har winces at the sound, slowly turning to sheepishly peer at his grandfather. “...Sorry.” Nakobu glances back down at the luckily undamaged crate, before running to the back of the ship. He takes a seat next to his grandfather, looking up at him.

“Now then. As I was saying my dear boy, you will come across those that need aid. They may ask for your help, they may not. If they do, then you must never turn your back upon them. The path to righteousness is never an easy road travelled, Nakobu. However, that does not mean we can shy away from the task, hm?”

Nakobu keeps staring upwards at his grandfather's face as he speaks, the mag'har clearly in thought. After a few moments, he responds.

“But... what if they do not want my help? What if they need help... but they turn me away? What do I do then?”

Vedaan smiles in response to the boy's questions, the draenei reaching back to adjust the ship's course with the rudder as he speaks.

“Sometimes you will have it all in hand. A plan to solve whatever problem plagues a person. If they take your hand, then that is that. You can solve the problem together. But sometimes you will offer that hand and they will pull away from you. They will refuse to take it, even if the need is dire. If it comes to such... then you need to make a choice. Do you stay there with your hand held out, waiting for them? Or do you reach out with that hand to take a hold of them yourself? The world is not black and white, Nakobu. There will be consequences for either action. And it will be up to you to decide which of those consequences you face.”

Nakobu nods slowly, looking down at his lap deep in thought. After a minute, his face suddenly flashes with fear, the young mag'har quickly looking back up to the draenei.

“Y-You keep saying that I will have to choose what to do but... I won't be alone in choosing, yes? You'll be there to help me, won't you? Y-You aren't going anywhere, are you grandfather?”

Vedaan laughs softly, putting his arm around Nakobu in reassurance. Taking his hand off the rudder, he ruffles the boy's hair.

“Of course I will be here, Nakobu! It is just that when you get older, you will have to make choices for yourself. Know that I will not be going anywhere though, my dear boy. Why would I? You can always come to me for help with anything, even when you start looking as old as I do. So don't be so worried, yes? Everything will be all right.”

-     -     -     -     -     -

Nakobu opens his eyes as he feels Skint toss and turn in the bed, her movement having once again woken him from his slumber. He turns his head to look at her as she lays next to him, smiling slightly at her still holding onto his arm. The morning's light shines through the doorway next to them both, lighting up the inn's interior. A new day is here. Hopefully a better day than the last. Time to get up.
The Campfire / Sharguul and the Soul
June 25, 2019, 10:19:13 PM
Sharguul and the Soul

An sea of endless stars and twisting streaks of bright pastel coloured energies was all Nakobu could see as he opened his eyes. The orc looked around in confusion. Where was he? He was mending Zi'tani's wounds only a moment ago... but now he was in the Great Dark? The Nether? He did not know. The entire scene before him constantly spun and changed as he drifted through the space, the feeling of nausea confirming that it was him spinning rather than the stars themselves.

Try as he might, Nakobu could not stop his body from its tumbling over and over as he drifted further onwards. No amount of flailing his arms and legs or twisting his body could stop the motion that he had apparently been placed into. As he turned and turned, his movements caused his pouches to come loose from his belt, their contents flooding out all around him. His last remaining gemstones from his home world floated off into the pastel lights around him. Skint's crystal that lights up upon his touch was now dark, having sailed out of his sight. The communicator to Vin'scadrial and the radio to Zapdrill began their drift into the stars beyond.

Nakobu stared at all of his belongings as they span around and around in his vision, heading further and further away from him. Only a single thing lingered close to Nakobu, still having stayed close. It was the crystal linked to Skint's soul, a deep shade of purple and around a finger in size. Nakobu reached out desperately with his right hand, failing to grasp onto the crystal before it decided to leave him as well.

Upon his failure, Nakobu's stomach dropped as he felt himself begin to fall. No longer was he being suspended to float through space, now instead being left to begin his decent. Faster and faster did he fall, the distant stars and bright colours becoming a blur as he rushed further and further down. Eventually, Nakobu saw what looked to be some form of white, mist-like barrier, a barrier he was fast approaching. Scrunching his eyes and bracing himself for impact, Nakobu plunged through the ghostly mists.

Nakobu opened his eyes as he passed through to the other side of the misty barrier. What he saw was... not what he expected. Great fields of green grasslands, stretching from horizon to horizon, as far as the eye can see. The lands were dyed orange by the setting sun, it's glow casting the final light upon the realm. His fall began to slow as he neared the ground below him, his tumbling now stabilising. Looking up at the sky, he saw the swirling barrier of white mists at the sky's zenith, the rest of it gold and pink from the sun's rays.

Before long, Nakobu landed gently on the grasses, feet first. Looking around, it reminded him much of the Fields of Farahlon back home... Nakobu stood a moment, feeling the cool breeze move over his skin. He might have had no idea where he has ended up, but it was a nice enough place... “So. The one known as Nakobu makes his appearance.” Nakobu near jumped out of his skin at the sudden voice, spinning around to face it. Coming towards him was a massive black wolf, with eyes of ice and leaving shadows with each step. Sharguul. How did he not spot him before...?

Sharguul made his way up to Nakobu, stopping before him as he spoke. “You know who this one is. And know that I have not called on you without reason.” Sharguul motioned his nose in the direction behind Nakobu. The orc turns to look in the direction pointed to, his eyes growing wide at the sight. A spectral looking Skint floats in the air, her fluffy hair flowing outwards and her eyes looking in his direction. A portal to what appears to be Shattrath has formed behind her, waiting to be used. Below her lay her body, with some form of crystal and a scroll resting on her chest.

Nakobu begins to run towards her, before Sharguul's voice rings out. “I know of your plans to save that one. To rescue her from her fate. But are you sure you can ascertain her safety? Or will this end in the worst case imaginable?” Nakobu kept running despite Sharguul's words, dashing across the green of the grasslands. The sun finally fully set behind the horizon, plunging the realm into darkness as Nakobu stopped before Skint.

From behind her, a figure emerged. A troll with a face like a rush'kah mask and bone adorning his body. Bwonsamdi. He places his hands around Skint's soul, causing her to start fading away. Nakobu attempts to reach up and grasp her before she disappears, but... his hands find nothing but air. Bwonsamdi laughs as Skint disappears, her soul consumed. Nakobu cries out in sorrow, falling down onto his knees. His eyes welled up with tears as they begun to stream down his face, his heart rent at his failure.

Sharguul shakes his head as he speaks once again. “If one had a second chance, what would one do? Let us see, shall we?” With his words, the realm began to move in reverse. The sun rose back up from the horizon. Bwonsamdi disappeared. Skint's soul returned. And Nakobu was dragged back next to Sharguul.

Nakobu quickly sprinted up to Skint's soul, not waiting for anything, holding his hands out to her whilst speaking rapidly in Draenei. Blessing after blessing is placed upon Skint as Nakobu goes through verse after verse, the orc becoming visibly more and more worn out. Shields of power, holy runes of fortification, sanctifying barriers; anything he could think of that might keep the Loa of Death away for those few precious seconds needed.

Bwonsamdi soon makes his appearance, glancing at the holy works illuminating the area around Skint, before turning his cold gaze to Nakobu. Grinning widely, the Loa grabs a hold of the heavenly wards around her, slowly crushing them with his dark spectral powers. One by one, the barriers and fortifications crack, break and shatter, before once again Skint is consumed. With a flick of the trollish death god's hand, Nakobu is blasted back towards Sharguul, his head crashing onto the hard earth with an audible thud.

Sharguul spoke once more, this time Nakobu hearing it in his very mind as he feels himself begin to fall unconscious. “Hrm. So, one has chosen to struggle vainly against the odds... So be it. But what, this one asks, would you do if you could not even be there for your ever desperate struggle?” Once again, everything rewinds, Nakobu now back to where he was when he was mid-sprint. Ghostly chains wrap around his form, forcing him to the ground. “One cannot always account that one will be there upon the time of demise.” Nakobu writhes against the chains as he once again witnesses his failure to stop the fate befalling Skint's soul, Bwonsamdi causing her to fade away.

A spectral dagger forms above Nakobu, plunging deep into his back and through his heart. Nakobu convulses as Sharguul speaks once again. “Perhaps even, one would not be alive to see it happen. And so this one asks again. Can you ascertain her safety? No. Not alone.” The realm once again rewinds itself, back to when Nakobu was first wrapped up by the chains. This time around, Sharguul leaps forth himself to fend off the Loa of Death, before, with a flash of ghostly light, he sends Skint's soul through the portal.

Nakobu blinks from the bright light, suddenly finding himself standing before Sharguul once again. Nakobu hurriedly looks behind him, but Skint is not there. Nothing was there. Sharguul stares down at Nakobu as the orc looks back to the great wolf. “Alone, one cannot ensure the safety of her soul.” Sharguul begins pacing around Nakobu, leaving his shadowed paw prints in the grass. “Do you know of this one's role? It is to protect the pack. All of the pack. To guide them to their afterlives. You and the one known as Skint may be New Bloods of the pack now, but before long you will be oath bound same as all the rest.”

Sharguul stops his pacing, standing back in front of Nakobu. “To save her soul, you need this one. And this one, needs you. Seek out the one known as Madeye. It is with him that your path will begin.”

Nakobu woke with a start, glancing around the room of his imprisonment in a panic, his breathing heavy. A dream? An illusion? No... He felt it to be truthful... but why? Question after question go around and around in his head, the orc unable to come to a conclusion on his own. It seems he would have to seek out Madeye for answers after all...
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
June 14, 2019, 01:06:09 AM

Anyway. So as many know I have been watching and studding a large silver raptor near here for weeks now. So here it goes.

I knew exactly the creature I wished to challenge from the moment I left the camp. Part of me felt bad for choosing it, but I knew he knew I would be back to more then watch him one of these days. As I walked across to the part of the swamp he called home, he stood waiting for me like he knew I was coming. I bowed to the great silver raptor as I pulled out my fists weapon and we charged at one another.
The battle went on for what felt like a lifetime as we traded blows, speed and agility matching, before I managed to get onto the raptors back, clinging on with all I had as he tried buck me off as I waited for him to tire.

That was my moment as I steeled myself then clamped the jaw like fist weapon down on the back of his neck. I wrenched it sideways and with a crack he fell limp.

He lay there looking up at me as his last breaths faded. I thanked him for waiting for me, I then paid my respects to the raptor, burying him after collecting his jewel like feathers and silvery hide. Then I began heading back.

And that is my tale.

Name given: Silverfeather.
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
June 14, 2019, 01:05:31 AM

As I stalked the fetid and humid swamp lands, I headed far from camp to a far corner inhabited by many great beasts, damp soil beneath my claws as I stuck to the shadows. After some time, I reached a great lake over shadowed by a huge double water fall that reached the skies. As it fell, it cast a great mist across the waters.

Many Beasts of tremendous size rested around the murky misty waters edge, flew in its misty skies and lurked beneath the dark waters. It was quite a sight and difficult to decide which I should challenge as my prey. But before I could have a chance to consider, a ghostly shriek came from high above as I saw a great silvery white pterrordax swoop down and pluck an adult riverbeast from the shallows and fly off with it. I then knew what my hunt was as I followed the sounds of the heavy wing beats and the squealing riverbeast to the great waterfall.

Scaling its rocky paths, I found my prey with in a large cave hidden behind the great waters. A great pterrordax of immense size but ghostly white and with eerie icy blue eyes. At first, the beast did not notice me as it gorged itself on the riverbeast.

I began stalking up behind it when suddenly it turned, spotting me and lashing out with its tail and causing me to duck and roll as it began to flail around before heading for the cave entrance. I knew if I did not get a hold of it then and there it would fly away and I would fail.

So with an angry howl, I pounced onto the beasts back, digging my claws in as it tried shake me off and began diving head first out the cave and through the waterfall. Water beat down on my back and face as I clung on claws in for all I had.

The great ghostly looking pterrordax bucked, swerved and weaved, trying to throw me off as we swooped through the skies. Wings whipped my face as I clung on while trying to make my way up the beasts back towards it's neck. The beast got more and more desperate and reckless as it tried throw me off, finally after what seemed liked hours I clawed my way to the beasts neck, leaving deep long gashes along its back before I took my chance and dove in, letting out a loud howl before I dug my claws and fangs into the beasts neck.

The beast dove down into the vines and canopies hopping to scrape me off but I held tight tearing more and more into its neck as vines thorns, branches and more whipped and cut across my skin. Finally, the exhausted beast and I crashed landed into the swamps thick mud, throwing me from it's neck as it struggled to try take off. I was battered and covered in thick mud yet I did not relent. I charged at the beast once more, it snapping its fanged beak at me as I circled it swiping at its eyes and beak.

It almost managed to take flight once more as it tried grab me in its immense talons, slicing me across my back as I dove under the talons before leaping up to clutch onto its softer underbelly with my claws and began tearing into the beast as it flailed, trying with all it's might to get me off.

It managed to take off one last time before I brought it crashing down to the ground for one last time. Loud cracks echoed from the beasts neck as it crashed and from my side as we collapsed in the mud. I lay their panting, hip in agony as the beast lay there still. But I could not rest. I limped over to the beast, tearing off its great wings before I limped back here with them as proof.

Name given: Wildwing.
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
June 14, 2019, 01:04:47 AM

I went north, swam through the river and ran a bit. Then I spotted a Raptor, the prey I was looking for! I hid behind the bush, thinking of a plan. That Raptor was eating something. Grom knows what it was. A meat certainly.

I decided to grab a stone from under my feet and throw to the Raptor's side, to distract it.
He indeed got distracted. AND THEN! I CHARGED! I was near my prey in a moment, so I KICKED IT IN THE SIDE, IN A MOMENT WHEN IT TURNED IT'S HEAD TOWARDS ME!
THE RAPTOR FELL! I JUMPED ON IT WITH MY DAGGER READY! I attempted to thrust my dagger in Raptor's stomach, but I failed. The beast shook me off of itself. I fell and it stood up. Second after, I got clawed! I knew I can take it into my advantage. Our position I mean!
I quickly grabbed my dagger from the ground and BAH BAH BAH! I made quick cut across beast's stomach! On the lower part, not the side!

The beast whimpered and moved to the side! Then I stood up! Completely ignoring my wound!
I jumped on the beast, not trying to mount it, but make it fall on the ground! I succeeded! The beast was on the ground, when I quickly kicked it in the head! Raptor was stunned for a moment but I also injured my foot against it's fangs... It didn't matter! I had to kill it! Beast was stunned when I once again attempted to thrust my dagger!



Then I grabbed my dagger once again. I cut the beast's head, as one of the proofs. Then I partly entered it's stomach, covering myself in blood entirely, also smearing it all over my body.
And here I am. I present you the blood on my skin, the head of my prey and the intestines I used to kill it. BLOOD AND THUNDER!!!!

Name given: Goresong.

Nakobu's note: “Goresong was quite fond of yelling parts of his tale. This has been shown through the use of captial orcish runes.”
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
June 14, 2019, 01:02:27 AM

I hunted a snake, or hunted me, for a moment, do not think it intended to eat me, but it was set on attacking me, very rude, unprovoked even! I was wandering down the path when i decided to cut through some bushes, can't often find prey on the road after all...

And just as i had left camp not far from here...i felt a sting, ow, that hurt something bit my arm, again very rude. Perhaps i had entered its home? I know not, i do not care, it bit me, and now it needed to die. As it hanged from my arm i grabbed it, pulled it, slammed it, bit it back, choked, it stopped moving, I had won.

Name given: Adderfall.
Off Topic / Re: RL photos of yourself!
June 14, 2019, 12:41:03 AM
Off Topic / Re: New arrival says hello!
June 08, 2019, 03:42:54 PM
Hello there Serrota!

Great to see you have plans to put in an application with us! Looking forward to seeing it!