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Everything Will Be All Right

Started by Nakobu, July 11, 2019, 06:57:45 PM

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The waters of the cool Zangar Sea laps against the small boat as it gently moves through the dark of night, its lilac sails fluttering slightly in the wind. In the distance lies Shattrath City, the jewel of civilisation on Draenor, shining like a beacon for the vessel, guiding it homeward.

“Our path is one of compassion. We do not take up arms in anger or fear, but in the defence of others. We do not ignore a plea for help, we do not ignore a call for mercy. Always do we extend our hand to those in need. And if one is willing to change from their path of darkness, never do we shun. … Are you listening, Nakobu?”

A young mag'har sits near the prow of the ship, his hands aglow as he levitates a small wooden crate in front of him, the sides marked with the crest of the Frostwolf clan. His eyes are fixed upon the crate, carefully maintaining the spell.

“Of course, grandfather. When do I not listen to what you say?”

The aged draenei smirks at the boy's words, shaking his head. Even by draenei standards Vedaan looked old, grey hair having taken much of his natural brown away from him. His skin was wrinkled and worn, his eyes belonging to one whom had seen much in his time.

“How about fifteen minutes ago when I told you to give your practising a rest for the night, hm? Come, sit with me.”

Nakobu releases his spell, the crate falling and landing with a loud thud upon the wooden deck. The young mag'har winces at the sound, slowly turning to sheepishly peer at his grandfather. “...Sorry.” Nakobu glances back down at the luckily undamaged crate, before running to the back of the ship. He takes a seat next to his grandfather, looking up at him.

“Now then. As I was saying my dear boy, you will come across those that need aid. They may ask for your help, they may not. If they do, then you must never turn your back upon them. The path to righteousness is never an easy road travelled, Nakobu. However, that does not mean we can shy away from the task, hm?”

Nakobu keeps staring upwards at his grandfather's face as he speaks, the mag'har clearly in thought. After a few moments, he responds.

“But... what if they do not want my help? What if they need help... but they turn me away? What do I do then?”

Vedaan smiles in response to the boy's questions, the draenei reaching back to adjust the ship's course with the rudder as he speaks.

“Sometimes you will have it all in hand. A plan to solve whatever problem plagues a person. If they take your hand, then that is that. You can solve the problem together. But sometimes you will offer that hand and they will pull away from you. They will refuse to take it, even if the need is dire. If it comes to such... then you need to make a choice. Do you stay there with your hand held out, waiting for them? Or do you reach out with that hand to take a hold of them yourself? The world is not black and white, Nakobu. There will be consequences for either action. And it will be up to you to decide which of those consequences you face.”

Nakobu nods slowly, looking down at his lap deep in thought. After a minute, his face suddenly flashes with fear, the young mag'har quickly looking back up to the draenei.

“Y-You keep saying that I will have to choose what to do but... I won't be alone in choosing, yes? You'll be there to help me, won't you? Y-You aren't going anywhere, are you grandfather?”

Vedaan laughs softly, putting his arm around Nakobu in reassurance. Taking his hand off the rudder, he ruffles the boy's hair.

“Of course I will be here, Nakobu! It is just that when you get older, you will have to make choices for yourself. Know that I will not be going anywhere though, my dear boy. Why would I? You can always come to me for help with anything, even when you start looking as old as I do. So don't be so worried, yes? Everything will be all right.”

-     -     -     -     -     -

Nakobu opens his eyes as he feels Skint toss and turn in the bed, her movement having once again woken him from his slumber. He turns his head to look at her as she lays next to him, smiling slightly at her still holding onto his arm. The morning's light shines through the doorway next to them both, lighting up the inn's interior. A new day is here. Hopefully a better day than the last. Time to get up.


A very insightful and intriguing read! Hopefully you write more about him!

Looking forward to meeting our Draenei lover on my return    ;)   :o
Okiba Spearbreaker - Nag'Ogar and Warrior Monk of the Horde
"Strength, Discipline, Mastery."


Thank you Okiba! <3

Really looking forward to you coming back!