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Notice Board / Tournament of the Blades
June 25, 2018, 09:24:08 PM
A poster hangs from the noticeboard. It reads:
"The tournament returns once more!

The chance to test your skills!

The chance to witness your clansmen in the fiery heat of battle!

So take up your spell, spear and sword!

Prove your worth and emerge victorious, in the TOURNAMENT OF THE BLADES!

Planned date: The twentieth of next month! If you have any enquires, please speak with Nar'thak Strongarm."
Applications / Application: Nar'thak
April 15, 2018, 09:48:06 PM


Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:
I'm fairly new to roleplay: I did some roleplay as a Human Mage near the end of WoD, and I also recently roleplayed as an Orc Warrior when I came back during the later part of Legion. It was a lot of fun! So much so, that I wish to continue with Orc RP on this new character. As for outside WoW, I roleplay as an Orc Cleric in DnD with some friends.

And finally, please write a short story and/or (IC) introduction about your character:
<A journal lies open amongst a burning shipwreck, beached upon the sands. Wind blows down the length of the beach, causing the pages of the journal to be blown to new entries. Any who might be looking would likely only be able to read part of the first line at most, before the wind turns to a further chapter.>

“The ancestors claim that the Draenei are conspiring against us--”

“The elements no longer even whisper to our shamans--”

“The warlock Gul'dan offers us power in the form of the demon blood. We travel to--”

“We prepare to go through the so called 'Dark Portal', to the other wor--”

<The wind picks up even more, flicking the pages by rapidly. By the time it dies back down, the journal has moved on considerably.>

“The Blood Curse has been lifted, and we are finally free. Free to relive what we have done--”

“Every time I close my eyes, I see the unthinkable acts that I--"

“I can only hope to redeem myself by being honorable, fighting for our place--”

“The terrible memories they won't--”

<Suddenly a large gust billows down the beach, snapping the journal to it's final page.>

“We are currently on route to to the newly discovered continent. Going from the information we have, the Alliance must be entrenched in the land by now. However, I cannot agree with our Warchief. Bringing our war to yet another shore. We make landfall tomorrow.”

<A Pandaren scroll lies open on the table. However, rather than it's words being written in Mogu, as most would expect, Orcish is inscribed onto the paper. It reads:>

“It has been many years since my broken body was found on that beach by the Pandaren. They healed my wounds the best they could, using what was at the time, strange unknown powers. At first I assumed they were blessed by the spirits, using their aid in order to aid me in turn. However, I soon found out it was their own spirit, their 'Chi'.”

“I had been taken to the Temple of the Jade Serpent, a temple known for monks who train in the art of manipulating their chi through constant practice and the wisdom granted to them by Yu'lon, the Jade Serpent. These strange powers, celestial beings and monk's temples were not what interested me as I watched them in my injured state. What interested me was that they all seemed so, peaceful. As if they had fully gained peace of mind.”

“I was envious of the monks. I had fought for so long to find this peace, but it always eluded me. When I had recovered enough, I made my decision. I did not return to the Horde, now fighting its full-blown war in Pandaria. Instead I turned to the monks, and asked for them to train me. To train me in how to move as they do. How to use my spirit, my 'Chi', as they do. How to finally achieve inner peace, as they have.”

“And so I trained. And trained. And trained. The war in Pandaria came and went. I heard tales of some being able to go back, back to Draenor as it once was. Somehow. I don't think I could have faced going back. The Legion returned. I fought alongside my fellow monks, helping defend Pandaria as the invasions came, one after another. Having fought demons before, I was more valuable to the people in Pandaria who had not, rather than returning to the Horde.”

“The rebuilding of what was lost in the invasions is currently underway. I have learned much and more in my time spent here. However, I still have not achieved true inner peace. I don't know if I ever truly will, but I will strive for the rest of my days to reach that goal. Many in my point in training travel Pandaria, to reflect on what they have learned, and to develop independently for a time. I have decided instead to finally return to Kalimdor. Instead of roaming the lands here, I wish to see how my skills as a monk can aid those who need it, and how those skills will develop in such a far off place from where I trained.”

“I have heard whispers of a tribe now calling themselves a clan. 'Red Blade' was its name. Perhaps I should begin my journey by seeking them out...”