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Notice Board / Dealing with Death
June 06, 2019, 06:52:31 PM
Writeup for Side-Event 4 in the 'Whispers in the Shadows' campaign:

The orcs had been sensing the ill presence of twisted magics to the temple to the north over the course of the day. Some hear the sound of combat on the wind... As the day drew on, the ill feeling only grew stronger, the sound of combat louder. It was clear that the orcs would have to take action lest their camp soon come into danger from whatever was going on.

Gashuk, being the experienced arcanist he is, could easily identify the ill magics to be based in necromancy and blood. A difficult threat to face. Taking precautions, the orcish mage enchanted a number of stone amulets to protect against necromantic energy in particular. The enchantment was strong, too strong for the stone in fact. The orcs would have to act soon before their defence crumbled under its own strength.

Though many wished to not venture to the temple, it was clear that action had to be taken! The orcs began their slow walk along the broken causeway to the temple, stepping over stone and wading through water. As the orcs neared the stairs up into the temple grounds, those magically attuned among them noticed something. Barrier than once was. It was certain that the defences of the temple has fallen to something.

Upon their entry proper into the grounds, the scene unfolding became clear. Undead swarmed the entirety of the area, being combatted by the temple's defending constructs. Though the constructs cut down the undead in swaths with their great might, they were having a very difficult time repelling them.

The troll spirits that usually calmly float overhead to meet with Bwomsamdi were instead seemingly being forcibly dragged through the air. And it's not to the Loa of Graves... On the other end of the courtyard, at the entrance to the inner portion of the temple, floated a trollish lich â€" a foul being whom drew in and consumed the souls as they desperately attempted to get away. But alas, their efforts were in vain...

A barrier of swirling shadow and rushing blood surrounded the lich as he dined on the sounds, three runes of power glowing bright at his feet to maintain it. Steelheart, with her senses keen, noticed that these runes were leaving a trail to the three main hallways situated in the undead infested courtyard below. It seemed the orcs would have to ventured down and destroy whatever was maintaining them.

As the orcs discussed what they were to do, a voice rang out from seemingly everywhere, but also... nowhere? It said: “Well, well, well. If it isn't the orcs who be holin' themselves up in me ruins! Finally decided to pay a visit to a lonely old loa at his temple, eh?” The voice laughed to himself. “Tell ya what. You send me da soul of the one who dares to desecrate me temple... and I'll consider givin' ya a hand while you are here in Nazmir... Sound like a deal?”. The orcs did not get much time to think on the offer, for Gashuk near instantaneously took the the voice up on his deal! The voice laughed once more, before fading away.

Many were shocked at Gashuk's quick decision to take up the offer, wondering if it was wise. But they did not have long to stand around, for a ground of undead broke away from the combat with the constructs rushing up the courtyard stairs to charge at the orcs! Dwarves they were! Once heroes of their people, clad in the patriotic blue colours of the Alliance, now nothing more than shambling puppets. However, the orcs reacted quickly, fighting off the short stacks under the efficient command of Rrosh-tul Bloodpaw.

With the immediate threat dealt with, the orcs followed through with their previously discussed plan, the group making their way down the stairs to the courtyard! The temple constructs formed defensive lines against the undead, creating a path to the western hallway and the first rune that the orc would have to disable! The orcs sprinted through the small zone of safety created by the stone constructs, one them moving to stand in front of the door to the hallway once all of the orcs were inside.

The western hallway was dimly lit, with many of the orcs sensing the ill feeling of twisted blood magic get stronger and stronger despite the protection offered by Gashuk's enchantment. It wasn't long before the source of the feeling was unveiled, a large blood totem surrounded by a number of what looked to be the drained corpses of Bwonsamdi's followers.

The totem exuded a very large amount of energy, using its powers to defend itself as the orcs prepared to strike! It used weakening magics to drain orcs of energy, but luckily, only a few were affected! The rest made their move, and in a combination of starlight, arrows, reversing the blood magics and brute force, the totem was torn asunder! The first rune was deactivated, and Gashuk took the remenants of the totems power to restore his drained energy.

The group then returned to the doorway, where a plan was made. The construct would move, and then Vin'scadrial, a demon hunter follower of the clan, would burn away any of the dead that managed to squeeze past and into the safe line made by the stone golems. And to everyone's elation, the plan succeeded, the orcs making their way to the southern hallway.

As the construct stood in front of the door of the hallway, the entire passageway was dark, orcs unable to see much more than a few feet ahead. The sound of bone of stone alerted that they were certainly not alone... Some of the orcs created artificial light with their magics, guiding them all down to the main room of the hallway. It was there they were greeted by undead! But not the same undead as aboveground. These were purely skeletal, swirling spheres of blood resting in their chest cavities. They turned to the orcs as they approached, more of them climbing out of their various coffins. The fight was on!

And what a fight it was. Through steel and spell, the orc carved through the strange undead, their cores of blood falling to the floor. Before long, only one remained, damaged and on its last legs. However, it then did something strange. It drawed on the power of its fallen comrades cores, using them to empower himself in a case of swirling bloodied armour! But even this empowered state wasn't enough to stand against the valor of the Red Blade, the foul undead soon returning to the ground.

The second rune was deactivated with his death, but at a certain cost. Borrock, friend of the clan, was stabbed through the abdomen with a rusted blade... Normally, such a wound would surely be fatal. However, Borrock seems to be no normal orc, his strange fel-infused allowing him to survive the injury and even very quickly removed after having the blade taken out. Certainly an oddity, that orc is.

With the second rune dealt with, the group repeated their plan to make it safely through the infestation of the dead in the courtyard and make their way to the final hallway on the east. Unlike the last one, this hallway was well lit, seemingly by some form of magics coming from the main room ahead...

In the main room, a number of living blood trolls were positioned at the outskirts of the room, each monitoring their own ghastly spell kept on a captive spirit that floats before each of them. They seemed to be ever so slowly draining the spirits' power to keep the lich's final rune active! The orcs were certainly not going to stand for this, the group using stealth to sneak up on the trolls and dispatch and number of them before they even realised what was happening! The rest soon fell, but the spirits still were trapped in their spells! Luckily, Gashuk found various talismans on the bodies of the trolls, and upon their destruction, the spirits were freed from the foul spells grasp! As thanks for their efforts, the spirits blessed them with power, strength that were certainly be needed considering the lich's barrier was now gone!

As the orcs hurriedly formed a plan the lich called out: “So, Bwonsamdi's pets think that they can stand against me! I have consumed countless souls while you have been scurrying about underground... Come then! Try your luck if you dare!” The orcs applied their former plan to make their way through the courtyard and up the stairs to the lich, finally facing him down. Shadowbolts went flying in all directions, the lich demonstrating his great power. Orcs retaliated, striking at the lich's body and causing some quite noticeable wounds!

But as all with knoweldge of the dead know, liches need their phylactery destroyed to be truly defeated. Vin'scadrial used her demonic sight to try and look for the object and... it was on his person? While it had special defences placed upon it, why on Azeroth would he keep such an important thing on him in this dangerous situation? Either way, it soon became the focus for attacks as Gashuk disabled the defences and Vin'scadrial broke the thing apart!

The fight should have been over but... the lich still lived. What was going on? The orcs had no choice but to carry on, soon managing to cause enough damage to the lich's physical form to cause him to meet his temporary end.

Orcs stood confused at what just occurred as all of the undead fell unmoving upon the lich's demise. A construct soon walked up holding something. Something strange. It was the lich's phylactery! Soon all was revealed as a laughing trollish figure appeared in a flash of spectral energy before the orcs, taking the phylactery from the construct. Orcs questioned what was going on, they did not understand! “Ya didn't think he actually had dis ting on him did ya?” The loa laughed. “Ya were a good... distraction. Don't ya worry... I'll be keeping to our little deal.”  The orcs continued to wonder and question, before the loa sent them all away! “Remove ya from me temple! But I have a feeling I'll be seein' some of ya soon...” The figure looked to Dhak, a friend of the clan. “Real soon.”

With the situation at the temple sorted, the orcs slowly made their our out of the temple and back to their camp at the ruins, using the rest of the night to try and take in all of the strange things that just occurred.


Self view:
Nakobu believes himself to be morally just. Unlike many whom doubt themselves and what they have done, Nakobu strictly follows the ethics shown to him by his grandfather. Humanity, tolerance, kindness, generosity, honesty, forgiveness, redemption. To him, these are the pillars of his life, and all he has done is in accordance with these values. Despite his wish to learn more of the orcish side of himself and the orcs in general, he knows that no matter what he learns, these pillar will forever stay strong. For they are what make him, him.

Views of others:

Kyrazha Throatrender
Spoiler: show
Throatrender is the one whom Nakobu holds the highest degree of respect for in the clan. While he does not know the full extent of her past, such as why she speaks similar to the trolls of this world, he does not need to know it to understand that she is a good person with a strong sense of morals that align with his own in many ways.

Throatrender was one of the first to put her trust in him despite his own past, helping him through much of the difficulties that occurred when he first joined the clan. If there was ever a problem that Nakobu needed one of the clan's leaders for, Throatrender would be his first port of call every time.

Rhonya Steelheart
Spoiler: show
Steelheart is Nakobu's tutor, the one whom is guiding him to become a fully-fledged member of the clan. She was also one of the first few to put her trust into him, even so much as to tell him her own personal struggles upon joining the clan; struggles that Nakobu can relate to greatly. He knows that should he ever need someone to talk to about issues, Steelheart would be there for him.

Gaar'thok Fireye
Spoiler: show
Fireye was the first orc to learn of Nakobu's past and skill in the Light. While Fireye at first attempted to dissuade him to turn to a new path in life, upon learning of it's importance he has since supported Nakobu in gaining the rest of the clan's trust. Nakobu knows that if he is ever in need of wisdom, Fireye is the one to turn to.

Spoiler: show
”When one has been angry for a very long time, one gets used to it. It becomes comfortable, like old leather. And finally, it becomes so familiar that one cannot remember feeling any other way.” A quote passed onto Nakobu from his grandfather on the topic of hatred. One that Nakobu feels applies to Grarshak very well. It is clear as the moon rising and the sun setting in the evening that Grarshak has a deep seated hatred for him and what he represents.

While he understands his pain upon seeing his draenic ways and his weaving of the Light, Nakobu wishes that Grarshak would be able to move past these things and to see him for who he really is. He fears that if Grarshak's hatred is left for too long, it will soon be too late to do anything about it.

Spoiler: show
Nakobu feels that Urzoga is a strong orc, and a good friend. She may not be the most physically strong or healthy of the clan, but she has a will to carry on that Nakobu greatly admires. Having lost her memories, she pushes on as best she can, proving that even despite not knowing her past, she is a worthy member of the clan.

Nakobu does wonder what may happen when Urzoga recovers her memories, however. Will the 'current her' disappear? Will she stay with the clan? Will she leave? He does not know. But whatever the case, he'll be there if she needs him.

Kargnar Bloodpaw
Spoiler: show
”There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute. Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions.” A quote passed on from his grandfather that fittingly comes to mind when Nakobu thinks of Bloodpaw and his views. Originally, Bloodpaw was the one to welcome him into the clan. To explain to him that he is welcome despite his different views and experiences.

However, after a dispute over the Code, it is clear that in reality, this is not the case. Bloodpaw holds a position of power. A position that he, in Nakobu's mind, is not fit for. He attempted to force his view of the Code onto Nakobu in what became essentially became a drumhead against Nakobu's own views, as well as attempting to assassinate Throatrender's moral character before a group to try and win his argument. Because of this event and its consequences, Nakobu views the orc in a poor light, avoiding coming to him with issues whenever possible. While he does feel like this concerning Bloodpaw at present, Nakobu does hope that one day the orc will change for the better. For the better of himself and those he leads.

Karnna Blackfeather
Spoiler: show
Nakobu can't help but have a sense of unease concerning Blackfeather. While she seems to care greatly about the clan and its orcs, he can no longer completely ignore the warning given by Iseal about the darkness that surrounds her. While his anxieties and tiredness called him to publicly exclaim these worries, something he regrets doing, he can't help but feel something bad will happen surrounding the orc sooner or later. Whether that is because of her recklessness, the darkness that surrounds her, or otherwise. Despite all of this however, Nakobu wishes that he could believe in the orc fully. Perhaps he will be able to, in time.

Razaron Madeye
Spoiler: show
A Varog'Gor like Throatrender. At times, Madeye comes across as insane as some as the ones whom escaped from the anchorites of Shattrath's mental institutes. However at others, he can seem as wise as the most veteran of leaders. Nakobu has a feeling that there is something still to learn concerning this orc.

Naroga Wolfstride
Spoiler: show
In a similar vein to Grarshak, it is quite clear at a mere glance that Wolfstride isn't Nakobu's greatest fan. However, this feeling of dislike is not mutual. In time, he is sure that they will come to an understanding.

Kran Twinaxe
Spoiler: show
An orc with a strong sense of honour, and one that has defended Nakobu from various ill directed his way since he joined the clan. Though he may not always think things through, he has become notably more controlled as of late, clearly wishing to prove his worth. And proving it is he is, inspiring Nakobu to further believe that it will be possible to prove his own self in due time.

Friends outside the Clan:

Spoiler: show
A small tauren child and one of the druids of the Cenarion Circle. While she may seem to be quite young, she clearly has a great mind, often being one of the only ones speaking any common sense. While her druidic ways seem strange and different to him, it is obvious that it is a valid path for one to follow. Even if the transformations are a bit unsettling at times.

Spoiler: show
A blood elven demon hunter. Due to the tale passed on the by the night elves that once fought on Draenor, Nakobu was afraid of Vin'scadrial when she first appeared. However, she proved that not all tales tell the full truth from every angle. While she is certainly fearsome with the power she wields, it is clear that she is a good person at heart.

Spoiler: show
When Nakobu witnessed the brutal killing of a prisoner at the hands of the clan and the zandalari, Zapdrill was the one to talk him down and explain things from the perspective of this world. By showing her view on things, Nakobu was able to focus on the more important realisations of the incident than just the shock of the killing. To him, Zapdrill has proved that 'goblin' meaning 'parasite' in Draenei is a mere coincidence and nothing more.

Spoiler: show
Nakobu views Dhak as an unsure orc whom has been through a very harrowing experience. While he cannot completely understand what it is Dhak is going through or what he can do to aid the orc, Nakobu is willing to lend a hand in whatever way he can so that Dhak may start to move on and look to the future, rather than the past.
Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
May 16, 2019, 08:29:26 PM

Nakobu by ShadowPriest! (
Red Blade Records / Nakobu
May 04, 2019, 02:17:10 AM

                                                                                                               Nakobu by ShadowPriest

Name: Nakobu Shadowbreaker
Alias: 'Lightflinger', 'Light-marked one'
Rank: Clan Follower

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Mag'har Orc
Clan: Bleeding Hollow
Class: Priest
Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral Good

Family: Vedaan (Adoptive grandfather, deceased), Meri 'Skint' Soulwalker (Mate), Kind-ear (Wolf companion)
Known Friends: Kyrazha Throatrender, Rhonya Steelheart, Tahara Beastgrin, Tagrok Valorwind, Har'kuna Spiritsong, Urzoga Unbroken and others of the clan.
Known Enemies: Burning Legion, Undead (Forced or mindless), a particular Loa.

Nakobu stands at an average height, with dark brown skin and a fairly developed muscle mass for an orc of his age, showing that he at least does some modicum of exercise to keep in good physical health.
He has citrine yellow eyes, along with a face that is normally calm, relaxed and kind in appearance. His brown hair is done into a long braid that goes down his back. His beard done also into braids, being three separate ones. Both his hair and beard braids are adorned with metal rings and cloth as accessories.

Something instantly notable about Nakobu would be his accent - being clearly draenei in origin. He often speaks a bit slower to ensure he's better understood.
(Link to Nakobu's 'Character Voices' post!)

Notable scars:
Since joining the Red Blades, Nakobu has gained a fair few light scars here and there across his body. Some are more obvious and notable however:
- Stab from a dagger to his right side, angled up towards his organs. Caused by Tagrok Valorwind while afflicted by mind control.
- Slash from a dagger across his left palm. Self-inflicted for his mating oath to Meri Soulwalker.
- Slash from a dagger across his right palm. Self-inflicted for his oath to the clan.

Nakobu is a very soft-hearted orc, one ruled by his sense of right and wrong. He is exceptionally stubborn when it comes to bending his code of ethics, unwilling to take action that he personally believes to be wrong.
He is also very, very curious, often barraging people with questions upon meeting them in order to get to know them better and become friends. Sadly, he often doesn't quite realise how much of annoyance he might be to said people as he launches volley after volley of prying questions...
When seeing someone in distress or trouble, Nakobu often feels compelled to help that person in whatever way he can â€" regardless of whether they have actually asked for help or not.
Nakobu tends to get over-emotional at many things, his worries often appearing to him as a much bigger deal than they actually often are in reality.

Spoiler: show

Nakobu was born to two orcs from the Bleeding Hollow, where they lived manning one of the clan's smaller outposts in the Tanaan Jungle. During the 'good years' of Draenor, this outpost was razed by Legion remnants, Nakobu only surviving by chance when a group of draenei vindicators came to investigate the demonic presence.

Nakobu was severely weakened from the exposure to the fel-energies of the demons' razing when the vindicators came across him. To send such a weak infant back to an orcish clan would have surely resulted in his demise â€" so the vindicators took the child back to Shattrath. With the child so highly exposed to the fel, particular treatment was needed.

Vedaan, a former anchorite of the Aldor was called upon by one of the vindicators, the priest purifying the weakness sickening Nakobu. Though it was indeed purified, a close eye still needed to be kept... so the vindicators were instructed to take the young boy to Shattrath's orphanage. It was there he was left, the carers given no information on the boy other than a name. 'Nakobu'.

As he grew a bit older, Nakobu was eventually adopted by that same Vedaan whom cured him, Vedaan now worked as a trader in his retirement, moving goods and offering services to the many different races of Draenor. Nakobu came to refer to Vedaan as his grandfather, the draenei taking the boy along the length and breadth of Draenor as he worked.

During their numerous travels, Vedaan taught Nakobu what he knew of the Light and his personal values associated with it. The young orc picked up using the Light at quite the pace, being able to learn the various techniques shown to him and memorise holy texts with relative ease.

Things carried on in this manner all through the 'good years', until the eventual rise of the Lightbound in draenei society. The 'Light Mother' made her demands of a world united in following the Light, and the draenei leaders convinced the vast majority of the population to follow in her vision.

Vedaan, however, did not agree with such a vision. To him, it stood against all the values he held, all the values that he passed onto Nakobu over the years. He spoke out, using his weight as a former Aldori to attempt to persuade those he could from their current path. As a result, Vedaan was dragged out to the centre of Shattrath by the vindicators to be made an example of.

Nakobu could only watch as the vindicators called for his grandfather to revoke his previous statements â€" or face the consequences. And face the consequences he did, for his demise did Vedaan meet upon the vindicator's hammer. Upon seeing this act â€" and the acts of the Lightbound subsequently, Nakobu's faith in the Light was shaken, resulting in him only being able to call on it in the slightest of ways.

After his grandfather's passing, Nakobu was forced into service as an artificer's apprentice for the Lightbound, due to him taking the art as hobby previously. He was put to work developing and maintaining a number of different devices and equipment. It was during this time that he was quietly approached by a group who's aim was to aid draenei and mag'har whom wished to escape the reach of the Lightbound.

This group had men and women in the majority of the different sectors of the Lightbound war effort, from the vindicators to the anchorites, from the artificers to the administrators. And so he spent the entirety of the war working alongside this group in secret, fighting on the front-lines to reduce the number of lives taken via artificer artillery and to attempt to convince those he could to lay down their arms so that they may survive and escape at a later date.

This continued until the march upon Beastwatch, one of the last bastions of the Mag'har. Before the battle began, Nakobu sent a number of the artillery he had helped built into a haywire state â€" using it as a distraction to run north to the mag'har base. He ran, all with almost assuredly futile the goal of convincing those he could to lay down their arms when the Lightbound army came. However, as he neared the base... everything flashed white. As his vision cleared, an orange land surrounded him. A different sky above his head. He might not have known it, but he was in Azeroth. And there he would have to stay.

Things you may know about this character:
- He seeks to learn what it means to be an orc and the various orcish ways of doing things. He hopes being a part of the Red Blade clan will allow him to eventually come to understand his heritage.
- He is a devout follower of the Light.
- He has the understanding to work as a draenic artificer â€" though his lack of proper tools causes his projects to take a exceptionally long time to complete.
- He gets overly worried about even minor things very easily.

Things you may not know about this character:
Spoiler: show

- He casually practiced Jed'hin in his youth, the sport being one of the reasons he enjoys keeping himself in good physical health.
- Unbeknownst to Nakobu, being in an area saturated with excessive fel energy (or being directly affected by the magic) makes him physically unwell due to previous high exposure.


Additional art:
Spoiler: show

Nakobu by Rhonazha:

Nakobu, Meri and Bwonsamdi by Link:

Nakobu and Meri by Veritasket:

Nakobu by Trinkety:

Pin-Up Style Nakobu by Gufy:

Game Related / Re: BfA - Screenshot comeptition!
February 20, 2019, 02:45:22 AM

<Nar'thak stares at the blighted corpse of the friend he promised he'd save. Mal’garr lies in a funeral pyre ship, one of Nar’thak’s necklace beads resting in his burning hand. Even now, after all Nar'thak's done to become the orc he is now, some things just can't seem to change.>

(( Rest in peace, Mal'garr! This was one of my most memorable (and sad!) moments from RP so far, so I’m glad I had a screenshot of it! ))
Applications / Re: Application: Thranog Proudfang
January 25, 2019, 01:59:13 AM
Interviewed and accepted! Welcome to the clan!
Red Blade Records / Re: Nar'thak Strongarm
January 10, 2019, 07:02:46 PM
(( Updated with a list of belongings as well as a timeline. Please give me a poke if you have ever given Nar an item and I have not listed it here! ))
Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
January 09, 2019, 08:31:46 PM
Although I posted it in the discord a while back, I thought I might as well post my bit of commissioned art in this thread along with everyone elses stuff! There were a fair few orcs that were potentially interested in getting one done by her, so I'll post the link in here as well! While she's currently closed due to an injury, I've recently heard that she will be returning fairly soon to do more commisssions.

Nar'thak Strongarm

Self view:
Selfish. Ever since the lifing of the Blood Curse, his every action has been to relieve himself of the guilt that constantly fills his mind. After years of toiling and fighting in the name of the Horde and his people's future, nothing changed.It was only his encounter in Pandaria and becoming a monk that gave him an ever so slight peace from his past. And so he continues his training, this time among the clan.

While he has come to care for his clan-orcs and their wellbeing, he knows deep down that the real reason for all his hard work is to grow that tiny sliver of inner peace, praying it might finally give him freedom.

Views of others:

Spoiler: show
Nar'thak's very passive turtle. Originally belonging to one of the late groundskeepers of the Temple, Feng sits around the same age as the elder orc. Nothing seems to phase or bother the large shelled beast, seemingly approaching every situation the clan puts him in with complete apathy - whether that be yet another shipwreck or a full scale battle.
Nar'thak has grown very fond of the beast in the few years he has spent with it, refusing any calls his fellow orcs make to instead ride a wolf like the rest of them.

Mal'garr Firefist
Spoiler: show
The first orcish warlock he had seen in near a decade, Nar'thak distrusted the orc when they first met. However, Nar'thak put the clan's Code into practice, forcing himself to view the warlock only on his honour - despite his possible past misdeeds. And show honour he did. While many of the clan were never to see many of his deeds, Nar'thak often personally witnessed his acts of honour, the pair forming a strange friendship. Mal'garr's corrupted body gave Nar'thak no end of issues, the fel-magic within resisting his mending whenever the warlock got injured. This ultimately lead to his death, the blight not being able to be cleansed despite his and other orcs efforts. Nar'thak feels deep regret at failing to save him from death, despite knowing full well that no mender can save everyone.

With Mal'garr's great-grandson, Zul'garr, making an appearence with his 'Lady', Nar'thak has reason to worry about the warlock once more, his spirit seeming now serving this strange being. Time will tell if this servitude is voluntary, or forced.

Zul'garr Firefist
Spoiler: show
An orcish 'sailor' with an accent thick as kodohide, but more importantly, Mal'garr's great-grandson. While Nar'thak had his suspicions from the name, but it was the mirroring of his great-grandfather as he smiled or laughed that really clued the fact they were related. Zul'garr has caused quite a few problems since joining the clan, once more mirroring his problem prone great-grandfather; arguments, his attitude, as well as his mysterious 'Lady' all causing a stir.

Nar'thak doesn't trust the 'Lady' nor the powers she grants, even more so since seeing her with Mal'garr's spirit in tow. Despite this, as long as the being keeps it's distance and allows Zul'garr to keep using his powers to aid the clan, he is content to simply keep an eye on things. Since Steelskull dropped the orc from his tutlage, Nar'thak has taken up the role of mentor. He feels a duty to the orc, wanting to keep him from any dark paths he may tread, knowing that him joining the clan will keep him much safer than setting him back loose upon the open seas.

Lom'rak Steelskull
Spoiler: show
An orc with a few years on Nar'thak, a fact Steelskull seems fond reminding him of. A skilled warrior, leader and blacksmith, Nar'thak holds a lot of respect for the one-armed orc. However, the thing that makes him respect the elder the most is the fact that he still lives, not having fallen to his past - something Nar'thak is sure would have happened to him without his fateful encounter in Pandaria.
Despite all this, Steelskull is clearly no super-solider. Nar'thak holds a concern for the orc being so prone to going into a blood rage, endangering himself and all those around him.

Rhonya Steelheart
Spoiler: show
At first, he wondered why she was so overjoyed when he told her that he trained at the Temple of the Jade Serpent. He soon found out why, orcs left and right in the clan constantly getting injured. Nar'thak is thankful to the tutoring of Steelheart during his time as a New Blood, the training allowing him to fully become part of the clan. He feels a great amount of respect and trust to the she-orc because of this, knowing she's there if ever needed.

Kyrazha Throatrender
Spoiler: show
While Nar'thak finds Throatrender to be a strange one, he rather enjoys her company, now fairly used to her trollish way of talking. With her being raised by a troll and having a Laughing Skull heritage, it's not exactly a surprise she's as how she is. Nar'thak often comes to the she-orc to complain about the so called 'fortune teller' and the various irritations he brings.

Kozgugore Feraleye
Spoiler: show
Clearly a competent and wise leader, Nar'thak holds a good deal of respect for the orc. However, he knows next to nothing about him, having never had the chance to properly ask and find out more about the ever busy chieftain who leads them.

Okiba Spearbreaker
Spoiler: show
A fellow monk, though one that more specialises in the martial side of things. Nar'thak respects the orc, particularly in his drive to better himself and his fellows. Nar'thak trusts in the orc's leadership skills, though its clear there is a need to learn when to take a back seat and simply follow orders.

Uron Lonetusk
Spoiler: show
A kind orc, and one Nar'thak finds himself rather fond of. Nar'thak is pleased to see that Uron makes an effort in improve his literacy skills, unlike many of the other orcs in the clan who need improving in said area. Nar'thak often gives him lessons to be able to read more than just the basic grunt's orders Uron is used to, having him read the various tomes and stories he's translated from pandaren.

Kargnar Bloodpaw
Spoiler: show
A former Rrosh'tul of the clan, and one very, very unlucky orc. Nar'thak finds he's often having to mend and fix the various injures this orc sustains, from maces to the head, to blight in the lungs, to poorly mended broken arms.
Despite his poor luck, Nar'thak feels that it won't be long before Bloodpaw takes a place as one of the clan's Rrosh'tul once more, confident that he can do the role justice.

Vraxxar Wildmark
Spoiler: show
A skilled tracker, hunter and leatherworker. Nar'thak feels he gets on well with the fellow Gosh'kar, often times looking to the activites he does for some insight to what his future training in Path of Wisdom might hold.

Karnna Blackfeather
Spoiler: show
A mysterious orc, one that Nar'thak knows little about. Not long after he joined the clan, a fair bit of controversy surrounded the she-orc, her use of the shadow magics as well as potential links with a group of humans. She seems to follow a doctrine of achieving her planned end using whatever means, soemthing Nar'thak is not always very pleased about.
Despite this, she is clearly an intelligent orc, and one that cares for the welfare of the clan. Nar'thak does however find himself a bit offput when finally notices her in the background. She wasn't there a second ago...

Spoiler: show
Simply referred to as 'fortune teller', Nar'thak finds Siyahgosh irritating. He finds his way of speaking, irritating. He finds his way of acting, irritating. He finds his apparent pleasure in seeing clan-orcs sad or upset, irritating. Nar'thak often complains about the irritating fortune teller to Throatrender, grumbling about something or other to do with the orc.
Nar'thak recently drew one of the fortune teller's cards, which lead to a pot being smashed over his head and him being sent to the spiritual plane. Needless to say, Nar'thak is hardly pleased.

Spoiler: show
Nar'thak doesn't know too much about the she-orc, despite speaking with her on a number of occasions. She can sometimes seem rather aloof, though Nar'thak finds that he enjoys her company.
He's currently working with her on project to provide identification badges for the clan for their time on the battlefield, something he knows she can more than handle.

Trakmar Beastbane
Spoiler: show
One of the clan's Thur'ruk and an orc for tradition. Despite appearing similar in age, Nar'thak feels he doesn't have too much in common with the mag'har - aside from them both walking the Path of Wisdom.
Nar'thak respects the orc as a Thur'ruk, coming to him for guidance in his journey as a Gosh'kar. He hopes Beastbane will eventually come round to his way of mending, even if it is not exactly traditional - for an orc at least.

Kogra Windwatcher
Spoiler: show
Another of the clan's Thur'ruk, Nar'thak doesn't know too much about Windwatcher, due to not having much of a chance to speak with her and his progress on the Path of Wisdom often being dealt with by Beastbane.
While he may not know much about the she-orc, he respects her reaching the rank of Thur'ruk, not being an easy mountain to climb. He does wonder if the tale about her sight being lost due to her mending is true, however...

Kai'gron Ripclaw
Spoiler: show
The memory that comes to Nar'thak when thinking about Ripclaw was one of the first times he saw him in combat. No running in yelling warcries for this orc. Instead, it was up in a tree, yanking up any unlucky enough to get caught by his vine.
Nar'thak feels that he can rely on Ripclaw, seeing him as one of the more capable orcs of the clan. He's also rather fond of Ripclaw's young wolf, Koba, though he keeps a wary distance - just in case the wolf decides to try and nip at him.

Razaron Madeye
Spoiler: show
Nar'thak finds Madeye to be an... odd orc. Strange dancing, questionable potions and far too many 'jokes' about eating Feng all to come to mind when Nar'thak thinks of Madeye. He certainly lives up to his name.

Noshmarak Ironclaw
Spoiler: show
The current Rrosh'tul of the clan and one of the orcs from the 'other Draenor'. Nar'thak hasn't spoken much with the Rrosh'tul, only really having one brief conversation after staring at his severed hand. It seems he leads his orcs in the Path of Strength well enough to protect the clan, something Nar'thak can easily respect.

Friends of the Clan:

Zouyo Rainclaw
Spoiler: show
An old pandaren monk, and a welcome sight for Nar'thak. Having what must be tenfold the experience as a monk that he has, Nar'thak respects his abilities, but more than that, his skill in controlling volatile situations - something the clan's orcs get themselves into far too much.

Luciouz Dalton
Spoiler: show
About the only forsaken that Nar'thak feels he can put any trust in. Sometimes overexcitable, sometimes rather meek, Dalton is certainly a strange yet kind one. He seems to be one of the small number of his kind that appear to give much of a damn about the living, having used his skills as a surgeon to aid those in the clan on mutliple occasions.

The Campfire / Re: [Story] Soldier
October 11, 2018, 12:18:32 AM
Great story, Okiba! Really enjoyed it.
The Campfire / Re: An Initiate's Task
October 11, 2018, 12:15:26 AM
Paragraphs have been cut into more readable sizes, along with some grammar correction. Thank you to Manata for the great feedback!
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Thanks Okiba!
The Campfire / An Initiate's Task
October 08, 2018, 10:55:49 PM
Nar'thak leaned forward against the side of the goblin barge, eyeing the small fishing village of Sri-La as the vessel began to dock. The multi-levelled village lay in darkness, not a single lantern or house having been lit. The great mogu statue that towered over the town was visible only by the faint light of the moon, the figure casting it's shadow against the cliffs behind it.  Normally fishermen would be seen sitting in their boats by lamplight, but instead their vessels lay empty, dragged up onto the shore. Not even the tavern, where tales would be spun and laughter would roar right until the early morning, sat in silence.

“Hey, hey! Where's our welcome party, huh?!” yelled the goblin captain, his frustrated voice breaking the silence. Nar'thak grunted in response, finding the lack of activity to be strange for pandaren, a race that always aimed to live 'in the moment'. He walked his way down the gangplank to the pier, leaving the goblin huffing and puffing about the lack of welcome.

The old orc was closely followed by Feng, the wood creaking under the turtle's weight. Nar'thak's gaze moved from house to house as the pair began their ascent up the village's many stairs, making their way towards the path into the greater Jade Forest. Each home had it's doors locked tight, the windows blocked with bamboo blinds or dark cloth. Strangely, outside each door lay a small fireworks launcher, preloaded and pointed heavenward. “For some festival or another, I presume.” Nar'thak thought, shrugging to himself. The launchers serpentine visages gleamed in the moonlight, making it seem as if they were almost watching the pair as they made their way higher.

Eventually, Nar'thak climbed his way to the summit of the stairs, looking up further along the path. Just like in the village, none of the lanterns that adorned the sides of the road were lit. “Ghrm, the lamplighters all on strike or something?” Nar'thak sighed to himself as he clambered up onto Feng,  rummaging through his packs for a small set of matches. He lit the two lanterns that hung at Feng's sides, causing them to emit their faint amber light.

The pair pushed on further into the forest, the trees soon forming a roof-like canopy, leaving only the glow of the lanterns to guide their path. They soon passed Greenstone Village, the situation being the exact same as previous; doors were locked, windows blocked, and no light to be seen. Nar'thak grunted once more, pushing Feng further onward, north to the Arboretum.

Pandaria is a land with very few changes from season to season, the Jade Forest especially so. There was one change however that Nar'thak was particularly pleased about as he and Feng pulled into the seemingly ever-blooming orchard. During the autumn and winter months, the huge wasps that often plagued the wood were much fewer in number, and certainly less daring. Nar'thak shuddered at the thought of the creatures as he made his way towards the gigantic locked gates of the Temple.

He knocked the large brass handles hard against the wood of the door, the sound echoing into the night. The hurried sound of wood of sliding across wood responded to the knocking before the grand gates creaked open, a hissing voice calling out. “What do you think you are doing?! Why are you not in your home?!” A young pandaren poked his head around the door, a scowl on his face. He looked to the old orc, his expression soon softening. “Ah, disciple Nar'thak! You have returned! Come in, quickly now!” The pandaren pushed the gates open wider, allowing the orc and turtle to pass through.

Nar'thak's gaze moved over the temple grounds. Dark. Empty. The opposite to how it should be. He looked to the pandaren shoving the massive gates shut. “Mind telling me exactly what is going on here?” asked Nar'thak, sending a questioning look the pandaren's way. “You have have bad timing, my friend.” replied the pandaren, sliding the large wooden beam back into place. The pandaren, clad in the heavy armour of the temple guard, turned to face Nar'thak. “The saurok on the Windward Isle have risen to great numbers these past few weeks. All of the Order and even the majority of our monks here at the temple have had to rush in an attempt to push them back.”

Nar'thak nodded slowly, looking over to the pavilion where students of the Order of the Cloud Serpent would normally spend their time learning and training. The pandaren continued: “This incursion, as you can imagine, has thrown the serpents of the isle into a frenzy. One especially so. It lost everything. Its children, its mate, its home. In its despair, it has been taken and twisted by the remnants of the Sha. It now flies around the Jade Forest at night, attacking anything it can see. And with everyone dealing with the situation at the isle...”. “No one is there to challenge it.” Nar'thak replied, frowning. The pandaren nodded, a frustrated look on his face. Stepping down from Feng, Nar'thak took off his blade, shoving it into the paws of the guard. “Then wait here.” Nar'thak stated. The pandaren began to question and protest, but the orc had already turned heel and ran towards the village that lay nestled in the corner of the grounds.

As Nar'thak made his way through the settlement, Beastbane's words rang in his head. “...slay it using only what your surroundings can provide you with. No magic, no weapons of your own.” “If said armoury be the wilds, I shan't complain.”. Nar'thak rubbed his head in thought. “I wouldn't exactly call him a weapon... And he's certainly of the wild.” said Nar'thak as he pushed a pair of small wooden gates open into a large garden.

A pair of cerulean eyes shone in the dark, staring at the old orc as he made his entrance. Nar'thak shut the gate behind him, their gazes soon meeting. “Zhang! Good to see you are not flying around in some far corner of Pandaria as usual. Decided to actually listen to Master Yao for once?”. The serpent snaked it's way forward out the shadow, the moonlight now shining off it's sunset coloured scales. The beast appeared as if it was sneering in response to the orc's question.

Zhang. The companion of Nar'thak's master, and a very temperamental thing. Nar'thak had learned to ride the great cloud serpents on the back of him, but the creature always found it ever so amusing to twist and turn mid-flight, dumping him into the sea or to the ground. Nar'thak strode over to it, giving it a firm pat on the back. The creature kept on staring the orc down, a knowing look now upon it's face. “You can already tell what needs be done, hrm?” muttered Nar'thak as he walked over to a corner of the garden, breaking off a large piece of bamboo to use as a makeshift spear. He then made his way back and threw a nearby saddle over the serpent climbing on top. “Then don't try and throw me off this time!”. Nar'thak was sure a smirk appeared on the serpent's face,  Zhang now rising higher and higher as he took off. The great beast pushed on, bursting through the thin layer of grey clouds that loomed over the land and into the open night sky, letting out an ear-splitting roar. It wasn't long until that roar got a response.

A bellowing cry echoed from below the clouds. Nar'thak gripped onto his spear, looking down to Zhang before speaking: “Well that certainly got it's attention. Just try to keep a good distance, hrm?”. Zhang was visibly tensed, the serpent's eyes darting from left to right. Nar'thak suddenly felt a very familiar feeling begin to close in upon him, quickly sending a sharp kick to Zhang's left side in response. The serpent's body recoiled and twisted away from the blow, just as what looked like a beam of dark energy ripped though the clouds to his left. Through those clouds came the awaited serpent; a twisted, demented avatar of madness. Sha growths covered it's body, a shadowy swirling mist surrounding it.

Pure despair and sadness flooded from the creature as it screamed at the pair, rushing them with fang and claw. Zhang quickly responded to the charge, flying headlong into battle, the pair of serpents twisting and turning as Zhang dodged the Sha's blows. Nar'thak lashed out with his spear, carving away at the large Sha growths that stuck out whenever the serpent drew near. The serpents flew through the skies before they crashed down through the clouds.

Further  and further away from the Temple they drifted as it continued, the battle now raging above the town of Dawn's Blossom. Over the war cries of the beasts, a large bell chimed out, Nar'thak looking down at the noise still clinging as talon and maw clashed around him. What he saw was small shining objects located outside each and every house of the town. He saw pandaren rushing out their doors torches in hand. His eye went wide, quickly yanking hard on Zhang's reins and directing him away from the combat with the monstrous creature. The serpent protested, wanting to stay in the thick of it until it heard the screech of the rockets. The fireworks blasted up into the air from their shining launchers, their shrieking and whistling drowning out everything else. Zhang soon disengaged from his foe, leaving the Sha-serpent floating alone as the countless fireworks erupted around it in a kaleidoscopic explosion.

The pandaren cheered as the serpent was sent flying to the ground in a smouldering heap, crashing into the deep wilds a ways outside town. Nar'thak directed Zhang to land, leaping from the prideful serpent. The serpent narrowed it's eyes, looking to the orc as he dismounted. “You have my thanks, Zhang. Perhaps you can be cooperative after all?” said Nar'thak with a grin. The serpent huffed in response, Nar'thak giving the serpent a firm nod before running deep into the forest.

Over roots, through trees and off any known path he ran, chasing the fallen serpent into the wilds. It wasn't hard to tell if he was headed in the right direction; the further he went, the more he felt the negative energy that poured from the beast like a leaked goblin oil rig, staining and ruining the land around it. He ran until he reached a small clearing, the serpent writhing on the ground in it's centre. Burned and bleeding, it stared down the orc.

It breathed a wave of shadow towards Nar'thak, the orc diving to the side just in the knick of time, the place he stood scarred black. The elder went into a sprint, running at the serpent, dodging and rolling away from the foul magics it spat at him with each step. With the gap finally closed, Nar'thak slammed his spear across the snout of the beast, stopping it's next gout of darkness. It retaliated by slashing it's mutated claws at the orc, slicing through his staff and cutting through his right leg. Nar'thak roared in pain, dropping his broken weapon and grasping the serpent's flailing limb, yanking it forward. He twisted it into a complex pandaren joint lock, snapping the bone in two. The beast shrieked, Nar'thak following up the blow by grabbing two parts of his broken spear from the dirt and throwing himself at the serpent's side.

He quickly clambered up onto the creature's back, clinging to it's scales as the beast shook and jolted in an attempt to fling him off. Slowly, Nar'thak crawled his way to the serpent's head, shoving a shard of the staff deep into it's right eye socket. The serpent screeched out in pain, flailing around ever more desperately to knock the orc off it's head. Nar'thak hung on tight against the flailing snake, reaching down and driving the last remainder of the weapon deep into it's final eye. The serpent's screeching suddenly cut out as the beast seized up, it's head falling to the floor, laying motionless. Nar'thak slid off it's hide and crashed into the dirt below, breathing heavily.

The old orc shoved himself to his feet, looking over the corpse of the once great serpent. Sha energy still clung it's flesh as Nar'thak drew his small blade, cutting into the flesh and skinning a portion of the hide. He grimaced as he endured the foul magic, slicing deeper into the beast's body and retrieving various bones, placing them onto the floor.

With the serpent skinned and the bones collected, Nar'thak pulled up a young sapling from the edge of the clearing. He roughly cut it to size, adorning it with the bones and placing the newly, but crudely, made totem before the serpent's body as a sign of respect. Reluctantly picking up the hide, he began the long trek back home.

By the time he reached the Temple, it was dawn, the sun's golden rays casting its warm welcoming glow over the land. Making his way through the temple grounds and back towards the village, the old orc soon stopped in front of small house. Lifting the plant out of a nearby pot, Nar'thak picked the small metal key that lay at the bottom. He pushed it into the lock, turning it and sliding the wooden doors open, peering inside at the dusty interior. At the centre of the room, a large wooden table and two chairs sat, a Jihui board game setup and sitting mid-game upon it.

On the right hand side of the room, a bed was tucked into the corner, a dresser to it's left. Above the bed hung a large banner bearing the colours of the Burning Blade, waving slightly from the light wind coming through the open door. A blademaster's warblade hung alongside it, the blade itself having been shattered into three pieces.

Nar'thak's gaze moved to the other side of the room, where the furniture had been mirrored. A bed in the corner, with a dresser beside it. However, on this side an old and battered shield hung from the wall. The shield's dull metal bore the crest of Stormwind, the blue lion chipped and worn.

Nar'thak made his way inside, sliding the door shut behind him. He walked towards the large table, eyeing over the board game before moving a few select pieces and pushing the game to one end of the table. He walked over to his drawers and began rummaging through them, eventually pulling  out a small needle and thread. Placing the skin and needle down on the table, Nar'thak slumped  into the chair beside it with a deep sigh, slowly closing his eye.
Red Blade Records / Nar'thak Strongarm
September 03, 2018, 09:18:11 PM

Name: Nar'thak Strongarm
Alias: Nar
Rank: Gosh'kar Initiate

Age: 61
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Clan: Burning Blade
Class: Monk
Alignment: Neutral Good

Family: Ro'thar (Brother, deceased), Ashka (Mate, deceased), Sidgar Cailen (Honor-brother), Kargnar Bloodpaw (Blood-brother)
Known Friends: Master Yao, Rhonya Steelheart, Lom'rak Steelskull, Uron Lonetusk, Okiba Spearbreaker, Zouyo Rainclaw, Luciouz Dalton and others of the clan.
Known Enemies: Unknown.

Nar'thak is clearly quite the old orc. While you may not be able to tell the exact number of years he has walked the realm, his wrinkled and worn face shows it must be considerable. He wears an eye patch covering his right eye, his face having a good number of old scars upon it.
His hair is long and a white-silver colour. Part of it is done into two braids, which fall to his chest, the rest of it falling down his back. As for his beard, this is also done into a braid at the chin.
Standing at an average height, Nar'thak is powerfully built, clearly having undergone some intense training. Like his face, his body also has numerous scars, the majority looking quite old and faded.

Nar'thak seems a kind old orc with a calm presence. Always willing to lend a hand and to aid those in need, he is certainly an orc that can be counted on by his fellows.
Having fought in war after war, Nar'thak has grown tired of many of his fellow orc's lust for the battlefield; a feeling that has only grown that much stronger after his years with the peaceful pandaren.

Spoiler: show

• Ro'thar, Nar'thak's brother, is born.

• Ro'thar begins his training as a blademaster.

• Nar'thak is born.
• Nar'thak's mother passes due to an illness not long after his birth.

• Hallvalor attacked by a large warband of marauding ogres, Nar'thak's father dying in its defence.
• Ro'thar is left to raise Nar'thak alone.

• Nar'thak is nearly eaten alive by a Laughing Skull's out of control ravager beast during a Kosh'harg.

• Nar'thak begins his basic fighter's training.
• Nar'thak meets Ashka for the first time.

• Nar'thak fails to be chosen as one to be trained as a blademaster.

• The Burning Blade clan join the formation of the Horde.

• The Burning Blade as well as most other clans begin sporadic attacks on the draenei.

• The majority of the Burning Blade's flameseers become warlocks.

• Nar'thak and Ashka join together as mates.
• Nar'thak joins the orcs gathered for their attack on Karabor.

• Nar'thak drinks the Blood of Mannaroth at the Throne of Kil'jaeden.
• Driven by bloodlust, he joins the march against Shattrath and aids in it's destruction.

• Nar'thak, Ro'thar and the rest of the Burning Blade work alongside the Shattered Hand and the Outcast Arakkoa to conquer the capital of Skyreach.
• Once withtin the city, the orcs betray the Outcasts, killing High and Outcast Arakkoa alike.
• Many High Arakkoa are thrown down into the Pools of Sethe, twisting them into wretched, cursed versions of themselves.

• Construction of the Dark Portal begins.

• Nar'thak and the rest of the Horde pass through the completed Dark Portal.
• The First War begins against the Humans of Azeroth.

• Nar'thak participates in the destruction of numerous human towns and villages.

• Nar'thak joins in the first siege of Stromwind, which ends in stalemate.
• The second siege of Stormwind, in which the gates fall. Nar'thak is among the orcs who raze the city and wipe out the majority of its inhabitants.
• Sidgar Cailen is one of the knights charged with the evacuation of the remaining civilians.

• Start of the Second War.
• The Horde push north into Khaz Modan, trapping the dwarves and gnomes within their cities.
• The Horde sail further north, making landfall in Lordaeron.

• The Horde fights through Hillsbrad, the Hinterlands and Quel'Thalas.
• The Capital City of Lordaeron is sieged, but is met with strong resistance.
• The Horde loses the Second War.

• The orcs split off alone or in small packs, wandering the wilderness. Nar'thak and Ro'thar become split up during this time.
• Nar'thak and Ashka travel alone until they are captured and placed into an internment camp.

• Ashka passes from illness due to the poor conditions within in the internment camp.
• Nar'thak and many other orcs are experimented on by a wizard of the camp, resulting the loss of his right eye.

• The internment camp is freed by Ro'thar and a small warband of orcs.
• The Horde is reformed into the New Horde by Thrall.

• The Horde sails past the Maelstrom to the continent of Kalimdor.
• The Third War begins against the Burning Legion, with the combined mortal forces achieving victory.
• The Horde found their new homeland of Durotar and the orcish city of Orgrimmar.

• Nar'thak and Ro'thar assist in various Horde efforts across Kalimdor, most notably against the silithid in Silithus.

• Nar'thak and Ro'thar join the expedition to Outland.
• Nar'thak is stationed in Thrallmar and Ro'thar in Shadowmoon Valley with the Kor'kron.

• Nar'thak and Ro'thar join the Horde Expedition to Northrend.
• Ro'thar falls to the nerubian forces in Dragonblight.
• Nar'thak fights alongside the Kor'kron and Fordragon forces at the Wrathgate.

• Nar'thak assists in relief work done to aid the Horde's population put in crisis by the Cataclysm.

• Nar'thak sails with the forces headed for the strange southern continent, their ship wrecking after a battle with the Alliance.
• Nar'thak survives the wreckage, being taken to the Temple of the Jade Serpent.
• Nar'thak joins the monks of the Temple and is taught by the supposedly 'mad' Master Yao.
• Sidgar is another student of Yao's, having wound up at the Temple under similar circumstances.
• Nar'thak and Sidgar are taught the Peak of Serenity curriculum, giving them the basics of the pandaren's ways.
• Nar'thak and Sidgar are sent on a journey around Pandaria in order for them to learn how to deal with the Sha.
• Nar'thak and Sidgar become honor-brothers.

• Nar'thak continues his training under Master Yao, specialising the the manipulation of chi.
• Nar'thak learns advanced pandaren medicine under the Temple's apothecaries.

• Nar'thak and Sidgar assist in the defence of Pandaria against the Legion.
• Master Yao leaves for the Wandering Isle in order to join with the monks of the Broken Temple.

• Nar'thak returns to Kalimdor in order to train his skills amongst his own kind.
• Sidgar returns to Stormwind, joining the war effort as a mender.
• Nar'thak joins the Red Blade clan.

In the Footsteps of an Emperor:
Soon to come!

Other stories:
A Journal and a Scroll (Guild Application)
An Initiate's Task

Things you may know about this character:
Nar'thak has spent over six years training under the guidance of the pandaren.
Trains as a monk to chase the ever-elusive 'Inner Peace'.
Fought through the First, Second and Third Wars, as well as served in Outland and Northrend.
Lost his eye in the internment camps to a wizard that had a fondness for testing his magics on the prisoners.

Things you may not know about this character:
Suffers constant nightmares of his acts whilst he was under the effects of the Blood Curse.
He has a close bond with a human named Sidgar Cailen, one he considers to be an honor-brother.
Considers himself to be incredibly selfish, having originally taken up the monk arts solely for himself.
Has a fear of large insect-like creatures.

Spoiler: show

Object:   Created/Gifted by:   Location:
Blademaster's Necklace   Ro'thar   On his person
Cloth Eyepatch   Internment Camp's wizard   On his person
Satchel Bag   Master Yao   On his person
Herbs, brews and other medical supplies   Himself, various vendors   In his bag
Bamboo Monk's Staff   Master Yao   On Feng
Aged Warblade   Ro'thar, repaired by Steelskull   On Feng
Banner of the Burning Blade   Ro'thar   In his home within the Temple Grounds
Basic Cobalt Knife   Horde Expedition quartermaster   In his bag
Bear Hide Armour   Wildmark   On his person, on Feng
Red Blade Tabard   Wildmark   On his person
Red Blade Marks   Himself   In his bag
Link Trinket made of Marks   Steelheart   On his person
Totem to Magor   Himself, items placed upon it taken from battlefields and gifted by others   On Feng
Red Blade Banners   Clan storage   On Feng
Ghost Iron Footguards, Elbowguards and decorative pieces   Temple of the Jade Serpent   On his person, on Feng, decoration used as part of Bear Hide Armour
Dark Talbuk and Red Cloud Serpent Hide Ritual Garb   Himself   On Feng
First War Era Stormwindian Knight's Badge   Sidgar Cailen   On the totem to Magor
Night Elven Tome   Lonetusk   On Feng
Prototype Red Blade Badge   Atar'ka   On his person
Runed Scalemail Gauntlet   Magmafist   On Feng

Views on others in the clan!
Notice Board / OOC Rules
July 03, 2018, 08:40:17 PM
The Rules:
- Arena rules ( No usage of flasks, drums or engineering items etc)
- Stealth only allowed up to 60 seconds.
- No tank or healing spec.
- No bandages allowed.
- No outsider buffs.
- Talents aren't to be changed during the tournament. The talent set you have locked in during your first battle will be locked in for the entire tournament.
- No legendaries!
- Artifacts will be allowed.

These rules are an altered verison of the last tournament's set, if you have any questions please ask!