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Applications / Re: Application: Dharra
June 14, 2021, 12:57:33 AM
Hi there Dharra,

Apologies for the late reply to you on here - not too many check the site that often! You've not done anything wrong at all, please do try again to get in contact with one of us in-game if you are still interested in joining. A /who Orcs of the Red Blade should hopefully help you in getting hold of someone. Alternatively, feel free to add me on Discord (seki#3082) and I can help you from there.

Hopefully we get to hear from / see you soon!
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
August 22, 2020, 07:13:29 PM

I’ve followed my gut towards Dustwallow Marsh. It was a long way, and my wolf rode as fast as it could to get me there. I had to be there. I needed to be there. It called for me.

When I arrived, the swamp was exactly as I remembered it. Murky, gloomy, and unwelcoming. I made my way through the bushes and waded through the water as my skin got infested by mosquitoes. I was lead further and further into the swamp.

Before I knew it, I stood eye-to-eye with a crocolisk. It hissed, and I crouched down, snarling in return.

But it turned away. There was no interest. No challenge.

He wasn’t mine to fight. So I continued. Even though I was happy to feel the mud at my ankles again, I wasn’t fond of the leeches that I had to remove from between my toes. I followed my instinct, my eyes set on a prey that would return my challenge.

I wandered deeper and deeper, my stomach churning in anticipation,or hunger, or both. As I crept closer to a hillside. Here I saw another beast.

Large, hairy. With eight limbs that skittered across the ground. It reared itself up, her front legs raised and her fangs forward.. But I remained perfectly still. This beast didn’t move. It was frightened, and waited for me to pounce first.

No. I wasn’t going to squish a bug. I walked on, the spider skittering away as I climbed one of the hills to get a good look. I felt a breeze coming up from behind. But that breeze turned into a gust, my wet feet slipping on the stone. I dug my toenails into the stone, but I felt as two of them got ripped off, as I tumbled down!

When the ground caught me, I looked up, and my eyes widened. A challenger!

Above me loomed a creature that I’ve only heard of in stories.

A snake, three times the size of Thronk, loomed above me.. But that’s where I noticed it’s body wasn’t resting upon the soil. It had wings!

It bared its fangs at me, and I saw how drops of venom clung to their surface. And I couldn’t help but grin. This was my prey. Before I could act, it lashed forwards, hissing loudly as it coiled its body around mine, trying to crush me! I laughed, adrenaline now building in my veins as I sunk my teeth into its scales.

I ripped off some of the protective scales, before I dug my teeth into the exposed flesh, rending the skin apart. The flying snake panicked and let go of me. I almost grabbed it, but the wind created by its wings forced me into the ground. I snarled and growled, fighting against what felt like a storm as I clambered back to my feet.

I ran forward, zigzagging between the trees, my feet splashing in the murky water. I launched myself at the creature, jumping up and coiling my arms and legs around it.

It trashed in anger, its fangs bared. It reared its head back, and lashed out to sink its teeth into my flesh.

The venom struck my veins, feeling myself getting tensed up as the world began to spin. I tightened my arms and legs around it as I climbed up, now clenching my legs around its windpipe. Is gasped and sputtered as my body fought against the venom. As it reared its head back again, I did the same.

I opened my maw and sunk my teeth into its scaly face. CRUNCH.

And I tore its eye from its socket, bringing scale and flesh with me. It screamed out in pain. A horrifying, high-pitched sound that made my ears ring. But I didn’t give up. My arm started to tingle from the venom. My high tolerance for poisons couldn’t even fend this off. But I didn’t care. This was my hunt!

My victory!

I snarled as I grabbed the jaws of the snake who was panicking and coiling around in pain, wrestling it to the ground where I pinned it into place with my arms. Stared it down. But it opened it’s maw and electrocuted me with it’s strange magics! I fell to the ground, numb, as it wrestled me. I felt like I could pass out, but right as it tried to turn me on my back, I wrestled him back!

I worked him back to the ground. My knees pushed down on its throat as I snarled.

This was it.

"Kavara has blessed this day, as I’ve hunted in her name. Death will be your only comfort, as Sharguul will bring you to the other side. I honour you and this fight, serpent, as you were a worthy opponent. Rest now, and let your pain wash away. Thank you for this moment."

Shok, Arash, Vrashaa!

I pushed my legs down one more time, until a firm crack snapped its neck. The windpipe was crushed, and it met a swift end. I marked my face with its blood, and took his fangs and some of its feathers.

I sucked the venom out of my own shoulder and made my way back.

Name given: Venomspitter.
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
August 22, 2020, 06:32:42 PM

I know that the topic of what to hunt during one's Om'riggor is something that many often worry about.

When I first heard of the existence of the Om'riggor, I knew what it was that I should probably hunt should I ever come to do it. That being a demon.

To tell the truth, I had only ever seen drawings and heard tales of demons when I first thought about it.

But after seeing and even facing a demon once or twice in the time since then, my feelings didn't really change.

Demons chased my grandfather and the other draenei for over twenty-five thousand years during the Long Journey.

They had a hand in the corruption of the orcs of this time, leading to the events that you know and perhaps have even lived through yourself.

The idea of hunting a demon was quite symbolic, honouring those I used to be among, and those I am now.

But saying 'I shall hunt a demon' and actually doing such is two very different things.

I am not some strong orc warrior. I am not a vindicator, nor am I an anchorite.

I have my faith, but I could not call on it to help me. I have knowledge as an artificer, but such was not to be used either with its close link to magic.

I am not very good at using traditional weapons. So the idea of facing a demon with just that alone was, is frightening.

How people can charge against them as if they are something normal to face. I cannot really understand it.

I have tried to face a demon alone one time before, nearly a year ago when we were in Nagrand. A practice run of sorts that I did for this Om'riggor during the test for the Sword of Strength. A tale for another time I suppose but it did not go so well.

Though the Legion fell before I even came to this world, there are still demons around and causing problems. as I am sure you are all keenly aware from our time in Desolace.

Vin is a demon hunter. I asked her where there might be a demon in the lands around here that I could perhaps look for.

She said that at Ashenvale's Felfire Hill, there was a demon going after travellers that had to go through the area. A succubus, supposedly.

I had never really seen one of the creatures, again, only in tales and pictures. I knew very little aside from they use charm magics.

The ride over was really quite unpleasant. All I could really feel was dread for what I was about to put myself up against.

Luckily at least, the journey through the Barrens and into the forest was quiet and not very interesting. of course that only meant my mind got to worry further over what was to come.

Eventually, I made it to what was Felfire Hill, leaving my wolf at its base. Despite it's name as a hill, it is quite the flat area after the initial climb.

Perhaps it was because I finally arrived at the site where the demon lurked, but all I could feel was sick as I walked further in.

I do not know what happened at that hill in the past, but there were a number of craters, big and small, all over.

Filled with rainwater. The ground was slick with mud. It was like Draenor. Its battlefields, pockmarked from the artillery on both sides.

I eventually found the succubus amongst the craters. It was kneeling beside a young troll that was down in the mud. I had hoped I was in time to help him and for him to be simply injured but it was too late.

I do not know exactly what the demon did to kill him but it did not look to be a quick death. The sight of him like that was really quite haunting.

The demon noticed me quite quickly. The sound of me walking in the mud gave me away from quite the way away, I suppose.

It said some words, but Eredun and Draenei have a bit too much of a difference in dialect for me to properly understand. Though I am not sure I would much like to comprehend what it had to say.

Whatever did end up saying, it soon came running closer towards me, but it kept itself at a good distance. The battle between us both, it was not anything heroic.

The succubus used their whip and shadow magics from range, which was very effective, as evidenced by my state when I arrived back here.

The whip caused so much pain that it would cause me to lock up and freeze, even from only a light hit, which the demon would follow up with knocking me down and away with its shadow magics.

Getting close was very difficult. The times I thought I managed to get next to the demon, I would suddenly black out. I would wake up moments later, but on the ground with more open cuts from its whip and cold burns from its shadows.

It wasn't long before I realised it was the creature's charm magics at play. It was hard to resist it on my own. Without the Light to protect me, I was near defenceless to it.

Things carried on like this over and over until one time, I got lucky. The demon had an injury to the back of one of its legs. The troll must had done it before he had been bested.

The demon stumbled for a moment, and I was able to just barely get in close and stab it in the abdomen.

The stabbing allowed me to keep so close that it could not use its whip nor shadows against me easily.

I managed to sink the dagger in a few more times. Of course, being a demon, that wasn't really going to be enough.

But it gave me the chance I needed. With it unable to stop me, I pushed it into one of the craters by us. Injured, with the mud slick around the sides. It could not get out.

I said about the battlefields of Draenor, yes? Back then, in the lull between battle, rain would come. Fill the craters made by the artillery. Turn the ground to mud.

Those injured but still able to move would attempt to retreat from no-man's land to get back to their side.

But they would slip. Fall into the water filled craters. The mud would be too slick for them to climb out on their own. They would cry out for help, help that could never come because of the danger.

They would call out, and they would desperately splash in the water until they didn't any more. Exhaustion would take them and they would drown.

It may have been a demon. And it may have been viciously attacking any it could. But I am not one who can sentence anything to a long, painful demise, temporary or not.

It deserved some kind of mercy. Even for the sole reason that others that suffered that fate did not get any.

I went over near to the young fallen troll â€" he had a spear with him. It was broken but it was long enough.

After waiting a bit of time for the demon to weaken in the water, I got a bit closer to the edge of the crater while hiding the spear behind me. The demon was already by the edge, having tried repeatedly to climb out in vain.

Standing back, I readied the broken spear and thrust down at the demon as best I could. It was pure luck but I managed to catch the creature in the head and end it without any further struggling.

Getting the body out of the crater would be far too dangerous, so I cut the horns from the succubus' head as some form of grim 'proof', I suppose. And I had to leave the rest of it floating in those waters.

As for the young troll, I just barely managed to pull his body down from the hill and to a place in the forest uncorrupted.

I called on the Light to bless his body and gave him his rites before setting his body to burn with holy flame.

What I did was not the troll of doing things of course, but he deserved something. He did not have anything to identify who he was, nor where he was from.

If the spirits invalidate the Om'riggor because of my call to the Light for him, so be it. I do not think I want the approval of such spirits if that is the case. That is everything.

Name given: Shadowbreaker.
Red Blade Records / Re: Nakobu
April 13, 2020, 05:34:47 PM
The profile has been updated with information and artwork! \o/
The Campfire / Heart and Soul
April 10, 2020, 06:53:42 PM

A gentle wind blows calmly through the autumn air, small crystalline decorations swaying with its movement, chiming softly for the ears of two kneeling before a grand shrine. A mag'hari boy and an old draenei.

Before them at the base of the shrine lies a depiction. A depiction of the fabled Ata'mal crystal being broken into seven shining shards and soaring off into the open skies, streaks of their coloured light behind them. The depiction symbolising a flight from a world many, many millennia ago.

Above the shrine's base towers a tablet of etched names, a list of those whom never managed to escape on that flight to safety. The sun had past its zenith, the angle of light casting a shadow over the draenei's sombre expression as he focuses on a name etched near to the bottom of the tablet. 'Shaala'.

The mag'hari boy squints from the intensity of the sun's rays as he turns to looks up to the draenei, studying his face. His face was wrinkled, the corners of his mouth pulled into a depressive frown as he sits in contemplation, his eyes dull and unmoving. His heart, heavy.

The boy's expression begins to turn worried, his small hand reaching up to grip onto the draenei's sleeve. “G-Grandfather..?” The draenei turns his head at the name, his gaze moving down to the boy next to him. Slowly, the light returns to the old one's eyes, chasing away the darkness that veiled them. He smiles warmly, reaching out to ruffle the boy's hair.

“Do not look so worried, Nakobu. Everything is all right. It is just being here, remembering her... Remembering our good times before. It is on these days where the feeling of being without her weighs especially heavy. You will...” Vedaan trails off slightly, looking down at Nakobu's confused expression, the boy trying to work out the meaning behind his grandfather's words. He exhales slowly and smirks, shaking his head. “One day, when you have found one to give your heart and soul, you will not look so confused at me, my dear boy.”

Nakobu blinks a bit, only looking more confused. “My... heart and soul? But to who..?”

Vedaan chuckles softly before responding. “I cannot tell you such, Nakobu. But the Light has destined for you someone, somewhere. Just as it did for me long ago. I am certain of that. You just need to find her.”

Vedaan grins, leaning in closer to Nakobu to speak in a low, teasing manner. “Perhaps we will come across her in our travels, hm? Do not worry, I will not tell her too many stories of when you were younger, or get in your way.”

“Wh-.. W-What do you mean?!” Nakobu's face turns a shade of red as he jumps up from his spot, embarrassed. He pouts at his grandfather before turning away in a huff.

Vedaan laughs heartily, his previous melancholy all but gone. He pats Nakobu firmly on the back as he rises up to stand from his kneeling position. “Forgive me, my dear boy! Come now, let us go home.”

Nakobu smiles at the memory, heaving up the remainder of cut up talbuk into his arms to take over to the hut turned makeshift smoke-house. He looks over to Meri sitting on the pier as he walks, beautifully illuminated by the moonlit night. Though did she look... upset, just now? He stops, his face flashing with worry, but she soon waves to him with a wide, warm smile. He smiles back,  returning the best wave he could with the talbuk meat still in his arms. Perhaps he was just getting overly worried. It wouldn't be the first time, and surely it won't be the last knowing himself. Nakobu shakes his head a little, walking off into the smoke-house to begin hanging up the cured meat - part of the spoils of the hunt that they had triumphed over the day before. The hunt they had bested together.

Years later, he's finally come to understand his grandfather's words that day. His state in remembering the one he himself had held closest. Meri had been the first to believe in him - wholly, completely. To place in him her unwavering trust. To support him with her strength when he stumbled â€" even when that stumbling is perhaps far too often. She had filled in him a hole that he did not even realise that he had. A pit of deep loneliness. Of isolation. An empty heart.

He had found her. He had found the one that he would not only give his heart and soul, but everything that he was. Everything, that he would one day be.

Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
April 01, 2020, 12:01:36 PM

My prey was a Talbuk. I went to the ancestral grounds for guidance, when I spotted her. But when I stalked her, and leapt, she ran. But not from me.

There was a w-worg, standing on the high ground, on the rocks above. Black in fur. Matted, one eye scarred over. Growling and snarling. I scared away his prey, and I became his.

Many of my clan know, I am.. terrified of wolves. And I believed this Worg was going to be my end. Truly.

It pounced, tearing open my stomach. I was ready to succumb when I felt the Ancestor's guidance at my back.

He bit me in the shoulder, piercing my neck with his fang. I bled, and he enjoyed the taste. I used my dagger to strike at him, and I blinded his other eye. Leaving him without sight.

I climbed onto his back, and he bucked, throwing me off against a tree, where I landed, to feel my body bruised but not yet broken.

I wanted to flee. But instead, I leapt down with my blade forward, to plunge it down, to fatally wound it.

As his last resort, he rolled himself over. Crushing me underneath him. I felt how my body s..splintered.

I could barely move.. and for a while, that felt like hours, I crawled from underneath him. Seeing him, hearing him whine, to bring him to the spirits.

I said a prayer to him, to guide him to the Ancestors.

"Rest now, for you will now meet your Ancestors. May you roam freely among the eternal planes. Beyond the mortal vision, on the evergreen fields of the realm beyond. Where your eyes will regain their vision. Your lungs regain the air. Where fire burns in your heart, and water and meat fills your belly. With earth under your strong paws. May the Spirits guide you home, and may you rest in eternal peace.”

And I plunged my dagger into its heart, and took h..his tail, as my trophy. Smearing my eyes with his blood. To mark myself.

Name given: Starsong.
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
April 01, 2020, 12:00:16 PM

My name is Draz'hul. I aimed to hunt a beast, but didn't know where to begin.
I just kept walking until I came to the ruins of a small village. It looked Orcish, It was on the other side of the lake. I'll be honest. I didn't mean to engage whomever I'd see.
But I came across a looter and got attacked myself. I defended myself the best I could.. Which wasn't great as you can see.
He had the upper hand but I managed to trip him, I got a good hit in with my staff and that was that.. I know we aren't to use magic, so I didn't. But I did give him a proper burial, to the best of my abilities.
I will return later to bury the.. proof.

Name given: Dusklight.
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
April 01, 2020, 11:59:01 AM

Zelyr of the Bleeding Hollow. I hunted an Ogre, singled it out. It was the... *coughs*.. Only foe tough enough to survive the first hit. I hid until I was just out of sight, then struck at him right in his home. Went right for the stomach, started bleeding him early.

He hit me, hard, as I went for the leg. But it didn't stop me, one armed I danced around him and struck again and again. He got me good a few times, hit me against the wall of his little clay hut.

But eventually he fell as more of his kind were quick on the heels. I ripped out his horn and put my face into his... *cough* Stomach. Before more came.

That's my story. I outwitted and outran an ogre, and survived.

Name given: 'The Bloodied'.
Game Related / Character Voices
March 31, 2020, 01:18:25 PM
Hey orcs! We've spoken about our characters' voices a few times in Discord, but I thought to myself: "Why not make a permanent thread on the site like we do the IC opinions of other orcs?". So that is exactly what I did, as you can plainly see! I'm sure our orcs all have slight (or major!) differences from the standard orc and mag'har voiceovers in-game, so this is the place to share those! Whether it's just a description of how you imagine the voice to be, or a reference to a real life person, in-game NPC or character from another bit of media, feel free to state it in here. I'll start us off with Nakobu!

Having been raised within draenei society upon Draenor since he was practically a newborn, Nakobu has developed quite the heavy draenic accent - something that is very obvious and apparent whenever he speaks the Orcish or Common tongue. Thus, Nakobu slows down his speech somewhat when he speaks such langauges, aiming to make himself more easily understood by most. Due to his orcish vocal chords, Nakobu's voice sounds a bit lower than perhaps your average draenei's.

Grand Artificer Romuul from Legion gives a good idea of what comes to mind when I think about how Nakobu speaks:
Applications / Re: Application - Og'Narash
March 25, 2020, 02:35:43 PM
Hello there Og! It was great to see you in-game yesterday (Nakobu here!), apologies about about getting back to you here so late. As for your application, all seems fine, aside from one small note about travelling back to Draenor? As it stands lore-wise, sadly the way back to Draenor is closed off after the mag'har make their arrival on Azeroth. That would be the only thing I would point out, however! As I said, it was really good to see you and get an insight into Og as a character yesterday - looking forward to seeing you again soon hopefully! So! If you wish for Og to join the clan in-character wise, feel free to have him ask about it in-game and we can get an interview set up for him. Anyone above the New Blood rank can run one, so it shouldn't be an issue to get Og in and among us as soon as you are ready!
Applications / Re: Application: Zakar'zi
February 08, 2020, 12:39:54 AM
Hello there Zakar'zi! Thank you for showing interest in joining the guild! It's not often we have orcish mages joining us, so I look forward to seeing what arcane knowledge your orc can impart onto the others! With your preference for clan RP, hopefully we'll be a good fit for each other to help guide you in the ways of orc RP. Everything lore-wise seems to be in order with your very lovely story, so please contact one of us in-game so we can set up an IC interview for you!

Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
December 08, 2019, 02:59:20 AM

There was something-.. pulling on me, I don’t really know how else to explain… From when Kulgha took me hunting yesterday to our trip today, but before that as well, actually. Something weird. Unnatural.

I’d seen many animals while we travelled here, and d-during my lessons, but… Every time I asked someone about the Om’riggor , you all said it had to call to me. A special thing. Even the Chieftain said it. Nothing really s-spoke to me… So I followed that feeling instead.

No idea what I’d find. I went south and I came across ruins. I only saw when I stepped inside that it was filled with… statues. Like the ones we saw in the big building we arrived in. The Mogu.
I can still feel it. Nauseating. Wrong… The statues were not moving, but it was eerie..They were so large. I found a c-cave nearby. It came from there.

I’m n-not a good hunter.. nor a good killer. E-especially without my magic. But this place-.. I knew this was my prey. This being who emitted such wrongness.

There were jars inside. Broken, some n-not broken. I f-found a corpse.. one first and more later. There was a light at the end, and a larger room. Something was inside, chanting, making everything feel even more wrong.

It was one of those mogu. Not a statue, but a moving one. He was.. doing something. To one of the animals inside.. There was an energy floating, angry. Then I realized. Souls. He was using the souls. And putting them in the jars..

And that’s when he noticed me. I-.. Don’t even really remember how I managed to kill it. It’s all a bit of a blur, but I remember my own anger. This was evil. He was evil. I remember smashing the jars. Releasing the souls.. It seemed to weaken him, because he couldn’t draw on the power of them. He looked.. malnourished, actually. Desperate, I suppose. He hit me good a few times, but I was smaller. And faster. He tried to use magic, casting, but for some reason he didn’t manage.

Eventually I remembered my spear and I held it up to the height of his neck while he swung at me, remembering Tagrok's words, and I guess his own weight impaled him while he moved forwards to try and reach me. A very, very lucky blow. I couldn’t get the spear out either but I want to go back for it later.

Name given: Soulwalker.

Recorded by: Vraxxar Wildmark.
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
December 08, 2019, 02:57:52 AM

Very well....  So, I went to the mountain side to look for my prey, had spotted a few prowlers around last time I was there working on something, so I thought I would make one my prey.

I tried to sneak around with my axe in hand as I search for the beast but.... It was the beast who sneaked up on me, I dropped my axe as I was wrestling with the prowler, the beast clawing at my arms and chest.

After a while, I managed to gain the upper hand and push the beast back and gone for my axe to even the odds. The beast leaped at me one more time but I blocked the strike with my axe and push it back as I leaped myself and tried to strike the skull and finish the fight right there but missed and only stroke a small slash on it's leg.

After that the beast's movement had become slow and sloppy, I used that to my advantage and charged at it once again, scoring another blow on the creature but it also managed to slash my leg, hindering my own movement.

The beast looked me in the eyes then leaped for another strike but I rolled below it and swang my axe at his throat, ending the fight at last. And that concludes my story.

Name given: Kinguard.

Recorded by: Vraxxar Wildmark.
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
December 08, 2019, 02:56:06 AM

I walked up north. I had seen some tracks earlier, and I decided to follow, until I eventually.. stumbled.. upon an abandoned Troll settlement. I do not know the history of these lands, but it seemed out of place here. As I roamed around, I found the tracks again and saw the bear in the distance. Old parts of armour where still hanging on to its body and got caught on bushes every once in a while.

I knew I could not take it by myself if I had to face it head on, so putting my skills to the test. I stalked the creature, bow and arrow ready.. and waiting for a chance. And after a while it came, when I saw that one of the straps got caught on a rock.

Staying as.. silent.. as I could. I aimed and.. took the shot.. Landing the arrow in its side. I knew.. It wouldn’t be enough to.. take him down and would.. give away my cover. And I was right.. the bear turned around.. and came right at me.

I was.. lucky.. to have a rock close by I could climb. Getting above the bear on a safer distance. As I sat there and the bear.. circling underneath me, I waited for the next chance and fired again. This time the arrow landed in its shoulder.

The bear seemed dazed for a moment and I took this chance to get away, running to the other side and hiding again. I knew that I wouldn’t get the kill from the top of that place, so I needed a new chance.

I found some bushes and hid myself there keeping a close eye on the bear. It took a while but it found me again before I saw it.

It charged and as fast as I could I fired another arrow landing it in its eye. This did not stop the bear and it trampled me sending my bow flying.

Next thing I knew it was standing over me I tried to get away but noticed I had lost movement in my left arm. As a last resort in protection I swung it over my body leaving it on my chest.

The bear came down one paw swinging towards me, its claws digging in my arm.
I knew I had one last chance as the bear stood up again. I grabbed my last arrow and waited.

Our eyes locked for a moment the bear and I both roaring as it came down and I sank the arrow in its neck the spray of blood blinding me as the lifeless body sank down on top of me.

Struggling my way from.. underneath its body with one.. limp.. arm. I eventually managed to.. shove the bear aside and catch my breath thanking the ancestors I was still breathing.

Name given: the Unbroken.

Recorded by: Vraxxar Wildmark.
Game Related / Re: A very short song.
December 07, 2019, 09:28:14 PM
*round of applause*