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The Campfire / The forging of a bond
March 15, 2018, 03:00:42 AM
The forging of a Bond

The outskirts of Garadar:

The wind blew carelessly and harshly at Thrash as he walked out of the camp of Garadar. Determinded he peered the sky, searching, but alas he couldn’t spot it.

He kicked a loose stone and grunted; “Where’s the damned beast? Ergh, best have to walk abit further before I start calling him” He looked over his shoulder and spotted a few Kosh’Harg guests, whom peered at him strangely.

One awkwardly called out to him, “No weapons inside the camp, return the hammer to the hut. Or I will report it!”.
To which Thrash kept walking on and replied in a childish mocking manner “No weapons in the camp! Mom said so!”

The border of Terokkar forest:

The clear line of Terokkar stress, warning the border of Nagrand met Thrash suddenly, as he woke up from daydreaming, he laughed at his own joke in his mind, but quickly stopped to find that no one was near to hear it.

He sighed, and smiled abit at his own joke, before he started roaring out his call for Fram’Myr, his Proto-drake. After a few attempts, the drake circled around him, before it landed lazily infront of Thrash.

It’s harsh wings bashed up dust and dirt, and settled down. It starred into Thrash’s eyes with a violent gaze, that could’ve shook the lesser of hearts. Thrash stood his ground and smashed his fist into it’s snout, to which the drake barely recoiled. A low guttural snarl of approval emitted from its gut and the great winged beast, lowered his shoulder.

Thrash climbed Fram’Myr, and grabbed the chained reins and off they went, with a powerful push of even greater wings.

The mouthains of the Highlands (Twilgiht Highlands)

The warm air felt good on Thrash’s skin as he glided over the last mountain, finally revealing his ruined homeland, his gaze scouted the area before him.
He shook his head, now was not the time, for he had a task at hand, but yet he couldn’t completely shake old feelings and wounds, ever so often, his gaze would return to the direction of his old home.

Thrash knew where he would find his prize and he knew it’s price, and only hoped he would have no trouble getting it, determinded, he tightend his reins and commanded Fram’Myr into a dive, finding the mountains near the heathen infested camps.
He had expected to be spotted the moment, him and Fram’Myr drew near, but alas patrols were not on duty.

Awkwardly he landed on the ground, he grunted trying to figure out a joke, and shrugged his shoulders. As he got off Fram’Myr, he looked him straight into his eyes. “You’re quite CLAW-SOME”, Thrash laugh out loudly, forgetting the nearby camps, yet to his luck no one heard, or cared.

Fram’Myr starred in disbelief at his orc companion and bashed him on the ground easily with his wing, and flew off, roaring disapprovingly.
Thrash sighed, but alas grinned, “Heh, guess I’ll have to walk then! Damned beast..”. He shook his head and swung his hammer down onto the Elementium vein.

Sholazar basin:

Thrash couldn’t help but smile, as he breached the thick clouds, covering the vast jungle of Sholazar, of what had been his hunting ground for the past six, eventful years.
The area boomed with mystery still yet to be discovered. Fram’Myr shook his back violently, and let out a guttural roar, announcing his return to his homeland. The jungle answered back, with a swarm of frightened birds, a roar of a nearby beast and the stampeding hoofs of nearby wildlife.

The jungle was swarming with life. Thrash let loose of his reins, opening arm his arms, letting in all of it. “Speak, Fram’Myr, truly let them all know, that we have returned!” And the proto-drake did, roaring out an even louder guttural roar, than the last. This time however, It was answered.. From below!

Thrash ripped hard in his reins, trying to dodge the incoming assailant, but alas to no success. In answer to Fram’Myr’s roar, came one of equal strength, as its owner’s jaws snapped around Fram’Myrs tail! The great proto-drake roared out in pain, as it snapped back at its attacker.

Thrash being able to do nothing but cling on for dear life, as the pair of drakes plummeted down, towards the ever closing ground! The aggressive proto-drake finally let go of Fram’Myr, and Thrash barely made a recovery, now facing a foe much too great for Fram’Myr to take on alone!.
They would have to work as a team to take down a beast of this size!

Without letting them two of them recover, the proto-drake lunged at them for another attack, to which Thrash responded with a rip in his reins, barely dodging this attack.
he commanded at the top of his lungs, and the proto-drake obeyed, lunging its jaws around the neck of the attacking proto-drake. The enemy drake turned its mid-air, meeting Fram’Myr head on, and the two drakes clashed mid-air, in a flurry of claws and fangs.

Thrash clung on for dear life, as he tried to rip the reins into a retreat, the enemy proto-drake swiped a great claw at him, slashing his arm open, and his red blood stained the already bloody scene.
The two parted again, circling in a bloody air battle.

This time, instead, it was the pair that initiated an attack, Thrash rose up in his saddle, standing up now, and once again he shouted “FANGS, FRAM’MYR”, he commanded at the top of his lungs.
The proto-drake gave out a guttural roar in response, as the two proto-drakes once again clashed in a deadly flurry of fire, fangs and claws.

Just what Thrash was hoping for. Letting go of Fram’Myrs reins, he sprinted up the spine of the proto-drake and floored his great hammer into the neck of the enemy drake, making a crashing blow, the great hammer swung out of his grip, as pain ceased him. He once again clung on for dear life.

The enemy drake recoiled onto its back, now plummeting towards the rising ground, with its soft belly exposed.
Fram’Myr gave no mercy, as he dug deep with his claws, ripping open the defeated proto-drake, and bashed his wings, dominantly.

They regained their altitude, before slowing descending onto the dying proto-drake. Thrash knew that despite their companionship, to never get in the way of a proto-drakes prey, and as soon as safety permitted it, he jumped off Fram’Myr, clashing onto the ground, holding his wounded arm.

The victorious Fram’Myr approached his defeated opponent, putting his weight onto the wounded drake, and growled out a guttural growl as he sank his fangs into the neck of the proto-drake, until a satisfying crack echoed throughout the trees, the green ground underneath stained in red blood, from a worthy drake.

Fram’Myr rose up onto his hind legs and roared out a defeaning roar before reuniting with his orc companion. Thrash collected his prize and the two united into a victory battle cry, for he knew, that not only did they best death, they had also bonded for life, and the two would only part on their last breath.
Off Topic / League of Red Blades!
August 23, 2014, 11:18:45 AM
I've been playing some league in the past month, and it gets quite dull to do alone. So i was thinking we could use this thread to start up some games, or if people are up for it, ranked games. My in-game name on the EUW servers is GrogonaWolfheart.
The Campfire / Blood
May 25, 2014, 01:12:47 PM
The big cat licked it's lips, lazily bathing in the sun, his flok laid around him, scattered into small piles of purring lions. He shook his mane, before stretching out. He sniffed the air, letting in the scents before he starts walking away from his comfortable tree. Soon he caught a scent of something, he grunted, he knew this smell. And it was not prey, nor friend, he started running for a bush, trying to hide, laying flat with the grass.

Grogona came walking, she had left most of her armor at home, due to the overwhelming heat. She halts for a moment, looking over at the flok by the tree, she narrows her eyes before she looks around. "No alpha?". She sniffed the air, but without luck. She shrugs her shoulders abit. She keeps on walking looking around for signs.
The lion snorts as the she-orc had passed away and he had waited for a while. Yet something drove him to sneak after her, sniffing her tracks. He looks up at the sun, before halting a moment, feeling the wind. He could sneak up on her, snap her ankles, then go for the throat. She wasn't big either, and he couldn't see any of the pointy claws they usually carried. An odd prey for a lion, but she would feed his flok.

Grogona kneeld down, tieing a snare at her usual spot, springing the trap before she ventures on, she sniffed the air again, occasionally looking around for signs of the male that was lost from the flok by the tree. After a while, she leaned down, looking at some leavings, mumbeling Zhvera. She looked around, noticing a small herd of them nearby, no stray ones. She sighed and walked on.

The lion noticed her movements from within the bush, tying the odd straw nest, what odd creatures. He shook his main slightly before he goes out the bush quietly at first before he sets up the speed rapidly, sprinting for the she-orc.
Grogona snarled, hearing the dry ground crush under the lions paws, she leaps forward avoid the big cats attack before she turns and draws her weapons. The big lion stares at his prey, assesting her, Grogona raises to her full height, not much, but at least something, she raises her daggers, trying to look her most fierce. The big lion snarls, baring its teeth before it sets after her again. This time, Grogona doesn't run, but quickly steps to the side, slicing down the lions front leg, however the lion gets a foothold and pierces his claws into Grogona's legs.
Grogona roars out in pain, regreting not bringing her thick leathers. She turns the knife and thrusts the knife into the back of the lion. She forces it forward and a snap pulses through the lion's body before it goes limb. "Grom'damnit.. they attack orcs now?". Grogona looked down at the damage, rolling her eyes, four deep claw wounds on each her thighs, she looks over her shoulder, it'd be a small walk for the crossroads.
She kneeld down besides the lion, shaking her head. "Now why'd ye' hav' ter go an' do tha', hm?". She grumbles before sitting up on her knees and leans over to close the lion's eyes shut, she draws her knife out of his spine before mumbeling a quiet prayer for the beast.

Then it happend, a vibration, a violent one, shaking through the lions body, but when she stood up, and away from it, it stopped. Nearing it, the vibration started again. She looked at the blood coming out of the big wound on its front leg. Then at her dagger, she grunts before licking the blade clean. She grunts in amusement. "Well, Gashuk will be happy ter hear this". She gets up again, before hissing at the pain, but somehow, just the smell of the blood and the taste in her mouth, eased it. She starts walking towards the crossroads, pulling the cat along. Despite being a Rrosh'tul and had gone through training that would've killed most, fact was fact, she couldn't lift a lion by herself. She snarled, half way there before she calls over the spirit link. "Anyorc ther'? Migh' need a hand or two wit' this big dumb cat, i'm down the south road"
Off Topic / Lets play garry's mod... mods!
May 11, 2014, 11:56:56 AM
I recently came across a few mods for garry's mod, called prophunt, hide and seek, and murder! Anyone wanna try them out with me? They look like they could be right party to play. So if there's like 3-5 people who'd be up for it, post your steam names, and i'll add you. ^^
Game Related / Tricks and Tips.
February 02, 2014, 01:01:17 PM
I saw this post on a different guild i was in once, and i kinda miss having it here! So basicly, as the title might clue you, this is here you can post all thosse useful tricks or tips you may have. Be it about a game, computers, real life tricks. Anything. So here's my few tricks i can think of on the top of my head!

Below are pictures.

World of Warcraft:

Placing a fire, -where you want it-.: Turn you camera up, so you're looking down. Then add a little dot on the screen, in your head. And aim, this dot will need to be at 10 o' clock of your character. And this is how you place a fire like i do. :)

The shadowstep trick. This trick requires practice, shadowstep and therefor being a rogue. The trick is, you jump down an edge, and when the person who's hunting you jumps after, you shadowstep in that exact moment, and vola. You'll be on the edge, and he's falling instead of you.

Google chrome:

Ctrl+T opens a new tap, ctrl+W, closes taps. It's something probably everyone knows, but some might not, and it's mighty useful. ^^
Event Planning / Event RP systems.
January 16, 2014, 09:02:49 PM
I'll write a brief describtion of each of the systems below.

The bloodied blade system, all of you likely know by now. It is where you're set up against NPCS, with stats. to which you roll to determined whether you're successful or not.

D&D Mode, in short. Exactly like dungeons and dragons. The GM will provide with a scene through text, possible moves. Actions are then emoted and judged by the GM whether they are successful or not, either by his or her judgement or by the roll of a dice. In this case only 1-12 will be rolled.

Story telling, is much like D&D, however without any dice or GM decieding the outcome. You will be given a choice, each with their pros and cons. The rest is roleplayed out.

The out come of this poll, -may- affect future events. So be honest, and if you have a better idea. Please write it here below. Any opionions or views are very much appreciated, as we officers, just want to make the best events possible for you. :)

Thanks from all the very "Seriouse" officers.
Off Topic / Dungeons and Draogns
January 10, 2014, 04:51:14 PM
So! I was thinking here the other day, about D&D in our events and so forth, which honestly, mixed with watching too much "The big bang theory" has lead me to wanting to try D&D. So, does anyone know how? And if we can play it over skype or so? And if you want too of course! :) We can just figure out a day in this thread or over whisper. Cheers!
Off Topic / Team speak server
January 01, 2014, 08:53:52 PM
Here's the team speak server!:

First go download the program!

Now when you've installed the program, click on "Connections" -> "Connect" Now you'll see a window edit it like so:

"Server adresse"

You will need approval before you can join the other channels, if i'm not online. Krezurgesh or Gridish can do it.

Use your main characters name as your username. No playing music unless everyone wants you too, and english only!

If it's proven we need more, i'll make it bigger, for now this will be it! Enjoy.
Game Related / Rated battlegrounds..... again!
December 18, 2013, 07:40:14 PM
This will be without any sick requirements, i don't expect you to bring anything out of the ordinary! So, very casual, calm and just plain and simple fun.

This will mainly be for the mount, aka the pvp wolf. So expect at least 6-10 games a night! It can bend depending on what people like obviousely!

Vote for your day, that you'd like to do. The majority will choose.
Event Planning / Battle ball!
December 09, 2013, 05:18:18 PM

The orcs' favourite sport is back for an ass-kicking! Join in the game or observe the spectacle as orcs clash in a heated game of Battle Ball! The rules can be found in the BattleBall Compendium, and while you're at it, bring some drinks to complete the celebrations for the winning team afterwards!

The rules are written in the link! However here's a few added ones.

Colours will be determinded by tabards, so get yourself a undercity tabard And an Orgrimmar tabard!

You cannot use any abilities under the play, only the macros provided can be used. So no using herioc leap, sprint, or movement speed increases like hunter aspects!

The macros are as followed:

First: Passing:

"You pass the ball to your current target. You must be within 30 yards distance. Your pass has a 100% chance of success."

Spoiler: show
/script if (GetRaidTargetIndex("player")==2) and CheckInteractDistance("target",1) then SetRaidTarget("player",0); SetRaidTarget("target",2) end

Second: Preasuring:

"You pressure the person in possession of the ball, to try and force a fumble and/or to seize the ball. Only works on a player carrying the ball. You must be within 10 yards distance. You have 5% chance of stealing the ball."

Spoiler: show
/script if(GetRaidTargetIndex("target")==2) and CheckInteractDistance("target",3) and (random(20) > 18) then SetRaidTarget("target", 0);SetRaidTarget("player",2) end

Third: Tackle:

"You tackle the targeted player. If the player in possession of the ball is tackled, he will be incapacitated for five seconds. If a player who is not carrying the ball is tackled, this move results in a foul. You must be within 10 yards distance. Tackling has a 15% chance of success."

Spoiler: show
/script if(CheckInteractDistance("target",3) and (random(20) > 17)) then if(GetRaidTargetIndex("target")==2) then SetRaidTarget("target",8);SetRaidTarget("player",2) else SetRaidTarget("player",7);SendChatMessage("** Foul**" , "RAID") end end

The game host's macros are provided in the link, however for convience they are here too:

Game pause:
Spoiler: show
/script SetRaidTarget("player",2)
/rw "Game paused"

Put the ball in play:
Spoiler: show
/script SetRaidTarget("target",2)
/rw "Ball is in play"

Clear icons:
Spoiler: show
/script SetRaidTarget("target",0)
The Campfire / Letting go.
December 03, 2013, 11:36:40 AM
Letting Go

The tabard still carried her scent, after so many months, it was still strong. She smiled slightly, she never was the clean kind of orc, she thought to herself. The scent was a mix of forest and blood. For her, it was two things that walked hand in hand. She sighed slightly, She always was a wildorc, she snickered at the name she was given. Wildeye, always a wild one. She let her fingers slide over a stitched area on the top of the tabard, it was herself that had made it that long ago.
It was the first fight her and the wild she-orc had fought, one in many. They were both young and fierce, neither any intention of giving up. Wildeye wielding a bow and a beast besides her side, what was it? A spider, she nodded at herself. Wildeye with her loyal spider companion. She smirked as she remembered herself thinking: "Wha' kin' o' orc uses a bloody spider, eh? Grow it tergether, damnit", she soon came to change that opinion. The fight was quick paced and full of aggresion from the two young, arrows fired with such speed and precision, and herself speeding across the fighting area like a wolf, claws first. She made a strike, and cut her shoulder open, at that time, she did not even think much about the fact she had ruined the orcs tabard. Right after she was punished by the spider leaping on her, and so the fight went on. To this day, she still didn't know if she could really call herself the victor, however she knew she had won something that day. The two she-orcs shared smiles, acknowlegding eachothers strengths.
She let her fingers go down over the tabard again, feeling all the stitches. She gave it another sniff, smiling. The smell of mud was mixed in too. And she remembered back, to her second festival. She had heard of Swiftblade and Wildeye going at it, and the temptation was too much. After a long fight in the mud and eventually Swiftblade thinking the two she-orcs mad, she couldn't help but to look at Wildeye and smirk, considering all the scars and her figure, the she orc wasn't bad looking either, and her wildeyes helped with this alot.
She shaked her head, snickering. She let her fingers go over the tabard again, until reaching the middle of the tabard, the midsection. A bloodied hole, torn into it. She clenched her fingers around the tabard, holding it tightly. She took a deep determinded breath, and thought back to Moonglade. The memory wasn't a pleasent one like the others. She remembered it to be the first time in years, that she had run so fast that she could feel the restraining limits of her body, sprinting through the branches and thorns to reach the druids sacred place. She had heard her sisters scream in her head, the desperation and fear. When she finally arrived, it was too late. She could already feel it in her stomach, that it was too late, but she didn't want to believe it. As she went up the stairs, they seemed like they would never end, but as she finally reached the top. She wanted to sprint back home and forget all about it. But she was there, no turning back.
The Kor'kron was lying face down into a pool of his own blood, letting out his last breath. Her brother was leaned over her sister, she let herself fill with false hope, he had saved her. Rokarna was crying loudly, but why? Everything was alright, The Kor'kron was dead, Trakmar had saved her sister.. so why was she crying? She took the first few steps reluctantly before all the false hope was ripped from her, like taking candy from a child. It hit her, that Trakmar had not been able to save her, her sister. She was bloodied, clinging to her child, but it was too late. She took first a few gasping breaths, trying to steal back all the false hope. But it didn't help. The warm tears started falling down her cheeks and it took her a moment to realise. She slowly walked up to her sister, and started yelling. She yelled at her sister to come back alive, she commanded and insulted. But she just looked at her before her eyes went blank and cold, however.. something was off? She started talking, Trakmar frozen in the memory. Revax stood behind them, frozen too. Rokarna stopped crying, and freezed in place. Keishara reached out a hand to touch her cheek and smiled, it warmed out through her entire body. The words was spoken with love. She wasn't bloodied anymore, and they weren't in moonglade anymore. They stood now, in conquests hold, where Keishara embraced her. She spoke and the world, and the memory turned. Changing everything and she suddenly opened her eyes. And repeated her sisters words..

"Pain will leave us both, when we let go. I love you"

The Campfire / Without title
November 19, 2013, 08:00:37 PM

"Love is like -war-, easy to begin. But hard to stop"

The foggy swamp was dead silent, the tall fungus trees consumed all sense of sound. It was both nerve-wrecking but yet, the scents and the wind blowing through between the trees gave a sense of serenity. Peace, yet the knowledge of the dangers between the sturdy trees made one weary. Despite the trees working as a sound proof shield, Grogona could still hear the echoes of the life moving around. Rargnasha was asleep, safe in her arms. She smiled broadly at him, her love for him knew no boundaries. And after yesterday, even more. He had shared so much with her, some frightening to her, the next making her so full of joy she could be convinced she was young and oblivious again, to all the darkness. She had shared things with him, she thought she would keep with herself. But now, the doors were open and everything was falling out of her messy head. Eventually after staring at him for a while, she got creeped out even by herself and stood up carefully, trying not to wake him up. She took a few of the pieces of wood he had collected for their fire and put it on the still lit embers. She looked at him again before heading down to the shoreline.

She had heard the name been spoken over the spirit-link.. was he really back? The sense of guilt creeped over her like a cold shadow, she embraced it, letting it all in. She had agreed with herself, this open door was not just for Rargnasha, but for herself too. No more hiding behind the cocky and witty attitude. She took herself back, looking at Sadoks corpse besides the fire, his fingers twitching and all the orcs shouting and snarling at each other. Herself standing besides herself, looking at Sadok in awe. She could see the disgust in her own eyes, but yet the door which to the present day was now open, but chained so tightly it could not budge. Eventually she could hear her own voice, shouting at Rargnasha and everyone that would listen. "Burn him! Burn him!" The crowd melted together, soon becoming an entirely different picture.

Soon she could see Sadok, Herself and Rargnasha arguing. Sadok looking starved of happiness, looking more like a hollowed orc than anything she would ever be able to dignify calling Sadok. Rargnasha stood tall, like the general he was expected to be, however behind the mask was something else she could not reveal. The words seem to hit Grogona as Sadok said them "Chieftain, you swore" The words blurred out however the meaning seem to get through, she could see herself clench her fists. But the door still shut on the memory, what was she hiding from herself? She could see her face turn dark with hatred when Sadok remarked on Rargnasha about his choice of relationship with herself and Vashnarz. The door that was so tightly shut creaked open just ever slightly. And it started to trickle out with all which was kept back. She now realised the hatred was partially towards Rargnasha, yes. But mostly it was towards herself. After last night she had realised a lot, now that the doors were opened. One being her way of staying quiet. The clenched fist. She now remembered what she wanted to say, accusing Rargnasha for so many things, to get it out, not to hurt him. But because she needed to know why he chose something like that. The Grogona in the vision started to smile. Did she come to terms with it? Did she finally accept? All she knew was a warmth spread in her body, boundless joy. Until she looked at Sadoks face again.

She now also realised what she could've done, but didn't. She looked at him with pity and reached out to touch him but as she reached towards him, the vision would blur. What was she thinking, why did she care so much for Sadok? They had never become friends, never talked alone or anything. But why did she feel like this? The vision started to blur again and she took a step back, but the vision melted. Soon she was by the river again.
She grunted, a feeling of joy spreading through her, warming her as she looked at Rargnasha. She loved him so, so much. But still, she couldn't understand what all this meant. No, she didn't want to know, she was happy for once in her life, truly happy. Thu'uk was with her again, Rargnasha was the rock she had longed for in a long time, and the tribe had survived the war. And foremost for all of it, she had gotten out of it stronger, life finally made sense again. If she couldn't understand what had happened in the past, didn't matter. She would start with taking on what happened -now-. Relish in the glory of life and enjoy it for as long as it would last. She curled up besides Rargnasha, and he grunted in his sleep. She snickered at him before trying to process all of it, however to no end.. It was all without title, or meaning. Acceptance.. if any. She closed her eyes slowly, with a smile.

The end.

This will likely not make sense to alot of people. And it's not entirely meant to either. It's mostly her trying to get used to being well. Glad. And also attempting to come to terms with the war on azeroth, however also herself.
Game Related / GREAT Roleplaying addon.
November 07, 2013, 06:27:42 PM

This addon is for talking for npcs. So, right now you're probably thinking... So? But here's why, you can use this addon for alot of potentially great and immersive roleplay!

First: Pets!
Look at the picture, here you see Lofty trying to convience Grogona for the probably millionth time, that she should dumb Rargnasha and go for abit of paper instead. Say you got a pet that you'd like to emote for, you'd normally type something like this:

/e - Mr.randompet looks around curiousely but eventually just lies down again.

Say you wanna get rid of all that nonsense behind it, like your boring name! And instead, you'd like to see it as if the pet -actually- does something on it's own, and it's not -you- controlling it.

Second: Events!

Say you've just made an event, but you're missing someone to roleplay the character in question, you found someone to roleplay your character, what no? He or she doesn't have the things that makes them look like what you'd like? Instead, you look around and you see the character you want to have them look like, except they don't talk. With the addon, you can simply go up to an existing npc, target it, click on the target button, choose from the braclet if you want it to be a say or an emote! And click send. Done!

But if not to use it, you can always download it in case you find it annoying to see a name emoting from something entirely else. :b
Besides this is an alternative to using total roleplay for things like this.
The Campfire / Good bye
August 08, 2013, 01:28:45 AM
This story, I've had in mind for writing for quite some time, not to the character Keishara, but to you Levis. I never really thought that roleplay, could take me this far, emotionally. But I've truly made some amazing friends in this game, and I want to thank you for the amazing roleplay we've had. And the roleplay we will have in the future, you're awesome dude. :) Turn this to half volume. Turn this one full.

"Good bye, i'll see ye' again soon.."

The water whipped down onto her shoulders, tearing through her clothes and cooling her skin. She let out a shiver, ripping the grass from the ground. The ash was still visible, sprayed across the forests ground. The Rrosh'tul, sitting there whimpering like a cub. She didn't let anything remain and let everything out. She clenched her palm, feeling the scar of their oath, the promise to take care of each other, like family. An infuriated rage rushed in over her, slamming the ground repeatedly cursing everyone and everything she could think of, but one thing echoed through-out the rage, one thing being repeated.. "Come back, please. . I beg off you" The seemingly bottomless but brief raged ended soon and was taken over by the sound of her whimpering and the rain still pouring down on top of her mercilessly.

The others had lang past went to their furs, trying to sleep past the pain. But Grogona couldn't, she had tried. She rolled out of bed, looking into her palms, feeling the scar again and again. She sighed and slowly but eventually letting out the quiet whimper. No one seemed to wake up from the noise, exactly like she wanted it. She stumbled to her feet, she had run so fast that she had forgotten her own body, not caring the slightest for it, and now payed the price, her legs trembling under her.

She clenched the necklace, and so hard the teeth rowed besides each other on the necklace, dug into her hand. She anchored herself to the pain, she knew this would become a long night. She couldn't help herself, letting out another pained roar, the first pain in Keishara's heart, she cursed it at the top of her lungs "Ye' drunk fuck Tarag, WHY?! Why did ye' leave m'sister behind lik' this?!" the curse after landed on herself, for not being able to stop it, she hammered her fists into the earth, making it shake. Her fists began to bleed, her blood mixing with the rain and mud soon formed around her.

Grogona found it odd, walking through-out the forests at the middle of the night, she had clearly not accepted this yet. Walking half naked through the forests to cry? But as soon as she realized herself arguing with herself, she ran her hand over her face, feeling the tears. She smirked at herself, sitting down on the road to the pyre. Letting the sorrow overwhelm her. Soon she pressed on, forcefully.

Grogona let her fingers glide over her tattooed shoulder, feeling the horde symbol. "Unity..?" She snarled, roaring out in pain again, letting her fists rain into the mud. "Ye' call this unity?! Wheres my sister?! WHERES TARAG?! HUH?! An' why? -WHY?- Sadok deserved more than this- SHE! deserved more than this! Damn you spirits -DAMN YOU!-" She cursed herself for her words, but she couldn't help herself, not anymore. She snarled at herself, the self-pity surfacing, a crying Rrosh'tul? She grinned briefly at the thought before burrowing her face into her hands.

Her tiger soon joined her, the tiger had seemingly been following. She let her help her, leaning up against it as they walked, feeling its soaked fur, grabbing it tightly. The tiger let out a growl, but let her do so, walking with her on the road to acceptance. As they finally reached the pyre, she fell to the ground. She could still feel the warmth in the ground from the pyre, grabbing a handful of the ash, peering down at it. "I miss ye' sister.. I'll never ferget ye'.. I'll make sure Rokarna carries yer spirit when ye' were happy, tha' she has yer laugh, if i mother her or not. This i promise..........."

"I love ye.. An' I will see ye' again soon"
The Campfire / Grogona Marshfang.
July 29, 2013, 11:30:34 AM
Grogona took the furs with her, outside the balcony peering out over the still busy at night, camp. She sighed deeply and let the thoughts and memoeries flow recklessly, ripping through her mind, almost painfully so. She sobbed quietly and very briefly. She looked down at the scar she was given in the kun-lai mountains.. "I miss ye', my dear loved sister.."

(( Thesse stories does contain other player's characters, and the owners of mentioned characters, if there is something that didn't go according to what you believed what happened, or something you wish me to correct, just say so! And i will do so as quickly as i can. Enjoy the read! I certainly enjoyed using just about a work day writing most of it! More to come of course. But for now, my fingers need a well deserved break. ))
Off Topic / Star craft 2
July 24, 2013, 04:13:03 PM
Me, krez and vash have been playing a map in starcraft called photons cycles! And its sooo much fun! o0 So join in!
Game Related / Arena/bg Helpers.
July 20, 2013, 07:12:59 PM
To those on the list, if i have forgotten anything, do poke me to fix it. I -will- bumb this thread a few times to get people's attention on it, as we really need the gear.

It has gotten to a fews attention that we will need to improve -alot- on our pvp if we wish to do will in the rebellion. So in this thread i'd like every pvp junkie we have, who would like to help out gear up our less geared players, in the guild or outside the guild. So we can start kicking ass again. So far i have two names to the list and i will update the list as people notifies me!:

Revax Monk 90 windwalker/brewmaster monk, fully geared. Online from around lunch til he goes to bed around midnight.

Grogona Rogue 90 Combat rogue, fully geared. Brezg 90 Frost mage mostly tyranical. Online from around in server time 15:30 to 18:00 and then from 18:30 til i go to bed around 23:00.

Vashnarz Hunter 90 Beast master, fully geared. Vrutha Warlock Destro 90, fully geared. Online most days, exepct for saturday night.

Rhonya Shaman, Restoration, 90. Decently geared. Online most days.

Shargla Shaman, Restoration/Elemental, 90 Almost fully geared.. Nezizi 90, Restoration druid, needs gear but she has experince. Online most days.

Krogon 90 Rogue Assasination/sublety. (But has experince on most specs) Fully geared. Fhu 90 mistweaver fully honour geared. Suultar 90 Death knight, needs some gear but has check on his spec. Harnol 90 Arms warrior, full honour geared, and quite experinced.

Krez'urgesh 90 Warrior Arms, fully geared and got quite the experince. Is online most days.

What this means is, if you need help with getting gear, you can go to this thread, find the class you want, go inside the game and ask us if we can help you, we will most likely always say yes. I encourage -everyone- who doesn't have gear, to either ask for arena or do alot of bgs, with the fully geared players.

I'd ask you're polite and if you are, you will be given assistance, as well as given gear the players in the list will try there best to see any mistakes you might do, and they will try to help you improve.

So sign up for the help for the rebellion's sake!

I am currently looking for the following classes to give lessons:

Warrior. Shaman(all specs). Hunter. Warlock and Death knight! If you would like to help out, please state your gear and when you are mostly online! Thank you, and lets work together to make this rebellion alot more fun for the horde, and alot less for the alliance!

Blood and Honour:
Game Related / Make your orcs wiki!
June 29, 2013, 11:29:10 AM
I found reading through peoples wikis quite entertaining and wrtiting my own was always quite the pleasure, so go make your own! If you need help with it, i or perhaps Shargla if you blink your pretty eyes and ask nicely. :)
The Campfire / Trust.
May 18, 2013, 03:04:23 PM
The White Claw
Part two:

The giant tiger sat infront of her mountain, snorting displeased. What was the strange creature that she encountered in the fields? Green, red maned and no fur, and covered in dead animals. What an odd display. The giant tiger lied down onto the snowy grounded, sighing with relief. She had marked her territory, if the funny creature was to return, she would end it. A cub, not of her own, came tumbeling into her side. She grunted in annoyance, but stil allowed it to play around on her back. Eventually she pawed it off into a hill of snow, to which she gave an amused grunt. The pack had noticed her curiousity, many of them had already begun scouting the area for their matriarach's prey. How no news came from the strange creature yet.

Grogona stepped out of her bed. The inn filled with smoke from the stow. Someone had forgotten their cooking. She grunted in annoyance, pulling the black and scorched meat off the fire.

After doing so, she went back to her table, peering down at the drawing she had made from pure memory of the beast she saw. Dark stripes as black as coal, and the mane so white that the tiger looked like a pair of shadows in the snow.

The claw's white, and not yellowed from use, like the usual tiger. No, this tiger carried itself with pride and honour. Grogona had noticed its strong legs and balanced movements. She peered over at her mask, feeling it, she missed her wolf greatly. However she could not ride with the old wolf she had been given, until she could find a new.

It was slow and old, it couldn't an carry orc no longer. She nodded to herself, a challenge. She let her fingers slide over the drawing, before putting on her leathers.

The tiger had no trouble smelling the creature from miles away, she growled out in anger. Had she not made it clear, that it was her territory? She would give her one last chance to save her own life, if she'd deny it, she'd kill it and serve her meat to her cubs. She sprinted off, the snow flipping off the ground into dusts of snow. It didn't take her long before she had her in sight. But what was this? A challenge? She peered down upon the strange creature.

Grogona had made her mind, she knew this was her territory, a challenge like this should get her attention. She sat down in the snowy fields and waited. Not before long she noticed the giant stood upon a hill letting out a deafening roar, she flinched slightly but only briefly before standing tall as tall as she could. Grogona took a deep breath letting out a roar in return, fierce and powerful. The tigers ears lied down and snarled, accepting the challenge.

The two warriors circled eachother for what seemed forever. Each too stubborn to make the first move, each wanting the other to bow to the other in surrender. Grogona snarled and bared her teeth, letting the tiger know she would not back down. She tiger snorted, she was larger than the creature, what was it thinking? It was strong, she knew it, but she she was stronger.

However she had denied her chance of survival, with a leap she sweeped Grogona down, holding her down and letting out a roar right in her face. But what was this? A soaring pain in her stomach, warm and wet. She looked down the ground around her, getting soaked, but in what? It flickered for her eyes, was she defeated? The area became red for her eyes.

She stumbled off the terrified Grogona with her dagger bloodied infront of her chest. She lied down just to rest. She looked over the landscape, tall trees carrying the snow on their barky shoulders. The desperate grass trying to reach the little sunshine. The clouds threatening her with cold and harsh weather, it all blurred together, becoming one.

Her, the matriach of the fangs of the north, defeated? By a small green creature, she let out a final grunt, an amused grunt, finally admitting defeat.

The tiger took a deep breath, readying herself for the after life. She would stand up and roar at any challengers, but what was this? Her spirit wasn't freed, and the air was the same as her world, she could still feel the burning pain in her stomach, but it was fading.

With a pained grunt she looked down to the wound, only to see the green creature holding a stone over the wound. The stone was clear as water, yet contained so much, it was undescribable. The light from the stone showered with wound with a blue glowing mist, soon the crystal lost its glow, crumbeling into nothing, along with her pain.

Grogona grumbeld, it wasn't the way she would have done it, but what happened, had happened. She covered the closed wound with some salve, checking it over once, nodding to herself. She was done, the same second she nodded, she was plunged into the snow. She grunted, not scarred this time. The tiger was a beast of honour and killing a creature whom had helpful intentions, was not the of beast's way. Soon it let her go and sat right next to her, and grunted. Grogona did the same, for hours they sat there in the snow, two strong trusting warriors.

The Campfire / The white claw.
May 11, 2013, 08:53:43 PM
White Claw
The great tiger

The snow got pressed flat against the frozen ground as the tiger walked out of its cave after a long night's sleep, she peered around letting out a loud yawn, shaking the icicles at the cave's mouth. She stretched out her figure before walking out into the cold, cubs rolling around her feet playing free of the worry from the daily struggle to survivie. Life had gotten easier since the great white's fall, many of their kin had been taken by the crazed bear. The tiger licked her bloodied paws of blood from her last prey, however what she didn't know that prey she had eaten was about to change her entire life.

Grogona took a knee besides the corpse an felt the bloodied ravaged owl beast. The spirit had not completely left the corpse yet, warm and desperate for answers. She peered over its wounds, seing how the beast had cut through flesh and bone like paper.  She took a deep breath through her nose, letting all the scents around her in, she focused on each one, before peering over to a tree. The snow around it had melted away, an alpha had been here. She stood up leaning on her spear slightly, catching her breath, however suddenly she felt she wasn't alone.

The tiger peered down at her now white claws, now clean from the blood. She breathed satisfied before getting up again. She was large, her solid legs spread her weight on her paws almost to perfection, the yellow eyes glowing with pride scouting over the area. The tiger was a prime, a matriach, a leader. She peered over her pack, letting out a growl, soon they floked around her for another lesson from their leader, one by one they would try and defeat her, each one bowing their head in respect after their defeat.
Quickly by tieing a few strings together tied unto a branch and hidden under snow, grogona made a snare. Not a snare to cripple, not to kill. She grabbed some of the wet branches from under the marked tree, and placed them over the trap. She covered herself with snow near a hill, making sure the wind stood in her favour. Then she waited for the beast to come out from the snowy white shadows. The beast had got her intrested. The beast must have been great to have sliced an owl kin like paper.

The tiger ran through the snow, silent and quickly. Gliding through the snow. She was in her element, she was the snow, one with the land. She leaned down biting a few chunks of snow in her, but not much. She would need her energy for the hunt. She had smelled the new comers, their bloodied blades reeked from miles away, however no fear. But pride, the pride covered their tracks, she was curiouse and kept following the tracks. Though suddenly, a scent she knew far to well as the leader of her pack. Someone had moved her mark.

Grogona took a silent breath and held it as the black stripped tiger sneaked up to her trap. The tiger, white claws. She smirked to herself speaking inside herself. "in front of me, the respected white fang of winterspring" She watched it carefully, admiring its movements as it quickly digged out the trap, she wasn't dumb, she was experinced. The tiger starred around until finally setting her gaze straight at her, she knew she was there. It seemed like time stopped, endless was the stare they shared, each studying eachother with most curiousity. The tiger snorted and let a yellow steaming stream on the trap before scratching the ground, as quickly as it had come, as was it gone.

This is a little series of perhaps two-three stories of how Grogona got her current tiger. Hope it wasn't all to horrid. :)