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The Campfire / Re: The forging of a bond
March 15, 2018, 01:37:03 PM
Quote from: Okiba / Krogon on March 15, 2018, 09:15:49 AM
Awesome story!

The jokes gave hint and form to the strong bond between the pair.  ;) :-\ ;D

Make sure you post this in the realm forum thread too, it rocks!

And I might, but It won't be as readable as here, I think. All the breaks and stuff, made it readable. When I pasted it in, from word it was just a chunk of text. :b

And thank you, I was hoping to slowly forge a bond with his drake, making using him alot easier, because as of right now, he rarely calls him down, because of the risk of it attacking everyone.
The Campfire / The forging of a bond
March 15, 2018, 03:00:42 AM
The forging of a Bond

The outskirts of Garadar:

The wind blew carelessly and harshly at Thrash as he walked out of the camp of Garadar. Determinded he peered the sky, searching, but alas he couldn’t spot it.

He kicked a loose stone and grunted; “Where’s the damned beast? Ergh, best have to walk abit further before I start calling him” He looked over his shoulder and spotted a few Kosh’Harg guests, whom peered at him strangely.

One awkwardly called out to him, “No weapons inside the camp, return the hammer to the hut. Or I will report it!”.
To which Thrash kept walking on and replied in a childish mocking manner “No weapons in the camp! Mom said so!”

The border of Terokkar forest:

The clear line of Terokkar stress, warning the border of Nagrand met Thrash suddenly, as he woke up from daydreaming, he laughed at his own joke in his mind, but quickly stopped to find that no one was near to hear it.

He sighed, and smiled abit at his own joke, before he started roaring out his call for Fram’Myr, his Proto-drake. After a few attempts, the drake circled around him, before it landed lazily infront of Thrash.

It’s harsh wings bashed up dust and dirt, and settled down. It starred into Thrash’s eyes with a violent gaze, that could’ve shook the lesser of hearts. Thrash stood his ground and smashed his fist into it’s snout, to which the drake barely recoiled. A low guttural snarl of approval emitted from its gut and the great winged beast, lowered his shoulder.

Thrash climbed Fram’Myr, and grabbed the chained reins and off they went, with a powerful push of even greater wings.

The mouthains of the Highlands (Twilgiht Highlands)

The warm air felt good on Thrash’s skin as he glided over the last mountain, finally revealing his ruined homeland, his gaze scouted the area before him.
He shook his head, now was not the time, for he had a task at hand, but yet he couldn’t completely shake old feelings and wounds, ever so often, his gaze would return to the direction of his old home.

Thrash knew where he would find his prize and he knew it’s price, and only hoped he would have no trouble getting it, determinded, he tightend his reins and commanded Fram’Myr into a dive, finding the mountains near the heathen infested camps.
He had expected to be spotted the moment, him and Fram’Myr drew near, but alas patrols were not on duty.

Awkwardly he landed on the ground, he grunted trying to figure out a joke, and shrugged his shoulders. As he got off Fram’Myr, he looked him straight into his eyes. “You’re quite CLAW-SOME”, Thrash laugh out loudly, forgetting the nearby camps, yet to his luck no one heard, or cared.

Fram’Myr starred in disbelief at his orc companion and bashed him on the ground easily with his wing, and flew off, roaring disapprovingly.
Thrash sighed, but alas grinned, “Heh, guess I’ll have to walk then! Damned beast..”. He shook his head and swung his hammer down onto the Elementium vein.

Sholazar basin:

Thrash couldn’t help but smile, as he breached the thick clouds, covering the vast jungle of Sholazar, of what had been his hunting ground for the past six, eventful years.
The area boomed with mystery still yet to be discovered. Fram’Myr shook his back violently, and let out a guttural roar, announcing his return to his homeland. The jungle answered back, with a swarm of frightened birds, a roar of a nearby beast and the stampeding hoofs of nearby wildlife.

The jungle was swarming with life. Thrash let loose of his reins, opening arm his arms, letting in all of it. “Speak, Fram’Myr, truly let them all know, that we have returned!” And the proto-drake did, roaring out an even louder guttural roar, than the last. This time however, It was answered.. From below!

Thrash ripped hard in his reins, trying to dodge the incoming assailant, but alas to no success. In answer to Fram’Myr’s roar, came one of equal strength, as its owner’s jaws snapped around Fram’Myrs tail! The great proto-drake roared out in pain, as it snapped back at its attacker.

Thrash being able to do nothing but cling on for dear life, as the pair of drakes plummeted down, towards the ever closing ground! The aggressive proto-drake finally let go of Fram’Myr, and Thrash barely made a recovery, now facing a foe much too great for Fram’Myr to take on alone!.
They would have to work as a team to take down a beast of this size!

Without letting them two of them recover, the proto-drake lunged at them for another attack, to which Thrash responded with a rip in his reins, barely dodging this attack.
he commanded at the top of his lungs, and the proto-drake obeyed, lunging its jaws around the neck of the attacking proto-drake. The enemy drake turned its mid-air, meeting Fram’Myr head on, and the two drakes clashed mid-air, in a flurry of claws and fangs.

Thrash clung on for dear life, as he tried to rip the reins into a retreat, the enemy proto-drake swiped a great claw at him, slashing his arm open, and his red blood stained the already bloody scene.
The two parted again, circling in a bloody air battle.

This time, instead, it was the pair that initiated an attack, Thrash rose up in his saddle, standing up now, and once again he shouted “FANGS, FRAM’MYR”, he commanded at the top of his lungs.
The proto-drake gave out a guttural roar in response, as the two proto-drakes once again clashed in a deadly flurry of fire, fangs and claws.

Just what Thrash was hoping for. Letting go of Fram’Myrs reins, he sprinted up the spine of the proto-drake and floored his great hammer into the neck of the enemy drake, making a crashing blow, the great hammer swung out of his grip, as pain ceased him. He once again clung on for dear life.

The enemy drake recoiled onto its back, now plummeting towards the rising ground, with its soft belly exposed.
Fram’Myr gave no mercy, as he dug deep with his claws, ripping open the defeated proto-drake, and bashed his wings, dominantly.

They regained their altitude, before slowing descending onto the dying proto-drake. Thrash knew that despite their companionship, to never get in the way of a proto-drakes prey, and as soon as safety permitted it, he jumped off Fram’Myr, clashing onto the ground, holding his wounded arm.

The victorious Fram’Myr approached his defeated opponent, putting his weight onto the wounded drake, and growled out a guttural growl as he sank his fangs into the neck of the proto-drake, until a satisfying crack echoed throughout the trees, the green ground underneath stained in red blood, from a worthy drake.

Fram’Myr rose up onto his hind legs and roared out a defeaning roar before reuniting with his orc companion. Thrash collected his prize and the two united into a victory battle cry, for he knew, that not only did they best death, they had also bonded for life, and the two would only part on their last breath.
Off Topic / Re: Last Post Wins: Revengeance
March 12, 2018, 12:51:00 AM
Quote from: Okiba / Krogon on March 09, 2018, 02:22:13 PM
Quote from: Grogona on March 09, 2018, 01:19:42 PM
Oh hi, Krogon! I am back in the guild, wuuuh!.. Not on Grogona, cuz she ded

Hurray! This pleases me muchly. I'm back too and playing my monk Okiba.

Who's your Orc?

A male warrior, called Thrash! He's a dragonmaw, and tames proto-drakes. :)

Also, I heard! I'd be disappointed if you hadn't made a new orc. :b So that's good! Also, I hear you're a pirate now, on the sea.
Off Topic / Re: Last Post Wins: Revengeance
March 09, 2018, 01:19:42 PM
Oh hi, Krogon! I am back in the guild, wuuuh!.. Not on Grogona, cuz she ded
Contact Us / Re: Ten Years Strong: Memories
March 10, 2017, 10:29:23 AM
Holy shit, just read the news. Hope everyone's okay, hope everyone's most importantly, still having fun.

It has been some great years, wauw.. actually, some really great years, and i am sad to say, i don't talk to the friends i made, even nearly enough. I sincerly hope everyone, that i remotely made friends with, is okay, and is generally happy with their lives. And of course everyone else as well. All good to you all, and the very best of luck to you all.

As a last note, Thank you to the leaders, that made my time in the guild an experience I will remember.

Kind regards:
Off Topic / Re: #LPW6
August 31, 2016, 10:32:36 AM
So.. what is this silly thread? Am I doing this right? Have I won?
Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
May 14, 2016, 07:37:50 PM
Second update, from my little rogue armor project. And it has sorta turned pirate instead.. So pirate rogue armor? Who knows, here's a picture. :)

Also, as a side note, holy jesus you guys have improved ALOT. Keep up the work, and consider me impressed!

Off Topic / Re: Overwatch Game Nights
May 14, 2016, 02:01:05 PM
Keep dreaming, Kogra. ;)
Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
May 12, 2016, 07:35:11 PM
Hello, old orcs of the olden day! I thought I'd like you guys see what i like to do in my free time!

It's supposed to be a rogue armor type thingie. And the blue coat thing, will cover her arms and stuff. Gonna make a sword and a few daggers for her later, sheaths included.

Suggestions are always welcome! :)

Also, disregard the colours, those are not final, it's just so i can differ between them easily as i model the armor out. :)

Off Topic / Re: Overwatch Game Nights
May 12, 2016, 05:17:13 PM
Unfortunately, i don't know much about that issue, hope it works out for you though!

That aside, I think we've already played together...? Eitherway, i'm up for it. And i'm sure Nadine(Rhonya) can invite me if i'm online!

See you when the watch begins!
Contact Us / Re: Ten Years Strong: Memories
September 21, 2015, 06:22:20 PM
So, i got a mail in the spam section, and was surprised to see a message from.. who else? Orcs of the red blade! Obviousely my intrest peaked since it has been well over... 2 years? Since i stopped playing, 1 and a half since i stopped roleplaying. (Correct me if i'm wrong, i may be exxagerating!) Anyway, naturally i had to look in and after a few posts i couldn't stop reading. And Akesha, even though you've not the slightest idea of whom i am, i want you to know i have a deep respect for you, being the founder of this wonderful guild. So the kudoest of the kudos to you.

And i'm sorry, this will also be a wall of text!

Anyway, to get to it:

Your favourite OotRB characters, and the people behind them!

Boy, this list is damned long. Everyone on this list i've had ups and downs with, fortunately i can personally say i remember the best and fondests momments better than the worsts, but i won't dwell into that. I won't go alphabeaticly into it, as i'm writing the memorries down as i remember them:

Nadine is a wonderful, lovely, and simply one of the kindests individuals I've ever encountered in this game. I've always enjoyed your (if not sometimes frustating but.. ) super creative plots, drawings (Especially stick-man Grogona "Rarrw"), stories and costumes. In-game, Rhonya became Grogonas sister, something that I've enjoyed tons. Even though i quit in a brutal fashion, i'll always remember the times we've had together. Thank you. :)

Rargnasha, i doubt you're reading the forums, but if you do. I'll always love bacon way more than you do, it's not a contest, it's just down to earth a fact. You're a bud.  ;)

Oh, bud.. where do i begin? There were times that we were so busy laughing our asses off over south park STAAAAANNN, S-STAAANN. That we forgot to do our event plots. Gridish and Grogona shared a friendship that was strong. Our laughs i miss, i won't deny it. Thank you bud. ;)

Lots of arena and "h-how.. and.. w-where did you blast him off too?". I can say your character was one of the more interesting ones for Grogona. Thank you for the roleplay. :)

You trained Grogona, and while she ended up being a dick to Krogon, there always was a respect behind the rebel. Thank you for your time in planning the training, while i may not have said it enough. Thank you.

Kogra/your troll, i'm so sorry i don't remember his name. :<
Kogra and me go back to before Oorb, same as Rhonya. We were both relatively new in SGE and we both hit it off pretty quickly. Many moments later and i think you're one of the best friends i've gotten out of WoW. Thank you so much. :)

You're pretty much on everyones list. So i won't say much other than Therak is -the- most interesting character I've ever seen and you should be proud. Thank you.

I agree, we got along well from the start, even though you stink at Pvp. ;) The hours and hours of Roleplay that we had, was amazing. And i'll let myself get girly here, the emotional rollercoaster it was. I was surprised at how hard it was the loose someone fictional, someone in-game, created out of imagination, and i think we both share that. Grogona and Trakmar were brother and sister through fire and water. I'll never forget the moments, even though in the end, there were disagreements. Thank you.

Buddy.. Get ready. :)
The most important person, and character of my -entire- story with Oorb, is without doubt Keishara. The slight contest constantly going on who was the strongests, and who would reach Nag'ogar first, and once they both reached it, the aim just got higher, who's the first Rrosh'tul. Mud-wrestling, dueling, and just countless hours of RP. I'll not lie that i often looked at the roster and I couldn't wait until that damned name popped up so i could shout in the orc chat. "ROWLPLAH NAOW!". I'll never never forget how it all started.. and how it ended. I won't go into detail cause damnit, it's rough.. So thank you, buddy. :)

Your favourite events, plots, storylines or even spontaneous encounters!:
Boy, it's been a while, it's abit hazy. Every Kosh'harg.
And obviousely every war that made us feel like the green brutes that we were. Axe and totem in hand storming towards our enemy, and obviousely crushing them with our strength. It has been a few "Holy- summer pudding, did we make this? LOOK AT HOW MANY PLAYERS THERE ARE." I felt proud so many times, just to be a member of this guild.

Guilds and individuals outside of Oorb.

Moneyfix! I doubt he reads the forums, so i won't write much. Much laugh, much gold, much wauw. Thank you. :)

What OotRB meant to you over the years, and if you're no longer with us, what you're up to now:

Oorb, has done both amazing, and horrible things for me. Whilst in this guild, I isolated myself pretty much 100% from a social life, wow had become my life, i did basicly nothing else, despite how much my loved ones tried to rip myself from it. It's only now that i realise that playing this game, you have to set boundaries, and whatever you do, you -cannot- let it be your life. But on the bright side, this game has done so much good for me. In the life before Wow, i had no friends, i could barely talk to anyone, and when i did i would lie about everything to make myself appear cooler than i was. Oorb fixed that right up. So while it took away years of my life (Not in a negative way) it also fixed something i didn't know was broken. So yeah, this post has gotten abit emotional. But all in all i wanna thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. And I also want to say sorry for the way i parted. And if i come back, I hope you'll accept me back, i sure as hell miss the hell out of this guild. :)

I'll just briefly describe what i'm doing at the moment. I'm currently at the very end of my very long education as a web-integrator. Currently dwelling into asp, sql and C#. I FINALLY god damnit, moved out, living by myself in a small appartment. And to top it all off, employment the moment i'm completely educated. So life is pretty damned good right now.

Thumps up, retweet, like all that social nonsense that says you approve. Good job krogon. :)

just bumbed all the threads i could find. I hope everyone else will as well.
Game Related / Re: Garn Nighthowler
December 26, 2014, 01:50:32 AM
got mine!
Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
December 22, 2014, 04:31:09 PM

Nah, it's pwetty! Well done. :)
Off Topic / Re: Funny stuff
December 18, 2014, 10:02:37 AM
Nooot sure if this is exploiting.. What do you think? :D
For those wondering, i'm basicly hiding the flag with my mount..