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Author Topic: Past Life  (Read 1640 times)


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Past Life
« on: August 12, 2019, 02:04:49 AM »
-Part 1: The Surprise-

"Don't tell him anything, Geka, I want to surprise him."
"Oh I can't wait to see Broshgar's face when you tell him!"

Sahna and Geka giggled while they carried their baskets from the fields and heading back home. The skies were blue with some white Clouds here and there, it was noon. Nagrand was anything but home to the Warsong Clan and it was here, not far from the main camp, where Broshgar and some villagers lived, making a life of their own just like any other Orc.

Broshgar was playing some bone dice with his fellow companions and there were some spectators observing the game. The stakes has risen since they started playing, multiple coins of copper, silver and gold littered the board.

"Don't rely too much on the Spirits, Broshgar, I will have that purse of gold!"

A chuckle escaped him.

"We'll see who'll win, Darok, but I intend to keep my purse of gold.. and yours."

There was a moment of suspense and Darok tossed his dice, it was a fair number he got. It made him absolute certain that Broshgar won't win over his numbers. Darok gave him the dices and Broshgar took them, shaking them in his fist and blows some air in it before tossing the dices down at the board.

Darok groaned out loudly and covered his eyes, leaning backward. Broshgar raised from his chair and shouted with victory in his throat.

"Mine! All mine!"

The spectators cheered him on and Broshgar slided the gold from the board with his arms, down in to his somewhat larger purse. Darok was furious and raised himself from his chair, tossing the board aside in rage and left. To Broshgar however, he couldn't help but laugh, it was such a sweet victory.

All of a sudden he was jumped at from behind with arms around his neck, a laughter which he remembered all to well. Sahna.
"I knew I would find you here, you oaf!"

Broshgar couldn't help but chuckle and lowered Sahna to the ground. He turned and only to grasp her hands within his larger hands and gaze in to her brown eyes. They shared a lovely moment.

"Sahna, my beloved companion in my life, how did it go out there in the fields?"
Her hands went from his to his arms, caressing them gently as she looked in his eyes with a smile.

"We didn't encounter any Draenei this time, but we managed as always."
He gave a brief nod and without anything to tell they went home hand in hand.

Night has come down and both of them sat by the fire, dining a meal of roasted talbuk and some spiced bread.
Sahna looked at him from time to time, hoping for him to notice, she didn't know how to tell him.

"Azuk stopped by today", Broshgar said, "He wanted me to take a group of scouts and venture east to the forest in Talador".
"Oh.. are you going to be there long?", Sahna said with worry in her voice.

Broshgar couldn't help but look at her and embrace her hands with his left hand. Deep down in him, he knew that she was worried to lose him, despite the tensions that had risen with the Draenei and their renewed fanatical faith. The Clan had lost many of their sons and daughters to the doctrine and it's vile ways.

"It's just for a couple of days, my beloved, I am going to be al--"

There was a quiet moment and Sahna leaned forward towards Broshgar, cuddling up herself to his chest and having his arms around her. It made her feel safe, always. Broshgar didn't say a word and just stared at the fire.

"Broshgar.. I.. I need to tell you something".
He laid his eyes at her and they looked upon eachother, she guided one of his hands to her belly and there…

Immediately Broshgar understood. He gazed at her belly a brief moment and then back at her, his lips forming to a wide smile.
Sahna's eyes welled up with tears of happiness and a smile soon followed. Their foreheads met and both of them closed their eyes, enjoying the silence together.

"The Spirits has blessed us..."
"Truly, my beloved Broshgar, truly."


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Re: Past Life
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2019, 07:58:32 PM »
Do keep these coming Brosh! we're very much enjoying them!
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Re: Past Life
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2019, 03:35:34 PM »
-Part 2: Ashes-

The scouting took days than Broshgar assumed, at times he and his party encountered a few of the fanatic Draenei. Some were tortured for information and some were executed by beheading and the heads were sent to the nearest Draenei settlement to intimidate them from encroaching Orc territory.

At the Orcs hidden camp, not far from the border that crosses from Talador and in to Nagrand, they rested and recuperated from their latest endeavor. They were eighteen when they began and now they are eleven. Seven Orcs had been killed during the operation. Azuk, the leader of this party, was also killed. Next in line was an Orc woman, who originally hailed from the Frostwolf Clan. Orma Wolftooth.

She was more lenient than Azuk and she had more of a strategic thinking, more than Broshgar and some others were used to. They were used to direct approaches, fighting and delivering immediate blows. But for Orma it was more about putting all that force on more important targets.

They were headed futher in the forest of Talador and now they were to be raiding places of importance. The group found a few places where the Draenei had been stockpiling food and various resources needed for their war machines and their upcoming 'crusade'. Raiding these would hamper the Draenei and, perhaps, send a clear message.

The raiding went on for days until they were ambushed and they were forced to withdraw. Six Orcs were now alive and to sum it all up, the raiding was somewhat successful and they disassembled their camp to head back in to Nagrand to head home.

Broshgar was tired and he received some new scars from all the commotion that went on for days, perhaps even weeks. Riding upon a direwolf, he clutched the amulet he was given by Sahna that hung around his neck. He couldn't wait to feel her warmth again and to receive decent well-cooked meals she did for him.

However, they were met with a dark smoke coming from the village they lived in and they rode with all haste. Bodies littered around the village, both Orcs and Draenei. Their village has been reduced to ashes. Some huts were burned down.

Broshgar couldn't refrain himself to run toward his hut, which seems to have nearly burned down, and he searched for her inside the rubble. No corpse. It became a relief for him and he felt somewhere deep inside that she was still alive. The others had not the same luck, it was either a child of theirs that was killed, a close relative or a special someone. Orma lost her mate and it nearly broke her down in spirit.

The sight of their home destroyed couldn't be described in mere words. After they've spent awhile, tending to each of their own, they were approached by three Orcs that had sailed from Frostridge. According to them, the village was burned down four days ago and it all happened over a night. They did however help some of the survivors and told them to head north in to Gorgrond, Hellsreach Citadel.

Hellsreach Citadel. That's where the Warchief spent most of his years, as Broshgar remembered. With a rekindled hope, the others began to pack whatever precious belongings they could find whole, sat upon their direwolves and rode north.

The venture north wasn't easy, they had to take the road through the northern forest of Talador, which was very close to Draenei borders. It occured to them that some might even not reach their destination. It was a risk they were very willing to take. Nothing would stop them from reaching the Citadel.

Broshgar clutched the amulet once more, praying to the Spirits that he would see his beloved Sahna again.


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Re: Past Life
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2019, 01:29:21 AM »
-Part 3: "Ghena"-

Months have passed since Broshgar's group managed to find safe harbor in Gorgrond. Sahna was overjoyed of Broshgar's return.

The two female shamans hurried inside the tent to assist their fellow shaman, providing with water and clean sheets, for it was this night that Sahna was to give birth. Broshgar sat beside Sahna and held her hand as she tried to push with all the strength she possessed. She groaned loudly and screamed a few times when she pushed. The more pain she felt, the harder she clenched at Broshgar's hand. He didn't pay much attention to the pain in his hand, but surely he knew how strong she was.

Nodding her head to her fellow assisting Shamans, they withdrew for the night and left the tent. Sahna took the moment to breathe before the shaman signaled her to push. "A little more, young one, I see the head."

Broshgar couldn't help himself but smile and then turned his gaze to Sahna. "You can do it, beloved."

They shared a brief look upon eachother and Sahna nodded, the tiredness had almost taken it's toll upon her. She took three deep breathes and then pushed once more. The female Shaman took a clean sheet and laid it between Sahna's legs before giving the newborn support of it's neck.

"Here it comes, one more push!", the Shaman spoke. And with one more push, Sahna screamed out and gave this last push everything she had. There...

A cry of new birth filled the tent this very night and the Shaman cut the cord before tucking it in with the clean sheet, holding it in her arms before delivering it to Broshgar who received it with somewhat shaken arms. "Congratulations, it is a healthy girl."

Broshgar couldn't help himself but to smile even wider, this is surely the most beautiful thing he ever saw, his daughter. Pride swelled within him. He leaned closer to Sahna to show her their daughter. Tears swelled up from her eyes and she took her in to her own arms, providing a nipple for the newborn to suckle from.

"She's.. she's so beautiful.."
"Just like her mother."

The female shaman had left the tent to leave the couple for a moment to let them have their time alone. Broshgar laid an arm around Sahna and both of them gazed upon their newborn. Flashbacks from his youth came to Broshgar, oh how little he remembered from the time when he was but a small child. It was times like this his parents were alive.

"W-What should we call her..?"
Broshgar thought about it for a moment and then answered, "Ghena".

Sahna nodded in approval, allowing Ghena to continue to suckle some more.

"Ghena, it's a strong name."

After some rest within the Shaman's tent until morning, the two newly-made parents left with their child. It was a joyous occasion. When they came home to their new hovel inside the Citadel they began first to put little Ghena in her very first crib, Sahna sat next to and hummed a song for her while Broshgar did some dinner by the fireplace.

It was a peaceful moment. Until one of the Grunts rushed inside. "Broshgar! You are needed outside the gates, some warriors are assembling as we speak!"
The two parents shared a look and Sahna gave Broshgar a nod, as if she understood, and he took the great-axe hung by the wall before following the grunt outside the gates with the others.


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Re: Past Life
« Reply #4 on: August 19, 2019, 11:42:33 PM »
-Part 4 (Finale): A Painful Beginning of it All-

The Draenei that encroached the territory border in Gorgrond was put down by the axe of the Orcs. The losses were many, but for the Draenei it was far more. Side by side, the Orcs fought like enraged direwolves protecting their den. They fought with a purpose, home, family, for the sake of honor and the assurance of survival of their way of life.

At the next day, the Draenei came again and only to be put down once more. Scouts were deployed and the news they brought was dire. The bulk of the army was on the march, led by their fanatical mistress of the Light, Yrel. Defenses were erected and all available Orcs able to fight was armed.

Broshgar and Sahna took whatever peace they had left together the night before the coming storm. It was quiet in their hovel and they've recently dined. Little Ghena's belly was full and she quickly fell asleep. The ever-loving parents laid their child to rest in her crib and gazed at her. Sahna laid her hand upon Broshgar's hand upon her shoulder, leaning towards him.

"What are we going to do, Broshgar, I don't want our baby girl to-"
"She won't, beloved, I will make sure of it."
"But what if, Broshgar, what if you fall and we all lay at the ground with pools of blood beneath us, who will protect our child?"

It was now he wished he had an easy answer, an answer he wished that he could give her. He could feel her become tense and he hugged her tight, his gaze still upon the precious jewel of his entire world. Closing his eyes, he gave a silent plea to the Spirits.

'Let all and anything happen to me.. but not my daughter..'

Sahna and Broshgar made love to one another as if it would might be the last moments of them together and later they fell asleep.

*-Axes, mauls and swords clashed in the dark, the skies were set ablaze and everything was but a haze, bodies of both Draenei and Orc littered the ground, dismembered, disemboweled, pools of blood. He was moving forward and then he began to see the faces of his friends and comrades' bodies. It was as if he was guided in this dream. Then.. as if the world was tore out from him. Sahna and Ghena. He fell to his knees and cried out in tormented agony…-*

Broshgar woke up and was met with the rays of the rising sun, it was an early morning, there were faint sounds of commotions outside already. There was a banging on the door and he rose up, rubbing off the sleep from his eyes. Sahna turned around in her deep sleep. Another banging and quickly dressed himself up in his armor before he went to open the door.

"Broshgar, we are preparing for the Draenei, you are needed now more than ever. I need our Draenei Reaver."

It was Orma Wolftooth, dressed up in her armor and the bow and the quiver at her back.

"I'll be with you in a moment."

He closed the door and turned, seeing Sahna already up and looking at him with only the sheets as coverage of her body. They exchanged gazes and as he was to reach for the axes, she dropped the sheets and rushed towards him, hugging him tight and giving him a few kisses before he was about to leave through the door, but he stopped and looked past his shoulder at her.

"I love you, Sahna."
"And I you."

The battle had come and it was all but a hellish sight, Broshgar's group at thirty men and women in the beginnig was reduced to twelve at the very first few hours. Orma fought valiently of them all before she was stabbed to death repeatidly by Draenic swords. She was granted a good death and then Broshgar knew it was his time to lead. With a bellowing cry, he managed to rally the rest of his group and formed a loose line formation to face against the next wave. The tide came at them rapidly and as they began to come near, he loaded his voice and gave out a battlecry only a Warsong knew it would mean. They charged, ready to give their life willingly.

Sahna joined the group with the rest of the reinforcements and it didn't bother Broshgar, he knew it was supposed to be. They fought together as it would seem like hours, Broshgar's group was reduced to only a few now and the reinforcements dwindled. Broshgar and Sahna exchanged glances when there was an opening, they took this moment to share a few words.

"She's safe, with a friend."

Nodding in approvement, the opening had already closed and another wave of Draenei came at them. Knowing that his daughter is safe made him more determined. There was a slight hope that they would win.

After they put down the last of the wave, there was a silence and once more both Broshgar and Sahna exchanged glances. The silence was broken with a sound of a falling arrow. His world fell apart.

'Sahna... No...'

Rage, anger and all the kind rose up within him, turning his vision red.
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