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Author Topic: Bravado  (Read 827 times)


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« on: August 14, 2019, 08:48:05 PM »
Two months. It had been two months since Nazmir. Since he rejoined the clan. Since, as he noticed time and time again, he had other orcs he cared for. Purpose.

Two months. And yet  - it - was still there. Quiet, most of the time. But he still heard it, felt its teeth scrape right behind his eyes. Clicking its mandibles when he lost his calm. Like in Feralas, chanting. Incessantly. Through the night, demanding.

They knew, of course. Not that they would pressure him. The orcs had seen their own share of corruption, mind-altering spellcraft and void trickery. Still, he put up a front. Tried to, at least. Being snide and cynical without reason. He also knew that the ones familiar with him saw through his bravado. While others just shook their head in confusion.

He had said several times that he would look into it, consult the sorcerer about what to do. He had plenty of opportunity to do just that, truth be told.
Just the previous night, Bloodmoon had joined them in the inn. He could've asked him, a moment of his time to consult this orc. Yet he just sat there, listening to Wildmark and Nakobu talking about codes of honour and peons. This was the reason he simply stood up and hid in the back room without another word - probably leaving Chuckles mildly confused.

Only when the orcs went for their tents and hammocks, did he stop pretending. He made his way down to the floor as quiet as he could, looking momentarily at the monk sleeping beneath his own cot. He was sure Rharok was aware, but kept pretending to be asleep. Looking at Beastgrin's hammock, he was painfully reminded of his bruised neck and almost sighed, as he was prone to do. He stopped himself and left the inn.

He took a walk through the settlement, some of the sentries eyeing him suspiciously as he passed by. He didn't pay them any attention and simply left through the gate. His feet eventually brought him to the spot he had "trained" at with Throatrender and Beastgrin. The snow had obscured any signs of the scuffle and was lying undisturbed on stone and earth.

That chanting began again, intermingled with laughter. He bit his lip in frustration, fully aware of what would be coming.

"Too bad, we should've had you snap her little neck. Just as a reminder."

Gul'Thauk Tagrok Valorwind