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The Chronicles Of Ripclaw

Started by Kaigron, March 21, 2018, 10:03:53 PM

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The Trial of the Varog'Gor.


Honor to the Wolf-claw!   /cheer

Congratulations on ascending back to your proper place Kaigron, the clan just isn't right without a Varog'gor sneaking about  ;) :D

I'll give the images a good look tomorrow when I can get on a browser that actually loads them.
Okiba Spearbreaker - Nag'Ogar and Warrior Monk of the Horde
"Strength, Discipline, Mastery."


Now that's a lot of work put into it! Awesome job! :D Didn't expect -that- fancy an execution and story!
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Its great to actually have a reason and motivation to do this shizz once again!


Just had a proper look, those graphics are amazing!

Great job! Should definatly post it on the realm forum thread  ;)
Okiba Spearbreaker - Nag'Ogar and Warrior Monk of the Horde
"Strength, Discipline, Mastery."


First Rule of Fight Club...

Many of the local farmers within the Northern Barrens have reported a number of their workers being
taken during Kolkar raids, these workers are being used against their will within savage Kolkar fight-pits.
Kai’gron Ripclaw followed up on these reports and took it upon himself to scout and observe one such
fight-pit that laid at the foot of a hill beside the Great Divide.

Once a plan was established he gathered the resources to use against these Horse-Men. Blow-pipes
coupled with highly toxic poisoned darts made from snake fangs along with a feathered tail to aid accuracy,
Garrote wire laced with his own poison brew and a collection of clay-pot grenades with a ten minute fuse.

That night Kai’gron Ripclaw called on the aid of Vraxxar Wildmark, Karnna Blackfeather and Regnan.
Due to the nature of this event Kai’gron order all clan symbols and identification to be omitted.
Taking their Wyverns skyward from the crossroads they used the cover of night to land safely
and unseen on top of the hill above the fight-pit.

Kai’gron placed Wildmark to lead Regnan and for Blackfeather to follow his own lead. Both packs ascended
both sides of the fight-pit, stalking the three Kolkar sentries that stood oblivious to the Orcs.
The ambush was swift and quiet, All favouring to garrote the Centaur sentry guards. Kai’gron gave the order
to WIldmark whom began placing the clay-pot grenades into the hillside on their descent, whilst Karnna
and Regnan took care of the remaining Centaur sentry guards.

Once set the pack set about rescuing the prisoners, Blackfeather snarled as she watched Overseer Hellka
from their hidden spot. Noting the number of Kolkar to be around fifteen a diversion will be used. Kai’gron
sent Regnan to pick the locks of the locked and chained caravan, sent Wildmark to get into position for
his diversion and set himself and Blackfeather to slit the tent to gain access inside the tent. Once inside
they found the prisoners were caged, Karnna quickly picked one lock whilst Kai’gron dropped a small liquid
into another which melted it enough to be broken. Both Orcs set about extracting the tired, ill and exhausted
prisoners out the back of the tent.

All was going well until a few prisoners cried out in their own deluded state, this alerted the remaining
Kolkar that stood outside the front of the tents, Kai’gron gave the order for the diversion. With that
Wildmark lite up a small explosion just inside the oasis, this did its job the majority of the Kolkar,
Overseer Hellka stood there in a panic state whilst all around her galloped towards the explosion.
Blackfeather did not hesitate, stepping through the shadows behind Hellka, the assassin sank her hidden
blade deep into the Centaurs neck sending the Overseer to the floor.

Kai’gron then ordered the three remaining Orcs to safely load the remaining prisoners and themselves
onto the caravan then follow the small path that led along the Great Divide at the foot of the hill to the
safety of Rageroar Camp. He would venture back to light the fuses that littered the fight-pit. Moments
later the sound of galloping hooves was heard as the Kolkar headed towards the now escaping caravan.
With a tug of the reins Wildmark guided the caravan towards the hidden path, spears, arrows and rocks
were thrown at them, many missed but a few hit the wheels of the speeding caravan, this coupled with
the rough terrain slowed the escaping orcs down.

The kolkar chased onwards along the hidden path eventually getting slowed as they bottle necked
through a pass. Seeing an opening Wildmark handed a clay-bomb to Karnna who lite and threw it into
the middle of the stomping Kolkar, all it did was crack open spilling the gunpowder over the head of a
horse-man. Cursing, the orcs held tight as the caravan wavered over the rough terrain but with one final
clay-pot grenade left this would be there final chance. Karnna launched the grenade towards the bottle
necked group of Kolkar, the explosion ripped through the small pass tearing a crack in the great divide
sending the chasing Kolkar to the bottom.

The caravan arrived into Rageroar Camp and straight away Karga Rageroar gave the order to unload,
feed and water the freed prisoners. Moments later a huge explosion was felt and heard as the clay-pot
grenades brought half the hillside down onto the fight-pit and camp with rocks and mud. Whilst the
freed prisoners, peons and soldiers were distracted by this the three mysterious orcs vanished away
into the night. Kai’gron gave the order to head back to the Crossroads as soon as possible.

Arriving back into camp Kai’gron gave appraisal to the three orcs, stating that might not be the
last they’ve seen of these fight-pits.


Koba was restless, the young wolf was always restless. Kai'gron continued to sit, listening to the comforting sounds of Durotars nightfall. Meditation helped him abate the rage and thirst for war that dwelled inside him. Visions of past battlefields flashed through his minds eye, fallen comrades, alliances forged and broken. The time he'd spent within 'The Hand' molded him from a raw angry recruit to a precision instrument of violence, with only a single purpose to slay, hunt and eradicate his prey was the creed of 'The Shattered Hand'. The visions had one constant though, a single weave that was always just out of view.

Kai’gron found himself standing at the foot of Icecrown Citadel itself, Scourge surrounding him, closing in clawing and tearing their way to the Orc. He was overcome as the masses of scourge encompassed and trampled him to the frozen floor below.
Darkness came and he welcomed it, is this what my father talked about so many years ago he thought to himself. “A spirit will leave its body when it's time...not always at death" he said. "When the body becomes a prison...it is time for the spirit to escape. And once the spirit is gone...the body will follow soon after."
From within the darkness arose a fog, slowly taking the form of his father Gor'grull Ripclaw, Vira'kur of tribe Ripclaw. The aged Orc tried to speak, but he just smiled as a loving and proud father should to his son. “you’ve found peace, your spirit is calm and content” the voice echoed around Kai’gron, this was not how he remembered his fathers voice to be. The form of Gor’grull Ripclaw dissipated and lingered as the voice echoed once again. “Do not loose sight of which you are to be, the chieftain and the clan will need that rage from within, do not suppress it, harness it.” Kai’gron replied “But there is now so much to loose in my life, the clan grows daily, new faces I do not recognise, old faces rarely seen, even the pup grows, from once a scrawny runt to alpha of his pack, my spirit is not restless now, the clan is my family”
The fog shifts form, closing towards the orc. Standing as tall as Kai’gron stood The Great Wolf, Akashok. “And that is why you must use this rage, War will split your Horde. Protect the chieftain, protect the clan, watch over them….always” The form of the Great Wolf faded, and the night sky over Durotar appeared with the familiar sounds once again filling Kai’grons ears as he awakes from his meditation. Koba lays beside the orc, belly up and tongue hanging out as he sleeps. The orc smiles and pats the belly of the Warwolf, then stands and ignores the aches of his old joints.

“Time to rise” he mutters to himself as he watches the clan from his perch.


The fresh morning breeze cut through the cleft like a hot blade through butter, tattered tents littered the upper ledges where some of the denizens of the cleft go about there business, one of these had two huge trolls standing outside on guard.

Inside was a small fire that blazed with a green glow. Orcs, Trolls, Sin’dorei and a few Goblins stood around it, whispering about why’d they been summoned, why the absence of Forsaken and when lunch was. It’d been quit an age since Kai’gron had last visited this place, especially on Shattered Hand business. With his ties to the hand mostly severed along with his duties to the clan he not needed to be here. But when the summons came through he knew it’d be for good reason.

The whispers stopped when Therzok entered the circle, the glow of the fire lite up the old Orcs face, the ravages of war, the secrets, the lifetime of fighting from the shadows showed. His eyes stared into the flames, pausing for a moment until he spoke.
“Welcome brothers, take note of those you see here this day, for we are the last of the loyal…You’re summoned here today to spread word, to gather, recover and protect those who still hold the Horde in honor. I bring word from a troll whose alliances with the High Overlord himself. Zekhan, has shown me proof that Saurfang has escaped the stockades and has plans”

With a pause Therzok begins to wander around the fire, eyeing all those who are lite by the glow. His deep guttural voice arises once again.

“The banshee Queen has eyes and ears everywhere, so we will play a vital part in gaining momentum for the uprising, spread word to those who are loyal, gather intel on those who would demolish such a thing, protect those who are not able to fight…for a fight is coming my brothers, we will wage war from the shadows as we’ve always done..but be wary, those loyal to the Warchief will stop at nothing..NOTHING..to quell this rebellion”

The gathering remained quiet, many locking eyes and nodding, many stood silent. Therzok stood at the entrance of the tent and opened it, turning he gave the Shattered Salute and left. Moments later the mutterings and whisperings arose.
Shar’kur turned to Kai’gron and spoke.
“This is it, this is where we get our Horde back. Where yer gonna head to first Ripclaw?”
The old orc quipped an eyebrow, paused and then retorted to the Troll.
“The clan, preparations an trainin’..as insane as she is, Windrunner has loyalists everywhere. Stay safe brother..”
With that said Kai’gron gives Shar’kur the Shattered Salute and exits the tent. Outside, his companion Koba sits waiting.
“Come Koba..we're heading back."