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Website Update
It may have been a while since our last front page update, but rest assured that we are still very much alive and kicking both in-game and on Discord! To complement that fact, however, I've decided to give the website a little update so that every function is (hopefully) working properly again. Please let me know if you end up encountering any more issues. Expect an update with new banners of currently active members to shine at the top of the website soon enough as well!

Remember that, as always, we are still recruiting! So if you are interested in giving having a taste of a bit of authentic orc life, feel free to seek us out and find out what we're all about! Applications no longer require forum approval, so it's as easy as seeking us out in-game for an in-character meeting and interview!

See you in Azeroth!



Brothers and sisters,

It’s Midsummer again, the world will be heating up, but that isn’t the only flame that has arisen. Our oath to the Shattered Shield demanded that we would defend Zandalar and our allies, it’s been a troubling campaign where it’s tested our honour. Some of the practises used by our allies went directly against out code, we’ve decided to continue fighting as it’s better to try and change this from within. You have my word, the Elders of the clan will discuss this at the next Shattered Shield moot.

We’ve given a oath to the Shattered Shield, oaths shouldn’t be broken or walked away from. Remember that orcs, we were all New Blood’s once upon a time, you know what it means to swear it by blood! Recently within the clan, a few have decided to turn their backs on it. That speaks more for them then us, for now we need to stay strong and united.

The Path of Cunning was officially unveiled at the last clan gathering, Kor’kosh Ironaxe expressed his concerns about this. I gave him my word that it would be a boon to us all, we have to trust in our pantheon of death, Sharguul. The Path of Cunning will make us stronger, it will investigate and defend the clan from the shadows. Those that wish to switch their path should seek out Razaron Madeye, Vraxxar Wildmark, Kyrazha Throatrender or Kai’gron Ripclaw.

I must also address that Karnna Blackfeather has disappeared, the Varog’Gor will not rest till she is found.

On other news the Tournaments of the Blades was once again held, the defending champion, I, Razaron Madeye was competing. Kargnar Bloodpaw faced me in the final and after a hard fought duel, it was me, Madeye that came out on top. It looks like my little hiccup with death hasn’t effected my moves.

The Wor’aggar that was delayed because of our trip to Nazmir will take place at the end of the month. By then the Alliance should of been routed out of Zandalar and the celebrations will take place. Take your time and rest, for it won’t belong before the winds of change stir up again.

For the Blood of Red Blade,

Gorosh (July) Events

Named in honor of the element of fire, Gorosh, Fire's Heart, marks the warmest time of year when the sun reaches its highest point. In addition to Gorosh being the month in which the element of fire is at its strongest, it is also the month in which animal spirits begin to appear more freely and may become more common to encounter. The season would additionally be an ideal time to set out into the wide world, nurturing adventure, wildness and freedom.

[Event Chains] Murder of Crows
Nearby the Red Blade encampment a flock of crows can be seen in the distance something is off about them. This will take up the orcs time, it’ll start on the 9th of Gorosh and finish on 14th. Seek out Karnna Blackfeather.

[Event] The Cult of the Red Candle
The Red Blades recieved a missive from Stonetalon Mountains, requesting aid to help their spiritual elder pass peacefully into the next life. Curiously, the mysterious note directs them west of Malaka’jin, to the kobold caves in the southeast. Those that want to offer their help should find Morgkha on the 20th of Gorosh.  

[Festival] Wor’aggar
Wor'aggar, or the Festival of the Wolf, signifies the coming of Spring and the time to celebrate the renewal of life. Traditionally, this would have been the time for the clan to migrate to new lands and ask the spirits for good tidings. Offerings are made to both Akala to pray for a fertile season and to Kavara for a bountiful hunt. This is a cheerful occasion all around, involving dance, drink, stories and songs.

The Wor’aggar will take place for three days, starting on the 26th of Gorosh!

[Event] Trials of The Black Moon
The Night Elves are causing the Horde trouble in Feralas, we will join with our allies to push them back. The leader of the Rastari Pact, Zul’rohk will lead us in to the deep forests, the Night Elves are seeking revenge and we should not underestimate them! This campaign will take place on the 31st of Gorosh and last for a week.

[IC] Clan Gathering
Every month is another chance to get everyone together to discuss the latest issues that effect the clan. This moot will take place on more familiar grounds, by the tree on Razor Hill, Durotar.

Brothers and sisters,

You wouldn’t of expecting me to be writing you this letter? Razaron Madeye, back from the dead. Much has happened since the last newsletter, on our journey to Nazmir we discovered a new member of Akashok’s pack.. The wolf that was never born, the unborn, Dark Fang and Blackfur, but his name was Sharguul. Sharguul had been imprisoned by Xuja the Bloodgiver in some dark ritual to bring back G’huun, a old god so I’m told? Through all the trials and tribulations, even sacrificing my own life for the chieftain, we succeeded. Sharguul was freed, but we needed perform the darkest of rituals to restore to him what he had lost, blood. The protector of Akashok’s pack, the shepherd of the dead was renewed with the help of Gashuk’s invaluable knowledge in the dark arts. Gashuk had been honoured for his help and he now stands among us as Gashuk Bloodmoon!

When the whispers came to me, they came by Sharguul’s deathly claws. It shattered my soul, I was living but not. Half of me was in a land of limbo, between life and death. With the Dark Fang restored, he restored my soul and instead of leading me to death, he lead me back to the living. With that I became the first disciple of Sharguul and would learn from him, because he didn’t just restore me to life. By Akashok’s will he demanded the Path of Cunning would be reinforced in to the Redblade clan. The Varog’gor would again lead the Gul'thauk and protect the clan from the shadows.

Back in Durotar Gaar’thok got news that trouble was brewing, dark ritualists once again had infested our shores. We successfully managed to defeat them and their dark ways but questions now remain, why were they there? We will have to stay vigilant, we live in dangerous times. On to more happier news, Rokamo was successful in winning last months Vrull’Morah, it was a individual tournament in practice for the Tournament of the Blades that is scheduled for the thirteenth day this month. Will a new champion arise to take Madeye’s banner? Will I even compete? We’ll have to see if anyone is worthy!

This month brought home how important family is, how we must look to each other and protect what we have. Love is the most powerful emotion, we should never forsake it.

For the Blood of Red Blade,

Mor'vaul (June) Events

Mor'vaul, or 'Midyear', marks the beginning of Summer and the hunting season that follows in its wake. With the first half of the year passed, Mor'vaul offers a time to reflect on what has been and what is yet to come in this year. Goals that have not yet been met should be re-evaluated, so that any dormant ambitions may be reawakened once more. In addition to striving for vitality and fertility for the hunts that are to come, steps should be made to strive for that which was previously too high an accomplishment.

[Event] Om’riggor
It is finally that time, where the orcs want to make a name for themselves within the clan. The old orcish tradition of the Om’riggor scheduled for the 11th of Mor'vaul!

[PVP-Tournament] Tournament of the Blades
Who will be crowned the new champion of the Red Blades? This tournament will decide that. The current champion is Razaron Madeye and this takes place on the 13th of Mor’vaul!

**WARNING** This is a PVP tournament!

[Campaign] Shattered Shield: Revenge for Rastakhan!
Zandalar is in mourning. For hundreds of years, Rastakhan has ruled the Zandalari Empire and brought it glory. Now he is dead â€" a tragic blow for the people of Zandalar. Though his daughter â€" Talanji â€" has ascended to take his place as Queen, there is no peace yet. There is a storm coming. A silent cry for vengeance against those who murdered King Rastakhan. The Shattered Shield has sworn an oath to rise and take revenge on behalf of the Zandalari. Now the time has come to make good on that oath.

The Alliance seek to take advantage of the disarray of the Zandalari by infiltrating everywhere possible, with one aim in mind: Undermine Queen Talanji’s authority over her people, and destroy any possibility of the Zandalari being an effective ally to the Horde.

Will you answer the cry for vengeance? The joint campaign starts on the 15th of Mor’vaul, ending early next month!

[Event] Time is a River
There is a disturbance near the Red Blade camp in Nazmir, Karnna heads out with the Redblade clan to investigate on the 16th of Mor’vaul!

[IC] Clan Gathering
Much needs to be discussed after the events that took place in Nazmir! Promotions will be made as the orcs proved their worth to the clan tremendously over the course of the last month! The Clan Gathering will take place on the 23rd of Mor’vaul!




It’s me, Madeye! My writing has improved a lot over the last year so the chieftain has given me permission to write you all the monthly letter. I suspect the teachings of the Thur’ruk Windwatcher has helped with this! Hasn’t her eyes ceased working? I’m sure she helped! Anyway, I should start talking about the previous month, so what happened?

Well we had some distressing news as the children of the Horde were rounded up and captured! A group of fanatical light worshipping zealots had entered Kalimdor and took cubs from their mother and father, a disgrace! Thanks to the efforts led by Karnna and Grarshak they were promptly defeated and the children rescued. Times for celebration were held, Kran and Thunk’s drinking tournament, Kargnar won the tournament, how? Kargnar’s a lightweight! What’s this world coming to? We also had the first Dra’gamgor, we had one at Kosh’harg but this was the first official one! Drunken backwards racing, wolf and mouse, you name it, we played it too much cheer!

Rhonya Steelheart also settled us down by the fire to to tell the tales of the clan. The stories of the revival of the Red Blades and personal Om’riggor’s were all told, it was a a wholesome night that we should do more! The Vrull’Morah was held for Ish'Magor as we all strive for perfection in the Son of Strife’s name, this month we had three teams after I had punished Kran and Gaar’thok for being disrespectful to a elder. They were named Team Mo’lak and in my eyes re-earned their honour with their excellent performance. Team Mo’lak came second after being heavily outnumbered, team Magor finished last and team Vrull won thanks to a match winning duel by Sigrak!

More troubling news hit our shores as the alliance attacked Durotar and the Barrens! We gathering with many friends and together we forced them back to their boats, the sight of them running with their tails between their legs, a sweet victory to saviour! Planned expedition to the Eastern Kingdoms to gather resources and teach the orcs history of the land was successful, we even managed to give the frostwolves of the Red Blade time to catch up with their clan.

This month has been chaotic and brought things closer to home, with the disgraceful actions of the alliance races stealing children and setting Durotar on fire. The war has just started and more dark times are around the corner, I’ve been getting some unsettling visions in my sleep and we may need to act on them sooner rather then later, but for now let Akashok guide us!

For the Blood of Red Blade,

Akal (May) Events

Guided by the element of air, Akal, named after Akala for her connection to fertility, ushers in vast amounts of positive energy. The coming of Akal often marked the beginning of the spring festivals for the orcish clans as they would celebrate the coming of fertility and growth and venture to new hunting grounds. Through the breezes and tides, Akal carries with it a season of spiritual growth as well as a time in which to celebrate life and the new season.

[Event] Through Rock and Stone
Some trouble is brewing in Durotar again! Those that wish to protect our lands should seek out Gaar’thok at Razor Hill on the 16th of Akal!

[Event] War Training
Kran Twinaxe leads the orcs in war training exercises to keep the clan sharp and prepared for battle, those that wish to be fighting fit should seek him out in Razor Hill on the 17th of Akal.

[Tournament] Vrull’Morah
Razaron hosts the monthly tournament dedicated to the Son of Strife, this month there will be no teams. It will be a individual tournament to see who comes out on top! Get your weapons and loincloths ready for 18th of Akal!

[Campaign] Whispers in the Shadows    
Razaron has been having constant nightmares for the past month and they’ve been gradually been getting worse and worse. He speaks of a wolf and of a far away land called Nazmir. The orcs must venture to these new lands under the guidance of Madeye to discover why the Varog’gor is having these dark visions? Prepare your survival kit, this is going to get bloody on the 19th of Akal!

[IC] Clan Gathering
The clan gathering this month won’t be held by the usual tree on the hill of Razor Hill as we’ll be deep within Naz’mir at the time. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have one as the clan has grown even larger over the last few months, so to help with getting together for training and news we’ll try to do one each month.

Honored brothers and sisters,

A memorable Kosh'harg has concluded the past month, in no small part thanks to each of your very own efforts. I wish to both congratulate as well as thank you all for contributing to a very successful festival all around. May it be a worthy reminder of what the Horde stands for... as well as good practice for future festivals to come. For we can only eclipse it at this rate!

A joyous month has now come to an end, however. Instead, we must look to what lies ahead. With increasing reports of border incursions from the Alliance, it now falls to us to see to the defense of our homelands. We may not have chosen this war, but there is no reversing the sun. Remain ever-vigilant of threats to the safety of our people, both within and outside of our lands. We are, after all, ever-surrounded by a world of enemies. It is times like these during which we temper not only our blades, but our spirits and our resolve as well.

For the Blood of Redblade,

Ish'Magor (April) Events
As the first buds open to bloom and the wild animals begin to emerge from their dens, Ish'Magor, or 'Echoes of Magor', is primarily known as the month of the element of the Wilds. In addition to the energies of the Wild flowing most vigorously in this period, it is also a time of wisdom and knowledge for those orcs inclined towards matters of the mind. Many of the clan sages would take this opportunity to venture out on self-imposed pilgrimages in order to pursue new knowledge and insights. In the Red Blade Clan, this makes it the favoured month for those who revere the aspect of Magor.

[Event Chains] Incursions
  • Blademaster Grarshak has received reports of Kaldorei contingents making steady advances in the region of Azshara. He has called upon the clan's aid to help drive them from Orgrimmar's front door from the 2nd day of Ish'Magor onward.
  • Karnna Blackfeather has reported bands of raiders and slavers roaming freely into orc territories, threatening the very safety of children and civilians alike. If the Horde is ever to be taken seriously, these manner of threats must be rooted out and wiped from the face of our lands without mercy. We join Blackfeather in rooting out this vermin from the 4th day of Ish'Magor onward.
  • Additional reports indicate the Alliance navy has been growing increasingly bolder near Kalimdor shores. We would do well to remain vigilant not only of our inland borders, but our shores as well.
[Event] Clan Moot
It has been many moons since the last Clan Moot took place, but a recent matter of grave concern to the Mag'har who hailed from their own homelands has recently come to light. Given their past experiences with both orcs and Draenei wielding the Light as a a cruel weapon, concerns have been raised regarding the usage of Light magics within the clan. In order to ensure that the Light's more grievous abilities are held in check as we do with Fel magics, the Clan Moot shall offer a discussion forum for those who wish to contribute to the discussion, so we may come to a unanimous decision what shall and shall not be tolerated. The Clan Moot shall be held upon the 14th day of Ish'Magor.

[Tournaments] Vrull'Morah and Drinking
The monthly Vrull'Morah returns and shall be held on the 12th day of Ish'Magor! Come pay tribute to Vrull or come and see which team will seize victory this time. Will Team Vrull be able to beat the new champions of Team Magor this time around? Additionally, a new tournament shall be held upon the 25th of Ish'Magor: Krunk's Tournament of Drinking. Hosted by Kran Twinaxe and Thunk, they shall lead this tournament of strong heads and livers. Who shall have the questionable honour of being the first to seize the title of Liver Splitter?

[Campaign] Watch out where you Steppes
From the 29th of Ish'Magor onward, Drakora Steeltalon offers to escort any of the clan willing to join her on an expedition to the Burning Steppes. The purpose of this expedition shall not only be to gather crucial supplies to the clan and war effort, but also to introduce us to an important lesson of history as we set foot into the memorable plains at the foot of the Blackrock Mountain.

[IC] Clan Gathering
As the last Clan Gathering helped prove, we have a great amount of activity taking place in the clan right now, as new orcs flock to our banner to help pursue our never-ending cause! In order to ensure training shall be kept up to date and all orcs are kept in the know, the next Clan Gathering shall already be taking place on the 21st of Ish'Magor.

[OOC] Officer promotions
During our last Clan Gathering, we have at long last had a great amount of officer promotions that were announced in last month's newsletter! Joining the officer team as of this month are Kai'gron Ripclaw, Kyrazha Throatrender, Razaron Madeye and Vraxxar Wildmark as Varog'Gor, and Kargnar Bloodpaw as Rrosh-tul! Out of these, Razaron, Vraxxar and Kargnar will also be taking up OOC officer responsibilities in addition to their IC responsibilities (in addition to Nar'thak, who has become an exclusively OOC officer for the time being), so don't hesitate to contact them if you require an officer to look into any OOC matters.
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