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2024 May 14 17:54:07
The website has never looked better!
2023 Dec 29 21:06:51
I think Rashka.exe has stopped working.
2023 Dec 28 20:49:43
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Such shouty people in here, gosh.
2023 Jul 20 01:42:16
Remember to shout your lungs out every once in a while!!
2023 Jul 08 17:30:53
Shouting here to make sure everyone knows that I'm still here!
2022 Jan 24 23:27:52
Wow I can't believe I remembered my password!
2021 Dec 18 15:37:28
2021 Nov 10 12:24:52
Remember to check both ways before crossing the plains!
2021 May 22 14:10:40
I too am testing the shoutbox for non-nefarious reasons.
2021 May 22 13:55:49
This is me testing the shoutbox, because shouting is a great stress relief and it would be a shame if it doesn't work.
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2020 Nov 20 00:14:09
Ice cream for all
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Happy Anniversary!!! It's party timeeee!
2020 Sep 24 12:39:42
Oh god. The warlock found the shoutbox!
2020 Sep 23 16:42:21
THE SHOUTBOX. Omg. This was like proto-Discord.
2020 Aug 23 09:36:02
*Grabs a camera to record what happens*
2020 Aug 22 16:24:43
*prods shoutbox*
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Swedish Pagans?
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Honored brothers and sisters,

A memorable Kosh'harg has concluded the past month, in no small part thanks to each of your very own efforts. I wish to both congratulate as well as thank you all for contributing to a very successful festival all around. May it be a worthy reminder of what the Horde stands for... as well as good practice for future festivals to come. For we can only eclipse it at this rate!

A joyous month has now come to an end, however. Instead, we must look to what lies ahead. With increasing reports of border incursions from the Alliance, it now falls to us to see to the defense of our homelands. We may not have chosen this war, but there is no reversing the sun. Remain ever-vigilant of threats to the safety of our people, both within and outside of our lands. We are, after all, ever-surrounded by a world of enemies. It is times like these during which we temper not only our blades, but our spirits and our resolve as well.

For the Blood of Redblade,

Ish'Magor (April) Events
As the first buds open to bloom and the wild animals begin to emerge from their dens, Ish'Magor, or 'Echoes of Magor', is primarily known as the month of the element of the Wilds. In addition to the energies of the Wild flowing most vigorously in this period, it is also a time of wisdom and knowledge for those orcs inclined towards matters of the mind. Many of the clan sages would take this opportunity to venture out on self-imposed pilgrimages in order to pursue new knowledge and insights. In the Red Blade Clan, this makes it the favoured month for those who revere the aspect of Magor.

[Event Chains] Incursions
  • Blademaster Grarshak has received reports of Kaldorei contingents making steady advances in the region of Azshara. He has called upon the clan's aid to help drive them from Orgrimmar's front door from the 2nd day of Ish'Magor onward.
  • Karnna Blackfeather has reported bands of raiders and slavers roaming freely into orc territories, threatening the very safety of children and civilians alike. If the Horde is ever to be taken seriously, these manner of threats must be rooted out and wiped from the face of our lands without mercy. We join Blackfeather in rooting out this vermin from the 4th day of Ish'Magor onward.
  • Additional reports indicate the Alliance navy has been growing increasingly bolder near Kalimdor shores. We would do well to remain vigilant not only of our inland borders, but our shores as well.
[Event] Clan Moot
It has been many moons since the last Clan Moot took place, but a recent matter of grave concern to the Mag'har who hailed from their own homelands has recently come to light. Given their past experiences with both orcs and Draenei wielding the Light as a a cruel weapon, concerns have been raised regarding the usage of Light magics within the clan. In order to ensure that the Light's more grievous abilities are held in check as we do with Fel magics, the Clan Moot shall offer a discussion forum for those who wish to contribute to the discussion, so we may come to a unanimous decision what shall and shall not be tolerated. The Clan Moot shall be held upon the 14th day of Ish'Magor.

[Tournaments] Vrull'Morah and Drinking
The monthly Vrull'Morah returns and shall be held on the 12th day of Ish'Magor! Come pay tribute to Vrull or come and see which team will seize victory this time. Will Team Vrull be able to beat the new champions of Team Magor this time around? Additionally, a new tournament shall be held upon the 25th of Ish'Magor: Krunk's Tournament of Drinking. Hosted by Kran Twinaxe and Thunk, they shall lead this tournament of strong heads and livers. Who shall have the questionable honour of being the first to seize the title of Liver Splitter?

[Campaign] Watch out where you Steppes
From the 29th of Ish'Magor onward, Drakora Steeltalon offers to escort any of the clan willing to join her on an expedition to the Burning Steppes. The purpose of this expedition shall not only be to gather crucial supplies to the clan and war effort, but also to introduce us to an important lesson of history as we set foot into the memorable plains at the foot of the Blackrock Mountain.

[IC] Clan Gathering
As the last Clan Gathering helped prove, we have a great amount of activity taking place in the clan right now, as new orcs flock to our banner to help pursue our never-ending cause! In order to ensure training shall be kept up to date and all orcs are kept in the know, the next Clan Gathering shall already be taking place on the 21st of Ish'Magor.

[OOC] Officer promotions
During our last Clan Gathering, we have at long last had a great amount of officer promotions that were announced in last month's newsletter! Joining the officer team as of this month are Kai'gron Ripclaw, Kyrazha Throatrender, Razaron Madeye and Vraxxar Wildmark as Varog'Gor, and Kargnar Bloodpaw as Rrosh-tul! Out of these, Razaron, Vraxxar and Kargnar will also be taking up OOC officer responsibilities in addition to their IC responsibilities (in addition to Nar'thak, who has become an exclusively OOC officer for the time being), so don't hesitate to contact them if you require an officer to look into any OOC matters.