Orcs of the Red Blade

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June 06, 2020, 10:58:38 PM

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2020 Jun 05 12:32:27
Swedish Pagans?
2020 Jun 01 08:45:09
You're invoking the wrong gods in this place!
2020 May 27 12:17:33
Shout at the devil!
2020 May 27 12:16:36
2020 May 17 17:42:06
More shouting! also...how is everyone!
2020 May 07 23:24:03
*Pats Claws* We are happy you are.
2020 May 07 18:26:57
Sorry but still here hiding
2020 May 04 14:08:37
Magor: Books for the Book God!
2020 May 04 14:08:22
Sharguul: Death for the Death God!
2020 May 04 14:08:03
Vrull: Blood for the Blood God!
2020 May 04 14:07:49
2020 May 02 14:53:52
It had to be done.
2020 May 02 14:53:27
Kogra Windwatcher:
2020 May 02 14:50:15
Shout it all out!
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It’s me, Madeye! My writing has improved a lot over the last year so the chieftain has given me permission to write you all the monthly letter. I suspect the teachings of the Thur’ruk Windwatcher has helped with this! Hasn’t her eyes ceased working? I’m sure she helped! Anyway, I should start talking about the previous month, so what happened?

Well we had some distressing news as the children of the Horde were rounded up and captured! A group of fanatical light worshipping zealots had entered Kalimdor and took cubs from their mother and father, a disgrace! Thanks to the efforts led by Karnna and Grarshak they were promptly defeated and the children rescued. Times for celebration were held, Kran and Thunk’s drinking tournament, Kargnar won the tournament, how? Kargnar’s a lightweight! What’s this world coming to? We also had the first Dra’gamgor, we had one at Kosh’harg but this was the first official one! Drunken backwards racing, wolf and mouse, you name it, we played it too much cheer!

Rhonya Steelheart also settled us down by the fire to to tell the tales of the clan. The stories of the revival of the Red Blades and personal Om’riggor’s were all told, it was a a wholesome night that we should do more! The Vrull’Morah was held for Ish'Magor as we all strive for perfection in the Son of Strife’s name, this month we had three teams after I had punished Kran and Gaar’thok for being disrespectful to a elder. They were named Team Mo’lak and in my eyes re-earned their honour with their excellent performance. Team Mo’lak came second after being heavily outnumbered, team Magor finished last and team Vrull won thanks to a match winning duel by Sigrak!

More troubling news hit our shores as the alliance attacked Durotar and the Barrens! We gathering with many friends and together we forced them back to their boats, the sight of them running with their tails between their legs, a sweet victory to saviour! Planned expedition to the Eastern Kingdoms to gather resources and teach the orcs history of the land was successful, we even managed to give the frostwolves of the Red Blade time to catch up with their clan.

This month has been chaotic and brought things closer to home, with the disgraceful actions of the alliance races stealing children and setting Durotar on fire. The war has just started and more dark times are around the corner, I’ve been getting some unsettling visions in my sleep and we may need to act on them sooner rather then later, but for now let Akashok guide us!

For the Blood of Red Blade,

Akal (May) Events

Guided by the element of air, Akal, named after Akala for her connection to fertility, ushers in vast amounts of positive energy. The coming of Akal often marked the beginning of the spring festivals for the orcish clans as they would celebrate the coming of fertility and growth and venture to new hunting grounds. Through the breezes and tides, Akal carries with it a season of spiritual growth as well as a time in which to celebrate life and the new season.

[Event] Through Rock and Stone
Some trouble is brewing in Durotar again! Those that wish to protect our lands should seek out Gaar’thok at Razor Hill on the 16th of Akal!

[Event] War Training
Kran Twinaxe leads the orcs in war training exercises to keep the clan sharp and prepared for battle, those that wish to be fighting fit should seek him out in Razor Hill on the 17th of Akal.

[Tournament] Vrull’Morah
Razaron hosts the monthly tournament dedicated to the Son of Strife, this month there will be no teams. It will be a individual tournament to see who comes out on top! Get your weapons and loincloths ready for 18th of Akal!

[Campaign] Whispers in the Shadows    
Razaron has been having constant nightmares for the past month and they’ve been gradually been getting worse and worse. He speaks of a wolf and of a far away land called Nazmir. The orcs must venture to these new lands under the guidance of Madeye to discover why the Varog’gor is having these dark visions? Prepare your survival kit, this is going to get bloody on the 19th of Akal!


[IC] Clan Gathering
The clan gathering this month won’t be held by the usual tree on the hill of Razor Hill as we’ll be deep within Naz’mir at the time. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have one as the clan has grown even larger over the last few months, so to help with getting together for training and news we’ll try to do one each month.