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Return of the Gul'thauk
(April Fools)

The Gul'thauk were, in the old Red Blade Tribe, among the most feared and mysterious Orcs the tribe had to offer. With initiation rites unknown to the surrounding world, they were tested and hardened relentlessly, in hopes of creating the most mentally strong and cunning Orcs to ever walk Azeroth. To a degree, it was successful. The ranks of the Gul'thauk were once booming, and they were a formidable force of outcasts, rogues, and outlaws that sought their place elsewhere than the other two paths that the Red Blade had to offer, lead by the Varog'Gor; the most elite bodyguards of the Chieftain himself.

In time however, their numbers dwindled and the Gul'thauk were soon unheard of, except for in those pesky dusty annals that nobody except know-it-all New Bloods read to prove a point to their superiors. The infamous curse of the Varog'Gor seemingly rubbed off on the Gul'thauk and drove them to near extinction; leaving only a select few left to tell their mysterious tale.

For years (give or take), there were no more Varog'Gor or Gul'thauk left. The path was made obsolete, and its followers were left mostly pathless in the newly reformed Red Blade Clan. But with the recent rise in Varog'Gor numbers, from zero to four, the Gul'thauk of old have begun stirring under the surface, and thus the Chieftain and his Elders made the quick decision to reinstate the Path of Cunning, but with slight reformation to avoid another downfall.

The comprehensive new guide to the Path of Cunning:
  • No Warriors
  • No Shaman
  • The Gul'thauk must be dabbling in some form of forbidden or shunned magic
  • The Varog'Gor are no longer Elders of the Path
  • There will be a council of Gul'thauk, consisting of one Nag'Ogar, one Gosh'kar, and a New Blood to ensure the Path of Cunning moves in the right direction
  • No Shaman
  • Training will be done in a free-form manner, there is no list of tasks or training that one must complete; it's to be done under one's own supervision
  • The Gul'thauk may break the code. Yep, you read that right! They're sneaky awful Orcs, why would they need to follow the code?
  • Gul'thauk must have a backstory of betrayal and supernatural occurrences
  • Shaman are not allowed
The selection process is carefully done by the Elders of the Clan, and thus only the strongest and most cunning Orcs will be accepted among the Gul'thauk. Do you think you have what it takes? Fill in this comprehensive, easy to fill in form and send it to one of our Officers on Discord or through the PMs on the forum!

QuoteCharacter name:


Has your character experienced anything supernatural? (Y/N)

Have you read the guidelines? (Y/N)

Why should -you- be a Gul'thauk and what does it mean to you?

Is your character a Shaman? (Y/N)

In no more than 4000 words, describe to us why you believe Gul'dan is the best orc in history.

Honored brothers and sisters,

After some arduous weeks of setting upon the path and beating back enemies left and right, the time has come at last to unwind in one of two most treasured times of the year: the Kosh'harg festival. This season's Kosh'harg is bound to be an incredible undertaking, as we have made grand plans to make up for the world of excrement we have had to suffer over the past season. Now more than ever, we have earned this respite from discord.

In order to make it so, however, your help is required. Make sure to offer any aid you are willing to lend to any of your fellow orcs who intend to put their backs into the organization of this Kosh'harg. There are yet some of us out there who might still be in need of volunteers, so ensure to do your part if you can spare any hands. Even if it be for a single day.

Having said that, however, there is one order above all others that I seek to give to you this month: enjoy. Feast. Celebrate. And give thanks the ancestors for the strength of the pack as well as their support in the times that lie ahead. A new day dawns after the long night has at long last ended. It is a day that is ours for the taking.

For the Blood of Redblade,

Karoshgoth (March) Events
A paradoxical month, Karoshgoth, Serenity's End, marks both the time of the first bi-annual Kosh'harg festival - an essential time of peace for all clans - but also the beginning of new military campaigns as Spring brings with it mild enough conditions to start new wars or resume any outstanding wars. At the very least, the Kosh'harg often provided an opportunity for feuding clans to use the festival as a last chance to prevent any conflicts if at all possible... or a time to offer their respects to the enemy clan, knowing full well it would be their last time among one another as friends.

[Festival] Kosh'harg Celebration
That time of the year has come once more: the time of the Kosh'harg! And this time around, it's bigger than ever before. Just about everyone in the clan has stepped up to take some manner of responsibility in ensuring the festival will be bigger, larger and more entertaining than ever, so be it as organizer or as visitor, be sure to attend the festivities from the 18th to 25th of Karoshgoth! For any additional information, see the entire line-up of activities and events on the notice board here.

[Campaign] Journey to Outlands
With the Kosh'harg Festival fast approaching, the clan has begun to make its way to the Old World in preparation for the festivities. As always, however, the pilgrimage is bound to be beset by threats and unwanted distractions. In charge of the clan's journey to Outlands this time is Nar'thak Strongarm, who has taken up the responsibility to see the clan to Garadar safely. What might the clan find along the way?

[Tournament] Vrull'Morah
The monthly Vrull'Morah returns! Hosted by Razaron Madeye, the Vrull'Morah is the perfect chance for the orcs of the clan to hone their skills! As a tribute to Vrull, the Son of Strife, two different competitions shall be held on the night of the 8th of Karoshgoth in order to test which among the orcs rank as the best fighters the clan has to offer!

[Allied guild] Call of the Wolf
Failed to emerge as the victor on the clan's Vrull'Morah? On the 27th day of Karoshgoth, those who wish to once more test their mettle may attend the Iron Wolf Clan's Call of the Wolf tournament. In addition to the usual brawling tournament, there will be a feast dedicated to the victor.

[OOC] Kosh'harg Festival
Thanks to the collective efforts of the guild's members, we have an incredible amount of activities and events planned for this season's Kosh'harg! A big thank you to you all for your help and commitment! A lot of work still remains to be done, however! There are still several activities which require some additional volunteers for helping out, and it's never too late to host any extra events in case you're interested in hosting one in addition to the existing activities. Make sure to refer to the festival calendar found on our Discord server to see which activities are still in need of help!

[OOC] Officer promotions
As mentioned on our Discord server last month, we're actively on the lookout for fresh officer material again due to the incredible amount of newcomers we've had the pleasure of welcoming into our community. Though we've had a few volunteers step up to the task already, we continue to keep on encouraging any willing souls to step up and show interest if they have any! If nothing else, we appreciate any events that you all keep on hosting to ensure we have a nicely filled up calendar from this month to the next, as we've certainly not had a lack of events in the last few months!

Honored brothers and sisters,

Some say we are exiles from our own home. That we are fools to abandon Orgrimmar to its present fate. That we are traitors to the Horde. However, some also say that discretion is the better part of valour. That it is better to live to fight another day. And that you should not believe everything that people say.

You choose what you wish to believe. But there is no reversing the sun or casting the die anew. The way things are now, is the hand we are dealt. I choose to believe that betrayal to one's moral codes and beliefs is far worse a crime than to betray a Warchief absent morals or dignity. Our clan's Code is ever clear on such matters; there is no misinterpreting what it says of chiefs who are found unworthy and allies who are found undeserving.

And so we have set upon the road for the time being. Come what may, we will stand with the Whiteclaw Communion as we bide our time for a better future. That future begins with our pilgrimage to Mount Hyjal for the revered Wolf God Lo'gosh. We may not end up sharing the road with the rest of the Whiteclaws forever. But for now, our paths are intertwined. Ensure to look after our allies as you would your fellow brother and sister, for unity is more important than ever before in times such as these.

For the Blood of Redblade,

Vosha'gur (February) Events
Vosha'gur, or 'the First Light', marks the end of the Long Night and the beginning of the sun's ascension in the sky. Though few orcs traditionally practice the cultivation of crops, the first signs of Spring are instead observed in the movement (and herding) of animals in preparation for birthing. It is also a traditional time for the making of new pledges and dedications for the coming year.

[Campaign] The Wolf God
Having been delayed from the previous month due to our unexpected detour to the Crimson Compass campaign, the clan shall now at long last follow Okiba Spearbreaker in his pilgrimage to Mount Hyjal to honour the wolf god Lo'Gosh. With the expedition already on its way, it is clear that the road ahead may be fraught with peril all the same as influences both within and outside of the Horde may seek to thwart our progress.

[Server-wide] Expedition to Pandaria
As the clan joins the rest of the Whiteclaw Communion in visiting potential allies within the Horde, several activities await those with an interest in Pandaren culture as we set foot upon Pandaria. Starting with the 2nd Tournament of Celestial Arts on the 15th, a Love Festival on the 16th, a Cloud Serpent Race on the 17th and the August Championship Tournament on the 18th day of Vosha'gur. Bear in mind that these events shall be open to both denizens of the Horde as well as the Alliance and shall be held on neutral grounds. As such, any hostile behavior from within the clan shall be met with severe punishment.

[Event Chain] Harpies and Quilboars
Despite the ongoing tensions, we will not forsake our duty to the homelands. With the majority of the Horde's forces pulled out of Durotar to focus on the fronts, all manner of threats have begun to arise anew, overconfident in their ability to jump upon hapless travelers on the road. Nag'Ogar Kargnar Bloodpaw aims to set the clan upon the task of culling these threats once the clan returns from Pandaria. Join him on the 12th, 19th, 22nd and 26th day of Vosha'gur!

[Tournament] Vrull'Morah
Featuring as a new tradition in the clan, Razaron Madeye has set about hosting a monthly tournament for the orcs to hone their skills in! As a tribute to the Son of Strife, Vrull, two different competitions shall be held on the night of the 8th of Vosha'gur in order to test which among the orcs ranks as the best fighter!

[IC] Whiteclaw Communion
Due to the ongoing tensions within the Horde, the Red Blade clan intends to commit its full support to the Whiteclaw Communion it helped bring into existence. Though we have several plans of our own already set in stone for the coming month, we will - whenever possible - accompany the Whiteclaw Communion on the road as they intend to gather support for their cause and help out the locals.

[OOC] Promotions and training
Due to our busy schedule this month, we may not have any available days for an official Clan Gathering. This means that anyone who is eligible for promotion or further training should ensure to report it with their respective Elders, so we may set aside an occasion upon which to deal with such matters outside of any Clan Gatherings. Don't hesitate to keep up your progression despite the busy month of events!

Honored brothers and sisters,

A new year awaits us. With the celebrations of the end of previous year behind us, it is time we look to what lies ahead once more. I know I need not mince words with the rest of you. The Horde has had a troublesome year behind it, and it will not look up anytime soon with the war in full swing just yet. As we gird ourselves for threats from both in and out, we must take this chance to steel ourselves for the hardships that are to come. This means that we should be ever vigilant for the threats that loom upon the horizon of the new year.

Even in the safety and solitude of Durotar, we must prepare for war and be vigilant of what happens in neighboring lands. Continue to harden yourselves and to honour the spirits. For one day soon, we shall be in need of their guidance and assistance.

For the Blood of Redblade,

Kor'batar (January) Events
Water's Tide, or Kor'batar, marks the beginning of a new year. Traditionally known as the time of shifting tides of Draenor's seas, it is also a time of new beginnings, endings and transitions. Guided by the element of Water, Kor'batar is known for particularly strong currents and an ideal time to commune with the elements of water. It also offers a fresh start to those orcs who seek one, often accompanied by sober eating habits and meditation.

[Campaign] The Wolf God
Okiba Spearbreaker intends to use the month of Kor'batar to pay tribute to who many orcs consider the greatest wolf deity of all: Lo'Gosh. From the 20th day of Kor'batar onward, he shall lead an expedition from Razor Hill through Felwood and to Hyjal in order to honour the great spirit. Be you a spiritually minded orc or not, this shall be a fine opportunity to join the clan on a venture that takes us out of the confines of Durotar.

[Server-wide] Uldum Nights
The streets of Mar'at are once more home to the neutral-aligned festival of the Dunedwellers, hosted by Siavash. Pay the town a visit and join in on the festivities! View the Uldum Nights information board for more information. As always, bear in mind that any aggression here will not be tolerated.

[Allied guild] Call of the Wolf
For those who do not desire to share a moment of peace with the Alliance in Mar'at, the 26th day of Kor'batar also offers the monthly tournament of the Iron Wolf Clan. Honour and a feast will be given to whoever possesses the strength to be named champion. Do you have what it takes to compete?

[IC] Clan Gathering
With a new year upon us, new times await us as well. The Wolfking calls upon all orcs of the clan to gather in Razor Hill on the 13th day of Kor'batar. Come and find out what the new month - and year - has in store for us!

Honored brothers and sisters,

A full year has passed hence the day the clan has first come together from the ashes from whence it was born. A joyous occasion one might say, but an occasion that comes with a warning as well. In this ever-changing, rapidly evolving world, many clans have been known to wither and die with the passing of time. Be it hubris, sloth, weakness or otherwise, death is ever stalking its prey. And ever sure of it, sooner or later. Like how the old Red Blade tribe once met its - albeit temporary - end, we should be ever vigilant of all these things. With the month of the dead behind us, we should look to strive for life as the new year soon dawns upon us.

Many hardships yet lie ahead of us. So despite this anniversary, let us not forget what time we live in. A time of great peril and uncertainty. It is in times such as these that we orcs should look to one another more than anyone else, for if we cannot even afford to stand together and support one another, how can we hope to carry the rest of the Horde upon our backs? Walk forth into this long night with this burden upon your backs, knowing not only the fate of the clan rests upon your shoulders, but that of the Horde as well.

For the Blood of Redblade,

Nath'lok (December) Events
Nath'lok, the Long Night in the traditional orcish tongue, marks the end of the year and the centre of the winter season. A great emphasis lies upon the reflection of the past year and the preparation for the next, as orcs are ritually cleansed of their deeds from the previous months and make offerings to the spirits for a prosperous year to come. Among some clans, it was once the month when some of the most ancient (and sometimes most taboo) rites and traditions would be practiced, such as the worship of the Pale Lady in the sky.

[Celebration] The Long Night / Winter Veil
Though a date has as of yet been undecided, there shall undoubtedly be a feast to commemorate the end of the year as well as the midwinter season at the end of this month. Although we of the Red Blade have our own traditional celebration in the form of the Long Night, we may have plans to host a joint Winter Veil feast with our friends of the Shattered Shield community as well. More news shall be unveiled on this matter when all has been decided upon this matter.

[IC] Clan Gathering
Much has happened since the last Clan Gathering, so it is high time for the clan to get together and reflect on what has happened in the past month and is yet to happen in the coming month. Answer the call on the 9th day of Nath'lok!

[OOC] Guild events
As with last month, everyone is very much encouraged to host and organize events of their own as they see fit. We're looking to place a little more emphasis on a community effort, so don't hesitate to take the initiative if you've ever felt like hosting a little something for the rest of your guildies! Of course, "official" events will continue to drip in as well.
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