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Notice Board / They're everywhere!(FAILED)
March 11, 2016, 06:58:00 PM
They're Everywhere!


Word has it that the Raptors near Ratchet has been formating rapidly, and even attacking travelers in packs of four. *Next part is written with capital letters* TAKE EXTREME CAUTION.
Bring down their numbers, and return with their claws, hides, and teeth.

- Signed Rashka Facebreaker

2 Fangs per orc.

Additional notes:
IC: Bring atleast 4-5 Orc along with you. More if possible. These are vicious creatures, and these have developed a habbit of hunting in packs.

OOC: I will DM this out whenever I'm online. Just throw me a poke, and we can arrange it! :3 - Unless you want to do it yourself :D - Do poke me for a few notes before though.

Notice Board / Everything has an Use (COMPLETED)
March 02, 2016, 10:20:49 PM
Everything has an Use

The tribe is in need of more resources, hunt and kill 5 beasts.

- The following is to be done to the dead beasts;
Skin, butcher, remove the fangs if any, and bring back the bones.

Signed, Rashka Facebreaker
2 Fangs per orc.

Additional notes:
IC: Bring atleast one other orc to accompany you.

OOC: Feel free to RP this out yourself, or poke me if I'm online for DM'ing/any questions you might have.

The Campfire / Glimmering Sand
February 29, 2016, 03:13:53 PM
Glimmering Sand
Chapter 1

(Edit: To clarify, the first part is from the perspective of the Blood Elf.)

In a bar, stationed in Uldum, 3 weeks ago;
A heavily hooded person enters the bar, her cloak serving as a facewrap, protectig her from the grains of sand most likely. Nothing new around here, though. She sat down at the table, ordering a mug of ale, whilst unwrapping the cloak protecting her face from sand. Her face green, and heavily scarred. She cast me a look upon noticing my starring, and I lowered my look.

"He'd better no' be starrin' at me." She mumbled, sitting down onto the bench, her aching sore body finally getting a bit of rest. "One of 'em ale, if y'please." She nodded to the bartender, whilst unwrapping her cloak from her already hooded head. She'd of been here for a while now, the damned grit could get anywhere, even with her kind of facial protection. Not that she cared much though, not anymore anyway. She shot the man infront of her, a Blood Elf male, a short glance, his expression showing that he clearly wasn't fond of her. "Wha' ye 'ere fer, Elf? Yer kind no' too sof' skinned fer places like this?" Smirking slightly I grabbed my mug of ale, having a deep well deserved drink from it. The Blood Elf let out an unpleased scowl. "Oh please, my kin may not be the thoughest around here, but it doesn't mean we can't take a bit of sand." Eyeing him briefly, I let out a burst of laughter. "O' c'mon yer kin be t'bigges' wussies ou' there, imagine if ye broke a nail- HAH!" The bartender joined in on the laughing, before it slowly died out again. "Listen now you green-skinned babarian I did not come all this way to listen to your shit talking of m-.." He was interrupted before he could finish his sentence, as I slammed my fist into the table. "O' shu' up ye. I be jus' foolin' around wit' ye. Bu' seriously, wha' be ye doin' around 'ere?" The Elf seemed to calm down a bit, the red from his face fading slowly. "What everyone else is here for.. Treasure hunting. And you?" I narrowed my one eye slightly, before snorting. "Tha' be a lon' story." The Elf peered at her briefly. "I'm listening. Not like I got anything but time, I'm not planning to enter that sandstorm out there." Looking over her shoulder she saw the wind picking up, lifting the sand around. "Ergh, fine." I sighed as I drained my mug.
It all started ou' many moons ago, I 'ad a pretty normal  life, ter say t'leas'. I 'ad a mate, an' a cub. A good position in me Tribe, a well respected member, or close ter one, a'leas'. 'owever, everythin' wasn' so rose red on t'inside of thin's. Me mate be a drunk. Wether 'im like ter see it, or no'. Killin' fer t'sake of fun, nay 'onour, really. An' due ter me position in t'tribe, I rarely 'ad t'chance of seein' me cub. 'er safety comes before me 'appines. Ergh, anyroad, I was slowly dyin' on t'inside. Me mate disappeared, nothin' new. I wen' ter see me cub one las' time, before leavin' meself. I didn' know where to, ter star' off with. I jus' knew I was goin' away fer a while. I didn' leave any note, all I lef' was me wolf-mask, fer Korgara, I didn' want 'er ter forget me.
A moon or so later, I arrived in Tanaris. Durin' one of me nights in t'bar there, I overhead a small group talkin' abou' headin' towards Uldum, curious, I schooched over, so tha' I could 'ear 'em better. "Ya mon, I be 'earin' Uldum be full of 'em treassures!" one of them almos' shouted. Archin' a brow, I raised me voice. "Wha' be these "treassures" ye be talkin' of, Troll?" T'troll, surprised by me question, almos' choked on 'ims own drink. "N-nothin' mon." Snortin' I answered 'im. "Yer stutterin' seems ter disagree with tha'. 'im looked down, lettin' 'ims boss, a gobbo, take over. "Yeah-yeah, and so what if we're looking for treasures. - Ya don't exactly look like a treasure hunter, hah!" Archin' a brow, a smirked. "Nothin' I can' become."

"T'nex' day we se' off. T'caravan dragged by a bunc' of camels. I prefered ter walk, an' thoug' t'walk was lon', sweaty, an' full of grains I didn' complain. Afterall, I brough' meself inter this. I couldn' 'elp bu' think abou' me daughter, wonderin' if 'em was takin' good care of 'er. Afterall, tha' be all I wanted. I quickly figured ou' why 'em wanted an' extra pair of 'ands with them on 'ems journey. Desert thieves seemed ter thrive off murderin' and stealin' from every single caravan 'em 'ad a chance ter steal from. Around this time, I think 'em was 'appy I was with 'em. Slayin' a few thieves wouldn' be t'firs' kill I 'ad done, an' killin' a few more surely wouldn' make a difference fer me. "Look!" One of 'em shouted. We 'ad finally come ter t'gates of Uldum. Where 'em said treassures should be. We didn' get far thoug'.. We were assualted by a bunc' of small lookin' men. A kind I 'adn't seen before. Nay gnomes, nor gobbos. Before I could ge' ter act, we were engulfed in a thick smoke, an' blackness laid before me eyes."
The Campfire / The way of fate
October 04, 2015, 12:54:31 AM
She was sitting there, looking out over Mulgore from atop the hills. Groshnok and her had found this hut, abandoned, long ago now. Kogara in her arms, suckling on one of her mothers dreadlocks. She had felt weird lately. Different. Ever since that night in Nagrand she saw her. Sitting there by the fire, all insecure, but nonetheless talking.. Mazhga.. She hadn't seen her.. HEARD her for so long.. She was so different now. And then not. She was still just as insecure as Rashka remembered her as, but she was.. Grown up.
She didn't know why she was here. She wanted to confront her, but she was afraid to scare her off. She semt to have that effect on people.. Scaring them off. Snorting she went into the hut, putting Kogara back into her cradle, Ghost watching over her as protect-full as ever.

When she heard of her the first time, after her tutors passing, she didn't believe her ears nor her eyes. The waters showed her, full of pride, and the wind whispered of her deeds. Suddenly she had a whole new purpose. And she didn't quite know how to follow it up.. But she packed her stuff, and left the safety of her Frostwolf village. She had to find her, and as Spirits wanted it, she did. Or rather.. She found her Tribe. Lom'rak said he had seen her before, one night when they were talking. But he never told her more. And before she knew it, they were gone once more, and she was left with a half-dead trail. She wouldn't leave this place yet. She was still missing her wolf, and she still had things to discover here.. But sooner or later, she would pick up the trail once more. And this time she would find her in person, and speak to her!
The Campfire / Worthless
August 17, 2015, 12:52:08 AM

Worthless. Failure. Useless. The words went over and over in inside her head. They wouldn't go away, and thus she was sat with her knees to her chest, her arms tightly wrapped around them, as she rocked back and forth, her face deep in Accalia's thick black fur. She had failed. And therefor she was worthless.

Months earlier.
It was late night in Durotar, only the moon's light were lightning up the rock she was sat on. The rock itself sticking out of the dusty hills.
She liked sitting there, listening to the quiet, and wildlife, even if most were sleeping by now. It was then she heard the footsteps, followed by Kogra's voice. It was calm, but also a bit hesitant. At least Rashka thought so. She had come to say goodbye, as something had come up in her clan. Words, even presents were exchanged, and in the end she had made Rashka promise something. To look after her sister, Sinami. So she did.

A few days ago.
She had came to the fire in the encampment, sitting down listening in to the chatter. It was then she had learnt of Sinami had been captured, and apparently were in a bad state currently. And thus she felt guilty. She had failed her promise, and she knew it. She'd do anything to make up for it, but she didn't know how. As the guilt became stronger, and her emotions uncontainable she went doing what she always did, and had done when that happened; Punching trees with impressive amount of strength, often leaving the trees mangled and broken. It didn't come without a price though. Her hands, broken, cut, and full of splinters. It was a price she was willing to pay, as long as she did not hurt anybody.

Kogra had returned, after months of being gone. Rashka had been happy to see her, though the joy soon was replaced with guilt as she knew she'd have to tell her. She had expected little, and got even less when she told Kogra. She had just left her, sitting there, and once again she was worthless. Guilty. A failure. Her already mangled hands got mangled even more by punching of trees.

The guilt of failing had torn so deep into her, that she now had been scarred in her mind. "Wort'less. Useless. Failure. Ye... Wort'less."
Off Topic / LARP/medieval/anything costumes
August 15, 2015, 09:31:17 PM
..So since I've noticed quite a few people from here enjoys costume makings and the like, I thought.. Why not have a seperate thread for it?  ;D I'm currently in the start of making myself some sort of outfit.. Just throwing a few starter ideas out here. Also, pardon me if there already exists such thread, but I'm too lazy to start searching the whole forum xD
Here's the start of what I'm making anyway;

Event Planning / Maps!
June 08, 2015, 10:34:50 PM
Map pieces for the final object.

Map Piece 1:
Map Piece 2:
Map Piece 3:
Map Piece 4:

Full Map:

Thanks for all who attended! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it. Also, thanks a lot to Sadok for the awesome riddles!
Red Blade Records / Rashka Facebreaker
May 30, 2015, 08:51:48 PM

Rashka Facebreaker

Alias: Rashk
Rank: Nag'ogar

Age: 41 - After DF timeskip
Gender: Female
Race: Orc
Clan: Warsong
Class: -
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Family: Groshnok Gorewrath(Ex-Mate), Korgara(Cub), Grodok Earthbinder(Blood Brother), Kargnar Bloodpaw (Blood Brother), Deceased mother(Agrona), Deceased father(Gronargsh), & a sister (Mazhga).
Known Friends: Clan Redblade & other individuals.
Known Enemies: Any enemies of the Clan

Body Details:
A muscular, strong looking, agile, she-orc stands before you. She does not lack shapes, yet there is more muscle than bodyfat to be seen. Her tusks appear larger than what is normal for a she-orc, and she will often show this off with a scowl or grin, depended on her mood. Her tusk carries what would appear to be engravings; Tribal ones, and even a few spiritual, oddly enough. She does however not seem like the spiritual type, and will often be carrying around either a large axe, or two one-handed weapons, a katana, and an axe, made for splitting skulls with ease.
Upon her head sits a grey and ragged dire-wolf, wolf mask; It's details precise and retained, and its fangs large and yet sharp. It leaves her face mostly in a shadow, and gives her a rather ferocious appearance.
Her right shoulder carries a tribal tattoo of a howling wolf; The mark of the Red Blade Tribe upon its shoulder.

Scar Details:
Rather thick scar going from the left side of her forhead down over her nose ending on her right cheek.
Both her arms is very scarred, and they appear as if they almost were stripped completely from skin. Most of the scars looks ragged and are either claw marks or blade marks.
Her back has three long vertical scars, whom appear to be claw made. Atop is a newer scar; Starting from her right shoulder-blade, and ending down before her waist-line.
Both her fists have several scars, small and big of size.
Her right eye has gone blind, instead of it's usual blue colour it have become a milky-white. A smaller scar goes over her right eye, indicating it might of been a battle-scar. Her face has several small scars, and she generally looks quite battered.

Other Details:
Around her neck is a thin leather cord, adorned with tiger teeth and a very well carved tiger made out of bone in the middle. A tuft a tiger fur is hanging beside it.
Her wrist carries a talisman woven out of string, carrying feathery decorations, looking somewhat like a dreamcatcher.
By her boot is a sheated dagger tied to her leg. It is made out of strong silver steel, and engraved in the middle on both sides with the word "Facebreaker".
Her belt has a pitch black Tauren braid hanging from it, being attratched with a piece of string. - A sign of brotherhood.

Rashka is know to be rough on the outside. But what most people doesn't know, - or realize, is that she infact is very caring and loving. She is  mostly grumpy, and easilly annoyed, though if you get on her good side, she will genuiely care for you, and do whatever she can do cheer you up and keep you happy.
With enough ale inboards she can be pretty funny to be around, and is likely friendlier than usual. She can however also become more big-mouthed than usual.

Rashka was born during the second war, together with a later coming sister in a very small, hidden, village of The Warsong. The two of them, only a few years appart was often seen together, though Rashka often found her sister annoying and clingy, she'd not let her go anwhere alone, frightened to lose her.
Her sister, Mazhga, the complete opposite of Rashka, however loved her sister, and where Rashka was fierce and bold, Mazhga was often frightened and worried about everything.
Growing up during war, both of them was used to run off to their hideouts, often in the treetops, or a nearby cave they had made their own, where they'd hear the sound of clinging steel, voices of war, and cries of death and despair. Up there Rashka'd often force Mazhga to spar with her, aspiring to be like her Father, a strong Warrior in combat. It almost always ended up with Mazhga being badly bruised, and crying due to her older sister being way too rough.

As Rashka turned 15, she was gifted with her father's battle axe by her mother, her father had perished in the battle many years ago, and though he was gone she thought that at least his strong-willed spirit of war could live on in their strongets daughter, and that it did.
Rashka's mother, a battle-shaman often seen in wolf furs and light chainmail, would soon perish as well. She and Mazhga had gone out to pick mushrooms, herbs and the likes for the nights soup, but neither of them ever returned. Rashka scouted for them for days, only to one day discover the remains of fur from her mother's wolfcape, and no sign of her Sister.  Many days went by, each day she'd spend from dawn to twillight looking for them, but with no results. Eventually she stopped looking, though she didn't lose hope for them to be alive still, somewhere.

Many years went by, and as days went past, Rashka would learn everything she didn't know already, all alone, by herself. Learning from failures, and succes, both with hunting, but also different herbs and the likes. There was one time she got a rash all over due a herb, not a nice memory. But she'd of learnt from failures like that. She had to, since she'd of ran away from the village during a large fire, several years ago, presumeably started by the Humans, or other of her kinsmen raiding villages during their bloodlust. She'd only just of gotten away with the dearest of her belongings, and some momentos of her family. Amongst them were the Battle Axe that her mother'd of gifted her, and an earring. She'd of made home in a cave a few miles away, where her and Mazhga'd of used to stay when they were younger. She was keeping to herself and staying well hidden, with the use of branches and the likes to hide the cave's entrance.

During one of her hunts she encountered a wounded wolf. It was bleeding heavilly from a wound on its hind leg. The poor thing just laid there in the shade of a tree, licking it's wounds. As it saw her approaching it growled low, snapping out after her as she came closer. Tilting her head a bit at its snapping, she pulled out a lunch of meat from her satchel that she'd of saved from one of her earlier hunts. The wolf stopped snarling briefly, sniffing the air whom carried the scent of bloody meat. Throwing the lunch close enough for the wolf to take it, she snuck in closer to its wound whilst it was busy eating. With what little medic resources she had, she started fixing his wounds like her mother once'd of taught her. Cleaning the wound out with a bit of water from an old rugged water skin, that she had made by herself many years ago, together with her Sister. Whilst fixing his wound she did not peer at the Wolf even once, knowing it likely'd feel threatened by her. It's breath was upon her ear, and though she felt her heart beat raise somewhat, she did not falter. She showed no sign of fear, and as she made the last stitch to the Worgs wound, it licked her arm in approval. Grinning softly she bandaged the wound tightly. Once done, she sat down, having a sip from the remainder of the water within her water skin.
During that whole day and night she stayed by the Worgs side, and it was then they formed an unbreakable bond. His name would become known as Duskmaw, and where-ever she went, he did too, the two of them un-seperateable.

Years went by, and she'd of spent a few years more in the cave with Duskmaw, hunting and the likes, before deciding to leave; It was time for exploring, it was time for adventuring. Mounting Duskmaw she set off, and with what little coin she had left from her mother, she bought a ticket to Orgrimmar at a nearby fishing ship. There she met with a Goblin. He needed a person to guard him on his trip to Pandaria. She would take the job, but with no intentions of dying for the Goblin.

As they finally, after months upon the ocean, spotted the new continent closing in on their boat, it got sorrounded by a thick mist, ending up with the boat crashing upon a large rock. The Goblin did not make it out alive, but Rashka did. She had been able to grab her sack of belongings in one other hand, hopping off the boat before its impact with the big rock that had been sighted too late. The contents of the sack made it quite hard to swim, it was heavy and she only had one hand free. However, Duskmaw was there by her side still, having jumped off together with her. He helped her keep above the waters surface, and together they'd make it to the shore. Her and Duskmaw colapsed onto the sand, catching their breaths. Her ears caught onto something. Chirping and singing from birds she'd never of heard before, and as she opened her eyes she saw a flush green jungle. She however did not get much time to take in the sight, as some monkeys had started to gather near and around them, clearly curious about who or what they were. Duskmaw growled at them, scaring them off for now. Hopefully for good. She opened the sack with her belongings, putting on the plate amour that the Goblin'd of given her, or rather, rented her. Together with the battle axe of her fathers they moved off quickly. Rashka was not fond of plate. Not at all. It was too heavy, and you were not able to move in it properly at all. But it had to do, because suddenly they somehow had ended up in the midst of a clash between the Horde and the Alliance, that without a doubt was fighting to get resources in the newly discovered continent.
Her and Duskmaw'd work together in unision, as they always had, taking down quite a few of the Alliance men, before they got seperated. Her mind clouded for a second by the seperation she lost her guard, and got stabbed in the back by a Worgen Rogue whom'd of snuck up upon her. She'd never of been in a battle before, and as she laid there in the mud, the blood gushed from the wounds upon her back. Everything went by in a blurr of slowmotion, yells, and the sound of clinging steel filled the air, and her mind, and for a moment she was back in the treetops with her Sister Mazhga, sparring with her once more. She almost got stomped on a few times, before realizing that she infact was not in the treetops with her Sister, and that she should get out of there. Fast. She rolled over, with the last bit of her brute strength and energy, crawling away from the fight. She'd of made it a bit away, before passing out in the middle of a clearing, a hunting party of tigers soon approaching..

Some days went by before she woke up. But when she woke up she woke up in a small but sturdy little house. It seemed quite cozy actually. Her thoughts was suddenly interrupted by a voice.. but a kind of voice she'd of never heard before. "She's awake! She's awoken finally!" Rashka blinked, looking up into the fuzzy face of a female pandaren. She did not know what this creature was just yet, so she bared her tusks and growled. "W-.. Who be ye?!-.. Wh-.. Wha' be ye even?!" The female pandaren giggled lightly. "My name is Sujing. And I am a Pandaren. I live here. I found you surrounded by tigers, but fended them off and brought you here. I tended to your wounds, and saw to that you recovered." Rashka's eyes widened. This.. Thing. Pandaren.. Had saved her? Perhaps she shouldn't be so rough towards her then..Scratching her chin a bit Rashka offered a weak nod. "A'righ'-.. Err.. Well thank ye.." she muttered, grunting softly.

Days became weeks, and weeks became years. She spent all her time with the Pandaren Sujing, as well as the other Pandaren in her village. She eventually took up their form of fighting, and trained under Sujing herself. As the third year went by, she'd of been reunited with Duskmaw. Having survived the harsh jungle, he now was displaying quite the bit of scars. But he was alive, and well.
On her last day of training before leaving, she was gifted with a set of katanas by Sujing. She smiled at her, "It be a grea' 'onour.. Thank ye." "Oh don't worry about it.. You deserve them by now. And surely you'll need them more than me." Sujing said and smiled back.

Packing her old belongings, but also her newly aqcuired ones she saddled up Duskmaw once more, heading through one of the portals that the mages'd of established by now. Back to Orgrimmar, back to her own kin she nearly'd of forgotten about. There she'd join a Tribe. The Orcs of the Red Blade, hoping to find herself a new home just as she had in Pandaria.

Things you may know about this character:
Appears mostly grumpy and blunt.
Known by her great fighting skills and powress.
Can have a rather big mouth at times.
Hates robes.

Things you may not know about this character:
She's actually quite soft on the inside, -if- you get in there.
She would sacrifice herself to save any Clans Orc, should the need arise.
Isn't scared of death. - Is however scared of loss.
Can, infact, have fun.
Once broke the rules of Kosh'harg, and is still bothered by it to this day today.
She blames herself for way too many things, that in reality isn't always her fault.
Actually likes hugs.

Memorable Quotes:
"Be this shi' supposed ter 'urt so much?!" - Rashka during birthgiving.
"This'd be a damn bad way ter die.." - Rashka before passing out during Makaroth's cleansing.

Other Information:

Spoiler: Stories • show

Spoiler: Gallery • show

All pictures can be found here!
The Campfire / The Escape
May 27, 2015, 11:45:54 PM
The Escape

Darkness... Seething, cold, eluding darkness. That's what I woke up to. My head sore, it felt like somebody had been pounding on it for hours with a mace. My sight a dizzied haze. I rubbed my one eye, hoping for it to help. But it did not. It never did, nor had it the past several days. For every single day I woke up, it was just the same, cold, eluding darkness that I woke up to. Greeting me, - or so it felt by now. How long had I been here..? My wrists and ankles chained to the wall, I could feel the metal gnawing on my skin.. I'd be suprised if they weren't covered in blood by now. How'd I end up here..? My sore mind and head finally started to remember. Auchindoun.

It all started out quite normally. Scouting out the place, looking for anything out of place. Demons everywhere, but most of them dead. Which weren't so odd, since the placed flooded with Draenei and Blood Elves. I weren't so fond of neither of them, but I respected them as long as they didn't stab me in the back. The air.. It was nothing but a stench of fel, and blood. We split up in groups, to scout more effeciently. After quite some walking, we finally found a big port. I'm not certain how they managed to open it, - my mind elsewere.  The groups we had split into before, split to smaller groups of five. From there on, we entered the place. A Draenei in there led us, showing us around.. At first I were amazed.. It's beauty impressed me. And I'd of loved to see more of it, perhaps even sketch it down, if we had more time to do such things. But apparently we did not. The Draenei, which by the way were a very.. talky... female, led us into a bigger room. However, another Draenei in there had been corrupted by the legion it seemed. She captured our guide in some sort of shadowy swirly thing. Our guide yelled at us to defeat any enemies. And so we did. We clashed with them, ending their misery, and their worthless lifes. A big golem appaeared. Him we ended too. Rimeweaver lead us on, as the Draenei guide had gone to get help. We defeated countless of Demons, and corrupted Draenei on our way, ending the Draenei whom had captured our guide, aswell as another very big Demon. As he breathed in his last, corrupted, breath we went on to the last room. A very big Orc waited there. He wore amour infused with fel, amour I've never seen the kind of before. - And I've seen quite some. However, before we could get to end his life, he escpaed. And as we were making our way out, using the teleporter that had lead us there to start off with, I got taken somewhere else.. Draenei, clad in robes and hoods filled up the room I now had got taken to. The walls illuminated by shadowy flames instead of ordinary fire. Before I even could get to warn the rest, I had been knocked out.

I opened my eye again, letting out an agitated snort, which caused a searing pain to go through my head. Too much thinking, Rashka.. Too much thinking. Suddenly I heard a sound.. Clinging.. But not from my chains. No. It was from a bundle with keys. I looked towards where I assumed the sound came from, and I were right. Soon after I had heard the sound, a beam of light shoot into the room.. Into the room that had been so eluded in darkness, that I thought I had been lost in the void. Soon I could feel the sun lick my chins, a grin forming briefly on my lips. The ray of light soon faded slightly again, my eye, that I had closed to not be blinded, opened again. In the doorway I saw a broad, muscular Draenei. He spoke in words that I did not yet understand. I stared at him with a piercing gaze, my lips that just mere moments ago had been a grin, formed into a snarl. He looked at me, smirking. "Ah.. What a fine one we got here.." Fine one? What were he on about..? I snorted, feeling the sharp pain once more. Altough I hid the pain, I knew he could see it. I looked down onto my wrists and ankles.. Indeed they were covered in blood.. my skin gnawed away by now. I looked back up, with my one eye, glaring at him. "Haha.. Cheer up. You could of been dead by now." I tilted my head. Dead? Does he even know who he's speaks to.. His smirk everlasting as he walked towards me; The thuds of his hoofs hitting the ground.. Coming closer and closer. My gaze still as piercing as before, as I shouted out at him, "Wha' on azerot' do ye wan'?!" My eyes widening, surprised.. My voice, hoarse and almost whisper like. I hadn't had food or water for a very long time. My stomach growled at this.. The thought of food.. Ale.. I shook my head, shaking the thoughts away. He didn't answer.. instead he said, " You look hungry." He spoke in that weird language again, and another robe clad, hooded Draenei appeared behind him. Wether it was magic or not, my mind could not determine at this point of time. He held the tray infront of him. "You want this..?" His whole face a wicked grin.. I just stared at him. Both confused, and full of urge to just give into the hunger and thirst.. Don't give in.. They want you to.. It's a trick.. You know better than that. Remember your training.. Remember your training.. I repeat the last sentence a few times in my head. I shook my head. "..Nay." My voice a little shaky. "Oh? Alright. I'll just eat it myself then.." He took a bite of the bread, and downed the glass of water in one go, his lips curling into a smirk as he saw my lustfull eyes. "Maybe tomorrow then. For now, let's get working." Working..? I'm not doing anything for this.. spacegoat. He looked over me once more, before signaling to his guards to take me along. They removed my feets chains first, replacing them with some that I supposedly should could walk in. They did the same with my hands. The whole time I just wanted to whack out at them, hit them hard in the face. Cause severe pain to them.. But I held it in, I had to wait for the right moment.

They led me outside, and all around me I saw other people. Not just Orcs, but also Humans Blood Elves, and other Draenei.. They were pulling carts with a weird kind of stone-like ore in them. I arched a brow.. Ore? What for.. I looked around. There were several of guards guarding the mine, making it near impossible for escape. For every step, I could feel my knees give in, my whole body aching. And even though I were in a good shape, or rather had been, it was hard to keep walking. Then it hit me.. We were walking on a hill. And before the Draenei even realized it, I made myself fall over, tumbling down the hill. At first they just looked confused at eachother, before they started chasing my tumbling body. They yelled out to the other guards, and soon a bunch of them chased me. It seemed to be my lucky day, as none of them seemed to be a bowyer. I smirked as I reached the bottom of the hill, starting to limp along in the chains. I could not run in these, and I knew it. But I ought to try. Oddly enough, they suddenly stopped chasing me. I thought they were too tired to continue.. Untill I realized a whole pack of clefthooves were coming towards me. I lost my balance. I were confused by this, I never loose balance.. As I fell over, back first into the ground, I looked up into the sky. I were sure that this was my end. My mind went over Korgara and Groshnok.. Were they okay? Could he take care of her himself..? I weren't sure.. My thoughts were suddenly shattered by a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I had been stepped on by one of the Clefthoofs, and I let out a roar in agony. Suddenly I were pulled up onto one of the Clefthoofs. The pain was so strong that I passed out.

I woke up later. Again eluded in darkness.. but this time, not complete darkness. The sky above me lit up by stars, aswell as a shining moon. I were confused. What happened..? As I tried to move, I felt a searing pain in my shoulder, but no chains. I looked around as I briefly had given up on sitting, and found myself inbetween a bunch of Draenei clad in brow amour. Most of them were sleeping. Only one seemingly awake.. I used my good arm to try and get up.. maybe I could sneak off? The Draenei noticed me, but she just smiled at me and nodded. I were confused. But I didn't take any risks as I just ran off into the darkness... Cold, eluding darkness.  
Off Topic / Help the Great Reef, sign now!
May 08, 2015, 02:40:37 AM

Alright so I usually wouldn't ever post things like this here, - but since this is so important (I atleast find it important) I decided to do so anyway. Basically they want to turn one of the greatest, most beautiful reefs, into some super Marin motor way, a dumping place for trash and so on.. Here's my post from twitter;
Help saving one of the biggest reefs in nature! This is so important!! #SOSreef

Simply click/copy paste the link into your browser and sign. Thanks if you decide to do so.
The Campfire / Through The Portal to a New World
November 21, 2014, 01:18:53 PM
Through The Portal to a New World

As she led Duskmaw through the portal, she closed her eyes, and everything went silent, her mind clouded with thoughts. It was as if the time stood still, giving her time to reflect upon what was going on.
A suicide mission. With no intent of coming back. She had from the start known this, and she had from the start known that she would volunteer, pregnant or not. Protect the Tribe. Keep them safe. Stay alive.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, the sound came back. CLING, CLANG! The sound of steel meeting eachother, which were accompanied by battle roars and screams of agony and terror. Chaos.
Her eyes widening at the sight, Iron Horde, Alliance, and Horde, scattered everywhere, some dead, some alive, and some gravely wounded. A slight snort escaped her nose as she kept her eyes on Groshnok. She had promised to stay in the back, but she could not afford to loose him. Not now. Not here. Although everyone tried to stick together, they quickly got scattered apart. She however managed to not loose Groshnok. Fight. Kill. The words entered her mind as if she were nothing but a machine. Protect. Slashing and hacking any enemy she came by with one sword, her other hand busy steering Duskmaw through the chaos.
Out of nowhere, a bright flash of flame lit up the sky, and it was as if everything went into slow motion. She only just got to cover her stomach with her body as the ball of fire made impact with the ground; A bomb. Sharpnels flew everywhere, some people died on the spot, whilst other, less lucky people, still were alive and left to bleed to death, unless someone should happen to cut them down or trample them over. The feeling of the sharpnels piercing her skin made her let out a roar of pain. She could feel the blood seeping out of her new wounds, a well known pain by now. As she opened her eyes, another surge of pain hit her. Blood seeping from one of her eyes. Hit. You were hit.
Snarling and snorting she looked around in confusion, Duskmaw underneath her having been hit hard by sharpnels too whining loudly from pain, yet still carrying on with running. As her one eye found Groshnok again, she could see he had been hit too. Carry on. Got to carry on.  
"RUN!" It came out of nowhere. From who, she did not know, but this was not the time for questions. So run they did, though Duskmaw's wounds were grave, and his blood draining quickly, they made it onto an assigned ship. Groshnok. Find Groshnok. He was there. Good. Her one eye switched onto Duskmaw, which now collapsed infront of her. "D-.. Dusk.. Duskma-aa-w.. N-nn.. NO!" Falling to her knees she took his head onto her lap, tears running from her eye, and blood from the other, the two liquids mixing together before dripping down onto the deck and his scarred already bloodied head. "N-no.. P-pleas-..please no.." The words were stuttering as she struggled to keep her breathing normal. He looked up at her, with pleading, but quickly fading eyes, as he licked her hand once, his last breath exhaling from his snout. Dead. He's dead. Her whole body started to tremble, from sadness, but also rage. Failed. I failed him. Dragging his lifeless body further into her grasp she hugged her beloved and trusted wolf one last time, the tears streaming down her chin, mixing with the blood. She looked around for Groshnok once more, his wounds already being treated by some random Orcs on the ship. She exhaled, and then, everything went black.

One week later.
CRASH. CRACK. CREAK. And then she fell. Her body hit something that felt like rock, and then a stinging sensation hit her whole body. Gasping for air, but only swallowing water, her body in panic. Cold. Ice cold. Opening her one eye from shock she saw that she was under water. Focus. She quickly closed her eye again the salt water hurting it. Up. Swim up. To the surface. Swim. Fumbling confusedly around in complete darkness she somehow made it to the surface, coughing and gargling, spitting out the water as her lungs finally filled with air once more. Her body already stiff from the cold water as she started to make it in to the shore. Groshnok. It was the first thing that came to her mind. And then she noticed the crashed boat on the shore. A few bodies littered on the shore, and some in the water. Dead. All dead. But no Groshnok in sight. "Gr-..s.." Her voice frozen, somewhat paralyzed still. It was then she noticed her sorroundings. High mountains, and wind-blown landscape. All covered in snow. It was then she saw a shade from the side of her one eye. It quickly became bigger. Groshnok. She stumbled towards him, on all four, and when close enough she'd use him somewhat as a help to get up, so that she could embracing him in a hug. Cold. So cold. Her body temperature dropping quickly. He wrapped a cloak around her, and then, once more, everything went black.

Hours later
As she awakens once more, she finds herself in a cave. She looked down herself. She had been undressed and wrapped in furs. A bright, warm and cozy fire beside her, and him sitting there, looking into the fire with a worried expression.  She closed her tired itching eye again, knowing that he was there. She was safe.
The Campfire / The way out. - Rashka
October 31, 2014, 01:24:40 PM
Scattered from the rest of the pack during the last clash with the Mag'har Orcs, or the so called Iron Horde, Rashka got stuck in Blasted Lands. With a barely working leg, and a cub in her stomach she went hiding, creating a plan.

"Ergh.. Ghos' 'em be everywhere! 'Ow on Azerot' be I supposed ter get back ter t'res'...?" Snorting lowly she eyed the land infront of her. It was pitch dark by now, and hard to see anything at all, but she managed to make out atleast three patrols of black armored Orcs patrolling just infront of where she was. "There be so many.. -Too- many!.." Snarling to herself she slumped back down behind the rock, unseen for now. Keeping Ghost close to her chest she looked at him; "Ghos'-.. Ye gotta get throug' 'em.. Ye-.. Ye gotta brin' a message ter Groshnok.. Think ye can do tha'..?" Whimpering lowly, but licking her face Ghost snuggled into her for a last time, brining a smile to her face even though her dire situation. She folded the paper with her message on up, tying it to his collar so it was somewhat hidden. Before sending him off she rolled him a bit in the red dusty ground, hoping his white fur would be somewhat camouflaged in the night. "..Go now Ghos'-.. An' go safe..!" As she let go he licked her hand once, running off into the dark night. She looked after him momentarily, quickly loosing him from sight, clearly her improvised camouflage had done something.. Which gave her an idea.

"Wha' if I camouflage meself.." Smirking a bit she slumped back behind the rock once more, removing her armor to cover her own green skin in dust. "Good thin' I saved me ol' plate.." She mumbled to herself. The only problem would be her leg. Duskmaw had already fled into the Swamp, out of reach from her voice. "This won' be no easy task.." Grunting as she finally had her whole body covered in dust, she started to put on the heavy plate. Already starting to push somewhat on the small bulge on her stomach she grunted. "Atleas' I be no' tha' bi' ye'.. Bu' 'ow on Azerot' be I supposed ter walk with this feckin' le'.." Complaining lowly to herself she heard a horn, not far away from where she was positioned. Freezing up in her position instantly she went quiet, listening. She could hear their wolves growling and their Commanders throwing orders left and right. Thinking to herself a slight smirk appeared on her now dusty red face. "What if I can lurk one of their wolves away.." Peering out from her hide she eyed the troop. "Too many.. Hrm.." She would have to limp her way to the Swamp in warm tight and heavy plate, wether she liked it or not it would seem. As they disappeared from sight she let out a sigh, standing up somewhat swayingly and insecure. She eyed the three patrols mumbling lowly to herself.. "Hrm wha' if I sneak alon' t'mountains.." It was still pitch black, but not far from dawn. It had been atleast an hour since she sent Ghost off. "Wort' a try.. Righ' now it be me only chance.."
And so she sat off, limping somewhat with her injured leg, not putting too much weight on it. As the hours passed it started to become more light, and the sun's baking rays of light started to hit the barren land.
The black plate she's wearing quickly started to become hotter and hotter. "Ergh.. I completely fergo' 'ow I 'ate plate.." Grumbling she finally had the swamp in sight.. And weirdly enough there was no guards or snipers to be seen. Limping till she made it into the Swamp, it was now around mid day. Too tired to remove the plate she whistled for Duskmaw who first upon looking at her growled and bared his teeth. It was first as she plucked off her helmet and spoke that he calmed. "Calm down boy, it be me.." Speaking with a slight dry and worn-out voice he finally realized who it was. Waddling lazily towards her Duskmaw nudged his nose by her chest, almost making her fall over due to her injured leg and all the plate. Grunting she finally got herself pulled into his saddle. "Now we jus' gotta find t'res'.."
The Campfire / Guilt - Rashka
September 13, 2014, 02:44:45 AM
((As of now the text marked with ~ is her thoughts. I will edit this tomorrow when I got time, but for now enjoy. ))

She had hit her. She had slammed her fist into the side of her head out of pure rage. As her fist made impact with Kogra's head it was as if time stopped; Thousands of thoughts flew through her mind, all shattering. She had hit her. And she had hit her hard, very hard. Weeks, no months rage and pain had been in that punch, and it all went out over Kogra due to her asking about ale out of nowhere when Groshnok and Rashka had been mid-argurement. Her body had gone limp, hitting the ground with a thud, and Rashka had just stood there, with her arm still in the air, shocked by her own action, so shocked that she were shaking. This cannot be. I did not just hit her, how could I-.. She stared at her own hand in disbelief, in disgust. She started to walk as Grodok picked her up. Away, away from her own crime, away from what she just had done, with Groshnok right in her heels. She stopped by a nearby tree, staring at her hand once more in disbelief as she placed it upon the bark of the tree.. Groshnok had placed his upon hers, but she did not do anything. She were like a wall. H-how could I-.. I'm a m-monster.. I cannot control it.. I cannot control it.. Still standing there, suddenly in a hug by Groshnok. Grodok had come by in the time she had been in thought, and he attempted to paralyze her somewhat my pressing two fingers against the back of her neck. She however reacted, still out of pure shock, elbowing him in the stomach, and shaking herself out of Groshnok's hug. She ran, she ran out of pure disbelief, and with Groshnok and Grodok in her heels. However, she were faster and as she got out of sight she hid behind a tree. She heard their conversation.. Some of it, seeing as she crawled away from her hide and ran off once more, to the place she had spend quite some time by, yet not too far away from where Grodok and Groshnok was, incase something should happen.

The walls of the cave she had found were now decorated by paintings, paintings drawn by her. Of old memories, and of the day they sent their unborn away to the plains with Ghost. She sat down on the furs, shaking. What if they find out it's me that hit her?.. And then on Kosh'harg.. I-.. I didn't mean to hit her, spirits know! It.. It just happened.. Shaking all over she let out a hulk of crying, and several sobs, staring at her hand. It for sure won't be taken lightly on, even if I explain myself.. Just the Orc will be alright.. Spirits, please let her be alright.. The thoughts were racing around in her head, all those feelings she had kept locked away had just come out with that hit, and yet she still felt horrible. I did what I promised myself to never do, what I swore to never do. I hurt a Tribes Orc.. I fucking hit her! Snorting she let herself fall down onto the furs, crying to herself. What if he needs me.. Grodok weren't going easy on him when I left.. I should go try find him.. Growling somewhat she pulled herself back up, walking out into the now pitch black night. Stumbling around in the dark her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, she were walking quietly, almost sneaking. As she reached the place that she had left Grodok and Groshnok at earlier, she could see a shade of an Orc slumped up against the rests of a tree. She closed in on him, sniffing the air. Blood..? Why is here smelling of blood.. She thought. As she got close enough she could barely recognize him, his face swollen and completely beaten up, his nose barely there anymore. She sat down, in shock once more. She crawled towards him, placing his almost lifeless body on her lap. Staring at his bloodied face, she frowned, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Me wolf-.. I shouldn' of lef' ye 'ere.." His mouth and teeth were covered in blood and three of his teeth had seemingly been knocked out. He also were lacking a bit of his right ear. Snarlingly she picked him up, angered by what she almost could picture in her head of what had happened. He had beaten him up. He had beaten a drunk defenseless, and at time, most weak, Orc up. Why would he do such thing.. WHY?! She spat on the ground as she walked in the pitch black night, returning to the cave.
That whole night she did not close an eye, nor leave her gaze from him as she tended to his beaten up face. She were mad at Grodok for what he had done, because she were certain that it'd be his work, and yet, she almost didn't care. Atleast not for revenge, not just yet. They'll figure it out. And then I'll be fucked.. She let out a sigh, sitting by Groshnok's side as she leant against the caves cold wall. I won't get out of this mess, not this time.
The Campfire / Voices - Rashka
August 27, 2014, 12:23:17 PM

It was my fault. I kept telling myself it over and over while laying in the furs resting. It was my fault that we lost the cub. Mine. Me being too stubborn, me doing every single possible thing that should not be done whilst pregnant. My fault.
The words kept repeating themselves in my head. And perhaps they were right. I had went straight into battle whilst pregnant, I had put myself in extremely stressing situations that I shouldn't of put myself in but.. It was nonetheless how I am.
I let out a frustrated snort as I held the knife in my hand up closely to my eyes, inspecting it; It were the knife he had given her on the last day of their hunt, beautiful craftsmanship and her name ingraved on both the sides of the blade.
My fault, my fault, my fault. The knife almost were bidding me to do what I were thinking about. But.. I couldn't just-.. Leave Groshnok alone. Nor the Tribe. I got to protect them, no matter what-.. No matter what.
Groshnok surely would be completely broken if he lost me at this time, and all the 'tribes drunk' jokes lately had seemed to go to his heart.. It had started to annoy me too, the jokes. He had really -tried-, and then they still just see him the same way.. He had asked me to teach him how to brawl, and I had agreed. I.. I couldn't just leave him like that.. No.
As I clenched my hand tightly around the hilt of the knife, I let out a sigh. How to make the feeling in my stomach go away.. That knot that only seems to just get bigger and bigger, leaving my feelings more and more torn and broken. As I looked over the knife again I placed it's blade by my arm, pressing it into my soft green skin. Perhaps it would help..? As the blade drew blood, I mumbled a bit. Not even pain I felt anymore.. Growling in annoyance I put the knife away, staring at the wound I just had made.. Pathetic.. You're pathetic Rashka..
My thoughts went onto when we had been in Stonetalon. He had begged me for days to taste on that freaking Elf ear.. And at last I had.. Just a tiny bite, and to my own frustrations it only made me feel worse.. Cannibalism, had I really sunk that low? He had loved to see me doing it, and he surely also loved to joke with me about it afterwards.. I had done it for him, I had done it because I loved him more than anything and I had done it to make him happy. I let out another sigh. If they find out.. We're dead.. Actually, if anyone found out just a tiny bit of what they had done down there, they wouldn't just be executed, no far worse would happen to them for sure. And that was something she did not want to happen.
Squinting her eyes peering out of the hut they had found weeks ago, she stood up, mumbling to herself.
"Better ge' back ter t'Tribe.."
The Campfire / Karasha - Hatred
August 22, 2014, 09:43:33 AM
Yet another story written in a note on my phone.. This is becoming a bad habit. Anyway, excuse my spelling errors if there's any!

I snorted.. Stalking off once more towards the crack, watching everything as I crouched down in the shades of a big rock. My eyes went over the Humans and Orcs fighting eachother. Humans.. I had always hated them, and several events in my past did not help them. My hatred had grown big indeed, yet I still had an ingrown fear for them, or rather, from what they had done to me and my Sister. I had always been the one protecting Vanara.. Lately we've fought a lot, her words had hurt me.. My tongue licked my sharp tusk as I snorted. No.. No time for thinking about that now. I had fixated my eyes on a Human. He seemingly were worn out as he cut an Orc clean over. I spat as the upper body of the Orc hit the ground.. "Idiot.. Bloody idiot.." I murmured. Obviously I were talking about the Human. I had already sneaked up closer to him, my target decided. As I were in close enough, my dagger went clean through his side. As I twisted my dagger, pulling it back out, he screamed in agony. My hand went to the helmet he were wearing, pulling it clean off, only to grab by the back of his head, pulling in his hair and digging my nails into his skull. He were struggling already, not liking my grib on his head. Due to my past I knew quite a bit of Common. I leant my head in by his ear whispering. "I have no mercy fer yer race.. Jus' like ye 'ave none fer mine.. 'Owever.. I 'ave 'ornor. Wether ye deserve mine or no' time will show.." My lip curled up over my tusk in a smirk. I had already placed my dagger upon his throat. "Do ye deserve a clean death.. Or no'?.." The Human squirmed, not knowing what to say. "L-..light he-.." His words were cut short as I cut his head clean off, his body going limb falling onto the ground with a loud thud. I snorted, staring straight into the now lifeless eyes of the Human I just had beheaded. That's when I heard it.. "Swoosh." I turned around only to see a glimt of light flashing from the head of an arrow. I held the head up infront of me. The arrow pierced the back of the Humans head, going straight through his eye-socket. I snarled, more annoyed that I had been spotted than anything else. I sprinted off towards the side of the battle scar, whistling for my wolf. As it came running towards me I tucked the Humans head away into my satchel, grabbing the saddle of my wolf lifting myself onto it whilst it still were in full run. Not looking over my shoulder I returned to Hold.

"Light.. Pffaf!" I snarled somewhat as I sat down ontop of one of the towers, watching. "I'll be watchin' ye Humans.. So look over yer back.." I laughed to myself with a sort of evil and hatred displayed more than ever before. "..Keep watchin'.."
Game Related / WoD stuff! Discussions and the like.
August 12, 2014, 01:21:13 AM
Updated Claws of Shirvallah talent. Now with loincloth and jewelry!
I suddenly want to go worgen. Always loved snow leopards.
The Campfire / Past and Future.
July 10, 2014, 06:22:59 PM
..Right. So while reading this, bear in mind that I wrote this during the early morning, in my morning haze, on my iphone in a note. It might not be great, and the timeline might not be perfect, but I surely did my best. Hope you enjoy!

Born during the second war, Rashka only knew to the sound of steel, clinging as they met in a fierce battle for life and death. Often on the run, her and her mother had to hide, seeing as Rashka still were too young to be left alone.
In an early age her mother, a warrior, started to train her to fight with swords. On her 10'th year birthday she were gifted one big two-handed sword, whom once belonged to her father, also once a great warrior.
Honored by the gift, she would continue to train as a warrior. Although plate amour were hot and heavy, which she very much disliked, she did not want to dishonor her family. At the age of 15, her mother is brutally slaughtered in battle. Rashka would wait for days in their cave, waiting, only to realize that she had been killed. In sadness, and anger she left the cave with her belongings.
For three years she lived alone, hunting during night, and hiding during day. She kept her training up everyday in her new-built home, or well, a cave decorated with paintings and items from their old cave, placed in Arathi Highlands.
At the age of 18, she decided that she had enough of hiding in fear. She had heard rumors, while sneaking around at night, that a strong fearsome clan, The Warsong clan, had taken a hold at Hammerfall. She decided to investigate the place a little more during nightfall. What she found interested her; a few orcs sitting by a campfire, whilst some were busy training both at the dummies, but also sparring the clinging steel reminding her of her past, and the good times with her mother.
She watched them for as long as she could before returning to the cave, packing her things. She set off in the early morning, in her long lost mothers plate amour, and her fathers sword held tightly in her hand. As she arrived at Hammerfall the guards stopped her. "Stop. Who there?" Said one of them. He looked strong, and the scars on his face told her that he had seen many battles.
She grunted a little, sheating her sword to look less intimidating. "I be Rashka. Daughter of Aggrona, an' Gronargsh. An' I be wishin' ter join yer clan." She eyed the both of them for a while, wearing no expression on her face. The older, more scarred guard arched a brow. He nodded slightly with a grin on his face. "Alright if you say so. But you gotta talk with one of our elders about that."
Rashka scratched her chin a little, before following as the guard led her into the camp. What caught her eye at first were all the orcs, whom didn't seem to mind her at all. She snorted as she watched them spar and practice; She was caught with a feeling of belonging here. Her feeling were abruptly interrupted though, as an Orc clad in amour ran into her pushing her into the older guard. She let out a slight growl as she got back up, the guard just staring at her annoyedly. "Watch your feet, eh?" She mumbled a bit as they finally made it to the said elder. He eyed her curiously. "An' who be ye?" He said.
"I be Rashka. Daughter of Aggrona an' Gronargsh. An' I wish ter join yer Clan." The old orc arched a brow, as his eyes inspected her. "A'right. Bu' ye gotta prove yerself. If ye can defea' one of t'orcs in this camp durin' a spar, yer in. Otherwise ye'll 'ave ter leave."
Rashka stared at him for a while. A slight fear caught in her eyes. A spar? She thought. She had never in her life cut something that were not an animal. How were she ever supposed to fight an Orc with more experience than her? She blinked her eyes a few times grunting. She then nodded her head.  Knowing not what she had agreed to.
She were presented to a rather big muscular Orc. She looked at him with a slight fright in her eyes. His face were scared, and he lacked an eye. He smelled of sweat, and blood. Rashka frowned. How were she ever supposed to defeat him? No she thought, don't give up now, find his weaknesses! Her gaze went to his lacking eye. Maybe he wouldn't see her too good if she came from that side..? She grunted. Suddenly he charged towards her; The fight had begun. They were suddenly encased by Orcs, cheering and yelling. "Fight fight fight.." It filled her head with confusion, and suddenly she felt a pain she never felt before. He had cut her arm. Though the plate took most of the impact, she had still been cut. A deep slash wound. The blood ran down her arm as she blinked, finally gaining her concentration back. She locked her gaze on him as she lifted the heavy sword up. She sprinted to the side, or rather as much as it is possible in plate amour, and swung her sword towards the side of the Orc, which he parried with a slight ease. It were followed with a hit from above, which Rashka parried with her sword, the force making her feet slide slightly backwards on the dusty ground. Growling slightly she sidestepped him, swinging her sword right towards his face. It hit. Her eyes widened as she could see the blood flowing down from the Orcs face. The wound were deep, and it had cut a hole through his cheek so that she could see straight into his mouth. The Orc roared in pain, and instantly swung his sword towards her, in a flurry of swings. She parried and ducked away from the sword, and as he finally seemed to stop she were able to kick the legs away under him. She stepped towards him quickly pressed the tip of the sword towards his throat. She had won. Somehow. A feeling of relief surged through her body as she stepped back. The Orcs encasing them in a ring went quiet. They then suddenly cheered loudly yelling in excitement. The elder smirked, nodding. "A'right. Ye've proved yer worth, welcome ter t'Warsong clan."
A grin grew on her face as she threw her hands into the air, cheering. "I will no' disappoint ye!"  
That night they shared tales around the campfire, and she heard things she never had heard of before. Old stories about the wars, and even some more personal stories. She were up till the early morning, just listening to their stories. Wether they were true or not, she did not care of at this time.
During the next five years she trained hard every single day, and would every now and then have skirmishes with the Arathorians.
As the years went, Rashka grew tired of fighting. It simply weren't as fun and interesting anymore. And some day, she decided that it were her time to see the world, and see if the tales she had heard over the years around the campfire held any truth. She said bye to her closest friends and left during the morning. She packed the saddle satchels on her bellowed wolf Duskmaw. She had heard rumors of a new continent. An exotic place, which apparently were full of talking pandas. Lots of thoughts went through her head during the travel, as she sucked all the new things in.
She arrived in Undercity two weeks after leaving Hammerfall. She paid what little gold she had gotten during the years at the camp, for a zeppeline to Orgrimmar. The flight took several days, but when they finally arrived Rashka were amazed by the city. She went to an inn, to rest over the night, finally getting some sort of food that weren't as disgusting as it had been on the zeppeline. There weren't just Orcs in the inn. But also goblins, taurens and blood elves. She grunted a little, not seeming too happy about all the people. She went to the furs early that night.
The next day she got in contact with a person whom offered her a deal. He wanted her to fight for the horde at the new continent. And what did she get from it? Free food and transport to there. She said yes to it, and already the next day she were on her way to Pandaria.
A month later they arrived, oddly enough without any problems during the flight, and what caught her eyes at first sight amazed her; A green forest, with animals and life everywhere. It looked like a paradise, full of resources. It seemed like a good start for the Horde.
The next week she spent helping the Horde build a hold, and during her guard she would often ponder which secrets the place might hold.
During a skirmish with the Alliance Rashka got badly injured. Her own kin leaving her behind to what she thought would be her death. Her head filled with thoughts. This Horde that she thought would protect her, like she would protect it, just left her laying there in the dirt. What a way to die she thought. Suddenly, a shadow emerged out of nowhere. Her tired eyes following it the best they could, and as it came closer she could make out that it were a Pandaren. She closed her eyes, being too tired and suffering from bloodloss to stay away. She passed out.
When she woke up, her eyes were blurry, and she could only make out a wooden roof, and a smell. A strong smell of delicious food. Her stomach growled, and finally one of the pandarens let out a "She woke up, she's awake!" Rashka blinked, turning her blurred sight to the pandaren that just spoke "W-..wat-.." She got out. The pandaren, which by the way were a female, blinked. "Water? Oh, yes yes, of course!" The pandaren rushed out of the room, returning quickly with a mug of water which she held to Rashka's lips, helping her drink. "Whe-.. Where be.. I..?" She said, her voice hoarse. "You're in my home! My husband found you dying in the forest, injured badly. He brought you here, and I fixed you up. You've been asleep for a week."
Rashka's eyes widened. Had she really been gone that long..? She touched her side, where the sword that hit her had gone through. She remembered yes. Fighting off Humans from here and there, and then suddenly the piercing pain that emerged in her side. She fell over, clutching her heavily bleeding side. She got herself dragged out and away from the skirmish, a trail of blood behind her.
She looked at the Pandaren. "Tha-.. Thank ye.." The pandaren smiled putting a finger over her lip. "Shh.. Rest. You need it. Do you want a bowl of soup?" Rashka nodded eagerly, as she slowly got up, sitting against the wall. The pandaren shortly returned with a bowl of soup that smelled heavenly. Rashka was so eager to just eat something that she almost burned her tongue. The pandaren giggled. "Easy now... There's more than enough left!"
Rashka smiled slightly as she ate the soup, now in a slight slower pace. "Wha'.. Wha' be yer.. Name?" The pandaren arched a brow, smiling back. "My name? Oh! My name is Sujing." Rashka nodded. "Me name be Rashka. Thanks fer takin' care of me." She put the now completely drained bowl down beside her. The pandaren smiled. "Rest now. You need it." She nodded, laying down, falling into a deep sleep.
The next many months she would forget about the Horde, for she had started training again. This time without a sword. She trained to be a monk. Everyday she would meditate, and train the same move over and over. She were presented with a new set of amour, that were no plate. But leather. She wore it just as proudly as the set of amour her mother once wore. Her training would increase for each day that went on, getting harder.
As a year passed, she were gifted new swords. Or rather, katanas. She wore them with pride, just as she had worn her fathers. Another year passed, and she now knew most of the things that a monk should know. She decided that, although she loved her new pandaren family, she would have to return to her own kin. To find a purpose. She hugged Sujing tightly. "Thanks fer everythin'. Ye've changed me life. In a good way." She smiled widely, and Sujing nodded. "We'll miss you, make sure to visit us some day!" Rashka nodded. "I promise I will."
As she left that day, a lot of thoughts went through her head. Both from her past, and from what her future might bid her.