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Event Planning / Re: Challenge Modes
« on: November 27, 2012, 07:45:36 PM »
I could heal, on Rhonya. Been doing some Raidfinder already, willing to give it a try if I can come on those evenings. I'm not saying I'm the best healer though, but.. xD Might be fun!
And I don't know much tactics :P haha

Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
« on: November 25, 2012, 02:11:43 AM »
Sykela, my troll rogue, with a panther, since she's a Bethekk follower! (Panther Loa, for those unknown with Troll lore. xD) I tried to change my style a bit! And cba with proper shading.

The Campfire / Re: Moonstruck
« on: November 19, 2012, 02:41:07 PM »
((Poor Sadok! :( We shall find him soon, I hope! Nice read though :) ))

Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
« on: October 20, 2012, 06:44:19 PM »
I finally had some inspiration to draw Grogona! I'm too lazy for shading though.. might do some later..or not.. xD

Game Related / Re: Guild meetup idea
« on: October 19, 2012, 06:16:52 PM »
I think for most people the question would be: where. xD

The Campfire / A war is coming, a second chance is given
« on: September 20, 2012, 07:12:51 PM »
A war is coming, a second chance is given

As a small beam of sunlight shone into the watchtower, breaking through the shadows and night chill that still lingered there, Rhonya awoke with a yawn. Disentangling herself from the hold of Grek’thar who had his arms around her small form, she stood up and looked around a moment, trying to remember where she was. Oh, yes… Lom ‘rak’s watchtower. Grek’thar softly mumbled something in his sleep and Rhonya smiled a little as she looked down on him. Perhaps she should wake him… At that moment though, her attention was pulled to something else. Her son, still sleeping in the arms of Lom’rak a few feet away from her. Her brother… He’d been so nice to her, even after all she told him about her past. This surprised her, not having expected such a kindness. Little Skorm chose to awake at that moment and locked his blue eyed gaze on his mother, quickly followed by him holding his arms out to her.

Smiling, Rhonya moved over to her cub and gently lifted him into her arms, careful not to wake Lom’rak. He needed his sleep… After all that happened yesterday and that what was about to come… Skorm started to whine softly, being hungry of course after this night. Rhonya turned once more, softly prodding Grek’thar awake now. As he opened his eyes, she put a finger to her lips and motioned to Lom’rak. Grek’thar only took a moment to realize what she meant before he nodded and quietly moved to his feet, picking up his belongings and following Rhonya outside quietly. The female Orc made sure that they were far away enough from the tower so that they wouldn’t wake Lom’rak before speaking. “I want to go to Ogrimmar, Grek’thar…  Today. I don’t find it safe here anymore at the moment. “

Grek’thar  sighed softly, but took position next to her, putting an arm around her shoulder in a comforting way. “You know I’d never let anything happen to you again. Or to Skorm, for that matter. I don’t like the idea of bringing him there either, but perhaps you’re right. “ Rhonya simply nodded, looking down at her son, who was now tugging at her robe with his tiny hands, whimpering softly, making it very clear what he wanted.  Grek’thar chuckled lowly, looking down at Skorm. “Perhaps you’ll need to feed him first, dear, otherwise even the short journey to Ogrimmar will be hell.” Softly smiling herself now, Rhonya nodded, just settling on the floor there for a moment to take the time to feed her son.

A little while later the three of them moved through the Canyon, on the road towards the large city of Ogrimmar. Grek’thar was holding his son now, the cub playfully tugging on his beard as he now had a full tummy again. As they closed in on the large gates, Rhonya smiled a little. “Don’t think I could ever get used to this all being so big… I would get lost here every time.” Grek’thar chuckled softly, putting his arm around his mate again, keeping her close, Skorm cradled in his other arm.  “I know the way, don’t worry. “ Together they moved on, over the busy streets of Ogrimmar. Different smells and sounds surrounded them, even Skorm was just quietly looking around now with his large blue eyes,  seemingly surprised about all the noise around him. Rhonya moved forward with a heavy heart, knowing she’d not see her son for at least a while… With a deep sigh she noticed suddenly Grek’thar had stopped moving. When Rhonya looked up she saw the building they were standing in front of. The Orphanage… It sounded so weird, as if they were giving away their cub instead of only bringing him there for a while. Grek’thar gently guided her inside, even though he also had a worried expression on his face.

After a short while Rhonya and Grek’thar stepped outside again, this time without their son. Rhonya sighed deeply as she hurriedly just made her way to the gate again, keeping herself from going back and just taking Skorm with her once more. Grek’thar followed her closely and when she slowed down, he put an arm around her waist. At this Rhonya stopped walking and just turned around to bury her face against Grek’thars chest and wrapping her arms around him. Grek’thar returned the hug, a bit awkwardly since they were standing in the middle of the Ogrimmar streets now. “He’ll be fine, Rhonya. Come on, let’s go back to the tribe.” Rhonya nodded once, before just letting him ago again and turning to the gates. “Might be best, yes..”

The rest of the day was filled for Rhonya with collecting more herbs. She had a rather large bag filled with them now, preparing for the war that was to come, stocking up on various kinds of healing herbs and poultices. As the evening fell, it once again became more busy in Razor hill, the Cultists moving around as well when Rhonya arrived back from her gatherings. It was quite the interesting evening, first filled with completing the task that her tutor and sister, Marshfang, had given her, followed by a short axe fighting lesson. Shortly after that, Rhonya managed to get into a ‘fight’ with one of the Cultists who had once been part of a torture session the Cult had done on the female Orc. It ended well, however, and Rhonya just chose to remain in the inn for the rest of the evening, mostly talking to Sharptongue and some other Cultists. She had told her sister she’d try to at least make it work a little, so she did.

Rhonya awoke the next morning, alone. Grek’thar was probably out somewhere, minding his own business. That was fine with Rhonya, since she had some plans of her own to do. Inspired by the talk she and Sharptongue had had a few days before that, she had written a ritual. A ritual to do by herself, to catch the attention once again from the Elements. She’d been meditating for months now, without any success in getting her powers back, but perhaps this would work. While she had gathered the ingredients for Sharptongues ritual that still had to be done with Skorm, which would have to happen after the war now, she had also gathered some things for herself. Moving through her stuff with her hands, she checked if she had everything, nodding to herself when this seemed to be the case.

The small female moved outside slowly, not wanting to be followed by anyone. She made her way to one of the places where the ridges still hung above the water filled canyon now, choosing a nice spot on one of the flat plateau’s. Rhonya put down her bag and got some things out of it, a bowl, a candle she bought from a merchant and a pile of leaves that she put on the ground as well. With a stick she drew a circle in the sand around her, then dividing that circle into four quarters.  Rhonya was wearing only a very simple brown robe, no shoes or anything else, except the tooth necklace that she’d gotten from Grek’thar long ago. Her feet red of the sand, she moved to put the items in the circle, the pile of leaves in one, the candle in one and the bowl in the last, that she filled with water.

The she-orc looked around a moment, a light breeze playing with her deep black hair, making tendrils of it move slowly over her shoulders. Rhonya stood straight, closing her eyes a moment and inhaled deeply, before she turned to face east and spoke, with a clear and determined voice.

“Great element of the East, warmth of the rising sun, Element of the new day. Great element fire, nuclear fire of the sun.
From you comes our life energy, vital spark, power to see far, to envision with boldness.
You who purifies the senses, our hearts and our minds. I humbly ask that I may be aligned with you, that your energy may flow through me, and be expressed by me for the good of this earth and all living things upon it.”

With these words she leaned forward towards the candle, lighting it with two firestones that she had put down next to it. The flame struggled a moment to catch and remain burning, but it did firmly after a few seconds. Rhonya stood up straight again, turning south now.

“Great element of the South, protector of the fruitful lands and of all things growing, the noble trees and grasses.
Great  earth, element of nature, great power of receptive, of nurturance and endurance, bringing forth the flowers of the fields, fruits of the orchards and of the garden. I humbly ask that I may be aligned with you, that your power may flow through me for the good of this earth and all living things upon it.”

Her hair falling over her shoulder, she bended forward to grasp some of the red sand in her hand, throwing it up in the air, scattering it in the wind. She didn’t even wipe her hand, but just continued, turning her form west now, robe flowing lazily around her legs as she did so.

“Great element of the West, element of the great waters of river, lakes, springs and rains.
Great element of the ocean, deepest matriarch, womb of all life.
With you comes the dissolving of boundaries and of limitations, the power to taste, feel, cleanse and heal. Great blissful darkness of peace. I humbly ask that I may be aligned with you, that your power may flow through me, for the good of this earth and all living things upon it.”

Crouching down once more, she turned the bowl of water upside down, pouring the liquid onto the red sands. She turned once again, now to the north, the last direction.

“Great element of the North, invisible spirits of the air, the spirits of the cool winds. Vast and boundless Great  sky, your breath animates us and all life. From you comes clarity, strength and the power to hear inner sounds, to seek out old patterns and bring challenges and change. The purity and ecstasy of movement and dance. I humbly ask that I may be aligned with you, that your powers may flow through me for the good of this earth and all living things upon it.”

Picking up the pile of leaves, she moved her hands up in a fast movement, throwing those into the breeze, watching them as the wind carried them over the land. Rhonya just stood still for a moment, before speaking.

“Spirits within me, those who guide me and keep me safe from harm. I also call on you, in this hour of need, to hear my call. Elements of old, Fire, Earth, Water and Air, I ask for forgiveness. I regret my actions of the past, and vowed myself never to repeat them. I ask of you to give me a second chance, so I may prove that I am worthy of receiving your aid.”

After those words she kneeled, head low, eyes closed as she waited. Suddenly, a feeling filled her, a hotness in her stomach, slowly building. A hard breeze suddenly whipped her hair around her face, almost threatening to push her over, but somehow she stayed put, as if being held to the earth by some unseen force. Droplets of water flew through the air as the usually still waters were disturbed by something. Rhonya shuddered once, feeling the force that had gathered around her, but she stayed put.

A deep voice then filled her head, rumbling and harsh. “Child, you have disappointed us before. We turned away from you for long, ignored your prayers and your calls, as we saw it a fit punishment for the deeds you have done. But we decided… You will need to start over, pay a price for our aid this time if you call on us. We will claim something of you, since you will be claiming something of us as well. Use this power wisely, child of the elements, for if you wrong us again, we shall not be so forgiving. “

Rhonya nodded, and spoke softly. “I will not disappoint you again. I will give and take, as it should be.” The presence then pulled itself back from her mind, though soft words still echoed through it. “So it will be.”

Rhonya opened her eyes then, noting that tears were streaming down her cheeks. The candle next to her was burned down to only a stump of what it once had been, black and charred. The waterbowl was gone, probably blown away by the wind which also had covered the circle she had drawn with red earth, making it near invisible, as if she’d never drawn it in the first place. The she-orc felt tired, drained and exhausted, but happy, almost covered from tip to toe in the red sand. She’d finally done it…A second chance to do it right. Tilting her head, she looked up into the sky a moment. “Thank you…”

The Campfire / Re: Grek'thars poem
« on: September 20, 2012, 03:12:48 AM »
I'm not so cranky when I wake up! Q.Q Bad reputation here!

Game Related / Re: Your Orc's Fighting style
« on: September 18, 2012, 01:22:32 PM »
Rhonya's fighting style? Err... None yet at the moment, really. xD Exept maybe some swinging with her axe, but that's something new she's learning from Grogona. It willget better later, once she has access to her powers again ;)

Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
« on: September 17, 2012, 12:44:46 AM »
Just for fun XD Shrika drew this, not me! We were OOC having some weird idea's in party chat after Rargles visited us in Sillymoon (bad for you mind, staying there, I tell you) aaand..this was the result. Note: This did NOT happen IC'ly. XD

The Campfire / Re: A voice on the storm winds
« on: September 06, 2012, 02:53:12 AM »
How's is your partner treating you?"

I am treating him just fine, thank you! :P Nicely written, curious if I get to hear anything about this.. ;)

Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
« on: September 03, 2012, 06:42:12 PM »
I made some doodle sketches today of my Troll, trying a different style than I normally do and some face expressions. Also did ...*drumroll* Daeyna! For the first time ever. xD
I had trouble with the no eye thing though, so bare with me that she slightly resembles an alien.
And yes, I will, sometimes soon, perhaps try some Orc sketches to get the hang of it.

Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
« on: August 26, 2012, 12:42:21 PM »
She's still very young, hence the short tusks. I made one as well from my other troll, and -perhaps- I will once try Orc when I feel bold.

*shakes fist at two toed feet* Horrible to draw, need more practise with that. xD

The Campfire / Re: Council of the Dead
« on: August 25, 2012, 10:49:59 PM »
(Haha yes, but Grek has been doing that from the beginning, making poor Morkosh a raidboss. xD But, nice story! :D )

Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
« on: August 22, 2012, 11:29:32 PM »
Yes! Grogona wanted a drawing of his char. So! I made one!

I'll post my most recent one too then, though it's of a troll. :) My Mayabi!

The Campfire / Invasion
« on: August 15, 2012, 07:20:52 PM »
A little story about something important that happened in Rhonya's past. It was actually all done in RP a long time ago, I just felt like putting it in story-style and making it a bit more dramatic. xD
Hope you all enjoy it!


The air was always thick in the Canyon. Filled with the thickness of foul magics, leftovers from a dark time. Demons still roamed the place, drawn there by that same magic that was still lingering the air. In one point of the canyon it was strongest. The thing that happened there in the past had left it’s marks, pieces of a weapon hanging in the air by themselves, held there by some old, dark magic. A weapon that had once held great power but was now broken and shattered, only a shade of what it used to be. On the other side of the Canyon a figure was sitting in one of the small shabby tents that were set up here and there across the clearing. Long black hair framed her yellowish-green skin and troubled blue eyes looked sadly at the glum scenery she could see from inside her tent. A dirty looking robe framed her skinny posture, hanging loosely as if it didn’t fit well anymore.
Rhonya had lost a lot of weight since they had moved to the Demonfall Canyon. Constant worry ate at her being and the lingering magic in this place also had an effect on her that wasn’t cheering her up. She felt alone here, blocked from feeling any connection to the elements. There was no clean earth here, no water, no fresh air and the only fire around was demonic and green. Food was only brought to her on occasion, the clan spending most of their time outside of the Canyon. Except her, of course. Her master had ordered her to stay inside, hidden, surrounded by the demons. For her own safety, he said.

Rhonya did believe this, though she never felt save in any way around the demons. They didn’t harm her, left her alone mostly because her master had ordered them that. Though she could feel the looks they shot her, the mad snickering of some as she passed them by, the hungry eyes set on her back every time she walked through the nasty place…

A soft, foul wind whispered through the Canyon that day. The wind was not a relief, it was mostly just scary, as if many voices could be heard in it as it slithered it’s way around the bare rocks. Rhonya rose to her feet, a shudder running over her spine as the wind blew over her skin like a dark caress. Her saggy robe reached to the floor, the edges dirty and ripped. Slowly she started to walk towards the bend in the rocks, the way out of the Canyon. The last few days, she’d had a visitor. He would stand at the entrance of the Canyon, knowing he could not enter, under order from his Shadowpope. A pact was made between the Orcs of the Blightskull and the Cult of Shadow, after all the trouble they’d caused each other. Her visitor was one of the Cult, a male undead. He’d talk to her, seem sincerely interested in how she was doing and if she was lonely in the Canyon. It was a relief to her, even though she still feared the Cult, to just talk to someone.

As she reached the entrance of the Canyon, she stepped right up to the edge of the rocks, the place she usually stood when meeting with the Forsaken. Today though, he didn’t seem to be there… A deep sigh escaped from between her lips as she eyed the dark green forest that spread out in front of her, large sick trees covered the earth and even here, demons still roamed. She tucked a lock of her ravenblack hair behind her ear as she turned around again with a heavy feeling in her chest, to move back to her hut. However, halfway there, she suddenly felt watched. Without turning her head, she knew who would stand there. Rhonya could feel the power emanating from him, radiating in the air around him. His deep voice spoke in a calm tone, but there was a very dangerous edge to it.

“Rhonya, my dear… “

Rhonya did not turn around at first and an annoyed growl came from behind her. Very wearily she turned then, not wanting to anger him. Her shoulders slumped down, her gaze cast on his feet, not daring to look up to his face. Though she felt perfectly save there, with him. Rhonya jumped as a bright green hand with sharp claws cupped her chin with a gentleness that did not fit the image she saw as he forced her to look up. He was dressed in simple robes, a hood shrouding his features in shadow. He did not look threatening,  but the power could be felt around him, almost seen, as if the very air around him shimmered lightly. His eyes were a deep shade of red, his face set in a kind expression, though there was something in his look that made her worry. Perhaps the stance of his lips, the slight pressure he was holding her chin with, the tips of his claw just pressing on her skin slightly.
“Look at me. You know I don’t like it if you avoid my gaze, dear. “
Rhonya nodded very slightly and he let go of her chin, running his nail across her cheek, as a caress. She shuddered, stepping closer to him, being drawn in by power, not able to resist. He smiled then, dangerously sharp teeth visible, eyes set on her face. With a growl he moved his hand across her neck, grabbing her hair in a tight grip. His other hand moved down over the small of her back, pressing her thin form against him. She could feel his breathing in her neck as he held her, speaking softly in her ear with a tone that made her tremble slightly.

“I’ve watched you the last few days, Rhonya. You’ve been holding out on me… Secret visitors at the entrance, and never you mentioned it that they found us again. The..Cult.” This last word was spoken with a growl, his hand tightening in her hair and the hand on her back clenching as he pressed her even tighter to his chest.
“I’m disappointed in you, love. You know how I hate it if you lie to me or don’t tell me things. I should be able to trust you in here, it’s for your own safety, you know that.”

The hand on her back moved up slightly, the claws running over her skin through the thin fabric of her robe. Rhonya shuddered again, looking at his chest as she was pressed against it, standing as still as she could. She knew he was angry, though he kept his tone calm. Once again, she’d made him mad at her… it was as if she kept displeasing him. His voice continued as she did not answer, his tone darkening and getting lower, a growl appearing in his voice.
“I don’t want to see you again with him again, Rhonya. Stay away from him. If I do see you speaking to him again, you will regret it. You know you will.” And with those words Morkosh his hand moved from her neck back to her face, letting go of her hair but cupping her chin again as he turned her face in his direction. With a snarl he looked down on her and pressed his lips against hers with a  crushing force. Rhonya winced, but this made him even more determined to hold her close, it seemed. She could feel the skin of her lower lip split as he bit down on it with a deep growl, blood starting to ooze from the wound. He pulled back at the taste of it, a dangerous grin on his face. “Don’t disappoint me again.”

And with those words, he just let her go, turned around and walked right out of the Canyon again, leaving her all to herself once more. Rhonya’s legs started to tremble and she just sank down on the floor right there, wiping her hand across her mouth to get rid of the blood. There were no demons around her this time, all knowing to stay clear of Morkosh whenever he appeared. Rhonya didn’t know how long she just sat there, frozen in place. The air started to get darker then and as she finally looked up, she realized it was night time.

With a very deep sigh she pressed herself up to her feet, wiping the dry earth off her knees and hands. Suddenly she felt another presence nearby, one also very well known to her. From around the corner came a shape in robes once more, but this one was not as broad as the first. The robes swirled around the shapes leg as it moved, and Rhonya smiled as she smaller woman reached her. The shape threw her hood back, revealing a face with a too weak bone structure to be fully Orcish. Watery blue eyes looked up at Rhonya’s face and brown hair covered her head, one lock hanging in front of her face.
“Shrika! What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here…he can be back again any moment.” Rhonya stepped closer to put her arms around the smaller female and Shrika returned the gesture, hugging Rhonya a moment before stepping back again and looking her up and down, totally ignoring what she had just said. “You look even thinner than last time. He’s not feeding you enough. Here.” Shrika reached with a slender hand into a bag that was on her hip. She took out a piece of bread, pressing it in Rhonya’s hands. Rhonya looked at the food in her hands a moment before she tore in, she was hungry, actually. Perhaps the hunger in her stomach had just become a feeling she’d gotten a bit used to…
Shrika watched her eat with a grin on her face, she patted Rhonya on her arm a bit. “That’s better. You shouldn’t let yourself be treated like that. You deserve better.” Rhonya stopped eating, peering at Shrika with a frown on her face. “Like what? I’m treated fine, he only keeps me in here for my own safety.”

Shrika rolled her eyes, grunting, knowing she would not win this argument. Rhonya wouldn’t see the truth. Not yet, at least. Reaching out, she grabbed Rhonya’s free hand that was not holding the bread and simply started to tug her along. Rhonya almost lost her balance but walked along. “What are we going to do?”
“You’ll see. We’re going to add some strength to both of us. You’ll need it later.”
Rhonya looked at Shrika with an uncertain gaze, not sure what she meant with this. But she just continued taking bites of the bread, following quietly, too occupied with eating.

They moved through parts of the Canyon, to a side of it that Rhonya didn’t like much. The air was even thicker here, the center of the Fel energy that radiated from the broken shards of the weapon hanging in the air. She started to get a bit nervous now. What was Shrika up to?

The small female half orc let go of her hand then, walking to the spot right under the shards. She turned to Rhonya, lifting a hand to push the lock of hair out of her face. “Stay there. I’ll perform a ritual for the both of us.” Rhonya nodded nervously, settling down a bit more to the side, near one of the shabby tents there. She watched her friend turn around again.

Shrika picked up a rock from nearby and used that to draw a circle in the gravel. She added some weird symbols around it that Rhonya could not understand. When that was done and the dry dust had settled a bit again, she moved to stand in the middle of the circle and closed her eyes a moment. Rhonya could feel the difference in the air after a while, something shifting. Shrika lifted her hands to the sky, her eyes an ominous darker shade of what they normally were. She started to speak, but her voice was not entirely her own as she did so. The language was one Rhonya didn’t know, but it did not sound pleasant.

 “Rakkan ze maz, zenn te zekul!  A aman kar aman, ze zila soran se adare. A aman kar aman, re maz ze ze te revola! A ril kar adare, adare re ur zar Ashjraka danashj, ze A maz soran te tiriosh ashj us. Zenn te zekul, tiros ze ante, lek A rakir parn!”

With a quick movement she slashed her hand on a dagger that was hanging on her belt, motioning with it so droplets of blood were flying everywhere. The air darkened even more, a rumbling sound entering the Canyon. Rhonya was half hidden behind her tent now, trembling, for she did not like this at all. Shrika continued to speak in the harsh language, her hands still lifted, blood pouring down her arm.

Suddenly, with a loud clap and a bright flash, the world disappeared a moment. Blinking, Rhonya looked in the direction Shrika was, and slowly her vision cleared again.  Shrika was still standing there, grinning, her arms lowered now.
“Do you feel it, Rhonya? Do you feel the power going through you?”
Rhonya wasn’t sure, though she did feel slightly odd… Was it because she had been sitting so close to the actual ritual? That even she was affected even though she had been sitting outside the ritual circle?
The Half she-orc turned to Rhonya then, walking over to her. With a comforting smile on her lips she hugged the sitting form of her friend.

“Use this power, Rhonya… Get away from him. You don’t need him. You’ll be fine..”

From that moment on, Rhonya started hearing the voices. She did not link the events, though, too busy trying to survive in the miserable place of the Canyon. She did not know either that she was actually carrying the child of Morkosh..

(Translation of what Shrika said:
“Demons of Old, hear my plea! I call for thee, in this place of power. I call for thee, to aid me in my search! I ask for power, power to do the Legions bidding, so I may smash my enemies with it. Hear my plea, grant me more, and I shall obey!” )

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