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Game Related / Re: Discussion: Guild transfer
August 07, 2012, 02:50:30 AM
I won't be in for moving along either. I've heard some good things about AD, some bad things, but that's the same with DB. I got a lot of contacts outside of the guild with my character too, I don't want to cut off that RP as well by moving. And indeed the money it costs to transfer...
I think there will always be grievers, no matter what server you are on. I find it even more disturbing to have grievers that can't gank you but follow you around, spoil your RP with OOC stuff, putting items down, spamming the chat.. I'd rather be killed a few times and continue the RP later or in an other place then to sit hours and hours with grievers following you around.

I'd be really sad should the guild move, since I would not come along. But it's up to the most opinions, I think. :)
The Campfire / Re: Self-punishment.
August 02, 2012, 12:59:54 AM
((Aww, poor Gro'gona! Rhon should look more after her, she's only hurting herself, that's no good! Nice read, and the spelling was quite alright, didn't disturb me much while reading. I liked it!)
The Campfire / Lost in thought
August 02, 2012, 12:54:39 AM
Lost in thought

A deep sigh escaped the slightly parted lips of the greenish female as she wandered around the camp in Uldum. She had only arrived yesterday, but was already busy again with gathering her healing herbs. High grass tickled her bare legs under her robe as she waddled through weird small green patch of jungle in the middle of the desert. Rhonya didn’t move so gracefully anymore these days, her enormous belly preventing her from bending or moving around much.
Softly she was humming to herself as she picked up a herb here and there, sniffing them sometimes, others tasting carefully. Sweat started to run down her face in not too long and silently she cursed her condition. “Urgh… Can’t even do my normal herb rounds anymore… I hope you come soon, little one, you’re tiring me out.” Rhonya softly patted her stomach as she spoke, deciding she’d take a small break from her work. She sat down in the middle of the high grass, small moths fluttering around her and gazelles running in the distance. Even sitting down wasn’t simple, she had to carefully drop herself on her bum, not able anymore to bend.
“Little Skorm… I like the name..” Rhonya just softly spoke to herself, watching the gazelles running past. Thinking back on the last few days, she sighed. Her journey from Tanaris to here had taken her longer than the rest and when she had arrived, she’d found everyone in bandages. One of her best friends, her sister now, Gro’gona… collapsed lung. Rhonya hoped she’d take her advice and keep herself calm a bit. She didn’t feel like doing a complex surgery in her condition. But if it was needed, she’d do it, for her sister. Her sister… The name made her sigh again as she just stared into the distance now, not particularly looking at anything, her arms resting on her bulging stomach.

Gro’gona was the first sister she’d ever had. Rhonya smiled slightly as she thought of the female, so direct, but oh so honest. She was glad that Gro’gona had offered to become aunt of her cub. As well as Lom’rak who even had allowed her to use his father’s name for her cub. And still…and still they all did not know.
Suddenly nerves filled Rhonya as she thought about her cub. Grek’thar was sure he would be fine, but… Would it be visible? Would he look a lot like his father? Would she look at her own child’s face every day and be reminded all the time of â€"him-… Of Morkosh, the one who did that all to her…

Suddenly an urge to leave filled her, to just move away from the tribe with her son and raise him alone, no longer being a bother to the tribe, a danger, a nuisance. Rhonya now looked at her own feet, eyes wet as she thought about it all. She couldn’t leave, not now. Not now she was just back, welcomed back as if she’d never been gone, as if she’d never done what she had done in the past to the tribe. The thing almost no one knew… Rhonya actually wished she could tell the others, tell her tutor Wildeye, tell her sister Gro’gona, so they’d know and so that they could form their own opinions about her. She didn’t want to lie to them or hold anything back, but orders were orders…

With a sigh, Rhonya decided she’d seek out Talonslayer soon, perhaps she would allow her to give the information free now. At least Grek’thar knew, he knew what dangers this child could give as well. If Morkosh would come back for his son…
Silent tears ran over her face as she worried about everything that came into her mind. Worries and sorrows, worries for others and for herself. Guilt that she couldn’t help everyone and was actually still just a useless weight to the legs of the Tribe, not even having access to her own powers. And it was only the question if she’d ever be able to use them again.  She couldn’t even wield a weapon normally! What was she doing here, in between of all these hardened fighters, what was she doing with a mate that accepted her as she was, broken and used and thrown away afterwards. Grek’thar didn’t mind, and still she did not understand why.

A soft breeze played with her jet black hair, bringing her back to her senses as it blew in front of her eyes. What was she actually doing? Sitting here, crying, being a whimp? “Come on Rhonya, you are an Orc of the Tribe now, act as one, damnit.” With those words she used her hands to push herself to her feet with a loud grunt and continued her walk around the green patch, looking for the herbs she needed to teach Gro’gona the healing salve she normally made… The pressing feeling on the lower half of her stomach continued, it wouldn’t be long now. She would worry later… After Skorm had been safely delivered into this world. Then she would decide to leave, or to stay.

(Just a short story I felt like writing to get Rhon's thoughts on one line again. She's not as happy as she seems.. ;) )
Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
April 12, 2012, 05:57:35 PM
Oooh very nice :> I have not tried drawing Rhonya yet, but if I do I don't think I'd dare putting it up here anyway haha xD Will just look so bad in comparison to all that you guys make.
The Campfire / Re: Rhonya's torments
April 12, 2012, 02:29:43 PM
((Thank you very much for the nice words!  :) The last demon has been driven out as well with some help from Grek'thar and Vashnarz, so now I'm going to focus on my tasks! And who knows what else I come up with to write. I write a lot though, also for my other characters I have tons of stories, so... Perhaps one day I'll share those as well.))
The Campfire / Re: Rhonya's torments
April 11, 2012, 01:46:27 AM
Rhonya’s third demon, Family affairs.

Outlands.. they made it there, finally. Rhonya had been very excited to finally go and see the homeworld of her people, but she was greatly disappointed to see the barren lands of the Hellfire Penninsula. A dead land, filled with demons… It somehow frightened her, and while they were journeying through the red rock and demon filled plains, she kept close to Grek’thar, not aiding in any way with the killing of the demons that stood in the tribe’s path. Zangarmarsh had been more to her liking, the view of the giant mushrooms reaching up in the air had impressed her, but even that was quickly forgotten when they finally entered the lush green lands of Nagrand. Rhonya was amazed at the difference the land held with the Penninsula, though they were pretty close to each other. Grek’thar pointed to her the Talbuk, the windrocks and other wildlife and she just wandered along, looking around. He even bought her a talbuk for herself to ride on later, a white one which she still had to think a name for.
That night after they arrived Rhonya couldn’t really sleep. She was at the place where the Tribe had stabled their mounts. She was tending to her new Talbuk, even though the creature had not even been ridden yet, she just wanted to bond with it a little. So the she-orc brushed the perfect white fur, took care of the manes and hooves of the creature and softly patted it on the nose as it seemed to enjoy her company and care. Rhonya brushed some jet black hair out of her face and looked over her new companion once more. This was the first time she actually had something of her own… something to care for and keep her company, something that would not speak back and not judge her on anything she would say to it… Eventually the Talbuk lay down, Rhonya sitting down next to it, not feeling really tired after all that had happened that evening. Two people injured, both stitched up by her. It was good she had some experience with stitching, it came in handy now. Rhonya had been past the trade orc of Garadar as well, getting some of her own needles and thread for in the future, so she wouldn’t have to borrow it anymore.

Also seeing Varekk had made her sad. She was worried she might end up like that as well… Grunnak didn’t seem to be bothered much by him, he just called him a weakling… Like he had done with Gordug. He had shown her the head he had cut off and had explained to her why he had done it. She trusted his judgment that Gordug just had to be put down for his own good as well. While sitting there, she stared at the scar in the palm of her hand. Grunnak…now her bloodbrother after the oath she had taken with him together…

Also the problem with Shrika now. Where was she? She had promised to be in Nagrand, but Rhonya couldn’t reach her at all.
Sighing deeply the she-orc leaned back a little against the wall, completely alone in her thoughts as she worried about several things. In the back of her mind the two remaining voices where silent, but one of them slowly started to build up in volume. Rhonya sat up straight at once, moaning. “No.. no not again! Go away, damn demons!” She already panicked now at only hearing the voices. The tribe couldn’t know! They were so close now to at least sort of trusting her! The voice only reacted to her panicking even more, growing louder. It was a deep voice, again now a familiar one… The one of Skar’lok, her uncle. Rhonya’s form froze as she understood the words now.

“Rhonya, Rhonya. Weakling, you are. You don’t even deserve to live, to serve the Legion. What use do you have?”
That was all he said… Rhonya frowned, having expected more than this, though the thought of her uncle speaking to her like this disturbed her much. All of a sudden she jumped up at a lash of pain in her arm and she looked down at it, eyes growing large as she pulled up her still whole sleeve. A deep cut had appeared under it, bleeding freely. Cursing, Rhonya tried using her powers to heal the cut… but was somehow being blocked off from it.
Suddenly, another sharp pain and warm liquid started to run over her back as another cut appeared under her chest piece. Panicking, Rhonya looked around, but she couldn’t see anyone except the animals who were now very tense in her presence… As if there was something unseen around.
“No.. No! They can’t see me like this.. They can’t!” While saying that to herself, Rhonya ran out of the stables, to the edge of the town, trying to hide her pain and discomfort… she would have to somehow reach Grek’thar from outside the city… A deep familiar laughter filled her head, the laughter of her uncle as another sharp lash of pain was felt now across her face, her cheek cut open. The Laughter died out… Only to be followed by a few words. “This is just the warning, dear Rhonya… Keep this up… and more will come. I won’t spare you just because we are family…”

Trembling, Rhonya shape shifted into her wolf form, ignoring the wounds for now, just wanting to get out of the town… she started to run.

4th Demon. Deception.

The stars… Grek’thar had told her about them. Those shiny little dots of light against a pitch black sky, here and there dotted with some clouds… Looking at them calmed her indeed, though not really in the way that Grek’thar had told her.

Rhonya sat outside against one of the outer walls of the Crossroads in her normal sitting position. Knees pulled back up against her stomach, her arms tightly wrapped around them. In a while she wouldn’t be able anymore to sit like this though, when her stomach would get in the way. Her head was leaning against the wall, looking up at the stars, thinking over what happened. Telling Talonslayer the whole story… At first she was afraid she’d made a very big mistake but all in all it had ended pretty well. She now had her family, and they did know about her past.. Well, most of them did. Though she’d have to work hard to make up for the lies she told, Rhonya didn’t mind much. She was willing to show what she could.

A light breeze played around with her hair as Rhonya moved to look down again at what she was working on earlier. Making an oilment for Swiftarrow, her tutor now. She had looked through what herbs she had at the moment and didn’t find the one she needed for the tea, but this oilment of Khadgars whisker would also work, as it would have a relaxing and calming effect once smeared on the skin. Rhonya shifted her position so she could continue with her work, tucking her legs under her body that was feeling like it was growing more heavy with every passing day. The sickness she’d been through the past few days had passed mostly, which only made her believe more it had just been the stress playing a part. Silently she continued with extracting the oil from the root, collecting it in a jar. When she was done she closed the jar and put it in her bag with a deep sigh.

A soft scratching sound was suddenly heard closeby and Rhonya looked around to see what was making it. Perhaps an animal or something… Peering into the darkness though, she couldn’t locate the source of the sound. With a slight shrug she leaned back against the wall again. The sound continued, slowly growing louder. Then Rhonya realized it wasn’t coming from somewhere around her… it was coming from inside her head. Knowing now she couldn’t outrun it anyway she waited nervously for what was going to happen. Still she got surprised when something seemed to tug on her consciousness, the scratching growing even louder… All of a sudden it felt as if her very own being was being tugged upon and taken somewhere, though.. She could, in a split second see her own form at the wall falling over, eyes staring blankly up in the sky. Rhonya however now saw only blackness around her for a moment until suddenly the scene shifted to what she thought to be the inside of a cave.

The damp air chilled her small form and coldness crept through her boots up to her feet. She wrapped her arms around herself, her own breath visible in the air around her. A cackling noise came from the corner then, like laughter. Seeing no other way to go Rhonya walked further into the deep cave. It seemed to go on into a long tunnel so she followed it around the corner. Narrowing her eyes in the deep darkness, she could see a shape sitting there, in the corner. It was a small shape, huddled there. It looked like it was crying, not the cackling sound she had heard before. The small figure looked up at her and she frowned when seeing two large blue eyes looking up at her. Two eyes that looked exactly like her own… The small orc stood up, walking over to her in a hurried pace. “Mom, there you are! I was so lost, I couldn’t find our home anymore!” Rhonya looked down at the child that was a male. Black hair framed his round, childlike face and those big blue eyes really stood out against his bright green skin. “Will you take me home again? I bet Dad is worried sick about us.” The boy held out his hand towards her, waiting for her to grab it. Rhonya hesitated for a moment, then grabbed the child’s hand. Instantly her doubts disappeared, replaced for a feeling of happiness and a need to care for this being. This was her child, having her eyes though Morkosh’ s skin colour. Rhonya smiled down at him, ruffling his hair. “Let’s go home then.” Suddenly she knew where to go, walking along the tunnels, rounding a few corners and in a while the air started to get warmer as well. The boy let go of her hand all of a sudden, running ahead. “I know the way from here!” Was all she could hear from up ahead. Smiling, she followed him into a larger area of the caves. A fire was burning here, heating the room. Simple but functional furniture adorned the room, rugs and furs lying on the floor. What she first noticed however was the person standing in the middle of the room, now carrying the boy in his arms who had his small arms around the figures neck, laughing. Grek’thar stood there, holding her son, throwing him in the air, making him laugh… This place felt as home. It felt good, save from anyone else but her loved ones, Grek’thar and her child…
Rhonya never noticed that there was something horribly wrong with these scenes, her mind clouded by the need of wanting this to be true. She wanted to stay here. Live here and remain here.

Under the black starry sky, Rhonya’s true form still lay, motionless though still breathing , almost closed eyes looking up to things only she could see, a small happy smile on her lips…
The Campfire / Rhonya's torments
April 11, 2012, 01:46:05 AM
These stories I made during the time traveling with you guys. They've been pestering Rhon for a long time now, in between Grek'thar helped getting rid of them. The last one is still active at this moment! ;) They are demons impersonating people she cares/cared about. So not the actual people themselves. Hope you all enjoy the read!

Demon 1. Rhonya's Vision.

With a deep sigh, the light green skinned she-orc sat down at the edge of the path, looking over the Hinterlands. She brushed some of her black hair out of her face with an irritated gesture as she peered at the lands before her. Lush and green, unknown to the female except for the stories she heard about it. The battles that raged there in the old days between the bloodthirsty Orcs and the Wildhammer dwarves. The Orcs that had managed to get the Trolls on their side to fight against the Elves further up in Quel’thalas..
It was a history she well knew, since she had done research on it a lot. Mostly to keep her real intentions a secret.
Rhonya had told the one she was with, Grek’thar, that she just needed a little bit of alone time, some privacy. Quietly she sat there, pulling up her knees and wrapping her arms around them. Her rather large blue eyes looked out over her surroundings as she thought the things over that happened in the last few days. The kidnap, the rescue… Why had he rescued her? His reasons where still unclear to her. He had said it was because he wanted to protect her and back then he had not even known yet that she was with child.
One hand silently moved to her stomach to rest there. The very slight bump was not very visible at the moment, but it would come soon.. Soon she would have to try hard to keep it hidden, until of course the time would come when such would be impossible. The child would grow of course. The child of Morkosh..
At his thought she shuddered. The small voices in her head grew louder in the background, being drawn in by her confusion, by the pain she felt at thinking back on that time. They whispered to her, spoke unknown words, sweet promises she couldn’t understand… One however, seemed to become clearer this time. Was it just her imagination, or did this one sound much like Morkosh his voice..? She listened intently to it, staring ahead blankly, not really seeing anything in front of her anymore but the vision of Morkosh, a memory of old. Or was it..? The memory spoke, softly at first but louder later, the voice resounding in her head. She could understand it! Was it Morkosh trying to contact her or was it just her mind playing tricks on her?
The cruel face of Morkosh turned into a grin as he continued speaking and she now concentrated on the words.
“Well well dear Rhonya, what mess did you get yourself into this time? I’ve always said it was safer to stay with me… In my arms you where safe, kept away from the world. You know I would have shaped you into a weapon, love, a great weapon of power… You were to be my right hand, my mistress of Darkness, my mate and the bearer of my sons. But look at you now, alone in the middle of enemies, bearing indeed my pup in your womb. Do you think they will let it live? Do you honestly believe they wouldn’t find out about your corruption…?”
Tears started to stream down her face as the words filled her head, filled her with fear and with doubt. Her small form started to shake uncontrollable and both arms where tightly wrapped around her stomach now. The child was the whole reason she had left… That and the fact she had been thinking about Shrika’s words a lot, that Morkosh was only using her. While she thought this, the vision smirked, starting to speak again.
“Dear Shrika, yes of course she would try to steal you from me, love. She has her own uses for you.. her own plans. She will use you as much as you think I did, while I only kept you safe. Did she help you when you where abducted? Did she come to see if you where safe? Shrika only brings you trouble. Look around you, at your enemies. They do not care for you as I did. They will want you dead. You and our offspring.”
Both hands where now on the sides of her head, trying to block the voice out. Rhonya whimpered softly, shaking her head as if she could get rid of them in that way. She was alone, she knew it. Even Grek’thar would one day see what a monster she was, he would listen to his tribe and not to her. Even her uncle who seemed to be really sorry wouldn’t be able to turn her around, for she was just lost..
“Ah, Skar’lok.” The voice continued. “The fool. He messes with powers beyond his own strength. Does he believe he can get away with it? Get away with what he tried, get loose from the Legion? He drank the blood.. It’s in his veins, it won’t go. Your uncle believes he’s turned his back on the masters, but they did not turn their back on him…”
Rhonya just stood up now, almost tempted to just hurl herself off the cliff she was facing, just to get rid of the voice in her head, of the vision in front of her. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t kill the still innocent being that was inside of her, even though it was â€"his- child.
“Don’t forget me, love. You know you are mine… and you will always stay mine. No matter how far you try to run.” The vision disappeared with these words, an evil laughter following in her head which slowly died out as well.
Trembling and crying she turned to face the way back to the Blades. She’d have to get calm before she could go back… Silently she huddled against a tree nearby, crying out over her fears, her troubles and all she was pulling along in it. She was alone…

Demon 2. Rhonya's second demon, Shrika

A stone went flying through the grass just behind the Inn of Raventusk village as Rhonya kicked it away a bit angrily. She cursed softly as it hurt her own toe as well and she sat down in the grass against a tree to rub her foot. Looking back at the village, she decided she was still in sight and hearing range of the guards, so probably save. The Orc female put her head in her hands for a moment, long black hair falling forwards past her cheeks, hiding the rest of her face as well. She looked worried, a bit sad, perhaps.
“How much did they hear when they came walking up there.. ? And why does he take blame of things that are my fault, actually? He might have attacked Dailor, but indirectly that was all because of me..”
She just muttered to herself softly, speaking her mind out loud, but not so loud that others near would be able to understand what she was saying. A deep sigh escaped her lips as she looked up again, staring over the water in front of her. Thoughts crossed her mind of perhaps just leaving them and him as well. All she brought them was trouble and now Grek’thar was being looked down upon because of her as well. And they had not even found out yet that he was keeping her demonic past hidden from the tribe…
Seagulls flew around lazily, searching for easy pickings at the dock, hoping to find some last scraps perhaps of that days fish catch. The sun was already down, but it was not very dark. Still, Rhonya couldn’t suppress a yawn as she watched the birds dive down to the docks. Perhaps she should just get some sleep, worry again tomorrow about the tribe and Grek’thar… She could still feel the touch of his hand on hers, it had felt reassuring and it just had felt..right. And he had made her laugh even during her telling of her story.
While Rhonya was thinking this all over, her eyes closed slowly, her mind calmed by the sound of the seagulls and the water sloshing ashore softly. She drifted off to a peaceful state of half sleep, half being awake… Though that was quickly disrupted by something. Suddenly she could hear crying, soft sobs coming from close to her. She opened her eyes…and saw she was standing in Brill. Blinking in surprise, she quickly dove for cover behind one of the plaguewagons she was standing close to. The crying continued, coming from close by, the building known as the apothecary. Very carefully and still not understand what was going on, Rhonya peered around the door of the Apothecary. It was empty, not filled with Forsaken as usual. Empty except for one thing… A figure was huddled in a corner, sobbing, shoulders shaking as it did so, breathing coming in rasps. Rhonya hurried over to this figure, it looked familiar somehow to her.
“Hello..? Are you alright? What is going on?” Rhonya spoke softly while kneeling down next to the figure. After a few more sobs, the figure looked up at Rhonya… Rhonya gasped in horror, her hand moving in front of her mouth as she crawled back a bit quickly.
Looking at her was the face of Shrika. But it was not the Shrika she knew… Her eyes where a glowing green, deep, emotionless pools of green. Her skin was ripped in several places, the bone underneath visible. The edges of the wounds looked black and sores could also be seen. Her hair was knotted and half of it looked torn out. A burnmark was branded on her forehead. The mark of the Cult… Her clothes where torn and ragged, feet bare, the skin ripped from them…
The Shrika figure held out her hand towards Rhonya in a pleading way, looking at her with those green glowing eyes in a sad disturbing way. “Rhonya..Rhonya, why did you leave me alone again? They came back for me… Murdered my children in front of my eyes, tortured me, tested on me… I am but a puppet to the apothecaries now…You left me alone to go with ..him! Those Blades…”
Rhonya looked shocked at the figure, eyebrows going up in disbelieve. She quickly stood up straight, her form slightly trembling. “No… I didn’t leave you! You…where following, right behind…”
Shrika slowly shook her head, tears still falling down from her cheeks as she kept her hand out towards Rhonya. Now that Rhonya looked better at it, the fingers looked broken, the nails torn out, little droplets of blood still falling on the floor below. “They tracked me down, Rhonya! You left me, left me to die! But you know, they won’t ever let me die. They have something in store for me, much, much worse…”
Holding out her hand slowly towards Shrika, Rhonya shook her head. “I didn’t know… Let me help, come with me. We’ll get out, together!” Suddenly Shrika lashed out towards Rhonya her hand with her bloodied fingers. She stood up, ragged robes falling around her figure wich looked like it had not gotten any nutritious food for days. The parts of skin that was showing through the gashes in the robe where blue and bruised, gashes also visible here and there.
“ You are too late! You threw yourself in with THEM, not even of our path! The ones that will perish in the end, in fire and destruction! Too late, Rhonya, you are steering the wrong way. There is no going back once you cross the final line, you know that. No going back to the Legion once you’ve truly turned your back on them. “
Rhonya pulled her hand back quickly, her eyes just large and filled with tears as she looked at this Shrika she didn’t know.
Snarling, Shrika opened her mouth, suddenly filled with sharp teeth. “Go, Rhonya! Go back to those traitors! You left me behind once, in the hands of the Cult and now again, you are a failure!”
Trembling, the female orc turned away from Shrika and ran outside, just waiting to get away. It had been her fault, Shrika captured again, tortured, being like this… Her fault, all again! Last time she was not strong enough to go against Morkosh and aid her and this time she had left her to herself as well…
“I’m sorry, Shrika… I’m so sorry…”
Her eyes opened suddenly, her face down in the grass as Rhonya had fallen over while having her dream. Cold sweat covered her body and she was trembling all over. She tried to calm her breathing, sitting up and looking around a bit panicked. She needed to check on Shrika.. It had been a dream, but it could just as well be true. She needed to find her friend, her sister as soon as possible! But Grek’thar wouldn’t let her go alone, probably…
Concentrating, she tried to mentally call out for her trusted friend, but no answer came. This only worried her more. She needed a way to make sure Shrika was safe… But how?