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The Campfire / Re: In the head of Goru, daughter of Mozrogg
« on: March 02, 2013, 02:01:32 PM »
((Poor Goru! But she's forgetting all about dear Rhonya who does like her and helps her as well! :P *Shakes fist*))

The Campfire / Re: A ritual of passing
« on: February 07, 2013, 12:43:08 AM »
((I am glad you liked it! :D Will try to write some more rituals haha.))

The Campfire / A ritual of passing
« on: February 04, 2013, 08:36:25 PM »
The sun just made her way above the land, the first rays shining on the dense ground and the treetops of the Hinterlands. Movement was visible close to the place where remains of a pyre could be seen, burned out and blackened. The female moved a little clumsily on the steep hill, her point of balance these days quite far off. She seemed to carry some items, an armful of hard acquired wildflowers, a bowl and some candles. Also five torches under her other arm. She was standing on a hill just above the one with the pyre, so she could look down on it. With some effort and the wind blowing her hair around her face, she put her items down. Rhonya wiped at her forehead a little, she was already sweating from the climb, carrying the extra weight of the twins in her stomach. It slowed her down more and more… The female was wearing the same outfit she used before in ritual, purple and blue, adorned with wolf decorations.

A single beam of sunlight shone on the hill the she-orc was standing on. For a moment she just looked at the pyre below her, before moving to pick up the torches and pinning them into the ground in a circle around her. Her face moved to look up into the sky shortly before she closed her eyes and stood like a statue in the middle of the circle of unburning torches, her kilt slapped around her legs in the wind. She raised her hands in the air to her side.

“Fire, heed my call this morning, for I ask for your presence. May it light my way during these times.
Wind, heed my call, for I ask for your presence. May your invisible presence sweep me up.
Water, heed my call, for I ask for your presence. May your liquid touch calm my mind to do this.
Earth, heed my call, for I ask for your presence. May your strength guide me in this task.
Spirits, heed my call, for I ask for your presence. May your knowledge enlighten me today.”

As the female started speaking, she opened her eyes and moved to every of the unlit torches. At one she put a candle, lighting it with two firestones. The second torch she passed got a feather, somehow staying put on the ground even though the wind whipped around her harshly. The third received the bowl which she filled with water from her waterpouch, before moving on to the fourth. There, she emptied a little pouch of earth, standing out on the dry hill, it being rich, fertile earth. At the last torch, she paused the longest to cut her hand with her dagger and let some of the red fluid drip from her fingers onto the ground. As the female moved back to the center, she closed her eyes again.

“Heed my call, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Spirit. For I do this for an Orc who passed, as a last farewell.”  Suddenly a silent whoosh is heard around her as all the torches light up on their own. The feather drifted off into the air, floating high up. The bowl of water tipped over, the liquid seeping into the earth. Rhonya opened her eyes again and looked around, smiling sadly.

She spoke in a rich, deep tone, a little unlike her own voice.

“This morning I am here to bid farewell
to one who has begun the journey from life into death.
This morning I am here to call the Ancestors,
those who have gone before us,
to be with me in this rite.
I call to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire ,Water and Spirit,
who are with me here tonight. “

The wind continued to swirl around the female, raising her black hair into the sky, letting it move around her face like some Banshee. The torches flickered but remained burning. Bending over, Rhonya grabbed another candle, moving sideways to the torch, continuing to speak softly as she did this, passing every torch again slowly with the burning candle in her hands.

“I offer these gifts to you, Sharptongue.
May they guide you now and always.
By Fire may your soul light shine brightly in the other world.
By Air may your spirit rise and soar.
By Water may your emotions be carried and cleansed.

By Earth may you find comfort and peace.
By Spirits, may the Ancestors light your path.”

She sighed softly as she ended up in the middle again, blowing out the candle in her hands. The moment she did this, the torches also died out, as if blown out by some invisible force.

“Sadok… You were my tutor in many ways, not only the one of Gosh’kar. You taught me more than that, from the start I joined to journey with the pack. You taught me to joke, to think and even made me write a poem. You taught me to push on, that I have more value than I thought…”

A lone tear made its way down her cheek as she spoke these words. She couldn’t have done this yesterday, the pain was too fresh, and she still blamed herself partly for his death. She should have been able to do more. Heal him..cure him again. But she’d been too late, and she would never forgive herself for such. At least she could give him this, a ritual for him alone, from her alone.

“There is a reason for being here
In this world and this life.
There is a reason for leaving,
When the purposes of this life are done.
The soul must journey beyond
To pause, to rest,
To wait for those who are loved.

For the world beyond is a land
Of eternal summer, and of joy,
Far from the cares of this world,
With happiness and with youth anew.
May you find this joy and happiness, Sharptongue… I will not forget.”

With those last words she moved around, gathering her things but leaving the torches there. With a soft mutter she thanked the elements for being there, as the wind softened and felt more like a soft caress, blowing the tear from her cheek. The sun shone on her, giving her warmth and announcing the new day.

They were right. Her time for grieving was over. It was time to be strong for those who needed it, who needed her help with getting over this. A new day had come, a day to remember and to find out what exactly had happened. A day for rebuilding…
With one movement she threw the armful of wildflowers into the air, watching them fall onto the hill below, scattered on the cremation site.

The Campfire / Re: The Meeting
« on: February 04, 2013, 04:17:09 PM »
I like it! <3 But you already knew that. Haha.

The Campfire / Distant waves and memories
« on: January 27, 2013, 05:43:44 PM »
Revantusk village… It had been a while since the she-orc had been here, and the memories were… not that great. The last time she’d been here she had still been bothered by the demons in her head, one actually taken care of in this very town. Rhonya liked the Trolls though, their simple way of doing, their believes and just how they acted. A little like time had always stood still for them, while other races went on with machines, inventions, the Trolls here had always stayed behind a little, keeping to themselves. She liked the simpleness of the village and the fact it was next to the sea. Rhonya hated to be on the water, but to look at the motions of the waves calmed her down.

That was what she was doing right now, sitting on the wooden docks, legs dangling over the edge, the noses of her boots just above the calm water. She leaned over a little looking down at the water. It was getting more difficult again to lean over, to bend, due to her stomach getting in the way now. The twins… A male and female, Grek’thar had said. With a smile on her face Rhonya sat up again, wrapping her arms around her stomach. The smile faded soon enough though when she thought back on the last few days. Firstly, her Vision Quest. It had greatly confused her, the things she had seen. Shrika, calling out to her, but it had not been her of course. She missed her…It had been a long time since they’d last seen each other.

And after that, the ‘vision’ of her and Grek’thar. She was sure it had been them, but throats slit, cub wailing in his arms, and the two bundles that suddenly changed into.. No, she didn’t want to think about that part. The arms around Rhonya’s belly tightened, hugging herself as she stared into her own rippled reflection on the water. The pool of Blight in her vision… she’d looked into it as well,  before the skull had come floating up and the claws that had tried to drag her in. She’d made a mistake there, wanting to grab that skull. It had called out to her so much, such desire had filled her to touch it, to feel it… Her spirit guide had been angry at her as he had to free her when she suddenly found herself standing to her waist in the blight, following the skull.

She had passed it though, the quest. She had survived, even though she still didn’t understand completely what had happened and what it all meant. Rhonya promised to herself she’d speak about it with at least someone. Grek’thar, Grogona or perhaps Therak… She just needed to get it off her chest.

One hand moved up to her cheek, where the bruises were still visible, now a dulled purple color, the place Shargla had hit her. The female had made it clear she didn’t want to be any friends with Rhonya, even though they would probably have to work together soon again. It saddened Rhonya that there was so much one sided hate about a fact she couldn’t even help herself. She had decided to just stay friendly to Shargla, as if nothing had happened, and steer away from her a little unless it was really needed to talk to her or ask her for her help.

First, she’d focus on going on her trip to Winterspring with Therak. She had not mentioned it yet to Grek’thar… Perhaps she’d just send him a note, that she was fine and he didn’t need to follow, she would be back in no time. Rhonya was looking forward to the trip actually, a short time away from the tribe, from the problems there, the exile, the hunt. A short moment with only a few others so she could forget her problems a little while.

The sun sunk down slowly and turned the sea a darker shade of blue while she sat there, watching it silently. A light shiver ran over her spine at the cold wind that now started to blow around her softly. With her hands, Rhonya pushed herself to her feet and made her way back to the village to go and grab a blanket to wrap around herself. The tiredness made her get cold easier. Perhaps some more rest would do her good as well…

Off Topic / Re: Funny stuff
« on: January 26, 2013, 04:51:44 PM »
For the ones who saw the first 'Push to add drama' video, here is the second one. Even worse...

Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
« on: January 25, 2013, 04:26:23 AM »

Sketch of my recent Forsaken. It's a bit bad quality picture, but.. I might play around with more shadows anyway, so it might change!

The Campfire / Wind and Water
« on: January 15, 2013, 02:02:17 PM »
Seagull sounds filled the air, the sloshing of the waves against the ship, the salty wind blowing and carrying the scents even below deck where one female looked even greener than normal as she twisted and turned in her bunk.  Her form was sweaty, black long hair sticking to the sides of her face as she gasped and suddenly opened her eyes. At once her form sat straight up, eyes still unfocused, lost in a dream that was quickly fading again in her mind. Rhonya blinked a few moments to focus and remember where she was, though that did not help her situation much. Her stomach churned and she lurched herself off the bunk very ungracefully to reach the bucket that she had put there, emptying her already empty stomach some more. She disliked ships so much…

A soft sound from behind her told her Grek’thar was still sleeping,  which was not a surprise in the middle of the night. As soft as she could she picked up the bucket and made her way barefoot towards the deck, perhaps some fresh air would do her good. She wore a simple outfit in bed, just a simple top and long linen pants. Though, most of the tribe only saw her in kilts, so the very few that were still awake at this hour send her some strange looks when she passed them by.  Her growing stomach was already very visible under the thin shirt, even though she still had a good amount of months to go. She felt some envy for the two small pups in her womb, floating around peacefully, not bothered yet by the outside world that they would have to get to know soon enough. For now, Rhonya rather kept them safe inside her.

Slowly her bare feet made their way over the outside deck and she emptied her bucket over the railing, sitting down against it shortly after, just looking up at the stars, the movements of the rocking ship not making her feel any better. She closed her eyes with a deep sigh and placed the bucket on the ground next to her, before wrapping both her arms around her stomach.

‘Your big brother will be so curious to meet you two…’

The thought filled her mind with a stab of pain in her heart. She had not seen her other son for several months now, he was safe playing in the snowy fields of Winterspring. He would by now already have learned to walk, even talk maybe a few words… would he still recognize her when she came back, having missed so many important moments in his life already? She knew it was best for now, especially with this exile the tribe brought upon themselves, but it hurt her deeply inside. She worried for their position now, wondering when she would get the chance to see her son again… in more saver times, she promised herself.

Rhonya just sat there for a while, thinking about the things that had happened, her training to Gosh’kar, she and Murrah barely saving the life of Sharptongue, her talks with Therak and what that had led to, Marshfang giving birth to a perfect little pup… But something nagged at her still. After a few moments of wondering she remembered. That orb… The orb they had found under Ogrimmar, that had so clearly send out a feeling of Fel magic. Doomhowl had not been able to pick it up, he acted as if it literally burned him when he placed his hand upon it, quickly having pulled it back again. She had picked it up instead.

The feeling she had felt send a shiver through her spine again, even now, thinking back on it. It had felt odd… but ever so familiar. Memories of the Demonfall Canyon had filled her mind again at that moment, memories of her time with the Blightskull orcs, her master, Morkosh… Holding the orb had felt familiar, somehow even good, as if it had promised her power, as if it had whispered sweet things to her of a great future if she should try to tap from its eerie glow. She had shaken the feeling off, but somehow that pull was still there.  She thought she was over it completely, having been accepted by the elements again even after all that time, learning her ways with them once more, having stepped from that doomed path she used to be following.

Opening her eyes again she looked down at her stomach now, rubbing over the bulge affectionately, a frown of worry on her face. Holding that orb, she had not even thought of what perhaps it could do to the cubs, the pull had been too strong… Grek’thar had taken the thing from her, but she had had trouble with handing it over, even though she did so after him mentioning the safety of the cubs. She knew now Sharptongue had the orb… Perhaps she would ask him later about it, what exactly it was. She needed to know. Almost at that moment she wanted to just stand up and go in search for the thing.

A soft wind caressed her cheeks then, accompanied by some salt water splashing over the edge of the ship, the droplets falling on her hair, her cheeks. A whisper filled her ears, words of comfort , calming hush, even though she couldn’t exactly make out what was being said. She relaxed again, leaning back against the railing, leaving herself to the whispers of the two elements most presented here, water who had always had the strongest bond with her, and wind, who she was still a little a stranger to. For a long while, she just sat there, not thinking of anything, arms wrapped around her stomach, enjoying the company of the two greater powers around her, making her feel  she’d be alright, things would work out…
For now, she believed them, but the future was never sure.

The Campfire / Re: The Task -The Tribe.
« on: January 12, 2013, 12:38:57 PM »
\o/ I like it! Very well done. And ofc, surviving on mere stubbornness is an art too! :P

Game Related / Re: Speak your mind: Yap, yap!
« on: January 01, 2013, 12:39:14 AM »
Happy new year everyone and I wish you all the best for 2013 and of course a lot of fun RP times! :D

Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
« on: December 24, 2012, 02:20:21 AM »
I was feeling creative today and made a drawing of my Troll Warlock and her current lover, both Shadra followers. (Spider loa ;) )

Game Related / Re: Guild-meetup poll
« on: December 07, 2012, 01:49:20 AM »
I live in the Netherlands, and can room about 2-3 people if it's needed. Did the same with the SGE meet,  since I live about 15 min with the train from Amsterdam :) So also very close to the airport. Most of SGE took a nice, not too expensive hotel in Amsterdam, so thats very do-able. Travel I can do prob, but I'd rather make a bit of a vacation out of it then and take my husband with me, since we almost never go on vacation together because of the money problems we have. So.. Will have to see!

Event Planning / Re: Challenge Modes
« on: December 04, 2012, 04:20:11 AM »
Erm. I don't mind any day... Though I'll have to weave it through all my events and such, since SGE doesn't have specific days they hold events either, so. :3 I'll do my best to make it everytime though!

Off Topic / Re: Funny stuff
« on: December 02, 2012, 01:09:09 AM »

Commercial..but...totally funny xD

Event Planning / Re: Challenge Modes
« on: November 28, 2012, 02:53:14 AM »
My item lvl now is 463, though a part of it is pvp gear. I've been running LFR though, but not much luck yet on it!

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