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Author Topic: Lost in thought  (Read 1578 times)


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Lost in thought
« on: August 02, 2012, 12:54:39 AM »
Lost in thought

A deep sigh escaped the slightly parted lips of the greenish female as she wandered around the camp in Uldum. She had only arrived yesterday, but was already busy again with gathering her healing herbs. High grass tickled her bare legs under her robe as she waddled through weird small green patch of jungle in the middle of the desert. Rhonya didn’t move so gracefully anymore these days, her enormous belly preventing her from bending or moving around much.
Softly she was humming to herself as she picked up a herb here and there, sniffing them sometimes, others tasting carefully. Sweat started to run down her face in not too long and silently she cursed her condition. “Urgh… Can’t even do my normal herb rounds anymore… I hope you come soon, little one, you’re tiring me out.” Rhonya softly patted her stomach as she spoke, deciding she’d take a small break from her work. She sat down in the middle of the high grass, small moths fluttering around her and gazelles running in the distance. Even sitting down wasn’t simple, she had to carefully drop herself on her bum, not able anymore to bend.
“Little Skorm… I like the name..” Rhonya just softly spoke to herself, watching the gazelles running past. Thinking back on the last few days, she sighed. Her journey from Tanaris to here had taken her longer than the rest and when she had arrived, she’d found everyone in bandages. One of her best friends, her sister now, Gro’gona… collapsed lung. Rhonya hoped she’d take her advice and keep herself calm a bit. She didn’t feel like doing a complex surgery in her condition. But if it was needed, she’d do it, for her sister. Her sister… The name made her sigh again as she just stared into the distance now, not particularly looking at anything, her arms resting on her bulging stomach.

Gro’gona was the first sister she’d ever had. Rhonya smiled slightly as she thought of the female, so direct, but oh so honest. She was glad that Gro’gona had offered to become aunt of her cub. As well as Lom’rak who even had allowed her to use his father’s name for her cub. And still…and still they all did not know.
Suddenly nerves filled Rhonya as she thought about her cub. Grek’thar was sure he would be fine, but… Would it be visible? Would he look a lot like his father? Would she look at her own child’s face every day and be reminded all the time of –him-… Of Morkosh, the one who did that all to her…

Suddenly an urge to leave filled her, to just move away from the tribe with her son and raise him alone, no longer being a bother to the tribe, a danger, a nuisance. Rhonya now looked at her own feet, eyes wet as she thought about it all. She couldn’t leave, not now. Not now she was just back, welcomed back as if she’d never been gone, as if she’d never done what she had done in the past to the tribe. The thing almost no one knew… Rhonya actually wished she could tell the others, tell her tutor Wildeye, tell her sister Gro’gona, so they’d know and so that they could form their own opinions about her. She didn’t want to lie to them or hold anything back, but orders were orders…

With a sigh, Rhonya decided she’d seek out Talonslayer soon, perhaps she would allow her to give the information free now. At least Grek’thar knew, he knew what dangers this child could give as well. If Morkosh would come back for his son…
Silent tears ran over her face as she worried about everything that came into her mind. Worries and sorrows, worries for others and for herself. Guilt that she couldn’t help everyone and was actually still just a useless weight to the legs of the Tribe, not even having access to her own powers. And it was only the question if she’d ever be able to use them again.  She couldn’t even wield a weapon normally! What was she doing here, in between of all these hardened fighters, what was she doing with a mate that accepted her as she was, broken and used and thrown away afterwards. Grek’thar didn’t mind, and still she did not understand why.

A soft breeze played with her jet black hair, bringing her back to her senses as it blew in front of her eyes. What was she actually doing? Sitting here, crying, being a whimp? “Come on Rhonya, you are an Orc of the Tribe now, act as one, damnit.” With those words she used her hands to push herself to her feet with a loud grunt and continued her walk around the green patch, looking for the herbs she needed to teach Gro’gona the healing salve she normally made… The pressing feeling on the lower half of her stomach continued, it wouldn’t be long now. She would worry later… After Skorm had been safely delivered into this world. Then she would decide to leave, or to stay.

(Just a short story I felt like writing to get Rhon's thoughts on one line again. She's not as happy as she seems.. ;) )
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."


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Re: Lost in thought
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2012, 12:08:55 PM »
((Noes! Don't leave!  :'(       Loving the story :) ))

I feel like I'm the only sane one in this Tribe. And I have four elementals living in my skull!


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Re: Lost in thought
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2012, 05:20:21 PM »
(( AAAAWWWHHHH :< Don't leave, you know Grogona is gonna hunt you down if you do, so save yourself the trouble. xD. Loved the read, really intense emotionaly, can't wait too see more if you write more. :) ))
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