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Started by Nakobu, May 04, 2019, 02:17:10 AM

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                                                                                                               Nakobu by ShadowPriest

Name: Nakobu Shadowbreaker
Alias: 'Lightflinger', 'Light-marked one'
Rank: Clan Follower

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Mag'har Orc
Clan: Bleeding Hollow
Class: Priest
Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral Good

Family: Vedaan (Adoptive grandfather, deceased), Meri 'Skint' Soulwalker (Mate), Kind-ear (Wolf companion)
Known Friends: Kyrazha Throatrender, Rhonya Steelheart, Tahara Beastgrin, Tagrok Valorwind, Har'kuna Spiritsong, Urzoga Unbroken and others of the clan.
Known Enemies: Burning Legion, Undead (Forced or mindless), a particular Loa.

Nakobu stands at an average height, with dark brown skin and a fairly developed muscle mass for an orc of his age, showing that he at least does some modicum of exercise to keep in good physical health.
He has citrine yellow eyes, along with a face that is normally calm, relaxed and kind in appearance. His brown hair is done into a long braid that goes down his back. His beard done also into braids, being three separate ones. Both his hair and beard braids are adorned with metal rings and cloth as accessories.

Something instantly notable about Nakobu would be his accent - being clearly draenei in origin. He often speaks a bit slower to ensure he's better understood.
(Link to Nakobu's 'Character Voices' post!)

Notable scars:
Since joining the Red Blades, Nakobu has gained a fair few light scars here and there across his body. Some are more obvious and notable however:
- Stab from a dagger to his right side, angled up towards his organs. Caused by Tagrok Valorwind while afflicted by mind control.
- Slash from a dagger across his left palm. Self-inflicted for his mating oath to Meri Soulwalker.
- Slash from a dagger across his right palm. Self-inflicted for his oath to the clan.

Nakobu is a very soft-hearted orc, one ruled by his sense of right and wrong. He is exceptionally stubborn when it comes to bending his code of ethics, unwilling to take action that he personally believes to be wrong.
He is also very, very curious, often barraging people with questions upon meeting them in order to get to know them better and become friends. Sadly, he often doesn't quite realise how much of annoyance he might be to said people as he launches volley after volley of prying questions...
When seeing someone in distress or trouble, Nakobu often feels compelled to help that person in whatever way he can â€" regardless of whether they have actually asked for help or not.
Nakobu tends to get over-emotional at many things, his worries often appearing to him as a much bigger deal than they actually often are in reality.

Spoiler: show

Nakobu was born to two orcs from the Bleeding Hollow, where they lived manning one of the clan's smaller outposts in the Tanaan Jungle. During the 'good years' of Draenor, this outpost was razed by Legion remnants, Nakobu only surviving by chance when a group of draenei vindicators came to investigate the demonic presence.

Nakobu was severely weakened from the exposure to the fel-energies of the demons' razing when the vindicators came across him. To send such a weak infant back to an orcish clan would have surely resulted in his demise â€" so the vindicators took the child back to Shattrath. With the child so highly exposed to the fel, particular treatment was needed.

Vedaan, a former anchorite of the Aldor was called upon by one of the vindicators, the priest purifying the weakness sickening Nakobu. Though it was indeed purified, a close eye still needed to be kept... so the vindicators were instructed to take the young boy to Shattrath's orphanage. It was there he was left, the carers given no information on the boy other than a name. 'Nakobu'.

As he grew a bit older, Nakobu was eventually adopted by that same Vedaan whom cured him, Vedaan now worked as a trader in his retirement, moving goods and offering services to the many different races of Draenor. Nakobu came to refer to Vedaan as his grandfather, the draenei taking the boy along the length and breadth of Draenor as he worked.

During their numerous travels, Vedaan taught Nakobu what he knew of the Light and his personal values associated with it. The young orc picked up using the Light at quite the pace, being able to learn the various techniques shown to him and memorise holy texts with relative ease.

Things carried on in this manner all through the 'good years', until the eventual rise of the Lightbound in draenei society. The 'Light Mother' made her demands of a world united in following the Light, and the draenei leaders convinced the vast majority of the population to follow in her vision.

Vedaan, however, did not agree with such a vision. To him, it stood against all the values he held, all the values that he passed onto Nakobu over the years. He spoke out, using his weight as a former Aldori to attempt to persuade those he could from their current path. As a result, Vedaan was dragged out to the centre of Shattrath by the vindicators to be made an example of.

Nakobu could only watch as the vindicators called for his grandfather to revoke his previous statements â€" or face the consequences. And face the consequences he did, for his demise did Vedaan meet upon the vindicator's hammer. Upon seeing this act â€" and the acts of the Lightbound subsequently, Nakobu's faith in the Light was shaken, resulting in him only being able to call on it in the slightest of ways.

After his grandfather's passing, Nakobu was forced into service as an artificer's apprentice for the Lightbound, due to him taking the art as hobby previously. He was put to work developing and maintaining a number of different devices and equipment. It was during this time that he was quietly approached by a group who's aim was to aid draenei and mag'har whom wished to escape the reach of the Lightbound.

This group had men and women in the majority of the different sectors of the Lightbound war effort, from the vindicators to the anchorites, from the artificers to the administrators. And so he spent the entirety of the war working alongside this group in secret, fighting on the front-lines to reduce the number of lives taken via artificer artillery and to attempt to convince those he could to lay down their arms so that they may survive and escape at a later date.

This continued until the march upon Beastwatch, one of the last bastions of the Mag'har. Before the battle began, Nakobu sent a number of the artillery he had helped built into a haywire state â€" using it as a distraction to run north to the mag'har base. He ran, all with almost assuredly futile the goal of convincing those he could to lay down their arms when the Lightbound army came. However, as he neared the base... everything flashed white. As his vision cleared, an orange land surrounded him. A different sky above his head. He might not have known it, but he was in Azeroth. And there he would have to stay.

Things you may know about this character:
- He seeks to learn what it means to be an orc and the various orcish ways of doing things. He hopes being a part of the Red Blade clan will allow him to eventually come to understand his heritage.
- He is a devout follower of the Light.
- He has the understanding to work as a draenic artificer â€" though his lack of proper tools causes his projects to take a exceptionally long time to complete.
- He gets overly worried about even minor things very easily.

Things you may not know about this character:
Spoiler: show

- He casually practiced Jed'hin in his youth, the sport being one of the reasons he enjoys keeping himself in good physical health.
- Unbeknownst to Nakobu, being in an area saturated with excessive fel energy (or being directly affected by the magic) makes him physically unwell due to previous high exposure.


Additional art:
Spoiler: show

Nakobu by Rhonazha:

Nakobu, Meri and Bwonsamdi by Link:

Nakobu and Meri by Veritasket:

Nakobu by Trinkety:

Pin-Up Style Nakobu by Gufy:


Well written, well structured, easy and fun to read. Neat!


The profile has been updated with information and artwork! \o/