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Author Topic: Ordok Axebite  (Read 1491 times)

Ordok Axebite

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Ordok Axebite
« on: August 27, 2020, 07:26:50 PM »

Name: Ordok Axebite
Alias: "Steelgrip"
Rank: New Blood

Age: 57
Gender: Male
Race: Orc (MU Mag'har)
Clan: Whiteclaw
Class: Warrior
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Family: Gollash (father)†, Ha'gra (mate)†, Hal'ok (Son)
Known Friends: Far and few inbetween, none truly yet in the clan.
Known Enemies: None the clan knows of.

Brown-skinned, greying beard with white streaks and weathered by sun and combat: Ordok stands tall and broad as any an Orcish warrior would. With sea-blue eyes set somewhat deeply in their sockets, the gaze of this soldier of the Horde is one of iron. It is obvious that he excersizes much, though long years of strife have had their toll. The skin hangs slightly around his face and neck as age starts to creep up more and more every year.

His voice is one rumbling with pent-up agression, yet laced with the wisdom of years. The closest one might compare it with would be Ga'nar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8XSOKC4iQg.

Unlike years past, Ordok has come to a point in his life where he can no longer permit anger and bloodlust to take over his train of thought. The linear approach of steel to flesh has failed him in the past, to the ruin of many. And so he now strikes as a calm and collected Orc, one who is deeply concerned with the traditions and ancestry of his people, while also retaining a pack-mentality which he is hard pressed to let go of when any other option is available. As calm as he can be out of combat, so vicious is he upon the field of battle. Easy to anger when injustices are dispensed upon those he cares for, he makes for an orc of two sides.

Spoiler: show
Long forgotten may the Whiteclaw Clan be, snowed under by betrayal and hatred of a fel-crazed Horde. But some of its wayward members yet linger in recent times, and so does Ordok. Born to fierce yet loving parents in the mountains of Frostfire, Ordok learned to survive in an inhospitable environment from a young age. At the age of fourteen he underwent his Om’riggor, one of the last held by the Clan. Due to the ever growing tension within the Clans, which had at this time was forming into the first Horde, this Om’riggor took place in the Wild pinelands of Frostfire Ridge, where the youth was instructed to track down a Rylak and slay the beast. What transpired however, was very much different.
Ordok followed the tracks of the great beasts, though they were flying hunters their litter of food and drool were visible on rock, tree and ground. The track started to include blood after Ordok came by a slain Thunderlord hunter, her quiver missing several arrows. After hours of travel, the young orc finally came to a clearing to find the Rylak: Dead, and actively being devoured by a Garn. She was on the smaller side, though her midnight fur was as fearsome a contrast as the bladespire holds were to the snowy peaks. Feeling threatened, the Garn  went to attack. In the process of the fight, Ordok’s one weapon, his hunting spear, was broken by a single snap of the beast. Only through sheer luck and strength of hands, Ordok was able to fight off the Garn, eventually strangling it from the back of the hulking beast. This feat earned him the name “Steelgrip”, and to this day his weapons each sport one or more teeth from the Garn he killed that day.
It proved to be a defining moment in his life, for Ordok went on to become a fierce and unyielding warrior of the Horde. Even when the red pox had him bound to Garadar for a time after, his free-minded self and unbending will had him sneak out of the encampments to seek out the place where the Horde was rumoured to be Gathering: A place in Tanaan Jungle that would be the beginning of the end of the world. Having blended in with the Frostwolves while his own Clan was mysteriously absent, Ordok managed to refrain from drinking the foul looking liquid Gul’dan offered, while still taking part in glorious battle. Glorious battle which left him so scarred of mind and body, that his return to Garadar was ensured in earnest.
The years went by, the world was dying. Watching from afar, Ordok Steelgrip saw the Horde he had looked up to for a time descend into madness, twisting into the Fel-Horde. It was when the world was truly lost and the call for reinforcements to take the northern lands of this new world called “Azeroth” was given, he finally raced to meet his destiny.
From that moment on, Ordok gave himself to the Horde’s cause. With the Warlocks suppressed by Warchief Doomhammer’s decree, the corrupting saturation of their magics left the Mag’har nearly untouched. Though even to this day his chin has faded slightly to a very faint green, none can see below the beard.

Much more is to be told of Ordok, for example the story of how his Garn-choking name of honor was forever changed to "Axebite" in an alternate Tanaan Jungle, or how he met his mate and had a child, how he eventually lost them both. But some stories are better told by a campfire, some stories are better not told at all.

Things you may know about this character:
• He knows the Human language, both the Northern dialect and Stormwind Common.
• His weapon of choice is a two-handed axe, which he crafted and maintains himself.
• He lost his Mate in Dragonblight during the Horde offensive of Northrend.
• He has a soft spot for children and beasts, they seem to calm him.

Things you may not know about this character:
Spoiler: show
• The Ellekk plushie he carries by his side at all times was one he gathered from the corpse of a Draenei child in Shattrath, and is the reason he refuses to carry a weapon openly in the city.
• He has some spots of fel-taint from earlier years: On his chin, his left foot and inside of his left wrist.
• Ordok was once sentenced to five years forced grunt duty for outright killing a Warlock in the valley of Strength without provocation

Memorable Quotes:
“This axe BITES!”
“Sounds like Warlock -mischief- to me.”

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Nothing yet ;_;

"Remember your past, no matter how dark it was. Only then you can fight for a brighter future."

"Lok'tar Ogar!"