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Author Topic: The Cunning Wolf  (Read 1605 times)


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The Cunning Wolf
« on: February 22, 2019, 05:38:36 PM »

The Cunning Wolf

Razaron had just finished talking with the Chieftain as he walked back to the Razor Hill inn. He was over the moon at the news he had just heard, Madeye had proved his worth to Kozgugore and would now go down the path of a Varog’Gor and to him this was destiny. Back during his Om’riggor with clan Red Blade he performed a Bleeding Hollow vision quest that fulfilled a promise he gave to his father when he was all but a cub. The vision revealed how he would die but also presented glimpses of other choices he made in his life and this encounter with Feraleye was one of them. The vision comes as a dream so it’s difficult to work out exactly everything at the time but once it plays out in the future the satisfaction is like figuring out one of the most arduous riddles. Madeye spent the rest of the night formulating a plan on the task Kozgugore had given him, he had to find a wolf that spoke to him without speaking and kill it with his bare hands. Razaron scratched his scraggy black beard in thought trying to understand what the Chieftain had meant, he drunk down the last of his wine and decided perhaps sleep would help clear his mind. 

He awoke the next morning still confused but never the less he collected his belongings and prepared for a great hunt. The barrens was his destination, Kava his trusted wolf carried him from Razor Hill to the Durotar bridge, he slid off her saddle and ordered her to go back to Razor Hill, he would now have to do the rest by himself. Day turned to night and Madeye had found a few wolf packs but none of them spoke to him like Kozgugore had said and he started to think it was a fools errand trying to become a Varog’Gor. Was he really worthy of becoming the eyes and ears of the Chieftain? Feraleye deemed it himself so Razaron carried on throughout the night. During the night with a full moon over Razaron’s head a lightbulb went off in his brain as he said out loud, “I’ve been doing this all wrong, to hunt this wolf I need to become the wolf.” With that Razaron made a small camp fire and removed all his armor, clothes and weapons. He got down on all fours and sniffed the ground, perhaps Kavara had a sense of humour or maybe Madeye was right? Razaron started to feel faint and then he collapsed on the floor, when he finally awoke he was shocked to find he was a wolf in spiritual form. He heard faint sound of howling disappearing around him, he knew who it was. It was Kavara and he thanked her for her assistance in this special hunt. 

Madeye sniffed the floor with his new nose, his sense of smell was far greater now and he had quickly picked up a scent. Before even thinking Razaron shot off in a direction and was moving at extraordinary speed, the hunt was on! Razaron was flying through the long grass of the Barrens, jumping at extreme lengths over long rifts in the ground and part of him wanted to stay in this form forever. He knew he couldn’t, Razaron was a orc of dedication and he had set himself on a goal of protecting those he loved and that was the clan and the Chieftain. His hunt suddenly came to a halt much sooner then he had thought, in the distance not too far away was his prey. He sighed looking at the creature, it was blind in one eye and wounded. Three spears had penetrated the wolf’s flesh but somehow it had survived and it was in enormous pain. Razaron crept closer and saw the scars of previous battles were all to clear, the wolf had been living with the world on it’s shoulders as it frantically tried to carry on. Razaron knew what he had to do, he had to put this creature out of it’s misery.

Razaron stalked the creature using the long sunburned grass to hide his light brown fur and as he got up closer he noticed the wolf was limping, this wasn’t going to be hard at all. He whisper to the spirits to return him to his orc existence and they obliged, Madeye spread his arms out and was about to leap at the wolf when the wolf attacked first! It was playing possum and the wolf must have sensed Razaron was close and baited him out. Before he knew what happened he was on his back with the wolf desperately trying to gnaw at his face! The only thing stopping Madeye falling victim to the wolf was his big green hands that were pushing it’s head backwards. “You think I’m weak do you orc? You fell for my trap! Now I shall eat again tonight!” ringed in Razaron’s head, somehow this wolf was speaking to him without speaking and Razaron found little comfort in discovering he had found his prey. Soon he wouldn’t have the energy to hold the wolf at bay and he would have to do something. Madeye started to spin his legs clockwise and with it the wolf too was starting to spin, moments later he was vertical and the wolf had been frown backwards from the force. Only Razaron Madeye could pull a dancing spinaroonie to save his hide from the depths of defeat! The wolf gave an expression of a grin, “You’ve got moves orc but try this!” The wolf charged at Madeye and before reaching him he slid along the cracked dusty earth, Razaron stepped side on to the wolf and rolled over the charging beast narrowly missing the snapping jaws. “You’ve never met a orc with moves like mine. Time to to finish this!” Razaron quipped back. The wolf enraged at Madeye’e defiance howled in the moonlight and savagely charged again but this time Madeye had a plan!

He waited till precisely the last second and quickly fell to the floor, the wolf hit the ground head first and before he could recover Madeye had rolled backwards and had it in a headlock. “Rest now wolf!” Razaron made it quick and broke the neck of the cunning wolf. It was over, Razaron rested against the fur of the beast catching his breath, he had passed his first test. “Now to carry this back to Durotar!” The Varog’Gor in training laughed under the full moon. 

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