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Started by Azolg, December 19, 2017, 05:25:07 PM

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(Art done by ElizaLiv!https://elizaliv.deviantart.com/)

Name: Azolg Firebrand
Alias: "Pyremaster."
Rank: Gosh'kar

Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Clan: Bleeding Hollow (Not known to him, has been Mag'har since a small child.)
Class: Fire Shaman
Alignment: Neutral good.

Father: Drakkuth
Mother: Keira
Siblings: Not known

Known Friends: Rhonya Steelheart, Nosh'marak Ironclaw.
Known Enemies: None specific.

Azolg's appearance is certainly striking, to say the least. A set of red and muddy brown robes garner is form with a large rolled up what looks like a tied up rug on his shoulder. Scrolls are attatched to his robes and a medium sized tome hangs from his belt by a chain; black leather bound with the red blade insignia inscribed into it in red. His once brown skin is now tarred green, having decided to forsake his purity to fight the Legion; such an act shading his skin that shameful green all Orcs hold. Grey, deep-set eyes in a rounded shape belay years of constant critical thought, what with the endless crows feet and wrinkles that have set in at such an early age. The dark red hair hands behind his head, creeping around to the beard that shares the same color. Both are clearly well groomed in their appearance; tied off neatly and with purpose. The brilliant red hairs however, have started to fleck grey with age it seems.

His frame is somewhat intimidating. Despite being an Orc of the spirits he certainly isn't a weak-looking Orc. His muscles are toned, solid and quite strong; evident that he works out and keeps himself in shape. While no hulking warrior type - If push came to shove he could handle himself in combat. The garb he tends to wear is dark in color, either reds or blacks, and usually made from cloth. He keeps a blade near his belt seemingly for ritualistic purposes. And finally to finish off his visage - The Pyremasters Staff; Rahk'lokar.

Such a staff is grisly, but quite the artifact he holds. It is clearly aged, yet made of such a fine wood that it has only got stronger with age. The centre-piece of the staff is a Rylak skull - Clearly from back when Rylaks existed in Draenor. There are three male Orc skulls that hang from the horns of the Rylak; all with their own inscriptions etched onto them.

The first thing one could say about Azolg, is he is certainly a reserved Orc. Fond of critical thinking and absolutely dedicated to the Spirit of Fire, he's an Orc that thrives on solving issues and giving advice. Certainly he is kind, and has a great deal of empathy to his fellow Orc. Partly due to his nature, but partly due to his training also; being a Pyremaster is a path that requires patience, reason and a gentle spirit. Such roles usually aren't chased by Orcs whom seek glory nor recognition in battle. As such with Azolg, he much prefers the solace and muse of his rituals, spending quiet time thinking about the deceased and enjoying the company of fire.

Such a path however doesn't offer him his own inadequacies. He is prone to periods of preferred seclusion; occasionally finding the noise of Clan life too much. Such is the way with Pyremasters however - That they prefer the company of the dead from time to time. But even when seeking refuge from the vibration of life, he will still find time for his Clan-orcs in need.

Spoiler: Things you may know about this character: • show

- Has been a Pyremaster for the majority of his life, learning from his father back in Garadar.
- Held the funeral for the following Orcs: Sadok Sharptongue, Grogona Marshfang, Kargush.
- Cleansed the Scepter of the Shaman-King, Mruthgor, with Rhonya to free Sadoks spirit; and others trapped inside.
- Through the aforementioned cleansing process, discovered the first Varog'gor; Drag'nash the Devourer, trapped inside the Scepter.

Spoiler: Things you may not know about this character: • show

- Has a large brand on his chest - Depicting a fire rune.
- He collects some of the ashes from Orcs he burns in the Clan. So far he has the following; Sadok, Grogona and Kargush.
- Used to be brown-skinned before he fought on the Broken Isles. The eventual exposure to Fel caused his skin to turn green. It's the reason his eyes are still Grey.


Spoiler: Early History: Life Before The Clan • show

Birth: The Flames of Destiny.

Azolg's story really does begin at his birth, and what a birth it was. A horrific scene befell his mother as she went into labor and by the clumsy hand of the attending young Shaman, the hut went up in flames. As the flames spread hard and fast it became evident and obvious that they weren't going to make it out alive. Heat licked at his mothers skin, and in her desperation and fear she called out to the only thing she could think might help - The Spirit of Fire. Begging, screeching at the to of her voice she pleaded that while he own life couldn't be saved, if only her child could be spared such a death before it even had a chance to breathe the air.

And fire heard. And it responded.

When the flames died down, and the hut was a smoldering ruin the Mag'har managed to get closer inside, find out just what was left. Azolg's father Drakkuth cleared the half-burned wood to find the embers of his mates bones, and in it a screaming cub completely unharmed. A brand etched across his chest, seared into his flesh, depicting the sign of Fire.

And it was on this day that Fire claimed Azolg. It had heard his mothers cries, and decided that if it was going to keep Azolg alive, then he'd serve it for the rest of his life.

Youth: Life as a Mag'har.

Azolg's life was quite uneventful as he grew up living with the Mag'har. He kept a close relationship with his father, mainly to help with Drakkuth's own grief at the terrible accident. They became close, far closer than most father and son relationships, and Azolg would soon desire to follow in his fathers footsteps as a Pyremaster himself. Growing into his maturing years, he was around when Thrall came to visit Garrosh in Garadar. Seeing Green Orcs for the first time, and this supposed 'New Horde' intrigued him to no end; but there would be no time for him to leave until he was a fully fledged Pyremaster.

With Garrosh's departure to join the New Horde, time passed on and soon he had finished his studies, and even surpassed his father in his Pyremastery. His connection to Fire gave him an advantage that hadn't been seen in an age; such a boon was perfect for a Pyremaster. And as time went on he replaced his father, whom retired from most of his duties as age caught up with him.

The Rebellion: To Oppose A Tyrant.

When word reached the Mag'har that Garrosh had lost his mind to power, Azolg decided that he could stand by no longer. He had a power that could be used to fight, and Garrosh had come from the Mag'har. With his fathers blessing, he joined the Rebellion and helped overthrow the reign of Garrosh. After spending a little time in Orgrimmar, exploring the New Horde and the diversity it bought found the Red Blade Tribe. Deciding that he'd like to see just how different Tribe life is he joined up as a New Blood.

Back during this time, he kept his face covered by a skull mask, and stayed on the fringes of the Clan. Never interacting too much to get attached and more of an observer than anything else. He never took the Oath, but he held two pyres during this time - Sadok Sharptongue and Grogona Marshfang. The Tribe had come to trust him despite his distance and caginess; and to hold pyres for Orcs of such high standing was an honor he could not turn down.

It was during this time, and the Legion invasion that his father fell deathly ill. Abandoning all pretense, he returned home to be by his fathers side for Drakkuth's final days. The pyre he held when his father passed was perhaps the hardest one yet.

Spoiler: Current History: Joining The Clan For Good • show

Legion Invasion: Returning To The Fold.

After his fathers death and with the Legion invading the Broken Isles, Azolg decided that he could no longer stand by idle. Too long the Mag'har had stayed hidden in Garadar, and he wasn't going to do nothing. He remembered the friends he'd made during his short time with the Tribe fondly, and decided that through fire and flame he'd stand by them against the Legion. Though when he searched for the Tribe, he could not find them at all as it was during the time of dispersal the Tribe faced.

Instead, Azolg threw himself fully into the Horde efforts against the Legion. He fought in several battles across the Broken Isles and after exposure to such a Fel rich enviroment, eventually his skin turned green. It had been a great personal choice whether to do it or not - But in the end his purity was not worth it, it was better to fight to protect a world he called a second home that hide away and remain pure.

The Clan Calls: Returning To The Fold.

It was some months later that he received the mysterious summons