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Author Topic: The Book of the Dead: Red Blade  (Read 315 times)


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The Book of the Dead: Red Blade
« on: October 22, 2019, 09:43:44 PM »

The Book of the Dead: Red Blade.

The names inscribed in this book are gone, but will never be forgotten. May their spirits soar in the Eternal Plains.

Mal'garr Firefist, Gosh'kar of the Red Blade Clan: Sacrificed himself to protect the Clan in the battle of Lordaeron, by inhaling blight fumes and erupting them with felfire. Succumbed to his wounds during the escape.

Kargush, New Blood of the Red Blade Clan: Died when the Clan was attacked in the Barrens by would be assassins. Killed in the line of duty, with -honor-, fighting for a Clan he wasn’t even part of yet.

Grogona Marshfang, Rrosh’tul of the Red Blade Clan: Died sometime before the Legion Invasion - Circumstances unknown.

Sadok Sharptongue, Thur’ruk of the Red Blade Clan: Died during the Legion Invasion. Crushed by a collapsing building. Spirit finally released during the cleansing of the Shaman-kings scepter in a joint effort ritual by Rhonya Steelheart and Azolg Firebrand.

Krogon Devilstep, Nag'ogar and Champion of the Red Blade Clan: Killed on the Alternative Draenor, having defeated Akesh the Poisoner's champion. Shot by a poisoned arrow. Killed by the Chieftain as a mercy, rather than a slow death by poison.

Makaroth Bloodaxe, Gul'thauk of the Red Blade Clan until Exile: Was killed by the Clan after drinking demon blood and commiting himself fully to the Burning Legion, then murdering a clansorc by the name of Keishara Wildeye, an alternative universe version (Similar to alternative Draenor).

Orok Felbane, Oathbound of the Red Blade Clan: Killed by unknown former Orc of the Clan. Circumstances hazy.

Mar'nosh Ragescar, New Blood of the Red Blade Clan: Died during the fight against Akesh the Poisoner in the Alternative Draenor. Remembered with honor.
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