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Author Topic: A Leaked Contract - Minor RP-PvP Event  (Read 3504 times)


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A Leaked Contract - Minor RP-PvP Event
« on: November 02, 2015, 05:24:11 PM »
The contract of an Alliance mercenary company, The Brave Routiers, has been leaked by an anonymous person. The orcs of the Red Blade, if they will happen to be around the Swamp this Saturday might find its contents of interest, perhaps intervening in the rescue of the mentioned prisoners of war.

Assigned to The Brave Routiers (hereafter designated as Unit).


1 Mission: the Unit is to retrieve PRISONERS OF WAR (hereafter designated as POW1 and POW2) under the conventions and usages of military doctrine that apply to rescue missions.

1.b: POW1 is identified as a MALE, 42 Y, and POW2 as a FEMALE, 24 Y.

2 Forces: the Unit agrees to provide combat support and fall under the command of Joanna Blueheart, Commander of Marshtide Watch (hereafter designated as MW). Employer and the Commander reserves the right to terminate the agreement at any time.

3 Location: POW1 and POW2 are located in a Horde outpost. For purposes of discretion, the cords will be provided in MW. Following buildings are identified as POSSIBLE locations in which POW1 and POW2 are held:

3.b: leather hut, next to wyverns' stand

3.c: tower fortress

3.d: trenches outside the walls

4 Supply: in MW, the Unit will be provided with equipment to be used in the infiltration of the outpost, as well as logistical support.

4.b: the Unit reserves salvage rights.

5 Remuneration: the Employer agrees to pay 20 silver coins per head, and an additional 100 silver coins per POW rescued upon completion. Remuneration will NOT be given in MW.

DATE: 7th of November


Signed by,

Major Carl Menjou, Stormwind Army Officer and Foreign Outposts Liaison

(The event is of a smaller nature and the battles if they happen should focus on entertainment rather than full-blown combat, though there are no gear restrictions or similar. I hope we'll see an orc or two defending. Regards, Wython of the Brave Routiers)