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A Greeting and Invitation!

Started by Teabelly, September 18, 2015, 02:28:31 PM

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Greetings Orcs of the Red Blade!

I'm assuming most of you know me, but probably not. I am Baji Teabelly, former guild leader of Path of Dawnchaser and Falling Leaf on Defias Brotherhood. It's been a while, though I have kept in contact with some of you. It hasn't been that long, has it? Nah.

After a few months on Defias Brotherhood without the Orcs, Defias has struggled in certain areas. Silvermoon lives on, as wine-drinking hub full of soap opera delights, the Forsaken have their moments and Troll/Orc roleplay goes on, though not to the standard it once was. Since WoD, those roleplaying Tauren and Pandaren have declined (the ones I play with, mostly due to boredom with the game) and since I main a Pandaren and a Tauren, I found myself a little bit lost, distraught and frustrated by the lack of people when trying to keep my guild(s) active.

It happens. I had a great time in those guilds and a great time on DB, and with ORB, and others, and I'm very grateful to the people I met and the experiences I had with them, many of which were ORB alts. Defias has been reasonably active (depending on your expectations), at least Horde side, but the general decline of both Alliance (especially Alliance) and Horde side on the server has lead me to choose to move to Argent Dawn, and I am quite positive about it!

I'm trying to figure out where I belong and what characters I should have here. I'm excited.

I have no idea what most of you think of me, though Koz and Sadok don't seem to have any animosity towards me, which I am happy for, but I feel like I should publicly apologise for being an asshole when ORB left. At least, I felt like I was an asshole. I felt although you guys were giving up on our community and our server and it's only just dawned on me recently why exactly you have all left. I guess we all live in different bubbles and mine just recently popped and I realised "Oh... This isn't working" and decided to move as well.

Although there were/are some "toxic" (I enjoy that expression) people on Defias Brotherhood, I hope I wasn't one of them. I have frequently pestered Siyahgosh about how you all are doing and still speak to a couple of you privately. I've talked to Koz and Sadok about all this and apologised.

I hope to see you guys around on Argent Dawn and roleplay with you all.

But anyway... Apart from saying hello, I wanted to extend an invitation to you all. Since you have your roots in a PvP server, I thought who better to ask? I have come to organise a regular (1-2 times a week) RBG group with a mixed bunch of people from both Argent Dawn and Defias Brotherhood (et al) and would like to extend the invitation to Orcs of the Red Blade.

Rargnasha arranged a fairly serious RBG group during MoP, and I have no idea how many of you were involved in that. He was a good leader (I was there a few times), but that level of "seriousness" is not our style and I felt quite intimidated at times when I joined in. Though I know he was after a title and was pretty hardcore about it, haha. So, if you were involved in that, we're a lot more laid back. Although I admit I had fun and was inspired by his efforts to do this again.

We're after gear, achievements and most importantly FUN! We are quite casual and very friendly. Everyone is entitled to a say. We lose half the time but we actually don't mind because we're genuinely having fun with each other in a more organised PvP environment (as opposed to the mess that is random battlegrounds).

Our group is for roleplayers and roleplaying guilds. We only invite randoms as a last resort.

I hope you guys would consider joining. Siyahgosh has been to a few, and can confirm we're pretty bad GREAT!

For more info, please click here. Whisper me ingame (Teabelly) or add me to btag: Geordie#2777

Can also post here, and I'll pop in to check and say hello :)


Welcome to greener pastures, Baji! Hope you find your footing soon enough.

Feel free to attend the Kosh'harg Festival, and to let any interested people from the Dawnchasers and Falling Leaf know that we can CRZ invite with the greatest of ease!