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Rashka Facebreaker

Started by Rashka, May 30, 2015, 08:51:48 PM

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Rashka Facebreaker

Alias: Rashk
Rank: Nag'ogar

Age: 41 - After DF timeskip
Gender: Female
Race: Orc
Clan: Warsong
Class: -
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Family: Groshnok Gorewrath(Ex-Mate), Korgara(Cub), Grodok Earthbinder(Blood Brother), Kargnar Bloodpaw (Blood Brother), Deceased mother(Agrona), Deceased father(Gronargsh), & a sister (Mazhga).
Known Friends: Clan Redblade & other individuals.
Known Enemies: Any enemies of the Clan

Body Details:
A muscular, strong looking, agile, she-orc stands before you. She does not lack shapes, yet there is more muscle than bodyfat to be seen. Her tusks appear larger than what is normal for a she-orc, and she will often show this off with a scowl or grin, depended on her mood. Her tusk carries what would appear to be engravings; Tribal ones, and even a few spiritual, oddly enough. She does however not seem like the spiritual type, and will often be carrying around either a large axe, or two one-handed weapons, a katana, and an axe, made for splitting skulls with ease.
Upon her head sits a grey and ragged dire-wolf, wolf mask; It's details precise and retained, and its fangs large and yet sharp. It leaves her face mostly in a shadow, and gives her a rather ferocious appearance.
Her right shoulder carries a tribal tattoo of a howling wolf; The mark of the Red Blade Tribe upon its shoulder.

Scar Details:
Rather thick scar going from the left side of her forhead down over her nose ending on her right cheek.
Both her arms is very scarred, and they appear as if they almost were stripped completely from skin. Most of the scars looks ragged and are either claw marks or blade marks.
Her back has three long vertical scars, whom appear to be claw made. Atop is a newer scar; Starting from her right shoulder-blade, and ending down before her waist-line.
Both her fists have several scars, small and big of size.
Her right eye has gone blind, instead of it's usual blue colour it have become a milky-white. A smaller scar goes over her right eye, indicating it might of been a battle-scar. Her face has several small scars, and she generally looks quite battered.

Other Details:
Around her neck is a thin leather cord, adorned with tiger teeth and a very well carved tiger made out of bone in the middle. A tuft a tiger fur is hanging beside it.
Her wrist carries a talisman woven out of string, carrying feathery decorations, looking somewhat like a dreamcatcher.
By her boot is a sheated dagger tied to her leg. It is made out of strong silver steel, and engraved in the middle on both sides with the word "Facebreaker".
Her belt has a pitch black Tauren braid hanging from it, being attratched with a piece of string. - A sign of brotherhood.

Rashka is know to be rough on the outside. But what most people doesn't know, - or realize, is that she infact is very caring and loving. She is  mostly grumpy, and easilly annoyed, though if you get on her good side, she will genuiely care for you, and do whatever she can do cheer you up and keep you happy.
With enough ale inboards she can be pretty funny to be around, and is likely friendlier than usual. She can however also become more big-mouthed than usual.

Rashka was born during the second war, together with a later coming sister in a very small, hidden, village of The Warsong. The two of them, only a few years appart was often seen together, though Rashka often found her sister annoying and clingy, she'd not let her go anwhere alone, frightened to lose her.
Her sister, Mazhga, the complete opposite of Rashka, however loved her sister, and where Rashka was fierce and bold, Mazhga was often frightened and worried about everything.
Growing up during war, both of them was used to run off to their hideouts, often in the treetops, or a nearby cave they had made their own, where they'd hear the sound of clinging steel, voices of war, and cries of death and despair. Up there Rashka'd often force Mazhga to spar with her, aspiring to be like her Father, a strong Warrior in combat. It almost always ended up with Mazhga being badly bruised, and crying due to her older sister being way too rough.

As Rashka turned 15, she was gifted with her father's battle axe by her mother, her father had perished in the battle many years ago, and though he was gone she thought that at least his strong-willed spirit of war could live on in their strongets daughter, and that it did.
Rashka's mother, a battle-shaman often seen in wolf furs and light chainmail, would soon perish as well. She and Mazhga had gone out to pick mushrooms, herbs and the likes for the nights soup, but neither of them ever returned. Rashka scouted for them for days, only to one day discover the remains of fur from her mother's wolfcape, and no sign of her Sister.  Many days went by, each day she'd spend from dawn to twillight looking for them, but with no results. Eventually she stopped looking, though she didn't lose hope for them to be alive still, somewhere.

Many years went by, and as days went past, Rashka would learn everything she didn't know already, all alone, by herself. Learning from failures, and succes, both with hunting, but also different herbs and the likes. There was one time she got a rash all over due a herb, not a nice memory. But she'd of learnt from failures like that. She had to, since she'd of ran away from the village during a large fire, several years ago, presumeably started by the Humans, or other of her kinsmen raiding villages during their bloodlust. She'd only just of gotten away with the dearest of her belongings, and some momentos of her family. Amongst them were the Battle Axe that her mother'd of gifted her, and an earring. She'd of made home in a cave a few miles away, where her and Mazhga'd of used to stay when they were younger. She was keeping to herself and staying well hidden, with the use of branches and the likes to hide the cave's entrance.

During one of her hunts she encountered a wounded wolf. It was bleeding heavilly from a wound on its hind leg. The poor thing just laid there in the shade of a tree, licking it's wounds. As it saw her approaching it growled low, snapping out after her as she came closer. Tilting her head a bit at its snapping, she pulled out a lunch of meat from her satchel that she'd of saved from one of her earlier hunts. The wolf stopped snarling briefly, sniffing the air whom carried the scent of bloody meat. Throwing the lunch close enough for the wolf to take it, she snuck in closer to its wound whilst it was busy eating. With what little medic resources she had, she started fixing his wounds like her mother once'd of taught her. Cleaning the wound out with a bit of water from an old rugged water skin, that she had made by herself many years ago, together with her Sister. Whilst fixing his wound she did not peer at the Wolf even once, knowing it likely'd feel threatened by her. It's breath was upon her ear, and though she felt her heart beat raise somewhat, she did not falter. She showed no sign of fear, and as she made the last stitch to the Worgs wound, it licked her arm in approval. Grinning softly she bandaged the wound tightly. Once done, she sat down, having a sip from the remainder of the water within her water skin.
During that whole day and night she stayed by the Worgs side, and it was then they formed an unbreakable bond. His name would become known as Duskmaw, and where-ever she went, he did too, the two of them un-seperateable.

Years went by, and she'd of spent a few years more in the cave with Duskmaw, hunting and the likes, before deciding to leave; It was time for exploring, it was time for adventuring. Mounting Duskmaw she set off, and with what little coin she had left from her mother, she bought a ticket to Orgrimmar at a nearby fishing ship. There she met with a Goblin. He needed a person to guard him on his trip to Pandaria. She would take the job, but with no intentions of dying for the Goblin.

As they finally, after months upon the ocean, spotted the new continent closing in on their boat, it got sorrounded by a thick mist, ending up with the boat crashing upon a large rock. The Goblin did not make it out alive, but Rashka did. She had been able to grab her sack of belongings in one other hand, hopping off the boat before its impact with the big rock that had been sighted too late. The contents of the sack made it quite hard to swim, it was heavy and she only had one hand free. However, Duskmaw was there by her side still, having jumped off together with her. He helped her keep above the waters surface, and together they'd make it to the shore. Her and Duskmaw colapsed onto the sand, catching their breaths. Her ears caught onto something. Chirping and singing from birds she'd never of heard before, and as she opened her eyes she saw a flush green jungle. She however did not get much time to take in the sight, as some monkeys had started to gather near and around them, clearly curious about who or what they were. Duskmaw growled at them, scaring them off for now. Hopefully for good. She opened the sack with her belongings, putting on the plate amour that the Goblin'd of given her, or rather, rented her. Together with the battle axe of her fathers they moved off quickly. Rashka was not fond of plate. Not at all. It was too heavy, and you were not able to move in it properly at all. But it had to do, because suddenly they somehow had ended up in the midst of a clash between the Horde and the Alliance, that without a doubt was fighting to get resources in the newly discovered continent.
Her and Duskmaw'd work together in unision, as they always had, taking down quite a few of the Alliance men, before they got seperated. Her mind clouded for a second by the seperation she lost her guard, and got stabbed in the back by a Worgen Rogue whom'd of snuck up upon her. She'd never of been in a battle before, and as she laid there in the mud, the blood gushed from the wounds upon her back. Everything went by in a blurr of slowmotion, yells, and the sound of clinging steel filled the air, and her mind, and for a moment she was back in the treetops with her Sister Mazhga, sparring with her once more. She almost got stomped on a few times, before realizing that she infact was not in the treetops with her Sister, and that she should get out of there. Fast. She rolled over, with the last bit of her brute strength and energy, crawling away from the fight. She'd of made it a bit away, before passing out in the middle of a clearing, a hunting party of tigers soon approaching..

Some days went by before she woke up. But when she woke up she woke up in a small but sturdy little house. It seemed quite cozy actually. Her thoughts was suddenly interrupted by a voice.. but a kind of voice she'd of never heard before. "She's awake! She's awoken finally!" Rashka blinked, looking up into the fuzzy face of a female pandaren. She did not know what this creature was just yet, so she bared her tusks and growled. "W-.. Who be ye?!-.. Wh-.. Wha' be ye even?!" The female pandaren giggled lightly. "My name is Sujing. And I am a Pandaren. I live here. I found you surrounded by tigers, but fended them off and brought you here. I tended to your wounds, and saw to that you recovered." Rashka's eyes widened. This.. Thing. Pandaren.. Had saved her? Perhaps she shouldn't be so rough towards her then..Scratching her chin a bit Rashka offered a weak nod. "A'righ'-.. Err.. Well thank ye.." she muttered, grunting softly.

Days became weeks, and weeks became years. She spent all her time with the Pandaren Sujing, as well as the other Pandaren in her village. She eventually took up their form of fighting, and trained under Sujing herself. As the third year went by, she'd of been reunited with Duskmaw. Having survived the harsh jungle, he now was displaying quite the bit of scars. But he was alive, and well.
On her last day of training before leaving, she was gifted with a set of katanas by Sujing. She smiled at her, "It be a grea' 'onour.. Thank ye." "Oh don't worry about it.. You deserve them by now. And surely you'll need them more than me." Sujing said and smiled back.

Packing her old belongings, but also her newly aqcuired ones she saddled up Duskmaw once more, heading through one of the portals that the mages'd of established by now. Back to Orgrimmar, back to her own kin she nearly'd of forgotten about. There she'd join a Tribe. The Orcs of the Red Blade, hoping to find herself a new home just as she had in Pandaria.

Things you may know about this character:
Appears mostly grumpy and blunt.
Known by her great fighting skills and powress.
Can have a rather big mouth at times.
Hates robes.

Things you may not know about this character:
She's actually quite soft on the inside, -if- you get in there.
She would sacrifice herself to save any Clans Orc, should the need arise.
Isn't scared of death. - Is however scared of loss.
Can, infact, have fun.
Once broke the rules of Kosh'harg, and is still bothered by it to this day today.
She blames herself for way too many things, that in reality isn't always her fault.
Actually likes hugs.

Memorable Quotes:
"Be this shi' supposed ter 'urt so much?!" - Rashka during birthgiving.
"This'd be a damn bad way ter die.." - Rashka before passing out during Makaroth's cleansing.

Other Information:

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All pictures can be found here! https://imgur.com/a/h3Cc7QV
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar


Updated in time for the new soft reboot of the guild! :D
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar