Orcs of the Red Blade

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Return to Azeroth

After spending nearly half a year leading the Northern Rebellion against Garrosh Hellscream, the tribe began its long travel across sea to the Dark Portal, from where they would go to Garadar, to take their well earned rest.

Despite the tribe being at ease, word of enemies moving in the shadows have begun to spread, but other matters requires the tribe attention back on Azeroth.

The Alliance have taken large amounts of land from the Horde, as the result of a strategic failure of a forsaken politician during the exile of the Red Blades from the Horde.

Now, the journey will soon go back to Azeroth, where the Red Blades will once again be upon the front lines of the battlefields.

Victory in Ashenvale!

The Northern Rebellion have fought a bloody war against Garroshs forces, starting with no other strongholds than Zoram’gar Strand (which turned over to the Rebels peacefully). From there, through Strength, honour, cunning and wisdom, they’ve made a bloody march against Hellscreams forces.

In extension of Vol’jins pact with Varian Wrynn, a pact was made between the Northern Rebellion and the Alliance, a cease-fire between the two. The Rebellion would leave the Alliance settlements alone in return for supplies.

After conquering Hellscreams Watch, the Rebellion called down Garroshs’ Wrath upon them, and a large siege army was sent to dispatch of the Rebel scum. Rebel scouts managed to catch wind of the much larger Kor’kron force however, and retreated back to Zoram’gar to make their stand against the Kor’kron tide of destruction.

During the days leading up to the Siege of Zoram’gar, a meeting was arranged between a leader of an alliance military unit and General Bloodmark. On Bloodmarks behest, Rebellion shamans conjured up a thick dense fog covering the water of Zoram strand. At the third day of the bloody siege of Zoram’gar, General Bloodmark sallied the defenders out infront of the gate in what would have been suicide. Smelling the trap too late, the Kor’kron army didn’t manage to escape as the Stormbringer II and a horde ship opened fire upon their ranks, scattering the kor’kron siege army. As it ran to retreat, their path was blocked by a Keeper of the Grove with his army of treeants, holding them long enough for the Rebellion ground-troops to wipe out the rest of the Kor’kron survivors.

From there the Northern Rebellion have steadily advanced through Ashenvale, first re-taking Hellscreams watch, then invading and claiming Silverwind Refuge.

Along the way the Rebellion have learned that the Kor’kron plotted to take control of the Burning Legion in Ashenvale. This was done supposed to be done by summoning and enslaving two Dreadlords. However, the plan backfired when the Dreadlords turned Kor’kron warlocks against each other. As one Dreadlord was freed it turned the summoned host of demons upon their summoners.

From there the Dreadlords have plotted and planned, but were eventually confronted by the Rebellion. They managed to escape, one of them seeking refuge in Felwood while the other moved to Demonfall Canyon, where it succeeded in summoning a fearsome Pitlord.

As the Rebellion was staying in Silverwind Refuge, dealing with intern struggles, they were also preparing for a last, strong move to remove the Kor’kron influence from Ashenvale without them being prepared. In secret, Splintertree post had been contacted and convinced to join the Rebellion, something they agreed to should the alliance siege be lifted. After a meeting in Moonglade, between representatives of the alliance and General Bloodmark along with his advisors, the Alliance agreed to lifting the siege, furthermore, a Cenarion druid gave Bloodmark a peculiar offer for assistance against the Warsong Lumbercamp. Despite the intern struggle weakening the Rebellion, they pressed on regardless.

When next the Rebellion moved against the Kor’kron, they did so like a bloody hurricane. The Rebellion first marched on Splintertree Post, seemingly prepared for battle. However, as soon as they approached and General Bloodmarks horn sounded, elves and ancients turned and simply walked away from the siege, to melt into the darkness of Ashenvale forest. Wisps was also seen appearing, urgently surging towards the south-eastern corners of the forest, where an army of ancients slowly had been preparing themselves.

Upon the arrival of the wisps, the ancients launched their attack upon the Kor’kron, drawing their attack. Meanwhile, at Splintertree post, the Kor’kron took an oath to join the Rebellion and marched together with General Bloodmark and their fellow Rebels, as they charged Kargathia keep from the South

The battle was bloody and brutal, but towards its end, General Bloodmark was seen appearing upon the ramparts of Kargathia Keep, holding the head of the Kor’kron general high while shouting to the Rebellion forces. From there, the Kor’kron army began to falter and was quickly over-come by the Rebellion forces.

All Horde settlements in Ashenvale forest are now under Rebellion control. And while they have achieved victory in Ashenvale, Azshara still remains firmly in the Kor’krons grasp.. And upon the horizont, looms the battle for Orgrimmar itself.

'Being a male is a matter of birth. Being an orc is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice.'
- Kraag the Wolfking

Introducing: The Tuition to Orcish Gentlemanry
Civilized orcs, young and old alike, of the Horde: A dying breed. Between the oppression of Garrosh Hellscream's rule and the increasing animosity within the Horde's very own ranks, it becomes increasingly difficult to find civilization in this world of barbarians, brutes, simpletons and ingrates. We, the Splendiferous Gentlemen Society of the Orc, strive to combat this growing problem.

In the Red Blade tribe, we do not just care about honour: We care about honour in style. It is just as easy for the next simpleton to defeat an enemy worthy of his stature, but it is only a true orcish gentleman who truly knows how to approach and subject his enemy with noble fashion and style. It is exactly that which we offer you, aspiring gentlemen all around Azeroth: A course in living the refined life, in true gentleman-like fashion. After all, anyone can be heroic from time to time. But a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.

'The object of warfare is not just to win. It is to fight like a gentleman, and win.'
- Kozgugore Feraleye

Why such a tuition is vital, you ask? Most orcs of our era are taught that being a true orc is to not care about your appearance or what you look like - which is preposterous! Henceforth, the Red Blade's young orcs shall grow up going with their fathers to their tailors and barbers, and they will learn from a very young age that being a true orc is in fact caring about how you look. Not from a shallow point of view, but because it matters. Moreover, courses shall be given on how to treat our females in a true ladylike manner, as befitting of any orcish dame. After all, a gentleman is not just the epitome of civilized orcish culture: He is a poet, a dreamer, a dapper fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.

'All I want is a gentleman. I'm sick to bloody death of all these uneducated peons and bastards.'
- Akesha Redblade

Do you desire a chance to stand among the best and finely educated? Your chance presents itself! Whether an orc of the tribe or otherwise, we offer you the chance to join the revolution of the Splendiferous Gentlemen Society of the Orc, and be taught to be polite, intelligent, witty, talented, modest, well dressed, well groomed, and culturally aware. It is all this, and more, that we strive to educate our orcs. Tuition fees are negotiable depending on varying terms and, in the event you may be a tramp, we may offer alternative payments in the form of manual labour (not excluding peonhood).

Do not squander the opportunity and sign up now! The Splendiferous Gentlemen Society of the Orc presents the Splendiferous Gentlemen Society of the Orc's tutorship, a guide through life for those things that deliver excellence and bliss. A bliss, whether that is in great bloodshed, in a Durotar razorwind, in comfy slippers, in silk robes, or a great cigar. It is everywhere and it is here at the Tuition to Orcish Gentlemanry!

Tribe on the Run!
Imprisonment. Tension. Courage. Treason. Exile. Honor.

Imprisonment. Despised for his principles and maligned for his tribe’s autonomy - Kozgugore Feraleye would soon fall foul of the increasingly-brutal Kor’kron. After refusing an order to raze a neutral pandaren settlement to the ground, the Chieftain of the Red Blade tribe would be jailed beneath Orgrimmar, awaiting execution as an example to all who could not obey Hellscream’s ruthless iron rule.

Tension. Morgeth Feralheart would lead the tribe in his stead, becoming Matriarch of the Red Blades. As the tribe fell increasingly under the influence of the Kor’kron, it would be sent to round up alleged traitors, some likely as guilty of their crimes as the wronged Kozgugore. The Matriarch struggled to hold the pack together, exiling two orcs and losing a third to prison - all the while, she formed and perfected a most dangerous master-plan.

Courage. The hour of reckoning had come, as the splintering tribe united under their Matriarch for a foolhardy endeavor that promised certain death. Using a combination of cunning disguise, misdirection and subtlety, and contacts within the city with grudges against the Kor’kron, the tribe entered Orgrimmar and gained access to the prison-complex beneath the Hall of the Brave without spilling a drop of blood.

Treason. The tribe would split up as it explored the prison depths, incapacitated prison guards and beheld mutilated prisoners and grim rituals of both dark shamanism and fel flame. Those whose loyalties had wavered between tribe and Hellscream now hated the Kor’kron for their corruption, reckless embrace of dark magics and bloodthirsty sadism. As they recovered the Chieftain, they hastily fled the city on wolfback, Kor’kron agents in pursuit of the so-called ‘traitors’ of the Horde.

Exile. Fearing they would all be put to death as an example of thwarted insolence, the tribe sailed at once from Ratchet, aboard the Blackwater Raiders’ voyage to the pirate-favored inlet of Faldir’s Cove. From there, they sought out Hammerfall - isolated and starved of resources and munitions, the former internment camp was buckling under local problems and renewed Alliance aggression. The deal was simple - the tribe would aid the malnourished and embattled grunts with their problems, and they would provide them refuge as long as they were able.

Honor. The Kor’kron brook no opposition, and the tribe will be pursued and hunted as enemies of the Horde. Yet the orcs of the Red Blade do not see themselves as traitors, but as guardians of strength, honor, wisdom and the traditions long ago sacrificed by Hellscream’s Horde upon an altar of total war. The true Horde that the tribe still believe in may now be dead within Orgrimmar, but it lives within the beating-heart of any loyal, honorable Red Blade. The way ahead is full of danger and treachery, but they will not falter.

The Red Blade tribe will live to see a new Horde forged, or it will die for its beliefs - true orcs, to the very last. For the Blood of the Tribe!

- Written by Sadok Sharptongue
Story Competition


Contest open: Tuesday 1st January until Thursday 31st January;
Grand Prize: 10,000g (runner-up receives 5,000g);
Post entries in the Campfire Forum, marked [Contest] in the title.

"North of the Blade's Edge Mountains. West of the Fields of Farahlon. Treacherous sleet and numbing frost beneath a stirring blood-red sun. Land all but surrendered to the monstrous mountain giants, brutish ogres and fierce worgs of Magoth's pack. Land that no Warlord had claimed - land that no Warlord could claim. This desolate, wild land was set aside for the remnants of mighty Githya's battle-hardened warband - the frozen wasteland would have claimed them all within weeks had they not been made of sterner stuff.

These were simpler times - times when orcs rose from nothing to forge their legacy. Kraag, Son of Githya fought and tamed Magoth, earning the title of Wolfking - the alliance between Redblade and Worg would last generations. Following in the Line of the Wolfking would be honorable heroes such as Gruthgar the Ragged, an orc known for hewing enemies in half with his mighty greataxe; brother-warriors Hukraz and Skagluk the Giantkiller, battling rival Clans and gronn alike; and wise Grugna Longhand, the first Matriarch of the Clan.

Clan Redblade, though always small, gathered a reputation for their honor and ferocity. This reputation remained intact even after the Line of Wolfkings broke - the chaos ended by the Oracles handing the mantle of Chieftain to Mruthgor the Shaman-King, a powerful Spiritwalker bearing a fabled Scepter. Beneath the Greathall that Mruthgor constructed as a monument to his rule, dark rituals brought about the first of the feared Varog'Gor - more beast than orc.

When daemon came to tempt the orcs, Clan Redblade sought to stand alongside the Frostwolf. A traitorous usurer would seal the Clan's demise, however - Akesh the Poisoner murdered Chieftain Grenth Stonebrow and dissolved the Clan into the ever-expanding Horde.

The spirit of the Clan lives on in the Red Blade tribe, but many of the tales of old are still known - in the Annals maintained by the tribal Thur'ruk, and in the tales told around campfires even now. Tales of harsh lands, great orcs, mighty victories, crushing defeats and a small, embattled Clan that survived in defiance of its many enemies. Some of the tales have been lost in time and legend - others are yet to be told.

These are the Tales of Clan Redblade."

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