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The website has never looked better!
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I think Rashka.exe has stopped working.
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Such shouty people in here, gosh.
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Remember to shout your lungs out every once in a while!!
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Shouting here to make sure everyone knows that I'm still here!
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Wow I can't believe I remembered my password!
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Remember to check both ways before crossing the plains!
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I too am testing the shoutbox for non-nefarious reasons.
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This is me testing the shoutbox, because shouting is a great stress relief and it would be a shame if it doesn't work.
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Ice cream for all
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Happy Anniversary!!! It's party timeeee!
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Swedish Pagans?
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Victory in Ashenvale!

The Northern Rebellion have fought a bloody war against Garroshs forces, starting with no other strongholds than Zoram’gar Strand (which turned over to the Rebels peacefully). From there, through Strength, honour, cunning and wisdom, they’ve made a bloody march against Hellscreams forces.

In extension of Vol’jins pact with Varian Wrynn, a pact was made between the Northern Rebellion and the Alliance, a cease-fire between the two. The Rebellion would leave the Alliance settlements alone in return for supplies.

After conquering Hellscreams Watch, the Rebellion called down Garroshs’ Wrath upon them, and a large siege army was sent to dispatch of the Rebel scum. Rebel scouts managed to catch wind of the much larger Kor’kron force however, and retreated back to Zoram’gar to make their stand against the Kor’kron tide of destruction.

During the days leading up to the Siege of Zoram’gar, a meeting was arranged between a leader of an alliance military unit and General Bloodmark. On Bloodmarks behest, Rebellion shamans conjured up a thick dense fog covering the water of Zoram strand. At the third day of the bloody siege of Zoram’gar, General Bloodmark sallied the defenders out infront of the gate in what would have been suicide. Smelling the trap too late, the Kor’kron army didn’t manage to escape as the Stormbringer II and a horde ship opened fire upon their ranks, scattering the kor’kron siege army. As it ran to retreat, their path was blocked by a Keeper of the Grove with his army of treeants, holding them long enough for the Rebellion ground-troops to wipe out the rest of the Kor’kron survivors.

From there the Northern Rebellion have steadily advanced through Ashenvale, first re-taking Hellscreams watch, then invading and claiming Silverwind Refuge.

Along the way the Rebellion have learned that the Kor’kron plotted to take control of the Burning Legion in Ashenvale. This was done supposed to be done by summoning and enslaving two Dreadlords. However, the plan backfired when the Dreadlords turned Kor’kron warlocks against each other. As one Dreadlord was freed it turned the summoned host of demons upon their summoners.

From there the Dreadlords have plotted and planned, but were eventually confronted by the Rebellion. They managed to escape, one of them seeking refuge in Felwood while the other moved to Demonfall Canyon, where it succeeded in summoning a fearsome Pitlord.

As the Rebellion was staying in Silverwind Refuge, dealing with intern struggles, they were also preparing for a last, strong move to remove the Kor’kron influence from Ashenvale without them being prepared. In secret, Splintertree post had been contacted and convinced to join the Rebellion, something they agreed to should the alliance siege be lifted. After a meeting in Moonglade, between representatives of the alliance and General Bloodmark along with his advisors, the Alliance agreed to lifting the siege, furthermore, a Cenarion druid gave Bloodmark a peculiar offer for assistance against the Warsong Lumbercamp. Despite the intern struggle weakening the Rebellion, they pressed on regardless.

When next the Rebellion moved against the Kor’kron, they did so like a bloody hurricane. The Rebellion first marched on Splintertree Post, seemingly prepared for battle. However, as soon as they approached and General Bloodmarks horn sounded, elves and ancients turned and simply walked away from the siege, to melt into the darkness of Ashenvale forest. Wisps was also seen appearing, urgently surging towards the south-eastern corners of the forest, where an army of ancients slowly had been preparing themselves.

Upon the arrival of the wisps, the ancients launched their attack upon the Kor’kron, drawing their attack. Meanwhile, at Splintertree post, the Kor’kron took an oath to join the Rebellion and marched together with General Bloodmark and their fellow Rebels, as they charged Kargathia keep from the South

The battle was bloody and brutal, but towards its end, General Bloodmark was seen appearing upon the ramparts of Kargathia Keep, holding the head of the Kor’kron general high while shouting to the Rebellion forces. From there, the Kor’kron army began to falter and was quickly over-come by the Rebellion forces.

All Horde settlements in Ashenvale forest are now under Rebellion control. And while they have achieved victory in Ashenvale, Azshara still remains firmly in the Kor’krons grasp.. And upon the horizont, looms the battle for Orgrimmar itself.