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Journey to Northrend


It had been a long journey. The tribe had set out from the harbour of Bilgewater Port in Azshara, where they had prepared and commandeered a vessel to bring them to the far reaches of the icy land of Northrend. Here, they would endure the harsh cold of Northrend for the next few weeks, in order to harvest resources and secure the lands for any other necessities the Horde required. Several days, they had spent on the sea. But at last, a cry came from the top of the mast.

“Land in sight!”

The orcs jumped to action, ending their meetings on a quick note as they prepared to make land. Chieftain Kozgugore Feraleye, in turn, made his way to the front of the ship, where Krogon Devilstep was keeping firm control of the ship’s wheel. As the Chieftain squinted his eyes northward, there was indeed a hint of land to be seen. It was tiny and vague, but definitely there. They slowly sailed closer, but whereas it became bigger, it became more clouded as well. It then started to dawn upon him; a fog was setting in on them.

“Be on the lookout, orcs! These mists have claimed many ships and orcs before us!”

Before Kozgugore knew it, the mists had fully enveloped the ship, offering sight little more than a few yards ahead of them. Some of the orcs grew edgy, and New Blood Mozrogg joined Krogon at the helm of the ship, trying to look ahead for the helmsman.

“Yer be goin’ in blind, Devilstep!”

“I can’t steer back out now, we’ll hit ice.”

“I’m makin’ out a large rock to yer port, Krogon-… You ‘ear that?”

Blindly, the orcs navigated their way through the dense fog, when suddenly a wind started to pick up the ship’s sails, sending the ship up and down the crashing waves. A chilling breeze wafted over the deck, and any orc that might have been carefully listening could have sworn he heard a low, eerie horn in the far distance. Kozgugore reached for the ropes next to him, holding on tightly.

“Sounds like a storm brewing… Brace yourselves, orcs! This might just be a rough ride before we’re through!”

As the orcs manned their stations, the winds picked up, sending the ship rocking once again. With any luck, Kozgugore could still see the two orcs in front of him by the helm, though the rest of the ship and its orcs were clouded in the mists even for him. He could still hear however. He heard the waves swirling against the ship’s hull, bashing upon its reinforced frame time and time again as they rode wave after wave. He also heard footsteps on the wooden deck, some with a panicking rhythm to them. He heard an orc crying out a warning as well. He looked around, ready to raise his voice above all the commotion, when the ship suddenly seemed to crash against something from the starboard side.

“Hold on! Remain on your posts, orcs!”

It appeared to be too late already, however. The ship started to heave heavily to the side, and along with the chilly winds, a heavy rain started to pour forth into the ship’s sails. Mozrogg started to lose his balance, crying out to Krogon.

“You said we -wouldn’t- crash! Watch out!”

He could hear screams to his right, but saw nothing. What he did see, was that the ship’s wheel had become unmanned. Krogon must have been thrown away from it. It seemed to matter little, as it was completely out of control already. Not even the strongest orc could probably have tamed it any more. All things unsecured soon started to tumble to the side, falling overboard and taking any unlucky orcs that were in its path with it. Kozgugore only narrowly managed to avoid a falling crate, though only until a high wave crashed against the hull with tremendous force, giving the ship that one, final push it needed to collide fully. Shouts and screams went all across the deck, but the fog was simply too dense to allow any orc to make a difference. They were taking water, and it became obvious that the ship wouldn’t last long. It was when the sound of a falling mast could be heard that the ship took a final dip to the side, sending any and all orcs flying into the water. Kozgugore tried to hold on to the rope for dear life, desperately looking for his mate or anyone else of his tribe, before a crate sent him, too, flying.

Suddenly, he felt himself crashing into something hard and cold. Darkness filled up around him, and objects, be it crates or orcs, could only barely be seen floating around him under water. It was with a last struggle that he fought against the current, when a giant cannon could be seen crashing into the water.

Summer campaigns and a new trailer!

The summer holiday may be upon us, but that doesn't mean there's a need to sit idle! The summer offensive has begun!

That means a summer of what we orcs do best: Enjoy a good bit of world-PvP in a series of campaigns, spread the might of the Horde into every corner of Azeroth, and have fun while doing it! Not a fan of PvP? Not to worry! We will have an RP focus in every corresponding area of the campaigns, where there will of course be plenty of room for normal RP as well. Not a member of the tribe? Not to worry either! We're, as always, open to receive allies and friends, be it to PvP along or to sit by one of our camp fires and share a drink or two. Suffice to say there's plenty of opportunity for RP if you would so like to have some!

Even if you happen to run a little late and aren't aware of whatever might be going on, a poster board has been set up on our forums in this very topic, where you can keep track of the progress of our campaigns. Feel free to take a look! With a lot of thanks going to Gnash, who put all of this together, of course.

Still not convinced now would be a good time to come back? Over the past few months, we have been putting our green hands to good use to make a more representative promotional trailer for the tribe. Whether you're interested in green skins or not, feel free to take a look at our newest one down here, in proper HD glory even!


Call of the clan

Doomhammer once ruled half of the world. He managed to take an army far up to the capital of Lordaeron. As the Horde spread like wildfire, it was close to bending down to his will.

But Doomhammer is now dead. And with him, his days of glory have ended. We now live in times in which we must create our own glory again. Times in which even fellow orcs have turned on each other, choosing to point their blade to their own kin, instead of their common enemies. We may have re-established our connections to the ancestors, but those of them who cry out for blood surely weep for what they see up to this day.

So, perhaps it is time to appease these spirits again. After all, the world is a place constantly in motion. What was once, might come once again. The Storms of Fate still favour the bold. After these many months of recovery after the great Shattering, it is time to help one another back on their feet, and prepare for the great march that lies ahead of us. Recent discoveries tell of a tale long lost. One that might tip the balance in the Horde's favour once again.

The horn is sounded, and all wolves of the pack are hereby summoned to gather around the fire once again. Take this chance to take in the opportunity to bring glory to clan and Horde once again! Call your brothers and sisters forth to join the rallying cry! With enough orcs by our side, we will once again stand a chance to return that which is rightfully ours, and to secure a homeland that is worthy of our ancestor's praise, and rich enough for our children's children to walk upon!

For the Blood of the Tribe!


Hail to the Varog'Gor!

As of today, we have three brand new Varog'Gor to welcome into the tribe! After a long period of trials and trainings under the watchful gaze of High Blade Morgeth Feralheart, the following orcs have proven themselves worthy to stand by the Chieftain's side as both his personal bodyguard, as well as the effective claws of the tribe itself!

  • Groshnakk Swiftstrike
  • Kaigron Ripclaw
  • Muzjhath Farstride

It was at the end of their many trials that they gathered on sacred ground and were blessed by the High Blade of our Thur'ruk, Mazguul Sharpeye, that they were inaugurated into the tight-knit society of the Varog'Gor. Make sure to congratulate them, next time you stumble upon them, and show some proper respect to the tribe's new Wolf Claws!

These orcs have been specifically chosen for this role because they have shown aptitude for these particular tasks. Want to know more about this rank? The wiki has, as always, more information on this prestigious rank, which can be found right here! Are you keen on searching for your own path within the tribe's ranks? Don't hesitate to speak with an elder about your own role within the tribe! Better yet, make sure you try to attend the upcoming Tournament of the Blades on the third of April! Even if you fear you might not possess the skill to conquer the title of the tribe's champion for yourself, it's a good chance all the same to show to every orc out there that you have what it takes to call yourself a true Red Blade!

For the Blood of the Tribe!

The Kosh'harg returns!


For generations, we orcs have kept an ancient tradition alive in the shadow of the sacred mountain, Oshu'gun. When the Horde was formed, this tradition was soon forgotten. With the New Horde formed, and the way back to our homelands open once again, this tradition has been rekindled. Not only to remind us of the older days, long passed, but to show our young ones what it truly means to be an orc.

This tradition, is the Kosh'harg. Time upon time again, orcs have celebrated the joy of the living, as well as the peace of the honourable dead. Though formerly an exclusively orcish celebration, all allies are invited to take part in these festivities. Games, provings, storytelling, rituals and, of course, liquor and food will all be part of the celebrations!

On the eighteenth day of this month, the Red Blade tribe will gather on the docks of Ratchet to make the long voyage through the Dark Portal, and back towards the Land of the Winds. Any who wishes for some company on the long way there, or is unable to make the long trek by him- or herself, is welcome to join our pilgrimage. We will depart from the shores of Kalimdor after the eighth drum has been sounded.

Two days later, on the twentieth day of the third month, the pilgrimage will continue from Garadar towards the sacred mountain of Oshu'gun. There, our festivities will be held proper at the eighth drum. Be it orc or any other ally of the Horde, be welcomed to join us in the celebrations! Beware that all manners of violence are forbidden, and failure to uphold this will result in removal from the site of the festivities!

For the Blood of the Tribe!

Kogzugore Feraleye
Chieftain of the Red Blade

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