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RP Focus: Northern Barrens!

Red Blades!

After having been dragged to the far corners of Azeroth, we are finally going home. Be it the bitter cold of Northrend or the putrid rott of the Plaguelands, we leave them all behind us as we all make our journey back to the Northern Barrens. To ensure that all orcs know where to find one another I've pinned a map next to this note. This should give you an idea where to go look.

However, do not think our hardship is over yet. Apparently the quilboar and centaur are rampaging across our land yet again, and to make matters worse, there have been rumors of cultists recruiting new acolytes. In short, we've got work to do if we want to secure our homeland. That'
s why I call upon all orcs to return to the Northern Barrens at once! Report to the elders for tasks -- Grom knows there are plenty of them to fulfill!

So, make haste and march out. The fate of the Northern Barrens lie in our hands!


For the Blood of the Tribe!
Chieftain Kozgugore Feraleye

(( The following weeks we'll be populating the Northern Barrens. This is a special kind of role-play focus, since if it turns out okay we'll be taking up permanent residence there. In other words, we'll then be returning to the Northern Barrens when we're not in a role-play focus elsewhere. And as usual, in order to make this RP focus a success, it is essential that you come to this zone as often as you can when you're looking for random rol e-play!

Elders will be handing out minor tasks to fuel that random role-play. They can usually be found at their ranks' mini-hub. For in stance, the Gosh'kar and Thur'ruk take up residence in the Wailing Burrow [see the map (I)] and the Nag'ogar and Rrosh-tul take up residence in the Den of the Brave (IV). In the course of the RP focus we'll try to get everyone acquainted with the various mini-hubs/hotspots that the Northern Barrens have to offer.

Keep in mind that elders may have other engagements, so here's a reminder that you are allowed and encouraged to create your own events as well (small or upscale, whatever you want!) if they cannot fulfill your RP needs. And most importantly, try to have a good time and take this opportunity to get some extra role-play! ))

The Drums Sound Anew

The new trailer can be found here!

The drums of war echo over our lands once more. But we, the hated orcs, have danced to their rhythm for so long now. We fear no human, elf or dragon; our blades have drank their blood so many times before. See beyond your own solitude, shed whatever weakness that you carry. Hear instead the howls of the wolves, that call out to you. Be part of the hunt, share in the bond, and be one with the tribe.

With a low snarl, the wolf-masked orc peered to the female shaman. His visible features bore signs of grim resolve, as he watched the other orc paint her face with her own blood. They were surrounded by their kin, orcs of all kind of backgrounds and abilities. To the chieftain it mattered little what clan an orc was originally a member of, or if they chose to fight with bow or blade, or had devoted their skills otherwise. In the end, they all contributed to the tribe and as such to the Horde itself.

They were all bound to one another, by race, by duty and through the tribe by blood as well. All here lived, breathed and hunted together. They would go to war side by side, and eventually die like that as well. In the light of such brother- and sisterhood, the chieftain felt no fear of weakness as his gaze moved over the ranks of orcs surrounding him. His thoughts were interrupted by the shaman, as her mind and voice returned to the world of the still living.

”Blessed are we, by earth and ancestor. By fire and spirit. By water and unity. But the winds must sweep further, our message be spread.”

The shaman's words seemed true to some, that thoughtfully nodded their heads. Whilst others, in truth, seemed puzzled by the somewhat enigmatic message. The chieftain, however, narrowed his gaze. Because he knew that she was right. The Alliance had shown its fangs and claws, and a new – or perhaps old – menace had erupted from the depths of the world. They would need new orcs to join and let their individual strength be for the good of more. The chieftain's eyes rose, and met with those of a now grinning shaman.

”More blood and ale to be shared, my chieftain.”

A Cataclysm upon us!

The Scourge has been defeated, our heroes of Northrend, under the command of the famed Garrosh Hellscream, have returned, the great halls of the Warsong Hold now largely empty, and their victories celebrated in Orgrimmar. But our struggle is an ever-lasting one. The lands of Durotar and the Barrens face an unnatural period of draught, and earthquakes rage across the lands as, for reasons yet unknown, the elements are restless. To make things worse, regular fires rage across the vulnerable, wooden city of Orgrimmar, shaman struggling to douse the rebellious sparks, and one of the greatest shaman of us all, Thrall, Warchief of the Horde, has decided to venture to his homeland, Nagrand, to seek aid in restoring the natural balance of this world.

In his absence, he has chosen his acting warchief to be Garrosh Hellscream, who has harvested a great amount of support from the orcish people with his many victories in the bitter north. While the Horde and the Alliance have agreed to a ceasefire following the death of the Lich King, tensions are uneasy as renegade bands of orcs harass caravans in Ashenvale, eager to find supplies for their starving families as the draught claims more and more of the wildlife available. It falls to young Hellscream to control his people, though his own intentions seem anything but peaceful. He, as well as many more orcs, strive to make a difference as they grow increasingly restless in their powerlessness against the raging elements. Though peace is often the way to prosperity, it is conquest that may well feed the many mouths of the people of the Horde.

For the Red Blade tribe, there is not a moment of rest. Borders are heavily patrolled, making sure the Alliance stick to their end of the bargain, and a war has been waged with the fearless centaurs. They, too, suffer the consequences of the restless elements as their spiritual communications slowly start to fail. Though they are eager to form renewed bonds with the Darkspear and the tauren, the tensions caused by the acting warchief are starting to pay their toll. Having sworn loyalty to the rightful warchief, they will follow Garrosh Hellscream into this new period of hardships. Question is, will the Horde prevail and perhaps even expand its reach across the realm? Or will the uneasiness within the Horde cause for ruptures that will be beyond repair? Regardless of the outcome, the Red Blade, as always, stand ready to ride.


The Lich King has been defeated, and the Alliance have been kept at bay. The borders are safe - for now - and so it's time for us orcs to see to what's just as important in life as keeping your homes safe: Honouring the ancestors.

The time of the Kosh'harg is upon us once again, and so it's time we start making our way to the ancestral lands to pay homage to our heritage! The coming 26th day of the ninth month, we set out to our sacred mountain, Oshu'gun, for celebrations to be held in its fields! Bring drinks and food alike! For this ain't the kind of celebration you will want to miss!

All orcs as well as loyal friends to us orcs will be welcome to come and sit, feast, and perhaps even tell a tale or two of glorious times passed! So come, you orcs! And bring any who be willing to share in the feast! And leave your ill intentions at your cave! There will be no room for hostilities or fights here, unless they're plain duels! No blood is to be shed on our sacred ground on such an occasion!

For the Blood of the Tribe!
Kozgugore Feraleye

orc rogue

The Wiki returns!

Thanks to Sakareth, as well as popular demand, the good, old Red Blade wiki is up and running again! Make sure you check it out, and post your contributions on the right pages! If you need help making your own wiki entry, don't hesitate to ask on the forums for some help. Alternatively, you could simply click the "edit" button on any of the pages that have already been created, and copy someone else's formatting for great success!

Keep in mind that there may be a few hiccups, as there's yet a lot of work to be done about it, but the more contributions we can get, the sooner it'll look like a good and proper wiki, worthy of the tribe!

Check out the wiki here!

Need help creating your own page? The Help page is there to help as well! It'll give you a hand on the more complex matters of wiki-ing, such as the infobox or pictures. Make sure you give it a shot if you're still unfamiliar with wikis.

In other news: Yes, the trailer is still being made. As soon as the Chief's laptop has been fixed and returned, the final cuts will be made! Make sure you stay tuned for any more future recordings! (Alternatively, you could always donate to the Chief so he can actually buy a decent computer.)


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