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((What dice are we using?))
*Bares her fangs at the captain, a snarl leaving her mouth.* "*im's a Tribes orc, an' I 'ave a mate, thank ye. Stick ter yer own bussines." *She snorts, peering around a little, before heading towards the training area as well. She's not much of the social type, anyway.*
*Peers at the armor for a moment, before nodding.* "Aye, there be a captain tha' be needin' escor' on t'oceans. Two golds fer every day on t'ocean, an' two extra fer every attack we fend off. It be a bi' of risk I suppose, bu' decen' money."
*Peers around inside the shop briefly, before grunting to make herself noticed.* "'ey. Ye done wit' tradin' ye'? Go' a potential job if yer's interested."
*Rashka eyes the captain briefly, before looking at the crates. She'd grunt, before speaking.* "I 'ave ter see if a person wan's ter join. Gonna think it over, a'righ'?"
*Rashka'd then turn around, heading to find Kronnor again.*
"Tha' depends wha' ye'll pay." *She'd grunt, eyeing him and his crew briefly."
*Rashka finishes her mug of ale, and decides to go find the captain.*
*Sips her ale as she seats herself at the barkeep's counter, she'd then grunt, licking her dry lips before speaking up;* "'ey, barkeep. Ye know where ter find t'captain tha' wanted protection?*
*She motions with a thumb towards the notice board.*
*Rashka nods at the bartender, peering at the noticeboard for a moment, before peering back to the barkeep.* "Jus' an ale." *She mumbles, as she goes back to peer at the noticeboard. Anything of interest?*
*Rashka decides to go for an ale at the bar. Who knows what might happen there.*
*Rashka'd of headed out the cities gates towards the location of the kul'tiras. As she walks in her own thoughts she suddenly peers up ahead at Kronnor as he speaks. She'd arch a brow as she eyes him over, her eyes traveling from the pirate to his wounded knee.*
"T'Gobbo sen' ye after pirates too? Hrm, typical gobbos.." *she mumbles, before motioning to his wounded knee*
"Didn' give ye an easy time, eh? Wan' me ter patc' ye up?"
*She'd tilt her head, before crossing her arms over her chest in a casual fashion.*
*Grunts a bit as she gives the Goblin one last look before heading up and towards where the goblin spoke of, being fairly known around the jungle by now.*
*Rashka stares at the goblin for a long while, clearly he was full of bullshit, but she did need the money.* "Erg' fine. Bu' if ye's lyin' abou' 'em boots an' shield, I'll come find ye, an' ye won' 'ave merry times then."
*She'd grunt, peering at the Goblin with her one eye from underneath the shade of her rugged wolf mask.*
"Ye wan' me ter get yer silver back, possibly puttin' me life on t'line, an' yer only offerin' some rugged an' poorly made boots, an' some stupid shield? Ye gotta up tha' or I's stayin' 'ere lookin' fer me drunk mate." *She snorts, and is clearly as grumpy as usual, if not even more so!*
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