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Last Post Wins (Forum Fatality Edition)

Started by Kogra Windwatcher, February 27, 2017, 05:27:10 PM

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Wornag (Kronnor)

*Kronnor walks towards them and stops behind them. He let's out a loud cough before speaking*
"So, there's this goblin in Ratchet that said you guys took something from him?"


The two Pirates stops digging. Then they look at each other.
"Told you Griksnap would try double cross us, you owe me 5 silver."
"Shut it, We ain't stolen shit, he stole it and used it to pay off his debt to us. Griksnap is the lowest goblin around and a terrible pirate, hence the debt."

Both the Pirates have dropped their shovels and put their hands on their rapiers. The other one also got a what appears to be a rifle hanging from his belt.
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury


Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar

Wornag (Kronnor)

*Kronnor sighs as he puts his hand on his axe.*
"Does it always have to come down to violence? Oh well, since you are pirates, the goblin is a pirate, and being a pirate is illegal I will have to confiscate the goods you are trying to hide. So, you can choose between losing only the goods or losing both the goods and your lives."
*Kronnor looks at the two pirates with a serious face, showing them he's not joking.*

(Rashka can join party when Kronnor returns to Ratchet, or she might be a prisoner to the pirates? Letting the DM figure it out)


(let's roll a d20 to decide, 1-10: She is currently being bored in Ratchet, 11-20: The pirates carried her off when she was sleeping, current status: Annoyed
Roll is.... 9! She awaits in Ratchet.)

"Screw you orc!" Both the Pirates draw their weapons, one a rapier and one it's rifle. It's not the safest looking rifle, possibly goblin design.

The one with a rapier slashes at Kronnor
Attack roll -> 7
She misses.

The one with the rifle takes aim and fires!
Attack Roll -> 20 Critical Success! (Holy shit!)

The bullet goes straight in to Kronnor's leg! He lose an additional 0.5 health.

Kronnor's health: 2.5/5


Meanwhile... In Ratchet!

"So I tell you orc, get my Silver back and I might have a shiny piece of gear for you when you return, and a nice gold coin. What ya say?" The Goblin Shipmaster says.
"Heck, I even let you pick, the boots or the shield!"
The goblin waits for Rashka's reply.
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury


"Ye wan' me ter get yer silver back, possibly puttin' me life on t'line, an' yer only offerin' some rugged an' poorly made boots, an' some stupid shield? Ye gotta up tha' or I's stayin' 'ere lookin' fer me drunk mate." *She snorts, and is clearly as grumpy as usual, if not even more so!*
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar

Wornag (Kronnor)

*Roars in annoyance as the bullet goes through his leg and charges forward towards the one with the rifle and slashes violently with his axe.*
Attack roll -> 11


The Pirate with the Rifle goes down unfortunately quickly, while not dead, he sure won't be doing anything more this fight.

His pirate companion however return the favor
Attack roll -> 15

The rapier slash Kronnor's back, a nasty wound appears there.

Current health: 1.5/5


Meanwhile... in Ratchet!

"No no no, these boots and shield are not your standard boring equipment, they are magical!
The boots allows you to move faster and the shield blocks more than it should. Trust me on this because I am a honest businessman. Heck, I even throw in an additional 50 silver on top of the gold.
Look kid, time is money, ya wanna do it or not?"
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury

Wornag (Kronnor)

*Kronnor let's out another roar as he's slashed on his back. He quickly turns around, his axe following quickly with a wide slash at the pirate.*
Attack roll -> 23 (20+3 from the weapon, which I forgot on my last roll)


Critical success! 1 + 0.5(from weapon) + 0.5

The pirates let out a scream that silence quickly as her head flies away. Her body slums down.

Dun dun dun du du du!

15/25 xp
1.5/5 Hp
New Trait: Injured Leg.
Ya leg be broke! (lowered movement speed, can't charge)

Loot: Low quality rifle, 20 Silver, Crate of Silver Bars.

Also, the unconscious Pirate still lies on the ground.
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury


*Rashka stares at the goblin for a long while, clearly he was full of bullshit, but she did need the money.* "Erg' fine. Bu' if ye's lyin' abou' 'em boots an' shield, I'll come find ye, an' ye won' 'ave merry times then."
*She'd grunt, peering at the Goblin with her one eye from underneath the shade of her rugged wolf mask.*
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar


"Great! Last I saw the pirates were going south Kinda towards that old Kul'tiras fort, maybe they are hiding out there?
Now hurry up, Time is money friend."
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury


*Grunts a bit as she gives the Goblin one last look before heading up and towards where the goblin spoke of, being fairly known around the jungle by now.*
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar


(and now you meet in the wilderness South of Ratchet.)
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury

Wornag (Kronnor)

*Kronnor takes the belt of the dead pirate and ties the hands of the passed out one behind her back. He takes a piece of cloth and gags her and tosses her on his shoulder, then picks up the old rifle and the crate before heading back towards Ratchet. As he limps slowly towards the city he suddenly comes across a familiar person.*