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Game Related / Re: Tricks and Tips.
June 08, 2014, 01:06:44 PM
In this week! I'll cover some addons that i feel is almost a must. And most of these addons, are light weight, unnoticeable, but makes your life a ton easier. And surprisingly, not very many uses them.

Light weight and unnoticable addons:


This addon has been discontinued, so you can't download it anymore, but it's still very fully functional, and you can download it -right- here, on this very post.
What the addon does, is enabling pvp, when it's off. Basicly, when you go into a sanctuary, like say Dalaran or Shattrath, pvp is by default, taken off. So this addon will put pvp back on. It's also very handy, since no one will ever tell you to put pvp on again. :)


Postal enables you to open all your mail, quickly and easily. It enables you to quickly send mail, to players you've previousely sent too. All around, this is a light weight addon, you won't notice, but the functionality of it, improves the game. :)


We play on a PvP server, so it's very useful to know when someone gets sapped. This addon will simply make you /say * Sapped * That's it, nothing else too it. But this addon has allowed me to save some of your butts before. ;)


This addon sells all your junk item, when you talk to a vendor. It won't sell any white items, so all your roleplay items are safe. Should you have grey items, like a pipe you like to link into your emotes, that can be "Blacklisted" So it won't sell said item. But all around, this addon just keeps your inventory clean.

Addons i personally like alot, that you might like as well: Allows you to see all your characters inventory, and it will also show you if one of your characters has said item, on tooltips, aka, the box that pops up when you mouse over something. This merges all your bags into one.  If we ever do rbgs again, this addon is a must have. Gives you a chat log, going back something like 5000 lines. and you can copy them too. This is probably my favourite addon. High priority cooldowns are announced, when enemy players use them. For example touch of karma, Bladestorm, Spirit link, ect. -VERY- useful arena addon. Shows their trinkets, major cooldowns, health and mana into small moveable unit frames. This replaces the standard casting bars, with coloured and easy to see ones. They are sizeable, moveable, recolourable, everything. Plain and simply awesome. This addon is abit more advanced, but so useful, and if you need help, i'll help with it in-game. You can make it show icons on your screen, for -your- buffs, but also the buffs and debuffs on your target. This is extremely useful for both pvp and pve, especially for any class that needs to keep dots up. If you, like me, get alot of whispers, this is such a must have. It opens up windows instead, unclugging your chat. This is another really great AddOn. A group finder, which allows you to find premades for various things.
The Campfire / Re: The Fire within
June 08, 2014, 12:33:17 PM
Stop thinking your stories are bad, they are very good. :) Good read, i enjoyed it!
The Campfire / Re: Falling from grace, again.
June 02, 2014, 06:07:01 PM
*Knows the secretz* Thanks for a good story, i did enjoy it, despite the format, you claim is so horrible! ^^ Gashuk can doo et! Go, go! *Pulls forth a cheerleading squad*
Applications / Re: Kinzus' application
May 31, 2014, 02:21:50 PM
Make another, this time, make it your own. :) You cannot use other applications as a template, and just change a few words.

The stolen application:

Blood and Honour:
Grogona Wolfheart
Applications / Re: Kinzus' application
May 31, 2014, 11:40:26 AM
Hello, Kinzus! Looking through your application, i can see several flaws with the timeline. So i'd like you to go read the orcish lore, the timeline we have on our website, and try again. Another is, i don't see why he wants to join the redblades, which is another important piece of information.,2438.0.html Orcish time line,2439.0.html Orcish lore.

Blood and honour:
Grogona Wolfheart
Game Related / Re: The Going Away / AFK Thread
May 30, 2014, 12:56:19 AM
b-but.. what am i going to do without you sensei? :<
Game Related / Re: Tricks and Tips.
May 29, 2014, 01:59:06 PM
Need volatile air? Head to uldum, and enter the vortex pinacle on normal! You'll obviousely have to be able to solo it, but this is by all means, the best way to get your volatile air!

Need wind wool cloth? Head to the auction house, and pick up a luck potion. Now head to the krassang wilds, Nayea lagoon. Kill all the ugly oookers there and you'll quickly get enough cloth! And with the potion of luck, you will also get small chests of extra loot!

Another great spot for exactly this, along with an extremely good way to make gold, however very popular too, so you might get alot of competition, is the camp, right behind the anglers, you will find alot of raiders there, which you kill, whilst having the luck potion buff! I personally made a staggering 2 thousand gold, for an hour there. If you should be interested, i suggest during it early in the morning.

Having gold problems? Look at your proffesions, most proffesions by now, has something which alot of people will play -alot- of gold for, usually this will take days to make, take for example the skyshredder! It's currently going for 30 thousand and above! That's -alot- of gold. Here's a list on the top of my mind, that you should watch out for:

Blacksmith: All of the epic 550 ilvl pieces, usually take 20ish days to make, and will make you somewhere between 5 thousand to 12 thousand, if you're lucky.

Enchanting: How, Grogona? How? You can make a sha crystal everyday, what?! Yeah, that's right, you have a cooldown as an enchanter, which allows you to make a sha crystal a day, 10 days later, and you can make a dacing steel, how much does dancing steel go for? 1500 to a staggering 3 thousand gold!

Alchemy: Living steel is used for a long list of things, for example belt buckles and weapon chains, and as an alchemist, you can make one a day. But hey, if you go ahead, and spend abit gold, you'll have a chance to get up 5 living steel a day, that's already 1 thousand gold a day? Every day! Of course, this is rare, and you usually get only one!

Engineering: Engineering, is -the- king of patient gold makers. The sky-golem, takes an entire 30 days to make, along with 4200 ghost iron ore, now don't get nervouse, it's not -that- much. Farming this, will usually take 5 days, using a few hours a day.

Now, there's plenty of things other than that, but if i'd list it here, it'd be a small book!

That is all for this weeks update of tips and tricks! :)

Remember if you have questions, ask me! The 5 years i've been playing wow, i've gathered all sorts of tricks, and i'm happy to share. Most of which most people don't even know! Which is crazy, since it's right there to get!

The Campfire / Re: Gosh'kar Felhand
May 28, 2014, 05:32:50 PM
I feel used.  :'(
Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
May 28, 2014, 05:29:11 PM
An owl! Might look like a fat pigeon to some!
The Campfire / Blood
May 25, 2014, 01:12:47 PM
The big cat licked it's lips, lazily bathing in the sun, his flok laid around him, scattered into small piles of purring lions. He shook his mane, before stretching out. He sniffed the air, letting in the scents before he starts walking away from his comfortable tree. Soon he caught a scent of something, he grunted, he knew this smell. And it was not prey, nor friend, he started running for a bush, trying to hide, laying flat with the grass.

Grogona came walking, she had left most of her armor at home, due to the overwhelming heat. She halts for a moment, looking over at the flok by the tree, she narrows her eyes before she looks around. "No alpha?". She sniffed the air, but without luck. She shrugs her shoulders abit. She keeps on walking looking around for signs.
The lion snorts as the she-orc had passed away and he had waited for a while. Yet something drove him to sneak after her, sniffing her tracks. He looks up at the sun, before halting a moment, feeling the wind. He could sneak up on her, snap her ankles, then go for the throat. She wasn't big either, and he couldn't see any of the pointy claws they usually carried. An odd prey for a lion, but she would feed his flok.

Grogona kneeld down, tieing a snare at her usual spot, springing the trap before she ventures on, she sniffed the air again, occasionally looking around for signs of the male that was lost from the flok by the tree. After a while, she leaned down, looking at some leavings, mumbeling Zhvera. She looked around, noticing a small herd of them nearby, no stray ones. She sighed and walked on.

The lion noticed her movements from within the bush, tying the odd straw nest, what odd creatures. He shook his main slightly before he goes out the bush quietly at first before he sets up the speed rapidly, sprinting for the she-orc.
Grogona snarled, hearing the dry ground crush under the lions paws, she leaps forward avoid the big cats attack before she turns and draws her weapons. The big lion stares at his prey, assesting her, Grogona raises to her full height, not much, but at least something, she raises her daggers, trying to look her most fierce. The big lion snarls, baring its teeth before it sets after her again. This time, Grogona doesn't run, but quickly steps to the side, slicing down the lions front leg, however the lion gets a foothold and pierces his claws into Grogona's legs.
Grogona roars out in pain, regreting not bringing her thick leathers. She turns the knife and thrusts the knife into the back of the lion. She forces it forward and a snap pulses through the lion's body before it goes limb. "Grom'damnit.. they attack orcs now?". Grogona looked down at the damage, rolling her eyes, four deep claw wounds on each her thighs, she looks over her shoulder, it'd be a small walk for the crossroads.
She kneeld down besides the lion, shaking her head. "Now why'd ye' hav' ter go an' do tha', hm?". She grumbles before sitting up on her knees and leans over to close the lion's eyes shut, she draws her knife out of his spine before mumbeling a quiet prayer for the beast.

Then it happend, a vibration, a violent one, shaking through the lions body, but when she stood up, and away from it, it stopped. Nearing it, the vibration started again. She looked at the blood coming out of the big wound on its front leg. Then at her dagger, she grunts before licking the blade clean. She grunts in amusement. "Well, Gashuk will be happy ter hear this". She gets up again, before hissing at the pain, but somehow, just the smell of the blood and the taste in her mouth, eased it. She starts walking towards the crossroads, pulling the cat along. Despite being a Rrosh'tul and had gone through training that would've killed most, fact was fact, she couldn't lift a lion by herself. She snarled, half way there before she calls over the spirit link. "Anyorc ther'? Migh' need a hand or two wit' this big dumb cat, i'm down the south road"
Applications / Re: Application: Magra
May 20, 2014, 06:09:16 PM
Interviewed by Gashuk, Burgorg and Grogona, and invited.

Blood and honour:
Grogona Wolfheart
Off Topic / Re: Lets play garry's mod... mods!
May 11, 2014, 03:01:07 PM
Added both of you! Come on, buddies, lets murder eachother! >:D
Off Topic / Lets play garry's mod... mods!
May 11, 2014, 11:56:56 AM
I recently came across a few mods for garry's mod, called prophunt, hide and seek, and murder! Anyone wanna try them out with me? They look like they could be right party to play. So if there's like 3-5 people who'd be up for it, post your steam names, and i'll add you. ^^
Off Topic / Re: Funny stuff
May 09, 2014, 09:39:15 AM
Before anyone thinks ew, try it. I was challenged by a friend of mine, and i had to laugh in his face as it actually tasted amazing. :b

Bacon pancakes!
Applications / Re: Gurog application
May 08, 2014, 07:37:58 PM
Interviewed and invited.
Lock away, Chief!

Blood and honour:
Grogona Wolfheart.