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Topics - Wornag (Kronnor)

The Campfire / Bloodlust
November 15, 2017, 10:29:07 PM
The sound of battle echoed around the rocky cliffs of Stormheim, the clash of metal, the yells of the dying, the piercing howl of the war horns.

Deep in a passing through the mountains a group of Horde warriors were fiercely fighting for their lives as they got ambushed by felsworn Vrykul. Despite their bravery, they were outnumbered, the wall of the crazed Vrykul slowly pushing them back towards the edge of the cliffs, and slowly to their impeding death.

The Horde warriors lost their courage bit by bit with each fallen comrade and with each enemy that took the place of the one they killed before.
Strength slowly left their bodies, fear taking over as they began to swing their weapons careless towards their enemies in a failed attempt to save their life or even prolong it for just a bit.

Suddenly, a volley of arrows rained over them, taking down a good number of orcs, tauren, trolls and other proud member of the Horde. Only a few remained, all covered in blood and sweat from the tiresome fight.

As they got closer to the end of the cliff, more started to try and get to the front, only to get struck down by the Vrykul. There was no escape for them, there was no hope. There was no order to be given to lead them to safety, nothing but chaotic fighting for their lives.

The Vrykul slowed down their push as another volley of arrows struck the warriors, killing and wounding what remained of their small group.
Suddenly, a loud roar echoed from their line as one orc slowly made his way to the frontline. With one hand he broke the arrow that pierced his shoulder while keeping a firm grip on his giant bearded axe. He bared his fangs as he slowly made his way forward, his eyes shinning red with rage.
He set his look on the Vrykul as they stopped in confusion.

With each step he picked up the pace, building up for a straight charge towards the enemy. If he was to die that day, he would die like a real warrior, not like a cornered beast.
He roared and charged gripping his axe with both hands now, letting the rage fuel his body and give him strength.

As he reached the first of the Vrykul he leaped towards them and carved down a couple unlucky foes that got caught in the swing.
Seeing this charge, a bit of hope filled the remaining Horde warriors, as they started to charge also, all yelling in unison "FOR THE HORDE!".

This took by surprise the Vrykul, as they thought they had easily won the fight, but they were wrong. One by one, they fell down to the strikes of Horde warriors, as even the slight chance of survival gave them strength to push forward.

It was now the Vrykul that started to lose their moral, seeing that the gift of fel did not make them invincible as they promised. Their advance stopped and soon they started to get pushed back.

It didn't take long after the tables have turned before the Vrykul scattered, the battle meeting it's end. The mountain pass was left covered in bodies, blood and broken weapons. The handful of Horde members started to scout around the battlefield for survivors, helping their own and ending their enemies.

The orc that started the charge looked around, setting his gaze on a dying Vrykul that looked like a leader of somesort, with ornate armor and a big fur cloak. He slowly made his way towards the felsworn, axe ready in his hand.
As he reached the dying foe he took off his Rylak skull headdress and placed it on a rock near him. He wiped the sweat and blood from the side of his head with his forearm, revealing a tattoo: a wolf head with the tail of a serpent.

"When will you giants learn that the bigger you are, the harder you fall? Even with the help of your demon masters you all bleed and die the same. Regardless of your efforts, it is not my destiny to die today. My story is far from it's end." the orc said before raising his axe and swinging it at the head of the Vrykul.

To be continued...
Game Related / RP and possible guild creation
May 22, 2017, 03:41:23 PM
So, since there are a couple of us still roleplaying or want to get back to it but don't have any ideas, I think we should start a guild together so we are amongst people we know.
I don't expect it to be something big like ORB was, but something more casual so we can still have some fun.

We could make a Horde mixed-race military force, orc-only military force, mixed-race warband or orc-only warband.
It would be a nice change from the tribalistic way of ORB and a warband or military force would offer quite a nice opportunity for RP.
Ruthless and fierce on the battlefield but with a deep char development when not fighting.
I would really like to see if any of you are interested in starting this little project.

P.S: I know I tried starting my own guild several times before and it took me a loooong time to realise why none of them worked. That's why I made this thread, to see if I can get trusty people to help make a "new home" for the Red Blades that still RP. I'd rather be in a guild with people I already got to play with rather than joining a new guild with strangers.
Off Topic / Suggestions for games
April 29, 2016, 01:34:30 PM
I bet sometimes we all want to play something else apart from WoW, so I'm thinking to make a thread where we can ask the others for suggestions for games (I don't know if there's a thread about this already).

Anyway, I found this game a while ago (still in Alpha version) but it has lots of potential. It's called Gloria Victis and I think some of you might enjoy it.

The Campfire / Revenge of the Fallen
December 31, 2015, 08:07:48 PM
  The laughing of the others playing in the snow began to fade away as Broxxus went higher on the slope. He had a grin on his face, his purpose was close, soon it would all be over. He didn't look back, he didn't even care if the others would miss him. Why would they? He was just another walking weapon of destruction, nothing more.
  After hours of walking he reached a small hut, hidden in the mountain. The source of the aura he felt was inside. "At last, found you." he muttered as he made his way towards the door. He kicked it open and stood in the doorway, peering inside. The hut didn't have anything special to it, except silhouette standing with the back towards the door while trying to get warm near a small fire in the fireplace.
  Broxxus laid his eyes upon the stranger, his grin growing wider. He made a couple of steps inside, his hands prepared on the hilts of his runeblades.
  "Took you long enough." the stranger said in a hoarse voice "I expected you to arrive earlier... brother."
  The stranger turned around, facing Broxxus. The orc looked similar to Broxxus, except for the scars of his face and the wrinkled light green skin. He smiled, showing off his yellow teeth.
  "So, what brings the mighty Deathgrip in my humble home?" the orc asked before starting to cough violently.
  "You can stop playing around. You know why I'm here and you won't fool me again." the deep voice of Broxxus filled the hut, the air starting to get colder.
  Before he could get a response he charged forward, grabbing the orc by the throat and pinning him against the wall. "You knew this day will come! No matter how much you tried to run or hide, you knew someday I would find you!"
  Despite being strangled, the orc started to smile and with a great effort managed to talk "I... kn..ow yo...u w..ant revenge... B..but it w..ill to wait!"
  Suddenly a burst of ice hit the hut sending both orcs down as the weak building fell all around them. As Broxxus quickly got up he saw the other orc on his feet with a wicked grin on his face.
  "Did you think I would stay here unprotected... Deathgrip? You always were the stronger one, but you weren't very smart."
  Broxxus prepared to charge with his runeblades, but a Frostwyrm stopped his charge, as it hit him in the chest with the tail, sending him flying backwards. He got back on his feet, only to see the orc mounted on the back of the undead drake.
  "If I were you, I would take a better care of your new friends instead of trying to get revenge!" yelled the orc before flying off laughing.
  Broxxus let out a roar, then looked back. He thought a bit about what the other orc said before started to make his way back towards Conquest Hold.

To be continued...
The Campfire / Avoiding the fate
August 08, 2015, 01:08:54 PM
   An image slowly takes form, blurry, but still an image. The silhouette of an orc sitting on his knees takes form, seen from his back.
  That was all that Kronnor can see for a couple minutes, a lone orc on his knees surrounded by complete darkness. Yet, he can not see who that orc is, being just a shape, a shadow. Suddenly the whole picture starts to form. Thick jungle appears slowly all around, the image becoming clear.
  He can now see perfectly all around him, the jungle, the orc sitting on his knees and the dead orcs around him. From the looks of them he can see they are Bleeding Hollow. Then he looks back at the mysterious orc. He could see a brown cloak, torn and shredded by the fighting, and spiked pauldronds of a similar color.
  He goes forward, intrigued by that sight, curious to find out why does that particular orc look so familiar. As he gets closer, he realizes that the orc has a spear near him, blade of an intense red from being covered in blood, but broken in two.
  He stops in shock. That couldn't be... He starts to breath in panic realizing what is really happening. That was his spear, his cloak, he was that orc. He rushes to see the orc from the front. His eyes fall on the orcs face, covered by a beastmask. Cut wounds and bruises were barely visible through the blood on the face, making Kronnor to turn around for a second, making him think about what was going on.
  He gazes again at that other him, seeing the dozen arrows piercing his chest. He keeps staring at the dead orc until the image starts to become blurry again, followed by complete darkness.
  He suddenly wakes up and throws a quick look around him. Ice walls were surrounding him, he was still in the same cave from Frostfire Ridge. He hears a familiar howl, before Bloodmane comes to him. He gently pets him on the head, smiling weary.
  "I do not know what to think of this." He stops for a second before continuing. "This might be that fate that Siyahgosh saw in his cards. The sacrifice without a purpose. But I did not see any of the Red Blades dead there. Yet, the broken bloodied blade of my spear might be the interpretation for the fall of the tribe. I need to make sure that will not happen, even if I will end up the same as in the vision."
  He looks at Bloodmane, his smile becoming bolder, getting back on his feet.
  "Alright, old friend. Let's go meet our destiny!"

((OOC: this is my attempt to explain why Kronnor was not around for that much time ICly, also this is the first time I write something like this, so I understand it wont be perfect))
Applications / Application: Uglúk
June 02, 2015, 09:20:34 PM
Name: Uglúk
Class: Hunter
Level: 100

Tell us something about your (role)playing experience: I did some roleplay on my dwarf on Argent Dawn, so I'm not that big of a noob. Mostly I did PvE and some PvP in World of Warcraft, but I intend to get more into roleplaying.

And finally, please write a short story and/or IC introduction about your character:
So, this is the story of my character (might be a little long):

"He was just a child when the Frostwolves were exiled from Draenor. Alongside his parents and the other members of the Frostwolf Clan he settled in Alterac Mountains.
From a young age he started to learn how to track beasts and how to hunt, under his father's tutelage. One day, while they were scouting in the Alterac Valley they found a wolf den with a single pup in it. The pup had a combination of white and brown fur, probably being a combination of a white and a timber wolf. It was small and weak, but Uglúk insisted to take it and raise him as his companion.
As the years passed, both Uglúk and his wolf, which he named Bloodmane, grew stronger and stronger.
Everything was going well, until one day a young orc arrived in Frostwolf Keep claiming to be the lost son of Durotan and Draka.
When Go'el (also known as Thrall) went to establish a new Horde, Uglúk followed him alongside other Frostwolf warriors.
After Orgrimmar was established, Uglúk decided to remain there. He started to develop a curiosity for the Trolls and their customs. After befriending some of the Trolls from Sen'jin Village he was gifted a bow similar to what some of the Shadow-hunters use. He also made a pair of shoulderpads decorated with bones from his hunts. On his head he wears a mask made out of a beast hide."