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Avoiding the fate

Started by Wornag (Kronnor), August 08, 2015, 01:08:54 PM

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Wornag (Kronnor)

   An image slowly takes form, blurry, but still an image. The silhouette of an orc sitting on his knees takes form, seen from his back.
  That was all that Kronnor can see for a couple minutes, a lone orc on his knees surrounded by complete darkness. Yet, he can not see who that orc is, being just a shape, a shadow. Suddenly the whole picture starts to form. Thick jungle appears slowly all around, the image becoming clear.
  He can now see perfectly all around him, the jungle, the orc sitting on his knees and the dead orcs around him. From the looks of them he can see they are Bleeding Hollow. Then he looks back at the mysterious orc. He could see a brown cloak, torn and shredded by the fighting, and spiked pauldronds of a similar color.
  He goes forward, intrigued by that sight, curious to find out why does that particular orc look so familiar. As he gets closer, he realizes that the orc has a spear near him, blade of an intense red from being covered in blood, but broken in two.
  He stops in shock. That couldn't be... He starts to breath in panic realizing what is really happening. That was his spear, his cloak, he was that orc. He rushes to see the orc from the front. His eyes fall on the orcs face, covered by a beastmask. Cut wounds and bruises were barely visible through the blood on the face, making Kronnor to turn around for a second, making him think about what was going on.
  He gazes again at that other him, seeing the dozen arrows piercing his chest. He keeps staring at the dead orc until the image starts to become blurry again, followed by complete darkness.
  He suddenly wakes up and throws a quick look around him. Ice walls were surrounding him, he was still in the same cave from Frostfire Ridge. He hears a familiar howl, before Bloodmane comes to him. He gently pets him on the head, smiling weary.
  "I do not know what to think of this." He stops for a second before continuing. "This might be that fate that Siyahgosh saw in his cards. The sacrifice without a purpose. But I did not see any of the Red Blades dead there. Yet, the broken bloodied blade of my spear might be the interpretation for the fall of the tribe. I need to make sure that will not happen, even if I will end up the same as in the vision."
  He looks at Bloodmane, his smile becoming bolder, getting back on his feet.
  "Alright, old friend. Let's go meet our destiny!"

((OOC: this is my attempt to explain why Kronnor was not around for that much time ICly, also this is the first time I write something like this, so I understand it wont be perfect))

Wornag (Kronnor)

   Kronnor peers at the thick jungle in front of him, then looks at Bloodmane.
   "I saw myself wearing my armor in that vision. Well, if I wear my father's armor that grim future might not happen." He lets out a small chuckle before turning back towards the jungle. He makes his way slowly towards the entrance in the jungle, leaving the mountains behind him. Bloodmane follows him, carefully sniffing around, standing on his guard, ready for anything.
   "This is it, friend, no turning back. It is now or never."
   Kronnor throws a quick look towards Bloodmane with a smile on his face "Lok'tar Ogar, I guess", before continuing his journey.

Wornag (Kronnor)

   "Alright big boy, let's dance!"
   That's all that Kronnor says before jumping on the hand of the magnaron, making his way towards it's head. He moves swiftly and leaps forward with his glaive, making an attempt to strike at it's eye, unfortunately without success. The magnaron does not take that very well and tries to shake Kronnor off, using his hands to strike him down, just like someone would do to a fly. The orc's agility is too much for the giant beast and each failed attempt to crush the annoying orc makes the magnaron go berserk.
   Kronnor keeps striking at the head of the magnaron, each hit doing nothing more than annoying the giant. He knows he cannot win this, all he can do is buy more time for the tribe to escape the cave. He moves left and right, avoiding the hands that try to grab him, each time landing a hit with his glaive on the thick-skinned head of the magnaron.
   Suddenly, with a loud growl, the magnaron breaks free and crashes through the cave walls and rushes towards the jungle, Kronnor still on it's head trying to not lose his balance. He grabs on the head of the magnaron as the branches of the trees hit him on this wild ride. Kronnor knows the end of this ride, and his own end with it, is close. But he does not give in easily, trying to have a great death at least.
   As he slowly grows exhausted he starts to lose his grip. He closes his eyes, thinking to himself "This is it. It was a nice ride at least." He let's out a loud chuckle and prepares to let go, ready to face his demise. Suddenly, the magnaron comes to a stop, arrows and spears flying towards it. Kronnor opens his eyes, seeing a Bleeding Hollow camp and the orcs trying to push back the magnaron.
   The magnaron's berserk state gets worse as the Bleeding Hollow orcs throw their spears at it. Exhausted from the ride through the jungle, bruised by the trees' branches, Kronnor loses his balance and falls. He lands on a hut, breaking it on the impact. He slowly gets up, his chest hurting, probably having a couple broken ribs. He makes his way towards the jungle, trying to slip unnoticed from the fight.
   As he is getting away from the camp a smile shows up on his face "I cannot wait to see the face of Siyahgosh when he sees that I survived this." But, before he can even finish that thought an arrows hits him in his left calf. He turns around to see where did that come from. He stops as three Bleeding Hollow orcs slowly close up on him. Two of them are carrying spears and one of them a bow.
   "Well, well, what do we have here? You got lost?" says the orc with the bow, before letting out a loud laugh. He suddenly stops with a frightened look on his face. He looks down and sees a dagger stuck in his neck, blood gushing out of the wound. He then collapses lifeless on the ground.
   The other two orcs look surprised at their fallen tribesman then at Kronnor. They bare their teeth, ready to strike him down.
   "What? Not my fault I have a quick hand." Kronnor chuckles before bringing up his glaive. "So, are you ready to meet your fate? I know I am."
   The Bleeding Hollow charge towards Kronnor trying to stab him with their spears. He moves to his right, letting all his weight move from his wounded leg to the other. He blocks the spear of one of his attackers with his glaive, but the other one strikes him in the right shoulder. He hits the owner of the spear that struck him with the back of his glaive, sending him to fall on his back. Kronnor moves back a couple steps before taking out the spear from his shoulder. He eyes the other orc and throws the spear towards him, hitting him right in the middle of the chest. The Bleeding Hollow crashes on the ground with a loud growl.
   Kronnor slowly makes his way towards the last of them, as he is trying to get back, still stunned by the hit in the face. He looks up at Kronnor, fear in his eyes, before being struck down by the glaive.
   Kronnor looks at the sky, taking deep breaths. He then makes his way in the jungle, limping, his body bruised and wounded. After a while, he collapses, all his energy worn off. He drags himself off the road and hides behind a giant tree. His vision becomes blurry, his eyes slowly closing. He sees a silhouette of white fur, thinking it must be his father's ghost in stag form coming to take him. But a familiar howl makes him wake up. A white wolf rushes to him and cuddles next to him.
   "Bloodmane! You found me." He pets his wolf, smiling. He closes his eyes and tries to get some sleep, knowing he is safe now.

Wornag (Kronnor)

OOC: So I think I will return to wow soon (probably in two weeks), so I made a poll just for fun, to see how much did people miss me.  :D