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Revenge of the Fallen

Started by Wornag (Kronnor), December 31, 2015, 08:07:48 PM

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Wornag (Kronnor)

  The laughing of the others playing in the snow began to fade away as Broxxus went higher on the slope. He had a grin on his face, his purpose was close, soon it would all be over. He didn't look back, he didn't even care if the others would miss him. Why would they? He was just another walking weapon of destruction, nothing more.
  After hours of walking he reached a small hut, hidden in the mountain. The source of the aura he felt was inside. "At last, found you." he muttered as he made his way towards the door. He kicked it open and stood in the doorway, peering inside. The hut didn't have anything special to it, except silhouette standing with the back towards the door while trying to get warm near a small fire in the fireplace.
  Broxxus laid his eyes upon the stranger, his grin growing wider. He made a couple of steps inside, his hands prepared on the hilts of his runeblades.
  "Took you long enough." the stranger said in a hoarse voice "I expected you to arrive earlier... brother."
  The stranger turned around, facing Broxxus. The orc looked similar to Broxxus, except for the scars of his face and the wrinkled light green skin. He smiled, showing off his yellow teeth.
  "So, what brings the mighty Deathgrip in my humble home?" the orc asked before starting to cough violently.
  "You can stop playing around. You know why I'm here and you won't fool me again." the deep voice of Broxxus filled the hut, the air starting to get colder.
  Before he could get a response he charged forward, grabbing the orc by the throat and pinning him against the wall. "You knew this day will come! No matter how much you tried to run or hide, you knew someday I would find you!"
  Despite being strangled, the orc started to smile and with a great effort managed to talk "I... kn..ow yo...u w..ant revenge... B..but it w..ill ha..ve to wait!"
  Suddenly a burst of ice hit the hut sending both orcs down as the weak building fell all around them. As Broxxus quickly got up he saw the other orc on his feet with a wicked grin on his face.
  "Did you think I would stay here unprotected... Deathgrip? You always were the stronger one, but you weren't very smart."
  Broxxus prepared to charge with his runeblades, but a Frostwyrm stopped his charge, as it hit him in the chest with the tail, sending him flying backwards. He got back on his feet, only to see the orc mounted on the back of the undead drake.
  "If I were you, I would take a better care of your new friends instead of trying to get revenge!" yelled the orc before flying off laughing.
  Broxxus let out a roar, then looked back. He thought a bit about what the other orc said before started to make his way back towards Conquest Hold.

To be continued...

Wornag (Kronnor)

  Loud noises and screams disturbed the troll's meditation. He opened his eyes, peering at the entrance of the cave he was in. The noises became louder, a fight was taking place outside in the camp. He could hear the screams of his fellow Drakkari and the clanks of metal as something was getting closer to the cave. Suddenly, the screams stopped, a deep silence falling over the camp. He grabbed his spear, eyes still on the entrance of the cave, preparing to face whatever attacked their camp.
 "Who be there?" he quickly asked as he saw the silhouette of a plated warrior carrying a big waraxe. He took a better look at the unknown attacker and hold his breath for a couple of seconds when two icy blue eyes starred him down, giving the impression to gaze right in his soul. He got up on his feet, ready to charge but was quickly cut off by a strange shadow coming from his opponent. He felt it gripping his throat and before he could do anything all became black.

 Broxxus peered into the distance from high in the mountains, wondering if the tribe has already left Northrend. He turned around as he heard the sound of deep breaths behind him. "So, you finally decided to wake up." He slowly made his way towards the troll lying down on the ground. The troll got up on his feet, still recovering after being passed out for so long. He looked around him, the camp that was before full with Drakkari warriors was now just a massive graveyard full of the bodies of his fellow trolls.
 "Now, I have a question for you, troll. If your answer is what I want to hear you will be granted a fast and painless death. If not, you probably know what's going to happen." Broxxus said as he got face to face with the troll.
 "I be telling you nothing. Ya think I be scared of ya?" said the troll, spitting on the ground as a sign that he could not be intimidated so easy.
 "I just want to know where my brother left, Drakkari. I know you were one of his most trusted puppets and also that you know his whereabouts."
 "Ya be very stupid to think I be giving him away, corpse." was the quick response of the troll, grinning at Broxxus with satisfaction on his face. "So go ahead, do your wo..." His sentence was suddenly stopped as Broxxus' hand went right through his ribcage and grabbed his heart, raising him off the ground. He felt as it slowly stopped beating, a sudden rush of cold going down his spine. Broxxus looked him right in the eyes before he smashed the heart in his hand and threw the lifeless body off the cliff where the camp was.
 "You can hide as much as you want, but you will eventually meet your doom, brother." With those last words Broxxus slowly made his way down the mountain, ready to return to the tribe.

To be continued... again...