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Odds & Ends / The Path of Cunning
March 21, 2021, 10:39:51 PM

  ¤  Orcish Lore  ¤  Orcish Timeline  ¤  Red Blade History  ¤  Red Blade Culture  ¤  Great Spirits  ¤  Red Blade Ranks  ¤  FAQ  ¤ 

When Sharguul revealed himself to the clan he spoke of the dangers that lurked in this world and the next, dangers that he could not see or understand. In Akashok’s name he called for the Path of Cunning to be reinstated into the clans foundations. Together they would learn of these threats and protect not only the Red Blade Clan, but his father’s pack from any harm. Thus Sharguul the Unborn, imposed his Dark Fang and Blackfur onto the Path of Cunning. The Path of Cunning now preaches three virtues, Devotion, Protection and Subtlety.

Devotion: Those who follow the Path of Cunning must be devoted to Sharguul and his teachings in protecting the clan at all costs. It’s often referred to as the Word of Sharguul, a divine purpose that the orcs must follow blindly. In doing so they will receive Sharguul’s blessing and his undying loyalty.

Protection: The stalwart protectors from the shadows, a follower of the Path of Cunning must always safeguard his clan and pack. Unlike those in the Path of Strength, the Path of Cunning protects the clan from outside threats by gathering information or even laying counterintelligence. Enemies of the clan have been known to suddenly disappear without a trace.

Subtlety: ‘Subtle like Sharguul’ is a phrase now common with the Path of Cunning of the Red Blade Clan. Like the shadows in a dark room, its orcs are there but not seen. Never rushed, hidden, waiting for their unsuspecting prey. Then, when the time is right, the orcs strike. Be subtle, be like Sharguul.

Cunning, deception and subterfuge; the Dark Knives, or Gul'thauk in archaic orcish, are most at home in the shadows. The Gul'thauk's duties are numerous. Though orcs typically place great value in honour and honesty, subterfuge is sometimes a necessary evil to get things done. In concert with the Varog'Gor, the Gul'thauk discreetly ensure the tribe's safety through scouting, gathering intelligence and research. Whether poring through ancient tomes or interrogating the enemy, the Gul'thauk must use all their cunning to win the day both on and off the battlefield.

The Gul’thauk must also show their devotion and faith in Sharguul. A Gul’thauk should never lose sight of the Path of Cunning’s new divine purpose. Daily chores revolving around the Wolf of Death are commonplace amongst those in the Path of Cunning. Like the Nag’Ogar and Gosh’kar, the Gul’thauk is split in to four ranks, each rank an improvement on the other. Eventually through experience they may become a Shadow, the highest rank available in the Path of Cunning.

Progression as a Gul'thauk:

The first step as a Gul’thauk is as an Acolyte, this is where the orcs will learn the fundamentals of what it means to go down the Path of Cunning. Acolytes will be introduced to the great wolf spirit Sharguul, discovering faith in this heavily religious side of the clan. The Varog’Gor will test this new found faith to see if they speak the truth, Sacrament of Death will be needed to advance to Stalker. Those that throw away Sharguul’s teachings will be exiled and will have to seek refuge in another path. Only those with the strongest devotion to the cause will remain.

“He came to me, his fur and fangs the blackest of black. His eyes like a winter ice, glowing white. I followed the great wolf and noticed his paws left a shadow imprint in the ground. He walked between worlds, guiding the lost towards the after-life. I have now passed on thanks to his aid. He deserves your devotion my love, I will be here waiting for you on the other side! We shall see each other again. Blessings to you, Sharguul!”
- Lover's letter

Those who have proved devout will have advanced to a Stalker, this is where the Gul’thauk truly becomes the Dark Knives. The Varog’Gor will now train the Gul’thauk to become Darkcloak. They will actively engage in showcasing their skills in deception, subterfuge and tracking. “Three must fall!” is a common quote heard amongst the orcs when referring to the Stalker, none outside of the Path of Cunning truly understand what this means.

”I saw it! It came at night all in black! People say that I’m lying or making it up! Like a shadow, he killed the noble. There was nothing I could do! Why won’t anyone believe me!? I didn’t kill that noble! Get me out of this prison! Aaah!”
- A witness

The faithful Darkcloaks, to have achieved this rank you would have had to prove yourself time and time again. Darkcloaks are the veterans in the Gul’thauk and the Varog’Gor know they can rely on the Darkcloaks to keep order in the clan. The Darkcloaks are known to investigate the faithful and eliminate heresy among the orcs, ratting out the non-believers in the clan. The Gul’thauk training now goes down a more philosophical route, how far can the Darkcloak bend the code? Would they sacrifice all else for the clan and the pack? How far would they push the boundaries to protect those they loved? The impossible questions would need to be answered if they wish to advance to Shadow.

”That Darkcloak makes me proud to be an orc, he died with honour protecting his clan, his family. He had the heart of a giant! It was like watching the old Red Guards of legend. We live because of him. One orc died on the battlefield to save many. That is how it should be!”
- Orc survivor

The Shadow are the Gul’thauk excellence, they are feared by orcs because of their reputation. They are among the deadliest of killers and their devotion to Sharguul holds no bounds. The Shadow has gone above all else, mastering the three virtues, Devotion, Protection and Subtlety. They are the pinnacles of the Path of Cunning and the Varog’Gor trusts them to perform the most dangerous of tasks. Their training however isn’t over. Legends speak of a final task the Varog’Gor will give. Rumours say the final task can’t be completed in life...

”If you ever see a Shadow in the corner of your eye, some say you can see Sharguul, walking with them in life..."
- A scholar's insight

The Varog'Gor are known as some of the finest that the clan has to offer. Old orcish for Wolf Claws, the Varog'Gor are the eyes and ears of the Chieftain, remaining a constant vigil over not only his safety, but also the clan's. In addition to the clan's safety, they also ensure that the clan's customs, laws and codes are upheld by each of its orcs. In the event of a conflict within, it is the Varog'Gor who ensure law and order is maintained. The same goes for external threats, however. Be it bigger threats or the more subtle ones, the Varog'Gor are always on the lookout for the things that may threaten the pack's security.

Due to their dedication to the clan and its Chief, Varog'Gors are expected to put everything aside in favor of both. In exchange, they earn the respect from those inferior to them, serving as an example for others to strive for. To help them with their duties, Sharguul, son of Akashok restored the Path of Cunning to the clan, entrusting the Varog’Gor to lead it in his name. There is no direct path in becoming a Varog’Gor and only those worthy enough are chosen by the Chieftain, the Nag'Ogar, Gosh'kar and Gul’thauk are all eligible in joining the Varog'Gor.
Odds & Ends / The Path of Wisdom
March 21, 2021, 10:38:33 PM

  ¤  Orcish Lore  ¤  Orcish Timeline  ¤  Red Blade History  ¤  Red Blade Culture  ¤  Great Spirits  ¤  Red Blade Ranks  ¤  FAQ  ¤ 

A long time ago, the Red Blades were little more than impetuous warriors, seeking glory, fame and honor for either themselves or the highest bidder. All of this changed when the warband settled down in the northernmost reaches of the Old World and reformed into a clan. It takes more than the primal might of the blade to guide a clan into prosperity, and so there came a need for enlightenment: orcs who made it their life's work to pursue religion and matters of the mind. Enter the Path of Wisdom.

Whether it's the Furies of the Old World, the elements of Azeroth, the ancestral spirits, medicinal healing or even matters of the mind, the Path of Wisdom is home to all orcs with an affinity for any one of these aspects. Shamans may be the most obvious choice when it comes to orcs, but even spiritually attuned orcs that are not trained in the arts of shamanism, wise men and women and more recently even mages have a place in the Path. Although the Path's focus lies rooted in the spiritual origins of the clan of old, it offers a place for all orcs who are continuously in search of further knowledge and enlightenment. In doing so, they, too, carry great responsibility in their spiritual duties to the clan as a whole.

The Gosh'kar, or Disciples of the Totem, form the spiritual center of the clan. It is by their guidance that the clan remains true to the spirits and the elements, and by their hand that its orcs remain in good health and do not give in to the malevolent influences of Azeroth. As such, the Gosh'kar are multifaceted in their roles and fill in a myriad of positions within the clan.

Not only do the shamans of the clan ensure that all elements remain in balance and the spirits are adequately honoured and pleased, fledglings to shamanism or orcs that are generally spiritually inclined are also welcomed to learn and harness the clan's spirituality. In addition to these orcs, spellcasters are also welcomed in to help further academical or other magical goals, as well as healers and other learned orcs - even diplomats and scribes. Indeed, the Path of Wisdom and its Gosh'kar carry a multitude of responsibilities, but the path is also a never-ending one: its orcs are expected to always continue seeking further enlightenment and wisdom - both for the clan's sake as well as their own.

Progression as a Gosh'kar:

The Initiates are the first tier in the progression of the Gosh'kar. They have only just made their first steps to enlightenment, and are expected to keep a close eye on their peers and learn from them. When appointed a mentor, they will aid their mentor in the tasks they are given. It is during this time that the Initiates are expected to discover for themselves what future position within the clan would help them best in being of service to their kin.

Seekers form the heart of the Path of Wisdom, standing as fully fledged Gosh'kars of the clan and entrusted to carry out any and all of its core duties in maintaining the clan's balance. Depending on the role they have chosen for themselves to fill in within the clan, they strive to fulfill these to the best of their abilities. The Path of Wisdom does not end here, however: Seekers are expected to continue on expanding their knowledge and skills, as an orc never ceases to learn new things.

While the Path of Wisdom can be home to any orc who seeks to learn greater knowledge of matters of spirits, elements, magics, the mind or otherwise, it takes a particular amount of dedication and devotion to one's profession to rise above the average Gosh'kar. The Keepers are just that: proof that a Gosh'kar's pursuit for knowledge never ends, and that no excuse is great enough to keep an orc from expanding upon one's wisdom. The Keepers know exactly what their role in the clan is and have proven this to their fellow orcs, who have time and again been able to rely upon the Keeper's abilities and wisdom. It is they who have grown wise enough to teach newcomers to the Path of Wisdom, helping them, in turn, find their own lot in life.

The Sages are without a doubt the most experienced Gosh'kar treading upon the Path of Wisdom, second only to the Thur'ruks who lead them. They have proven to be a pillar of the community through the times, known among many of their fellow orcs to have helped out whenever their wisdom or expertise was called upon. The position of the Seer is just so much a position of guidance and authority as it is of reverence and respect, examples for other Gosh'kar to strive for.

Known for their wisdom and experience in all manners of mysticism, the Thur'ruk, or Spirit Speakers, are the clan's spiritual guides in times of both peace and war. They are considered to be the wisest sages among the clan. As such, they are responsible for leading the Path of Wisdom, guiding their fellow Gosh'kar in further search of knowledge and wisdom. They are also the clan's spiritual anchors, responsible for the most important rituals in order to preserve the balance between the clan and the spirits and elements alike.

Both in the times of the old clan as well as the present, it is the Thur'ruk who often serve as the chief advisers of the Wolfking. In addition to this, however, they are responsible for the Gosh'kar that are in their charge, ensuring they never tarry in their never-ending search for wisdom and enlightenment and aiding them in doing so.
Odds & Ends / The Path of Strength
March 21, 2021, 10:36:04 PM

  ¤  Orcish Lore  ¤  Orcish Timeline  ¤  Red Blade History  ¤  Red Blade Culture  ¤  Great Spirits  ¤  Red Blade Ranks  ¤  FAQ  ¤ 

Honor, loyalty, trust, duty and courage. These are the tenets and qualities that the Path of Strength favours. From the early days of the Old World when the warlord Githya Redblade led a brutal campaign throughout the lands with his mercenary company, the name 'Red Blade' had already been a household name which was defined by these very traits. When the warband did eventually reform into a clan, however, it did not lose any of these flavors. Instead, the Path of Strength was founded to provide a specialized branch for all orcs with the ambition to turn the art of war into their profession and to protect those of the clan who could not defend themselves. Throughout the centuries, they were called upon countless of times to serve as the first line of defense against those who would threaten the clan, but also to ride out and bring the fight to their enemies themselves.

Following the tradition of the clan of old, the Path of Strength still stands as the largest branch of the Red Blade clan to this day. Led by their Rrosh-tul, the Nag'Ogar serve as the vanguard of the clan in times of war. While every orc is expected to be able to hold a blade in times of need, those of the Path of Strength are the ones who specialize in specific roles and will be the first choice to carry out the most dangerous and no doubt glorious tasks. As a consequence, orcs committing to the Path of Strength will be expected to keep their blades as well as their skills sharpened at all times, always seeking to perfect their skills as well as to expand their array of abilities. Even in times of peace. For in times of peace, the Path of Strength always prepares for war.

Like any clan of old, the Red Blade clan once possessed its own martial branch to call upon in times of strife and conflict. In the time of the clans, these were the Nag'Ogar: the Iron Warriors. They were each handpicked by the Wolfking himself, found worthy to feast in his great hall and to contest one another with bold challenges.

The Nag'Ogar of today are no different. Each are considered to be among the finest warriors that the clan has to offer and, together, they form the backbone of the Red Blade's martial strength. As such, it takes more than just sheer strength to be counted among the Nag'Ogar's very best. The perfect warrior is not only a fine fighter on the battlefield; they are also expected to function as a single unit, able to work together and tackle the mightiest of challenges in the theater of war. In addition to this, Nag'Ogar may be called upon for a wide variety of tasks, limited not only to the front lines, but also guard duty, patrols, reconnaissance, fortifying the clan's positions as well as other support tasks. As such, the Nag'Ogar come in many shapes and sizes, from the archetypal warrior and the lightly armored raider to even magi and battle shaman.

Ranks of the Nag'Ogar:

Every New Blood who has pledged his or her service to the Path of Strength, will always start out as a Grunt - the term for the most standard of warriors within the Horde. No matter the past experience in the Horde military or in other mercenary work, every orc is expected to prove to their Rrosh-tul whether they have what it takes to not only master the basic fighting techniques, but also to work together in a unit of Nag'Ogar. While not yet a fully fledged member of the Path of Strength, they are expected to try their hardest to keep up with the rest and prove that they are up to the challenges that the Path will provide them.

The Battlesworn are the backbone of the Nag'Ogar's ranks: the fully trained and qualified members of the Path of Strength who have shown that they have what it takes to be a reliable warrior for the clan. They represent everything that a traditional Nag'Ogar is supposed to stand for, having mastered all the basics that a warrior of the clan is expected to know.

Seated high and mighty atop their dire wolves, the Bloodriders not only strike an imposing figure, but are also a highly mobile unit. In times of peace, they serve as scouts and specialize in tracking or patrolling the lands. In times of war, they serve as cavalry and pursue the enemies of the clan. Every Bloodrider's bond with their wolf is a special one, trained to have fight together as a single entity.

The Elite are the mightiest warriors that the Nag'Ogar have to offer. Through years of experience, they have time and again shown that they never hesitate to put their lives on the line for the clan's honor and safety. They are second only to the Rrosh-tul themselves, even serving as a second in command should the need arise, and stand as a textbook example of what every Nag'Ogar should strive to become. As such, they take it upon themselves to help guide the younger warriors, showing them the ropes and, much like the Rrosh-tul, ensure that they do not slack or grow complacent.

As the numbers within Clan Redblade grew, so too did their army. With the increasing amount of Nag'Ogar, the need arose to train more of these orcs, as well as to guide them in the field of battle. Inspired by the legendary warriors of old, the Rrosh-tul, the Blood Guard, rose up to be the link between the Chieftain and the Nag'Ogar on the battlefield. Carrying out his exact orders, they would make sure the warriors ended up where they were meant to be, and cut their way through the enemy's ranks under the Rrosh-tul's watchful guidance. After all, it was not martial skill alone that decided the outcome of the battlefield. Even the most skilled warriors require guidance, leadership and inspiration.

Whether a master tactician or a renowned fighter and leader, the Rrosh-tul have been hand-picked by the Chieftain and are trusted to lead his orcs into battle when the need arises. However, even outside of the battlefield does a Rrosh-tul's labor continue. It is the Rrosh-tul's charge to ensure that the Nag'Ogar serving underneath them continue to perfect their skills, training them in all manners of warfare and seeking to bring the best out of every single one of them.
Game Related / 15 Year Anniversary Tribute Thread
October 09, 2020, 07:55:29 PM
Here you will find a collection of all our members' comments and testimonials on the guild's 15 year anniversary. Since the guild's community has primarily shifted to its Discord channel for ease of use, this forum thread serves to preserve the comments given for future reviewing.


I figured I may as well break the ice here and get started! Suffice to say that ORB has meant a whole lot to me over the years. In fact, it feels like I've pretty much grown up alongside ORB, given that I spent the latter half of my teenage years with it as well, in addition to all my twenties. It's pretty much become a part of my life. And as a result, the people in it have become a huge influence on me and who I am. I consider myself a richer person for it, as the people that I've shared this guild with are truly some of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure to meet. In fact, the majority of people that I call friends nowadays all come from ORB. Even people who have long since moved on from the guild and the game.

Of course, there have been times that even I needed my breaks from the game - some longer than others. But every time that I have managed to recharge my batteries or my RL woes have been dealt with, the guild has always been there when I return. And when I do, it very quickly tends to feel like I've barely even been away. Like an old, trusty shoe, the guild always fits perfectly. And its members welcome you back like you haven't even been gone in the first place.

In fact, for all its many strengths, I would dare say that is in fact the greatest strength of this guild: Its incredibly welcoming, committed, social, mature, yet playful, tolerant and talented community. No guild lasts as long as it does without an adequate amount of core members keeping it alive and well. Frankly, there's no gaming community that I have enjoyed being a part of more than this one. So thank you, to ever single one of you, for being here and for being you. <3 You are all wonderful people. And I'm happy to call you all friends of mine.

And now, as for my favourite screenshot, this is what came out after sifting through a screenshots folder worth 3082 screenshots (yes, I counted) over the course of the past 15 years. And with that many to choose from, I'm going to just go ahead and be a bit lenient on my own rule and choose two at the very least instead!

First screenshot was taken during our final confrontation with the AU version of Akesh the Poisoner during our final WoD campaign. Good times were had all in all in general, but Sadok in particular hosted a great event (who else to perfectly act as Akesh?), with as its highlight a spell that turned half of the orcs against us. I managed to resist the spell, then went on to knock out three orcs who specifically came at me through the power of amazingly lucky rolls. It was as hilarious as it was epic, with all the banter that went on in RedOrc. Here's Kargnar and Therak floored by Koz, with another one yet to follow.

My second screenshot was taken during a Tribe Meeting (because that's what they were still called back then) back in TBC, when Akesha decided to step down and officially offer Kozgugore the title of Chieftain. We had of course discussed the matter OOC before that, but it still felt like an overwhelming moment, being the foolish, inexperienced 17 year old that I was at the time (with a very questionable sense of shoulder pad fashion, but hey, this was TBC which didn't exactly offer much in terms of pretty armour). I still remember my heart pounding, being set in the spotlight like that. No way I would have believed you if you told me that I'd still be around in such a position 13 years later, but here we are.

Rhonya / Kyrazha / Meri

Oh gosh. I already wrote one of these before, only that's somewhere on the forum I think, for.. the 10th anniversary..? Or the hiatus? I don't even remember.  ;D
Either way, 15 years is looooong, and it surprises me even more that I've been here nearly 10 of those 15 years. Only few still rp right now from around the time I joined, people went away, others joined. Many friends were made over time <3 And many of my IRL friends are in here as well, which makes it extra special because I can enjoy some time with all of you online even though we live pretty far away from one another.
I joined by accident, the tribe as it was back then saving Rhonya's ass from a Forsaken in Silvermoon (the coincidences and luck involved there, hah) and travelled along a while before being forced to join, ic story wise.
The only real long break I took from the guild was during the hiatus, besides that I can't remember ever being gone for more than a few weeks or a month. And that's thanks to the people here as well, so.. thank you, everyone who made events in the past, who gave me random rp, who listened to my stories during storynights, who suffered through my newblood/Gosh'kar/Gul'thauk trainings, etc etc. <3

There's way too many good times for me to call out here really. xD But I suppose I could name a few of the obvious ones. The day I joined officially of course! The moment I became a proper Gosh'kar (In the past you did your tasks before you earned the rank), and later became Thur'ruk on Rhonya.
Some rp moments like bloodbrother and sister bonds, relationships being build in rp, some plotlines I still remember vividly like our 'back from hiatus' campaign (Still one of my most favorites!)

I'm sad to say I lost most my old screenshots though.
But here's one of my first campaign with the tribe, and the first orcs I connected with! Yay for crappy old models. xD

And a second one then... Our first foray into Pandaria when it came out! Which of course we crashed into. Rhonya is .. on the left. With short hair, yes, cause she lost her hair in a ritual before. xD It was a multiguild thing and pandaria was beautiful to rp in.

The thing I most appreciate here though is the way we stand together even through tough times (when we moved to AD for example) and the community is just a very strong thing, which I hope will stay around for a long time still! <3 Ya'll great.

Eliff / Realyn

I joined about 5 years ago, completely new to everything in World of Warcraft thanks to a CERTAIN person never stopping yapping about the game and rp in many train rides home from work, and then eventually more people joined in to talking me into it...
Make an orc they said! So I did and rather quickly joined the tribe back then and there started my adventure with Realyn.
Being so new to everything and being in a guild this big and amazing I was always very afraid of doing something wrong and just remained quiet and on the background, even though I knew none would hold it against me.

I was very intimidated at the beginning because everyone was soooo amazing with their rp and then there was me... :3
But being that new to it all and having not rp'd ever before I disappear often, then appeard again, only to disappear again.

But having so many friends within the guild, and others too, always asking when I would come back, always warmed my heart!
Even on my undead I was always welcome to tag along, and gosh that where great times as well!
It always felt like coming home, and no one ever blamed me for leaving for a while again.
But now that I have a lot more experience, and my new char it's a big difference.
I'm where I should be, with all of you crazies, those I know IRL but also those only online, you are all amazing, and cant wait for many more years with all of you. <3

I lost tons of old screenies thanks to a motherboard dying on me, so lets do this one;
A screentshot from the first campaign after the hiatus, which was amazing. <3


Me and my brother rolled on Defias Brotherhood after we heard about this amazing new server type being introduced, RP-PVP! Before that we played on the US servers, our first characters on Defias were actually alliance toons. I made a human warrior and he made Nina, a female dwarf paladin, we joined and then Nina lead a guild called Crimson Gauntlet. Back then we use to do all the vanilla and TBC raids. You’ll see this a lot during my post, I had a loyalty to playing with my brother. Whilst Ragnaros and co we’re being downed weekly I would make a orc shaman, I always wanted to play an orc, I was a massive fan. The only thing that kept me playing him more was Crimson Gauntlet. When the guild took a hiatus in TBC I played my orc more, my brother then choose to make a tauren druid, funny enough that was his favourite class combination too. We also heard about the Orcs of the Red Blade, we knew they were highly respected on Defias. I always kept a eye on what they were doing but I knew I would never be able to join as that would mean I would be in a separate guild to my brother. Because he was a Tauren.

Years went by and my brother would go back and forth playing the game, it was then I took the plunge 10 years ago to join the Red Blades. I wasn’t disappointed, I remember meeting up with Morgeth and having a interview. Instantly I knew my past feelings towards the guild was well founded, I really enjoyed my short stay back then with the guild but it didn’t last. My brother came back and again I was torn, I choose to leave the guild and play with my brother. I still regret that decision to this day, I missed out on a lot and seeing all your old pictures makes me even more green then Raz already is. Over the years I always followed what the Orcs of the Red Blade were doing, so highly was my respect for the guild that when I saw them leave for Argent Dawn I too transferred my characters. The Red Blades would never know that was the main reason for my server transfer but I held the guild in such esteem that if they were leaving then there must of been a good reason.

I don’t know how long ago I rejoined the Red Blades, I think it’s maybe 5 years now? It’s something like that and before I rejoined I had the same question. Do I leave the guild I was in with my brother or join the Red Blades? This time after years of regret I told my brother I was moving to the Orcs of the Red Blade, I felt sad in doing in but in the end it was the right decision. I still play with my brother when he’s active, but now I have my roleplay with the Orcs of the Red Blade too. You guys aren’t just my roleplay bit on the side, your my online family. No matter what happens to the World of Warcraft in the future, I will remain in this community forever, thus is the blood bond in-game and out.

Now some of my favorite characters I’ve met in the guild? I think you’re all amazing but I will highlight a few that are important to me.

First would have to be Morgeth, she doesn’t even know who I am as she left before I rejoined. But like I previously said, it was when I met her in-character I knew everything I thought about the Red Blades was true.

Then we have the chief himself, Kozgugore, there’s something about this orc that just demands respect. If it’s not his ability to talk his way through a clan gathering with an elegant silver tongue, it’s also his charm and wit in his responses to all the diplomats that come to his door. Shrewd’s not half bad either. ;)

Rhonya’s is a massive part of what I like to call, the heart of the guild. This goes IC and OOC. Always approachable, making everyone feel at home. Rhon has always given me that winter cottage feeling, it’s snowing out side but you’re all tucked up in the warm, throwing another log on the fire. She’s the Denmother!

Nakobu, I think first met you in the crossroads with Rhonya a few years ago? You were playing Nar’thak and ever since then I knew you were golden. You actually remind me of my brother a lot, you have that same sort of persona. I really enjoyed the banter our characters have shared on either of your toons, I actually really liked Nar’thak so it was a surprise to me when you made another character. But it’s amazing what you’ve done with Nakobu, I love his back story with the draenei and you roleplay him very well. Long may it continue Exarch Nakobu!

There’s many other characters I’d love to mention but I’ll leave it there. I think you’re all awesome and I love roleplaying with you all.

My favorite events has to be the big campaign that the guild does, I especially love the granduer of Koz’s campaigns and I’m looking forward to participating in more in the future! There’s also the Kosh’harg, it’s amazing how we all come together and make it work for the entire server! Special shout out to Nosh’s Challenge of the Wyvern, it’s genius!

I think some of my favorite moments in the guild was my character achieving what he first set out to do, to be respected. Despite being an oddball Razaron has always wanted to prove himself to the clan, when Kozgugore himself made Razaron a Varog’Gor I can’t tell you how happy I was. Then there’s my first big campaign that was inspired by Koz’s work, I tried to make Whispers of the Shadows as epic as I could. Not only did we bring back the Path of Cunning but we also made a new greater spirit! Raz then died early on and got resurrected right at the end. Over the months I worked with Kogra to make Sharguul come to life (Kogs did it all!) and I was a massive advocate for bringing the Path of Cunning back. Then having to write out a whole path of the guild, re-imagining it whilst try to keep to some of the old ways, I just hope I’ve done it justice for you all? In fact the whole ordeal made me take a few months break after, I was exhausted and stressed, I wanted to make it as perfect as possible.

Here’s some screenshots of Razaron dying in the Whispers of the Shadow campaign and being promoted to Varog'Gor. Also a sneak shot of Razaron in the Ten Years Strong video, 1:02 Raz was cooking for everyone.

RIP Razaron's spider armour chest piece that was only made to be destroyed by Glub the crawg that impaled him.


Many of you probably heard the story because I am fond of retelling but I've arrived at the guild through a series of events. I never RP'd before, only had one good DnD session with my friends because all but one of them were grade A tier normies. The decision to come to Argent Dawn was after a bad string of raids and experiences in a semi-cesspool guild at the tail end of WoD. Me and two other people wanted to start over after falling out with the previous guild leader and so I just followed the two of them to Argent Dawn. I did not plan to RP, just to have fun with two people that I befriended over the past several months. They both quit within two weeks of us being on AD and so I was left alone with my orc hunter, farming nodes and making my way to 110.

Being left alone meant that I could try out stuff - like RP, something the "die hard" PvErs wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. I bounced onto the forums, had a look at several guilds. I don't know why I chose Red Blade, I guess it sounded the most "non-military" of the lot. There were many Vanguards, but I was afraid my inexperience and possible holes in knowledge would come to bite me in the arse - so I went to Razor Hill one day. I can't quite remember if I met Kargnar and Kronnor back then immediately, but I ended up almost crashing the guild meet and was politely whispered to stay away. So I just sat there, dork that I am and listened to them. It didn't take long for me to join and that was that, for the time being.
I was pulled into a string of events covering ashenvale, dustvallow marsh (kogra shatterspine LOL) and the (in)famous campaign spanning from Tanaris to Silithus, fighting demons and getting to know people better - especially a CERTAIN SOMEONE, who surprised me with the depth characters can have - something I did not expect back then. I will always remember these first few months very fondly, they were integral to me being who I am.

Things took a turn a few months after the campaign while we were in outland, with reduced activity, certain OOC gripes I had, the everpresent quest for money as a student and I eventually quit. I came back again during the revival campaign and enjoyed myself greatly, beleiving I would definitely stay this time. No cigar, even after Kargnar was so nice as to buy me a month of gametime. I think there was also the whole being conscripted into the army thing, but eh. Fast forward to last july-ish where I off-handedly decided to try BFA with my shiny new laptop - and my surprise of still being in the guild. It took a lot of prodding from you guys to get me back but I've been here for the better part of the last year.
I've had fun. Lots of fun, with most of you. You people are crazy and unbelievable at times, so forgiving and friendly and loving - it just blows my mind. I've been through quite a few guilds in my 15 years in this game and none have reached the level of humanity you lot did. I've been in guilds where tight-knit groups existed. The officers eventually turned on us. I've been to guilds that were run by families and claimed to treat each other like family. Bull@$&^. This community is one of a kind and I would not trade it for any other, even if I complain and you have to drag me screaming to events. Koz and everyone here, you've build something unique.

This post is a shoutout to all of you. To Kyra for showing me the the depth and joy of RP. To Nosh and Vrax and Kogra for just being plain awesome IC and OCC. To Nakobu for his laid-back personality and bothering to deal with my shenanigans and Tahara for making me iterate on a character I all but abandoned. I don't list all of you because I'd be typing for a while, but you know who you are.
I don't have any old memory of a screenshot to share, so you'll have to do with the tasty two.


Alright, time for me to toss my lot in to the ring as well. I joined this guild in 2015, almost exactly five years ago, and it's possibly been one of the biggest and most concrete parts of my life despite all the ups and downs it's brought with it. I've had many late nights (or rather early mornings) of RP on campaign days, staying up until the sun went up and occassionally even when it went down again. Is that healthy? Probably not tbh, but it's been so much bloody fun.

I recall joining during a time of rest in Stranglethorn, and I'm quite frankly still a little embarrassed from those days. I was 13, only just started RPing frequently and there was a whole new guild I needed to make an impression on. Honestly? I think that impression was a bit shit to begin with, which is hilarious; I was stubborn, edgy, blissfully unaware of what "adult" social norms even meant, and above all young and dumb. I tried my best to fit in but... a guild filled with many people well in to their 20s is hard to interact with when you've only just gotten in to puberty. ;D

Regardless, after I made Nosh'marak my main character and he had a worthy introduction I feel like I was really on my feet. There were times I flat out said I would quit, times where I did actually disappear for a few days or weeks at a time but something kept pulling me back and honestly I never knew what that thing was until I grew up. It was everyone who made up the guild, from the ones who came and went over the course of a few weeks to the old veterans who had been there almost as long as I'd been alive, and now that I'm older and (hopefully) wiser I've realized there's no other guild I'd rather have stuck with. You people literally shaped my teens, helped me grow up, and made me a better person. <3
As for people I wanna thank... Boy oh boy that's a big list, but I'll go with a select few that have REALLY impacted me. First of all, @Azolg, Lewis my dear dear friend. You've always been there to sort of guide my hand to do what's right; you were the first to vouch for me as an officer and you really heightened my self esteem in tough times. With time I've come to love you like a brother even if you're not around as much anymore. <3

@Rhonya and @Srelok, you two have always played a monumental role in ensuring that I've felt welcome and understood. But you've also granted me the wisdom of telling me when it's time to STFU - which is absolutely invaluable.

@Elder Koz, Kogra, Vraxxar, Razaron, Verzan, Za'karah, Nakobu, and Trakmar for having been the best officer team I could have ever imagined. We've all always been good friends despite internal disputes, and honestly? When I finally leave for the military I KNOW I'm leaving the guild in good hands. I trust you all to the maximum, and I love you for the work you put in.

@Tagrok - I shouldn't even have to say anything. You made me cry on the train (I hate you for that) when I passed my military assessments because you truly made me realize the extent of your support to me; it's been unending support and love, and I don't think anything can ever change that. You're one of the few people in life that I strive to make proud.

Finally @Magrahra. A gentle guiding hand where it's needed, you've been like a wonderful concoction of all the positives above. I never thought anyone could put up with playing Nosh'marak's mate IC, but here we are and honestly it's been the most fun trip I could have ever imagined. Late nights of doodling, timewalking, PvP, or simply just nattering about the night's awkward RP have probably played the biggest part in keeping me sane during current events.
Of course I love you all unconditionally. It doesn't matter who might accidentally get on my nerves, who might say something that upsets me or who might quite frankly dislike me. I'm far from perfect, but the one thing I feel like I've really got a grasp on here in life is my love for you. The guild that's helped me grow, helped shape me in to the man I am today, and been the cause of a few late assignment turn-ins or late attendance marks in school. Just a few. I love y'all, and I leave you with my all-time favourite screenshot, from an event in the reboot campaign where I truly felt at home. Love you long time, I'll make sure to do my darndest to be back after my military training!

Odds & Ends / Red Blade Calendar
March 01, 2019, 02:55:22 AM

  ¤  Orcish Lore  ¤  Orcish Timeline  ¤  Red Blade History  ¤  Great Spirits  ¤  Red Blade Culture  ¤  FAQ  ¤ 

Water's Tide
Water's Tide, or Kor'batar, marks the beginning of a new year. Traditionally known as the time of shifting tides of Draenor's seas, it is also a time of new beginnings, endings and transitions. Guided by the element of Water, Kor'batar is known for particularly strong currents and an ideal time to commune with the elements of water. It also offers a fresh start to those orcs who seek one, often accompanied by sober eating habits and meditation.

The First Light
Vosha'gur, or 'the First Light', marks the end of the Long Night and the beginning of the sun's ascension in the sky. Though few orcs traditionally practice the cultivation of crops, the first signs of Spring are instead observed in the movement (and herding) of animals in preparation for birthing. It is also a traditional time for the making of new pledges and dedications for the coming year.

Serenity's End
A paradoxical month, Karoshgoth, Serenity's End, marks both the time of the first bi-annual Kosh'harg festival - an essential time of peace for all clans - but also the beginning of new military campaigns as Spring brings with it mild enough conditions to start new wars or resume any outstanding wars. At the very least, the Kosh'harg often provided an opportunity for feuding clans to use the festival as a last chance to prevent any conflicts if at all possible... or a time to offer their respects to the enemy clan, knowing full well it would be their last time among one another as friends.

Echoes of Magor
As the first buds open to bloom and the wild animals begin to emerge from their dens, Ish'Magor, or 'Echoes of Magor', is primarily known as the month of the element of the Wilds. In addition to the energies of the Wild flowing most vigorously in this period, it is also a time of wisdom and knowledge for those orcs inclined towards matters of the mind. Many of the clan sages would take this opportunity to venture out on self-imposed pilgrimages in order to pursue new knowledge and insights. In the Red Blade Clan, this makes it the favoured month for those who revere the aspect of Magor.

Akala's Breath
Guided by the element of air, Akal'ha, or 'Akala's Breath', named after Akala for her connection to fertility, ushers in vast amounts of positive energy. The coming of Akal'ha often marked the beginning of the spring festivals for the orcish clans as they would celebrate the coming of fertility and growth and venture to new hunting grounds. Through the breezes and tides, Akal'ha carries with it a season of spiritual growth as well as a time in which to celebrate life and the new season.

Mor'vaul, or 'Midyear', marks the beginning of Summer and the hunting season that follows in its wake. With the first half of the year passed, Mor'vaul offers a time to reflect on what has been and what is yet to come in this year. Goals that have not yet been met should be re-evaluated, so that any dormant ambitions may be reawakened once more. In addition to striving for vitality and fertility for the hunts that are to come, steps should be made to strive for that which was previously too high an accomplishment.

Fire's Heart
Named in honor of the element of fire, Gorosh, Fire's Heart, marks the warmest time of year when the sun reaches its highest point. In addition to Gorosh being the month in which the element of fire is at its strongest, it is also the month in which animal spirits begin to appear more freely and may become more common to encounter. The season would additionally be an ideal time to set out into the wide world, nurturing adventure, wildness and freedom.

The Month of Stars
Kil'gund, the Month of Stars, is the month when the skies of the orcs' Old World would be the clearest of the entire year. This made it an ideal time for seers and shamans to read the stars and foretell what events will unfold in the coming years. Furthermore, it is a time when traditionally many competitions would be held, a chance to gain pride and honor in times of peace.

Earth's Gift
Dha'karth, Earth's Gift, is a month of offering and receiving. With winter approaching, clans that rely on the gifts of the earth such as fruits and seeds take this chance to give thanks to the element of earth to secure its blessing and to harvest as many supplies for the winter months to come. It is also the month of the autumnal equinox, traditionally the date of the second Kosh'harg festival of the year.

Blessing of Vrull
Aka'Vrull, War's Blessing or Blessing of Vrull, marks the end of the agricultural season for those few clans who actively practice the art of cultivating land. More importantly to most other clans however, it also marks the traditional end of military campaigns as the weather grows too unfavourable to maintain active military efforts. As a result, tribute is paid to any spirits or patrons of war for the victories won that year. This is often done by sacrificing animals or trophies of the defeated enemies. Or, aeons ago, sacrificing captives of the enemies themselves...

The Ancestor's Grace
Ankathar, the Ancestor's Grace, is the first month of the dark months of the year. As an opposite to the time of light and fertility in the first half of the year, death and darkness play a key role in Ankathar. The ancestors are remembered and honoured, and preparations for the coming winter are made.

The Long Night
Nath'lok, the Long Night in the traditional orcish tongue, marks the end of the year and the centre of the winter season. A great emphasis lies upon the reflection of the past year and the preparation for the next, as orcs are ritually cleansed of their deeds from the previous months and make offerings to the spirits for a prosperous year to come. Among some clans, it was once the month when some of the most ancient (and sometimes most taboo) rites and traditions would be practiced, such as the worship of the Pale Lady in the sky.

Notice Board / Chapter IV: A World Divided
August 13, 2018, 12:16:47 AM

Part 1: On Stranger Tides (29th of August, 2018)
Part 2: A Curt Reply (31st of August, 2018)
Part 3: Thar She Blows! (2nd of September, 2018)
Part 4: Feeding the Fish (4th of September, 2018)
Part 5: Three Sheets to the Wind (7th of September, 2018)
Part 6: Battle of the Gate (11th of September, 2018)
Part 7: In Her Majesty's Service (14th of September, 2018)
Part 8: Not So Clear-Cut (16th of September, 2018)
Part 9: Transportation Husbandry (18th of September, 2018)
Part 10: Battening the Hatches (21st of September, 2018)
Part 11: Lair of the Leviathan (23rd of September, 2018)
Part 12: All Hands Hoay! (25th of September, 2018)

The Horde and the Alliance are in open conflict. Following Warchief Windrunner's ruthless attack on the Night Elven home, she in turn has lost her and her people's sanctuary in Lordaeron. Now, both sides rush to bolster their forces for the ongoing war with respectively the nations of Zandalar and Kul Tiras.

In the middle of it all stands the Red Blade Clan, having only narrowly survived the Siege of Lordaeron after the Warchief decided to bombard her own troops with the vile substance known as Blight. As a result, the clan withdrew from the conflict to leave the Warchief and her Forsaken to fend for themselves, bent on delivering word to the shores of Kalimdor of the Warchief's vile nature and treachery. On their voyage home, however, they were set upon by an Alliance battleship under the command of a certain High Captain; young, ambitious and eager to prove himself. The clan hardly stood a chance in their re-purposed pirate vessel, the Sea Cucumber. Though they made a valiant stance against overwhelming odds, they were upon the brink of extermination when Stormwind marines stormed the main deck. It was at that moment that three pirate ships appeared on the horizon, putting a violent end to the already violent confrontation as they engaged the Alliance battleship. In the chaos of the battle, the Red Blade's vessel met its ultimate fate, however. Caught in the crossfire of the Alliance battleship and one of the pirate frigates, the Sea Cucumber did not manage to escape. The ship, and its entire Red Blade crew along with it, has found a watery grave upon the high seas...
Game Related / Applicant Interviewing Guidelines
July 30, 2018, 11:47:11 AM
Hello everyone!

With regular members (Nag'Ogar and Gosh'kar) now able to interview and invite people to the guild again, I'm posting some guidelines here that I would like anyone who has been approached by an applicant to follow. There's no middle ground in this; I expect everyone to follow these steps and make sure no applicant misses out on any information! After all, it's imperative that newcomers to the guild feel as welcome as they can.

During the interview, ensure that:

  • You get a feel for the applicant. Examples of questions you could ask are: Who are they? What can they bring to the clan? What do they know of us? Why do they want to join us?
  • They fit in with the clan IC and whether their story adds up;
  • Any discrepancies in their background are cleared up. You don't have to strictly check every detail on the timeline, but just make sure that we're not dealing with Thrall's lost son or daughter;
  • The applicant is suitably informed of the IC challenges that they will face if they are roleplaying a Death Knight or Warlock, and as such will have to undergo a trial period (as the Pariah rank OOC) first in order to prove themselves.
Should the applicant be accepted, ensure that:

  • They know the guild tabards are for proven members only;
  • They know that they are expected to find a tutor to teach them the ways of the clan;
  • That know they will require three marks of the clan and need to know the clan's oath and have read up on the Code of Honor in order to eventually take the oath;
  • They know that the guild chat is IC and cannot be used or heard until the blood oath is made, but they are very welcome to join both the RedOrc community group as well as the Discord chat. Neither are mandatory, but they're good for building OOC bonds;
  • The applicant feels accepted! If your orc is Grumpy McGrumppants, then you might want to reconsider whether applicant interviews are suitable for you to begin with. If you don't think you're in a position to give the applicant a warm or at least lukewarm reception, it's probably best to pass the opportunity on to someone else.
All of the above may seem like fairly straightforward guidelines, but really, it's imperative that none of these steps are skipped! We've had too many occasions where newcomers had no idea what to do and ended up feeling alienated because they were thrown into the deep end. It's important for all of us to bear in mind that it's quite a daunting thing to plunge yourself into an unfamiliar and well-rooted community, so do whatever you can to make them feel as welcomed and well-informed as possible!

Thank you all for your cooperation. Happy interviewing!
Notice Board / Chapter III: The Drums of War
July 03, 2018, 11:28:56 AM

Part 1: History Repeats Itself (4th of July, 2018)
Part 2: True Colours (6th of July, 2018)
Part 3: Hard Learned Lessons (8th of July, 2018)
Part 4: The Instinct of War (10th of July, 2018)
Part 5: The Call of Home (13th of July, 2018)
Part 6: A Hollow Triumph (15th of July, 2018)
Part 7: To Blighted Lands (23rd of July, 2018)
Part 8: The Burden of Principle (28th of July, 2018)
Part 9: A Different Perspective (2nd of August, 2018)
Part 10: The End of the Horde (10th of August, 2018)

The world of Azeroth bleeds. And with it, its denizens cry out... but not out of pain. But for blood. With each passing week, the world is going a little more mad as both the Horde and the Alliance flock to their banners to prepare for a war that seems to be inevitable. Fueled by new technologies brought forth by the bleeding of this very world, the eagerness to test them only serves to increase the likeliness of open conflict.

Now, Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner has called for a massive mobilization of the Horde's forces. The wound of Azeroth, located in Silithus, has been the site of some skirmishes and conflicts already. However, she now appears to be poised to send an entire army to the south of the continent of Kalimdor in order to secure any and all Azerite, the lifeblood of the wounded world, for herself. The day that the Orcs of the Red Blade suspected would come, has finally arrived. And so, the Red Blade clan rallies to the Horde's banner as well. Some willingly, some out of a sense of duty and honor, and some simply because friends or family choose to do so. The hour of reckoning is at hand, and the long awaited Fourth War is at long last about to engulf Azeroth. Caught in the middle of it all, Chieftain Kozgugore Feraleye maintains a campaign log. A book of war. This is his side of a conflict gone out of hand.
Off Topic / Last Post Wins: Reloaded
June 13, 2018, 09:44:50 PM
Last time on Last Post Wins, Regorn seized the coveted OotRB HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (AT LIFE) OF THE WORLDâ,,¢. Will Kronnor be able to regain his pride and joy? Will he find the will to live long enough to one day take back his title? Will Krogon at long last rise up from the position of underdog?

Last post wins! If you are the last poster for a period of 24 hours or more, this thread is locked, you become a CHAMPION AT LIFEâ,,¢, and you get a custom graphic below your name to let everyone know how SPECIALâ,,¢ you are.

Your Name Here
Champion At Life

Posts: The Last

There can only be one CHAMPION AT LIFEâ,,¢, so if Regorn doesn't retain, he'll no longer have his title! And then congratulation, a winner is you.

Let the games begin!
Notice Board / Chapter II: The Honor of Orcs
March 22, 2018, 06:50:57 PM

Part 1: Old Grudges (25th of March, 2018)
Part 2: By Demons Be Driven (27th of March, 2018)
Part 3: Fury Road (30th of March, 2018)
Part 4: No Place Like Home (3rd of April, 2018)
Part 5: Empires and Heroes (6th of April, 2018)
Part 6: Planting a Flag (8th of April, 2018)
Part 7: The Hunger Game (10th of April, 2018)
Part 8: Conquerors and Murderers (13th of April, 2018)
Part 9: Hearts and Minds (17th of April, 2018)
Part 10: Spearbreaker (20th of April, 2018)
Part 11: Uprising (22nd of April, 2018)
Part 12: The Night of Spears (29th of April, 2018)

The Burning Legion has been defeated, yet the world is not at rest. It is wounded - a god's blade having pierced its heart - and the Horde and Alliance quarrel over its scraps. Meanwhile, however, other denizen of the world have not been sitting idle.

In the absence of the Horde's military from the homelands, old enemies have been allowed to grow unchecked. Four months ago, the Red Blade already witnessed first hand how the Kolkar clan in the Northern Barrens had grown in discomforting number. Its local leader, Warlord Krerak, had tolerated the Red Blade's incursion upon their lands in exchange for eliminating the Burning Blade threat atop Dreadmist Peak. Now, however, the Kolkar have grown ever more confident with the increase in their numbers. Raids upon caravans and locals are a common occurrence as the Red Blade, too, witnessed when the son of a local pig farmer begged for their aid as his family's home was attacked by a Kolkar raiding party led by one of its champions, Worza. Sargeras' piercing blade intervened the battle that ensued that evening, but it was undoubtedly not the last encounter the orcs will have had with the emboldened Kolkar clan...
Applications / The Great Spirits
December 11, 2017, 01:22:44 AM

  ¤  Orcish Lore  ¤  Orcish Timeline  ¤  Red Blade History  ¤  Red Blade Culture  ¤  Red Blade Ranks  ¤  FAQ  ¤ 

The Great Wolf, Father
Fatherhood, leadership, strength, law, order

Once, when the Old World was still a place of Furies, colossals and primal forces, the orcs had only just begun to emerge from the sanctuary of their caves. They were newcomers to the World, caught between the conflicts of older races and prisoners to the fate bestowed upon them by forces far mightier than them. It was only by banding together that they could even hope to survive the harsh wilderness. In time, some would learn to harness the harsh nature of the world. Others, however, fell prey to greater forces.

One day, a small settlement consisting of nary more but a single family broke to the might of one of these forces: ogres. None survived the fatal attack, save for a single babe. Reggar was his name, and though the ogre aggressors overlooked him in the slaughter, he was left to the unforgiving elements to wither away. For days, young Reggar cried. Until finally, a curious wolf sought out the source of the cries and happened upon the wailing child in its hour of need. Rather than devouring the helpless child, the wolf did a remarkable thing, however: he seized the babe between his maws and returned him to his den. There, he nursed the child together with his mate, raising it to maturity and teaching it everything about the World, its perils and how to overcome them. Until the day came that Reggar had become wise and strong enough to face this world of enemies for himself. The wolf decided it was time for Reggar to forge his own fate, guiding him out into the World and helping him find a pack of his own. Ten sons and daughters did Reggar sire alongside his newfound mate, Lakora, and when the time to demand blood for blood was right, they set out to vanquish the ogres who laid waste to Reggar's family home. Finally, when the dust of vengeance had settled and the crude blades of Reggar and his pack ran red with ogre blood, the wolf was content knowing Reggar and Lakora's pack was now strong enough to weather any hazard that the World would throw at them, and sent them on their way. Reggar's pack would soon be spoken of as the "Red Blades", in reference to their blades which would always be demanded to be touched red with the blood of their enemies the moment they are drawn from their sheaths. At last, they had become masters of their own fate.

As for the wolf? He turned back to his own pack, for it had grown large and mighty in its own time. Reggar and his Red Blades would not be forgotten, however. In his paternal love and devotion, he would forever watch over them as they continued to bloody their blades throughout the World. Akashok was his name. And as the father and teacher of Reggar and his pack, he would become their paragon of strength, law and order. Their protector in times of need, just as he had once come to Reggar's aid in his. So too for his sons and daughters, and for those who would follow after them carrying the name of "Red Blade", until this very day.

Matriarch, Den Mother
Motherhood, fertility, protection, female strength

Though once a verdant, fertile land, Akala's pack hailed from a domain that had become a barren wasteland. Life was unforgiving there, and each week her pack scraped by to find the bare essentials necessary to keep the pack alive. One day, her parents fell ill, unable to help the pack find the well-needed nourishment to keep everyone alive. Slowly, despair began to infect the hardiness of the pack, as it became increasingly difficult to feed everyone.

Then there came a night when Akala looked up to the moonlit sky. She gazed at the light of the Old World's moon, the Pale Lady, and found herself enchanted by it. A desire to chase after the Pale Lady's light grew within Akala's heart, and undeterred by her siblings' words of caution for the dangers of the wilderness beyond the pack's hunting grounds, Akala set out to pursue the Pale Lady's brilliance. Night after night, she turned her gaze skyward to see where the light might take her. For years, she journeyed from her home in the east to the furthest western reaches of the World, until one day, she set her sight upon a towering mountain; its peak exalted high and mighty above the plains below. When she ascended to the top, the light of the Pale Lady at last shone in full upon Akala, radiating her light upon Akala's fur and turning it into a brilliant, silvery hue. The Pale Lady then at last spoke to Akala. She told Akala of how each night, she chased across the stars to find her lost brother, the Sun. It was because of this chase that she forgot to eat, always trying to catch up with her unbridled brother, and grew thinner and thinner with each night. She asked Akala to help her find more sustenance, that she may take less time to pause for her meal. In return, the Pale Lady promised to renew her pack's hunting grounds back into the fertile lands they once were, for she also saw the desperate plight of her pack every time she passed by them during the night.

It was through this pact that Akala ensured the survival of her parental pack. For three days every month, she would return to the peak of the mountain to provide the Pale Lady with an offering of food. In return, the Pale Lady kept her word. She pulled the waters of the sea back towards the hunting grounds once more, bringing new life to Akala's home. Ever since this pact was sealed, Akala and the Pale Lady share a special bond, and it is through Akala that plights for fertility can be made to all those who have need of it. The moon had also become a focal point from which to not only seek guidance from, but to draw strength from as well, granting boons of both renewal as well as potency.

The Huntress
Self improvement, pride, tenacity, the hunt

Kavara, also known as the Huntress, is one that had been brought into the world as part of Akashok and Akala’s first litter. Born sickly, it was thought that Kavara would not survive the first fortnight. Some say that the Pale Lady herself had a hand in the pup seeing its way through this period. Because of the weakness the pup had shown at birth, the rest of the pack saw Kavara more as a liability. Determined to change this, Kavara sought to improve herself. She did. As the pack went out to hunt, Kavara went along with them, learning from her peers and growing more skilled each time they went out.

The time came in which Kavara became more skilled than her peers, hunting down their prey together, beast by beast. The Huntress, ever so eager to improve herself, challenged herself to go out and see if she could take down these beasts on her own. With effort, she managed to do just that. Clefthooves, riverbeasts, boars, raptors, and some even say a gronn fell to this huntress. After each hunt, Kavara kept the bones of her prey and added them to her collection, to remind her of her success and of the level she had risen to. In her pride, it would seem that none could stand against her as all great prey had been hunted down. All save one.

Kavara found her match when she came to the southern regions, the land of her brother, Vrull. Eager to see more bones added to her collection, the Huntress sought to bring down the beasts of this land as well. While she did, there was one that managed to elude her every single time. It is the pride of the Huntress that drives her, and so she is ever on the prowl to hunt down her eternal prey; Mo’lak.

Followers of this particular matron feel themselves drawn to one of her aspects. Hunters come to honor her and ask for her blessing on their hunts. If they are favored, their hunt is bountiful. If they are not, they will have to prepare for harsh winters. Others choose her to become their matron as they improve and hone their own skills. Uniquely to the other members of Akashok's Pack, the domain of the hunt is shared with her eternal prey.

The Son of Strife
War, honor, dedication

Is it said that far to the southern reaches of the Old World, there roamed an entirely different pack of wolves altogether. One unmatched in strength and number. Its dominion was that of Vrull, once the eldest son of Akashok but now better known as the dreaded Son of Strife.

Vrull had garnered a fearsome reputation among his peers and kin alike. From an early age, he grew weary of standing in his father's vast shadow. Seeking to make a name for himself, he left the Pack and sought his renown elsewhere. Many trials did Vrull overcome before he wound up in the southern regions of the World, where he founded his own pack and had ever since been a scourge to all who inhabited the southern plains. Through sheer force of will and dedication, Vrull carved his own path, stepping out of his father's shadow. It's exactly that which Vrull, then, favors above all else: honor, strength, tenacity, glory and ambition. To think that these things can be earned through any favors to Vrull would be folly, however. The Son of Strife does not answer prayers, nor does he take kindly to those who think any of these things are idly rewarded through anything but sheer blood and toil.

Vrull has little patience for weakness, and rarely does he look upon a mortal with anything but disapproving judgement. He only helps those who help themselves. No offerings or faithful dedication will please this Great Spirit - only the blood of one's enemies and a worthy display of courage and tenacity are enough to earn his approval at best. Do this, and you will feel the strength and endurance of the Son of Strife when you find yourself in most need of it.

The Traveller, The Far Wanderer
Wisdom, learning, discipline

When Akashok and Akala's first litter was born, it were Vrull and Kavara who were the first to come kicking into the World. Lastly, however, was Magor. Ever patient and content to be overshadowed by the unruliness of the two bigger siblings, Magor always appeared to be the runt of the litter. It was no surprise, then, that Magor would venture out into the wide world to forge his own path once he became of age. Little is known of what places Magor visited each time he left the pack for another journey, only to return to share the wildest tales with his mother and father, who listened with great wonder. Further and further away did Magor's journeys continue to take him, always seeking to venture to new, unexplored realms and domains.

Legend has it that Magor had been granted the ability to travel beyond the veil of the Old World alone. That all times and places were open to him, and that he visited many alternate realities and planes unknown to even the wisest of sages. It was Magor who came at Akashok's behest to bring to Reggar and Lakora and their pack the secrets of fire and iron, allowing them to master the elements as well as their enemies. Even after they parted ways with Akashok, however, Magor regularly returned to seek them out, teaching them other wisdoms such as morals, crafts and the reading of stars. It is only a logical consequence, then, that orcs who live by Magor's ways and wisdoms often turn to him for guidance, and are urged to discover the secrets of both the known and unknown world in order to unravel the threads of knowledge in a never-ending pursuit for enlightenment. Being the traveler that he is, he is also known to guide orcs back on the right path when they have lost their way. His aid then often comes in the form of a spectral bird, resembling a windroc, which seeks to lead the orc back onto the path. This windroc is Aotokk, a companion that Magor met on his travels and that has accompanied him ever since, providing him with eyes and ears from the vantage of the skies.

The Unborn, Dark Fang, Blackfur
Death, devotion, subtlety, safety

Between the veil of life and death lurks the wolf known as Sharguul, ever lingering within the shadows, quietly observing and protecting the clan known as the Red Blade to the best of his ability. Born from the misfortune that caused Akala to lose her litter, The Unborn found its way, through sheer willpower, to be able to live where none other can survive, quietly guiding the spirits of fallen orcs to their final resting place in the hunting grounds.

A sense of duality lingers within the wolf. On one side there is he who punishes and hunts down those that would do harm to the clan and the kin of the Red Blade, this form is known to many as Dark Fang. On the other side there is he who guides the fallen on their final journey to the grounds upon which they will hunt eternal. It is thanks to the nature of Sharguul that he has escaped the attention of the clan for so long, for the wolf does not wish to wander in the center of attention, but rather stays on the outskirts and in the limelight, those who go unobserved have most freedom to protect and judge.

Those who follow The Unborn are often those who put the needs and safety of the pack above their own, who know what it means to sacrifice yet would not do so in vain. It is because of that why he is said to personally guide the Varog’Gor with their steps as they are the closest there is to a physical embodiment of the wolf itself, something he cannot attain.
The Campfire / Hunted
December 04, 2017, 12:36:48 AM

'That is the third time I dragged your hide away from certain death. Whatever will you do when I am no longer here, little brother? Ha! Even when I will be feasting with my forefathers and you will be left here to arse around by your lonesome, I will never be able to look away from you.'
- Orboz Broadjaw to Kozgugore Feraleye, Second War


Blood ran down from the corner of the dead orc's mouth like a calm mountain stream, running down to his neck and to the ground, where it spilled together in an increasingly larger puddle of blood. It had grown large enough to see his own reflection in, meeting with his own gaze. It served as a cruel reminder of the only truth he knew: you did this. You are the reason this young orc lies dead here, the flame of his young candle snuffed out far before its time.

Kozgugore stood to his feet. This time was no different. The eyes that looked back at him in the lake of crimson water knew that he felt no remorse. No time for pity or prayer. The number of times those eyes stared into the lifeless spheres of the dead were uncounted - a myriad of orcs whose names were added to the list of the fallen, their memories scattered to the winds. But not for him.

Ar'gok, Abrag Sourfist, Muzg Felsaw, Orboz Broadjaw, Thrazna, Choohan, Kargur Bloodaxe, Hakon Wolfmane, Mhokdor Spinesnapper, Marogg Stonefist, Greggar Ironfoot, Morgeth Feralheart, Sadok Sharptongue, Krogon Devilstep... They were each more than just names. They were memories. Morals. Ideas. They were him. All of their names together, they were more than the sum of their parts. He shared a family with them. A home. Even blood. There was a vision that he had, and it had once become reality. Now, that reality is a distant memory, hunted down by those who would see everything burnt to ash. They were each stolen from him. Not by those who hunted him now, but by the greatest hunter of all: Time.

With each death, another piece of his soul crumbled. Pieces that represented him, withering away in the autumn of his lifetime, until all ability to show penitence for those who died under him had burned away. So many had he seen die or sent to their deaths by his own hand, that each passing death led him to feel more detached from this material plane of existence. For years, he had waited for the ancestors' call - for the day that they would come to carry him to the halls of his ancestors and brothers in blood. But they refused. It puzzled him, to think of why they saw fit to see him linger and suffer like a phantom of an old, bygone world in this new age.

He wiped the blood clean off his axe. This time it was he who stole from another. Though he could not save this orc in time, he had still managed to put down his assailants. Whoever they were, they appeared to target both orcs of the old tribe as well as those not known to have had ties to it entirely. They sought to take his tribe from him. His family. The best he could do was to warn any who might still be out there. His only regret was that he was unable to link up with them himself. It would only have served to bring his hunters straight to those they sought to execute, making their vendetta only easier. He already knew his letters had been compromised somehow somewhere along the way. He knew it was only a matter of time before they were upon those that were warned, but at least the warning would serve to bring all survivors together and allow them to join forces and stand united. Give them a fighting chance, together... if they would heed his warnings at all.

Such concerns were far removed from his mind now. He had his own pursuers to outrun. He turned to the others who accompanied him in this chase. Sinami was recollecting her arrows from the dead, while some of the wolves foraged the battlefield with the curiosity of newborn pups. They were the closest thing he still had to a pack... A family. A final handhold to this corporeal existence. And now they had to save whatever might be left of their old pack - ensure there was still a future for the legacy that coursed through their veins. They had to press on. They had to know the truth...

The Blood had to be protected.
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We're back with a vengeance. Commence your spamming in order to kick Kronnor off of his throne made out of pizzas.

The prize? Certainly not as tasty as pizzas, anyway:

Notice Board / Chapter I: Return of the Red Blade
November 27, 2017, 02:12:50 AM

Part 1: Mysterious Tidings (26th of November, 2017)
Part 2: Crags and Shadows (28th of November, 2017)
Part 3: Unwelcome Neighbors (1st of December, 2017)
Part 4: Smoke on the Horizon (3rd of December, 2017)
Part 5: Rite of Passage (5th of December, 2017)
Part 6: In Sheep's Clothing (8th of December, 2017)
Part 7: Blade's Fall (10th of December, 2017)
Game Related / We Return!
November 10, 2017, 05:09:51 PM
Welcome back!

Thanks to the aid and input of Drevan, Kargnar, Trakmar, Kogra, Noshmarak and Groshnok, we can now officially say that Orcs of the Red Blade as a guild is coming back, and we intend to do so better than ever!

As you might have seen on the website, there's a bunch of changes that the guild has been subjected to. The result of several weeks of discussions and restless nights! If you have any questions in particular regarding any of these changes or the guild's new concept, feel free to take a look at our updated Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, or if you can't find the answer there, feel free to ask your questions - or simply to exclaim your excitement (or hatred) - in this topic! The full length of all the information you need to know about our upcoming campaign will follow in this post, but additional information can also be found on the Argent Dawn forums' thread.
Applications / Red Blade Culture
November 09, 2017, 01:45:49 AM

  ¤  Orcish Lore  ¤  Orcish Timeline  ¤  Red Blade History  ¤  Great Spirits  ¤  Red Blade Ranks  ¤  FAQ  ¤ 

The history and culture of the Red Blade clan is as vast as it is old. Tradition plays a great part in staying true to their ancestors' roots, even to this very day. In this entry, you will find all of the lore and culture specific to the Red Blade clan. While not always entirely similar to, or even reminiscent of, common orcish culture or lore, orcs who call themselves Red Blade are expected to know and live by these customs.

The Clan
The Red Blade clan in its present-day form is a descendent of the Red Blade clan of old before the founding of the Horde, also known as Clan Redblade at the time. Although assimilated into the war machine of the Horde, the Red Blade would eventually return under the leadership of its last known descendent of the last Chieftain following the founding of Durotar, Akesha Redblade. Though many secrets of the old clan were thought gone, ensuing events ensured that the traditions of Clan Redblade resurfaced once more. Now, many of the old traditions - even beliefs - of the old clan have returned to prominence, its customs and religion actively practiced by those following the tenets of the guardian spirit of the clan, the Great Wolf Akashok. It comes as no surprise, then, that even to this very day, the Red Blade clan places great stock in tradition and faith.

Because of the old clan's martial origins, rooted in the Red Blade warband of Githya Redblade, the clan has always known orcs of many different colors and lineage. Outsiders were regularly embraced into the clan when they proved their worth and loyalty, and ties to old clans were even allowed to be retained so long as these did not conflict with the laws or beliefs of the Red Blade's own. This dogma exists to this very day, allowing orcs of many different clans and origins to swear their fealty to the Red Blade and its guardian spirit so long as they are willing to remain true to the Red Blade's creed. As a result, the Red Blade's culture serves as the cement by which orcs of many different qualities may be bound together.

The Red Blade Oath of Blood
When New Blood have completed their trials and have been selected to take the clan's Oath of Blood, the following words are to be recited:

'Akashok, Great Wolf and Father of the Pack, witness me now! From this day until the day I embrace my death, I swear that I will honor my people through blood and toil. I will live by the Code of Honor decreed by my Pack. I will obey my Wolfking and trust in his authority. I will not rest until the pelts of my enemies lie at your feet. My fangs and loyalty belong to my Pack and its brothers and sisters. May dishonor fall upon me on the day that I break these words. From this day forward, I submit myself to the Path of Strength/Wisdom/Cunning. My name is ... and I give my blood willingly to bind this oath.'

The hunt is a central theme to every orc's life. For generations, orcs have pursued a nomadic lifestyle and lived off the land. As a result, almost every orc knows at least the basics of hunting. Due to this strong reliance on what nature has to offer, however, there is great responsibility for the hunter. Red Blades are taught only to harvest and kill that which they require. Proper respect needs to be given to the beasts that are slain, traditionally done by thanking it for its sacrifice or reciting a small prayer. To idly slaughter an animal and not using all of its gifts - the meat, fur, bones, even organs - is to commit a serious crime.

The Reddening of a Blade
Among the Red Blades, to draw one's blade as a threat is no idle gesture. This is something that should only be done when one is willing to back up their words with action in the form of a challenge. As such, it is heavily frowned upon to carelessly unsheathe a blade or weapon of any kind out of combat if it is not for either practical purposes or for guard duty. It has become tradition that a blade has to 'taste blood' any time that it is drawn from its sheath. This rule serves to ensure that no baseless threats are issued by any of its orcs, save for when they are truly serious. If a weapon is drawn and its wielder is not willing to enforce the threat or has done so carelessly, the weapon shall carry its own wielder's blood.

Blood Bonds
Though the forging of personal bonds between two orcs within the clan is a strictly private affair and does not involve any official ceremonies with the rest of the clan, the most commonly adhered rite to forge blood bond between brothers or sisters is the one passed down through generations: when two orcs wish to seal a permanent bond between one another that will consider themselves equals to one another as if they were blood kin, they come together in a private setting. Then, they each draw blood from one another's palms. Both palms are clasped together as they link arms around one another, then words of commitment are vowed to each other.
To be a blood brother or sister is no idle task, however. It is a lifelong bond in which the two committed orcs protect one another until death takes either one of them. To betray a blood brother or sister according to the Code of Honor is to commit a serious crime in the face of the spirits. As such, it is wise to consider one's blood siblings carefully, in order to ensure the best synergy.

When two orcs are courting one another in a pursuit of a romantic interest, it is Red Blade custom to signify a more serious interest in the other party by offering them a necklace with a rune of their own name on it. This token is an unspoken vow of committal, foretelling his or her desire to spend the rest of their lives together. If the the other accepts, they venture out into the wilderness together, in complete solitude from the rest of civilization. They may only return to the clan once they have hunted down a great prey together, harvesting all of its spoils and fashioning gifts for one another out of it. The traditional gift is to fashion a bonding necklace out of several bones of the prey, added to the necklace that was initially offered to them. Upon their return to the clan, a ceremony will be held for them led by one of its shaman. Gathered in front of a fire, they each present a bone of their hunted prey, inscribed upon which are their own names and several details of their past lives. Upon the instruction of the shaman, they each cast the bones to the fire and recite a prayer to the Great Spirits and their own ancestors, signifying the abandonment of their old lives in favor of their newfound mate. The two then face one another, taking hold of each other's hands above the heat of the fire's flames when the shaman ritually cleanses their joined hands with fresh water, purifying them both of foregone loves and deeds. With the spirits' blessings, they are then declared mates.

Funerary Rites
When orcs pass on from life, their spirit lingers in the Shadowlands, the realm between the living and the dead. In order to guide their way into the ancestors' embrace, their mortal remains must be ritually cleansed and finally placed upon a funerary pyre. It is customary to include important personal belongings of the orc on this pyre if present. In the presence of the rest of the clan, a pyremaster recites a prayer to the Great Spirits and the ancestors to turn their attention to the journey of this orc. When the pyre is lit, the orcs gathered then cry out to the heavens at the top of the lungs, calling to the spirits in order to guide them to the deceased orc's location so they may welcome the orc to the lands of the ancestors, where they are reunited with old loved ones and the great heroes of old to hunt, feast and share tales with.

Orcs who have lost their way or have committed serious crimes to the clan are exiled by the will of the Wolfking. They will not longer be welcomed as friend to the clan, and any tattoos or markings relating to the clan and its traditions will be ritually burnt away, the orc no longer found worthy to bear the Great Spirits' favors. They are then abandoned to the wilds, left to the spirits' judgement. If they manage to survive the ordeal and ever return to show themselves to the clan again, they are expected to be treated as a pariah.

Wolf Masks
Wolf mantles and masks are a common sight in the Red Blade clan. They serve to symbolize the pack mentality that the clan's orcs have with one another, showing their unity not only through the donning of the clan's colors, but also by adhering the clan's theme that is centered around the wolf. How these masks are obtained, is always left to the orcs' personal experience. Some may wear the skin of a companion or mount that has passed away. Others don the skin of a mighty lupine foe that they have vanquished. Either way, traditional Red Blade garbs are often accompanied by wolf skins and masks, causing Red Blade orcs to be an easily distinguishable sight.

The Code of Honor / The Code of Akashok
Rather than a set of codified laws, the Red Blade knows only the Code of Honor. After all, what better law is there for an orc to live by, than honor itself? The Code of Honor, also known as the Code of Akashok, is the creed which every Red Blade is expected to live by. The Code was once taught to Reggar Redblade by Akashok, and has been central to the Red Blade clan and how they live their life ever since. To break the Code, is to betray the very clan itself. As such, it is expected of every Red Blade to uphold the Code, and to correct fellow clan members if ever they threaten to break it. Upon repeated offenses to the Code, orcs may be punished or even exiled from the clan.

The Code of Akashok dictates that the children of the Red Blade will:

  • Be loyal to their Chief, be it Warchief or Chieftain, at all times, unless this Chief has shown signs of dishonor. Mercenary contractors do not count as Chiefs.
  • Respect their alliances.
  • Only judge others by their honor.
  • Ignore an alliance if dishonorable.
  • Slay a dishonorable foe, even if that foe is helpless.
  • Slay an honorable foe who is not helpless.
  • Be hospitable and generous to those in need.
  • Respect the hospitality shown to them.
  • Free any orcish slaves, unless branded as peons.
  • Avenge any intended insult.
  • Avenge any physical harm done to them in a manner fitting their sense of balance and justice.
  • Fight their enemies to the very end.

The Code of Akashok dictates that the children of the Red Blade will not:

  • Anger the spirits or elements by any means.
  • Betray any person they have sworn an oath in blood towards.
  • Judge others by matters unassociated to their honor.
  • Force themselves upon the helpless, unless dishonorable.
  • Slay an opponent in a duel of honor.
  • Slay a wild animal or any other creature needlessly, unless for revenge, to harvest food or other resources, or to slay a sworn enemy.
  • Slay or steal from one who has shown them hospitality.
  • Take fellow orcs as slaves.
  • Steal the soul of neither friend nor foe.
  • Cannibalize the remains of neither friend nor foe.
  • Worship demons or submit themselves to them or their magics and practices.
  • Trade, bond or make alliances with those branded as traitors or outlaws to the clan or the Horde.
In addition, any warlocks in the clan are expected to adhere to the clan's Code on Warlockry and the Fel.

Clan Gatherings
Clan Gatherings are special occasions when the entirety of the clan is summoned by the Wolfking to discuss various matters of import. Each Gathering is preceded by a short blessing from a Thur'ruk or Gosh'kar, ceremoniously marking the sanctity of the occasion as it takes place under the lawful gaze of the Great Spirit Akashok. Members from each Path gather on either side of the Wolfking, forming a half-circle - in the center of which the speaker or the subject of the discussion will stand. New Blood and any other outsiders of the clan shall stand on the outside of the circle, behind the core members of clan.

Gatherings are used both by the Wolfking to announce the clan's next destination, plans or decrees, as well as an opportunity for the rest of the clan to make announcements, issue statements and earn promotions. Moreover, it is a place to settle personal affairs, from declaring a bond to disputing another's honor.

Rites and Challenges
Challenge of the Wyvern
Various kinds of challenges dedicated to the legend of the great wyvern Sharpwing. The challenges are made up by an orc of the clan, to be completed by competing teams of orcs in an allotted amount of time. These are usually challenges of wits and skill, requiring participating orcs to work and think together in order to gain the upper hand.

When two orcs are at an impasse during a dispute and it cannot be resolved by mere argument, the Wolfking will call for a duel of will between the two parties to let honor decide the just party. The first to surrender, will be declared the loser of the dispute. Failure to accept the outcome of the duel will result in severe punishment given the sanctity of the custom.

Traditionally a rite of adulthood in the orcish clans, it is first and foremost a naming ceremony in the Red Blade clan. Participating orcs will venture out into the wilderness with naught but rags and a simple weapon of their choosing and are expected to return within the demanded time with a prey of their own choosing that is worthy of their honor.

Rite of Cleansing
The Rite of Cleaning is a ritual to be undertaken by orcs who have previously committed a serious crime or have been exiled and found forgiven through great time and effort. It is also mandatory for warlocks and death knights to undertake in order to be tolerated as a Red Blade, should they have proven themselves trustworthy and deserving enough through the Wolfking's approval.

War Cries
An appeal to the head of the Great Spirits, Akashok, to witness the orc's battle and bless him or her with his boon.

An appeal to the Great Spirit of War, Vrull, to witness the orc's battle. Though Vrull is not commonly known to bestow blessings upon his worshippers, he may be impressed with the display.

A shout, Red Blade dialect for "blood", to express desire for the enemy's blood. Commonly shouted in unison with many other orcs present as a chant before rushing into battle.

For the Blood of Redblade!
Previously uttered as "For the Blood of the Tribe," the most common battle cry for Red Blades. Since the Red Blades no longer exist in the entity of a tribe but rather a clan, the word "tribe" is either replaced with "clan" or the name of Redblade is used. Its roots go back to the founding father of the Red Blade war band and its subsequent clan, Reggar Redblade. The blood of Redblade is considered to be all those descending from his family, followers or any newcomers to his clan and its tenets.

Rrosh'ka Valokh!
Red Blade dialect for "Blood for our blades!" This is a reference to the tradition that was first called into existence by the founding father of the Red Blade war band, Reggar Redblade. The war band became renowned for coating their blades in blood each time that they were drawn, following the legend of Reggar and the vengeance he inflicted upon the ogres that raided his childhood village. Now, the war cry has become a threatening shout to the Red Blade's adversaries on the field, calling out for their blood to be shed upon their blades.

Kosh'mahar Ravash!
Red Blade dialect for "Take what they owe!" Another reference to the Red Blade's namesake tradition of coating their blades with the blood of their enemies. The war cry is directed to their enemies, demanding they shed their blood on their blades, as that is what they owe them for unsheathing their blades upon the battlefield.

Shok, Arash, Vrashaa!
Red Blade dialect for "Free, strong, proud!" A war cry that Red Blades may be found shouting in unity, as it has grown in popularity since the end of the Third War. It was in this war that the orcs regained their freedom from the shackles of the Burning Legion, having previously served as slaves to their will to hunt down the Draenei and take over Azeroth. With orcish pride and freedom having returned after the Third War, these three words alone have become a rallying cry to remind the orcs what arduous road they have walked down, and what will keep them strong and united in the face of adversity to come. Never again to be enslaved by demons, humans or otherwise.

Date: March
Description: The first Kosh'harg of the new year, taking place on the day of the Spring equinox. Traditionally a chance for all clans of the Old World to come together in the shadow of the sacred mountain Oshu'gun, where they met with old friends and enemies alike. This is a time to settle rivalries, upsets and debts. As such, violence here is forbidden, instead making place for celebrations, rituals and competitive games.

Date: May
Description: Wor'aggar, or the Festival of the Wolf, signifies the coming of Spring and the time to celebrate the renewal of life. Traditionally, this would have been the time for the clan to migrate to new lands and ask the spirits for good tidings. Offerings are made to both Akala to pray for a fertile season and to Kavara for a bountiful hunt. This is a cheerful occasion all around, involving dance, drink, stories and songs.

The Great Midsummer Hunt
Date: June
Description: The height of Summer and the time for orcs to celebrate the best time of year when the days are longest, the lands are thriving and the bounty is plentiful. In honor of Kavara the Huntress and Mo'lak the Prey, the legend is re-enacted through song and ritual, before the orcs themselves are sent out in small hunting parties to chase the finest, most prestigious prey. A feast will be held from all the assembled food and trophies may be presented, to either be kept or offered to the Great Spirit.

Date: August
Description: Translated to Summer Games, Kra-Mavor is exactly that: competitors from all places of society came together to compete as equals in a series of games, including but not limited to archery, wrestling and wolf racing. Offerings will be made to the Great Wolf Akashok, to which the games are dedicated to.

Date: September
Description: The second Kosh'harg of the year, taking place on the day of the Autumnal equinox. Traditionally a chance for all clans of the Old World to come together in the shadow of the sacred mountain Oshu'gun, where they met with old friends and enemies alike. This is a time to settle rivalries, upsets and debts. As such, violence here is forbidden, instead making place for celebrations, rituals and competitive games.

Day of the Ancestor
Date: November
Description: Hunting season ends, and so the time comes for the nomadic clans to migrate to better harbor once more. Rather than affording a grand feast, instead ensuring enough foods are stored for the coming Winter, it is a sober occasion when the dead of the past year, but also prior years, are honored. The orcs visit shrines dedicated to the dead to pay tribute for their sacrifice. When the ceremony concludes, they warm themselves by great bonfires to share the grand tales of the honored ancestors.

The Long Night
Date: December
Description: This is a time of cleansing, as orcs prepare to enter the longest night of the year at the Winter solstice. Akala the Den Mother is appeased to guide the mating of animals for a fertile upcoming year. Next, the orcs are ritually cleansed of any ill fortune that befell them from the last year, preparing them for a new year to come. A feast ends the occasion, particularly rich with drink, as the majority will have fermented by this time of year. Celebrations traditionally last until the last light of the Pale Lady fades from the horizon, which is not until the late morning.
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For those of you who want to fix your signature clan emblem, the original thread's links have been updated as well.
Game Related / !Poll: The future of the guild!
February 18, 2017, 01:59:40 PM
Hello orcses! It sure has been a while!

As many of you have no doubt noticed, the guild has, in recent weeks (or dare I say months), sadly been at an all-time low. This has become so bad that we barely even have anyone attending events any more at all, let alone have any events organized that are exclusively our own. Bearing this in mind, it seems very safe to say that the need for this topic is very well-warranted, as things clearly need to be shaken up if we are to have any hope of multiple people being online at an event or for random RP once again.

To this end, instead of announcing a hiatus for the guild right away (an option that's been in the cards for some time), I figured I would at least offer those that would still potentially want to be invested in the guild a choice. There is, after all, still a chance that there are people out there who would still want to be active in RPing in the guild, but simply do not have the opportunity right now due to the lack of activity. For these people (and to some extend those that once had a hand in the guild in the past as well), I want to offer a choice in deciding the future of the guild. The the options we have here are twofold:

1. Announce an indefinite hiatus for the guild, realizing full well that it may be the permanent end for the guild if things don't get off the ground any more in the (near) future, but at least there will be some manner of 'closure' (if one can call it that, lacking any IC farewells) and the guild's reputation as an orc-only guild throughout the past ten years will have been intact.

2. Reform the guild to accommodate for more races so that the guild, and those members that still want to be a part of this, may live on. At the price of losing the 'prestigious' orc-only tag and with the risk that it may still not save the guild in the long-term since it will by no means be a guarantee that any new people joining may be fit to keep the guild more permanently active. This would of course assume that there would be one or more officers active enough to try and kick things into gear again, knowing that the member and possible future officer count (an equally important problem) might rise well enough again to warrant the organization of proper events again. Of course, we can decide later on to what extend we would open up the guild, be it all Horde races or only certain specific tribal races. It goes without saying that we will do whatever we can to have everything make as much sense and as transition-friendly as possible.

I'm sure there are plenty of arguments to be said for both opinions, so let's at least make sure this topic remains a civil discussion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone's opinion matters equally. However, having said that, I did decide to include an option in the poll that allows each voter to say whether or not they actually plan or want to be active in the guild regardless of its future prospect as well. I feel that this is relevant in the sense that it would at least offer a fair estimate of the amount of people who would still want to be active in case the guild lives on, but would on the other hand allow those that would not plan to be active any more but once were a part of the guild to still give their own opinion on the matter. It goes without saying that it's very important to be completely honest with yourself here. When voting for an option that claims you would be active in the near future still, it means that you actually will as well. It would be bad to create false expectations of the member count we might be having here, should the guild plan to live on. Having said that, healthy discussion in this topic is of course encouraged!

The future of the guild lies in your hands, orcs. Choose wisely, and make sure to spread the word to your fellow orcs to come vote!

- Koz
Game Related / IMPORTANT: Moving forward
October 17, 2016, 10:16:52 PM
Hello orcs!

After tonight's officer meeting, the officer team has decided that in order to try and get things up and running again in a last ditch effort, we'll be focusing our efforts on making a big, all-out campaign to speed things up in the Broken Isles before an early return to a different, more RP-friendly locale. We've decided that RP in the Broken Isles is not a very ideal setting for the guild in its present shape, so in hopes of "going out with a bang" on the Broken Isles (at least for the time being), we will focus on a big but to-the-point plot-line to wrap things up.

To do that though, we will take a very brief hiatus for one and a half or so week to focus on getting things prepared, rather than to try and poop things out without having much time to prepare for things and just having to improvise. So until the 30th in two weeks from now, we'll be allowing whoever wishes to throw in a quick plot to do whatever they please, plot-wise. Members will be free to post their own calendar events, and everyone will of course still be encouraged to attend them. However, once the first event to the big campaign does take place, expect big things to happen in a quick succession of events to wrap up our first campaign on the Broken Isles! So anyone wanting to see where the story goes is certainly encouraged to attend those once they take place.

If things go well, we hope to reignite a bit of interest with a big, banging campaign once it kicks off. Only time will tell. Any support would be most welcome to ensure this guild doesn't ultimately kick the bucket within this very year still at least, so fire away your creative crackers if you have any! The officer team will of course still be around, be it IC or OOC, to answer any of your questions or inquiries. Don't hesitate to contact us!
Game Related / Reasons of absence
October 16, 2016, 10:47:51 PM
Heya all, orcs!

As some of you may have been noticing as of late, activity is seriously dwindling in-game. We have seen very little random RP to begin with, and when people do show up for scheduled events at all, it's nowadays rarely any more than two to three people. This has been a trend that's slowly been going on for a few weeks now, and if things keep going like this, they will surely only get worse.

As the officer team, it's our job to ensure this guild remains alive and well. However, it's never up to the officers alone to do this. A large part lies just as much so with the community itself, and that's why I'm coming forward to pose you all this question here to try and get to the root of the problem and see what we can all do together to get things up and running again. It's a team effort, so any input whatsoever will be more than welcome!

So the big question I'm meaning to ask you all is: What is your personal reason for no longer showing up to any random RP or RP events in-game? There's no wrong answer here and no one will be looked down upon for whatever the answer given will be, so please do feel free to answer honestly! Is it a lack of interest in RP, the content that Legion has offered so far, the increased interest in PvE, phasing, or even simply personal circumstances? We would love to hear from you all, so that we can do whatever we can to get things back together again!