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Swedish Pagans?
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You're invoking the wrong gods in this place!
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Author Topic: A Fresh Start  (Read 2163 times)


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A Fresh Start
« on: February 18, 2019, 04:48:41 AM »

A Fresh Start

He was alone and would be his own orc? That didn’t last long. Razaron was being stalked by a lone wolf in the thick undergrowth. He would occasionally turn his head to watch that he wasn’t being tracked but this wolf was clever, she would keep her head down and use her sense of smell to follow him. The wolf would stalk him for days, following him deeper in to the swamp to hide away from the world. Days turned to a weeks and the wolf watched him go about making a new life for himself. Razaron had slowly managed to piece together a small hut and a few supplies and the sun set for the night, tiredly he curled up in his furs unbeknown that a deadly giant anaconda had also had his eye on him. The anaconda slithered his way inside his new home and was just a few feet away, it’s long body entering Razaron’s furs and was about to start squeezing the life out of him when the wolf attacked. The Anaconda was being ripped apart by the savagery of this wolf, Razaron shot up and grabbed his axe but his hut was a bloody mess. The anaconda had been killed and now Razaron faced the wolf in complete shock. He looked deep in to her emerald green eyes with his axe raised, something deep within his soul changed as his axe lowered. He knew this wolf was meant to be with him, it was destiny, fate! Razaron walked slowly over to the wolf and knelt down to stroke it’s long brown fur, the wolf’s demeanour had changed dramatically. Just a few moments ago it was a killing machine turning the anaconda inside out and now it was playful and happy. “Neska..” Razaron didn’t even mean to say it, it just came out. Somehow he just spoke her name out loud, it seemed the spirits had chosen them to be together. 

Countless months had past and Razaron and his wolf Neska would live together happily, a perfect duo at surviving deep within the Swamp of Sorrows. They were equals, they shared the same food, water and even furs. Unbreakable was their bond but somethings can be broken, they had just finished a hunt when they heard a commotion in the distance. They tracked down the noise and saw two pink-skins holding a sword at what looked like a pitiful creature, he was in distress and had his hands held up. The creature spoke with them in a foreign tongue which Razaron didn’t understand. What he did understand was their body language and whatever was being discussed was heated, the one pink skin now held the sword to the creatures neck. Razaron felt like intervening but didn’t want to draw attention to himself or Neska so decided to reluctantly just watch. The pink skin holding the sword gave the creature a swift punch to the face with his free hand, the creature fell to the floor in pain. They both started to laugh enjoying every second of it but they had made a fatal mistake, the few seconds that they took their eyes off the creature was the distraction it needed. The bullies in tandem veered back to the floor at the creature and were met with the a fiery blast. The pink skins were instantly burnt alive as their bodies toppled over to the wet marsh ground. Razaron was shocked, this creature had conjured fire from thin air! Razaron in his amazement had stumbled backwards, the clean snap of a breaking branch was enough for the creature to notice them both and with a click of his short stubbed like fingers they were sent tumbling out in to the open. Razaron knew he didn’t stand a chance at fighting a spellcaster of this power, he dropped his axe and closed his eyes waiting for the final blow to be struck.

The creature spoke, “What is an orc still doing in this swamp?” The creature spoke Orcish, how? Razaron opened his eyes and replied, “You speak my tongue?”. “Yes, obviously! Once we traded with your kind on Draenor but you haven’t answered my question orc!” Traded on Draenor? Razaron eyes narrowed as he looked closer at the strange creature, he then realized what it was. He was a draenei, but not a normal draenei, this one looked weak, almost broken. “I turned my back on the Horde, I live a life of a hermit. Just me and my wolf, draenei.” The creature’s raised a brow and looked at him and his companion, “So you know what I am even with my deformity? Hah, you are a peculiar orc aren’t you? There is more to you then meets the eye isn’t there orc?” The broken draenei thought to himself for a moment twiddling his beard like tentacles, “Come with me, let us talk about things.” The broken draenei picked up his stave, turned around and began to walk away. Razaron knew this was his only chance to get away, surely this broken couldn’t out run an orc and wolf? Curiosity however got the better of him and he and Neska followed the broken draenei through the swamp.

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