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Ink and Blood

Started by Scharda, November 05, 2018, 11:44:44 AM

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"Bound by ink and blood, never forget that which has been imprinted into your soul. Carry on your skin that which is in your heart and never forget. For life is a path with many crossroads and hidden trails. but none of which can be walked twice."


-Tattoo done by Scharda Ud'Uhru Thraka-


Gorewolf Grim: Tattooed in black and blood red ink on his right shoulder is the silhouette of a large wolf paw surrounded by a circle of orc symbols and runes representing blood, honour and strength. The tattoo covers his entire shoulder blade and has exceptionally bright and strong colours despite a few nicks and scratches to his skin suggesting he's had it for a while.

Volkán Warmonger: Decorating his skin, though usually hidden beneath heavy armour, is a large tattoo reaching form the front of his left chest and body all around to cover half his back.
The jagged rocks of Blackrock form a dark silhouette against the green colour of his skin, the stone crumbling and breaking apart from the weight of a giant serpent which curls and coils through the mountain tops to the background of threatening storm clouds.
The serpent, a dreadful creature with amber eyes and sleek fangs, can be seen with its jaws wide open, dripping shimmering venom onto the rock of the mountain which it appears to be crushing under its own weight. Scales of crimson red and deep green covering its slithering body and creating a sharp contrast to the earthly colours of the rock, setting it apart as something almost supernatural. ((has been edited))

Vezara: Resting its head on the orcs right shoulder is the stylized wolf of the Frostwolf Clan, tattooed in shadows of blue and white with a strong line to bring it out from the green in addition to having been given a shadow that makes it look as if it is floating right above the skin itself. It is set to the background of a spiked circle shaded with gray and highlighted with white to contrast the ice and azure blue colours.

The tattoo covers part of her upper right back, wrapping over her shoulder and over the top right side of her chest and arm where it is punctuated by two broad lines, reminiscent of the spiked circle, running around the bicep and creating something akin to a 1/4 sleeve.


Ooc: Interested in a tattoo? just poke me in-game or via discord and we can set up a time to meet up ic! I usually do the tattoo sessions in-game/ic and then write up a tattoo description for an rp add on unless people prefer to do it themselves.

Scharda uses traditional equipment not unlike this and a technique similar to this