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Nar'thak Strongarm

Started by Nakobu, September 03, 2018, 09:18:11 PM

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Name: Nar'thak Strongarm
Alias: Nar
Rank: Gosh'kar Initiate

Age: 61
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Clan: Burning Blade
Class: Monk
Alignment: Neutral Good

Family: Ro'thar (Brother, deceased), Ashka (Mate, deceased), Sidgar Cailen (Honor-brother), Kargnar Bloodpaw (Blood-brother)
Known Friends: Master Yao, Rhonya Steelheart, Lom'rak Steelskull, Uron Lonetusk, Okiba Spearbreaker, Zouyo Rainclaw, Luciouz Dalton and others of the clan.
Known Enemies: Unknown.

Nar'thak is clearly quite the old orc. While you may not be able to tell the exact number of years he has walked the realm, his wrinkled and worn face shows it must be considerable. He wears an eye patch covering his right eye, his face having a good number of old scars upon it.
His hair is long and a white-silver colour. Part of it is done into two braids, which fall to his chest, the rest of it falling down his back. As for his beard, this is also done into a braid at the chin.
Standing at an average height, Nar'thak is powerfully built, clearly having undergone some intense training. Like his face, his body also has numerous scars, the majority looking quite old and faded.

Nar'thak seems a kind old orc with a calm presence. Always willing to lend a hand and to aid those in need, he is certainly an orc that can be counted on by his fellows.
Having fought in war after war, Nar'thak has grown tired of many of his fellow orc's lust for the battlefield; a feeling that has only grown that much stronger after his years with the peaceful pandaren.

Spoiler: show

• Ro'thar, Nar'thak's brother, is born.

• Ro'thar begins his training as a blademaster.

• Nar'thak is born.
• Nar'thak's mother passes due to an illness not long after his birth.

• Hallvalor attacked by a large warband of marauding ogres, Nar'thak's father dying in its defence.
• Ro'thar is left to raise Nar'thak alone.

• Nar'thak is nearly eaten alive by a Laughing Skull's out of control ravager beast during a Kosh'harg.

• Nar'thak begins his basic fighter's training.
• Nar'thak meets Ashka for the first time.

• Nar'thak fails to be chosen as one to be trained as a blademaster.

• The Burning Blade clan join the formation of the Horde.

• The Burning Blade as well as most other clans begin sporadic attacks on the draenei.

• The majority of the Burning Blade's flameseers become warlocks.

• Nar'thak and Ashka join together as mates.
• Nar'thak joins the orcs gathered for their attack on Karabor.

• Nar'thak drinks the Blood of Mannaroth at the Throne of Kil'jaeden.
• Driven by bloodlust, he joins the march against Shattrath and aids in it's destruction.

• Nar'thak, Ro'thar and the rest of the Burning Blade work alongside the Shattered Hand and the Outcast Arakkoa to conquer the capital of Skyreach.
• Once withtin the city, the orcs betray the Outcasts, killing High and Outcast Arakkoa alike.
• Many High Arakkoa are thrown down into the Pools of Sethe, twisting them into wretched, cursed versions of themselves.

• Construction of the Dark Portal begins.

• Nar'thak and the rest of the Horde pass through the completed Dark Portal.
• The First War begins against the Humans of Azeroth.

• Nar'thak participates in the destruction of numerous human towns and villages.

• Nar'thak joins in the first siege of Stromwind, which ends in stalemate.
• The second siege of Stormwind, in which the gates fall. Nar'thak is among the orcs who raze the city and wipe out the majority of its inhabitants.
• Sidgar Cailen is one of the knights charged with the evacuation of the remaining civilians.

• Start of the Second War.
• The Horde push north into Khaz Modan, trapping the dwarves and gnomes within their cities.
• The Horde sail further north, making landfall in Lordaeron.

• The Horde fights through Hillsbrad, the Hinterlands and Quel'Thalas.
• The Capital City of Lordaeron is sieged, but is met with strong resistance.
• The Horde loses the Second War.

• The orcs split off alone or in small packs, wandering the wilderness. Nar'thak and Ro'thar become split up during this time.
• Nar'thak and Ashka travel alone until they are captured and placed into an internment camp.

• Ashka passes from illness due to the poor conditions within in the internment camp.
• Nar'thak and many other orcs are experimented on by a wizard of the camp, resulting the loss of his right eye.

• The internment camp is freed by Ro'thar and a small warband of orcs.
• The Horde is reformed into the New Horde by Thrall.

• The Horde sails past the Maelstrom to the continent of Kalimdor.
• The Third War begins against the Burning Legion, with the combined mortal forces achieving victory.
• The Horde found their new homeland of Durotar and the orcish city of Orgrimmar.

• Nar'thak and Ro'thar assist in various Horde efforts across Kalimdor, most notably against the silithid in Silithus.

• Nar'thak and Ro'thar join the expedition to Outland.
• Nar'thak is stationed in Thrallmar and Ro'thar in Shadowmoon Valley with the Kor'kron.

• Nar'thak and Ro'thar join the Horde Expedition to Northrend.
• Ro'thar falls to the nerubian forces in Dragonblight.
• Nar'thak fights alongside the Kor'kron and Fordragon forces at the Wrathgate.

• Nar'thak assists in relief work done to aid the Horde's population put in crisis by the Cataclysm.

• Nar'thak sails with the forces headed for the strange southern continent, their ship wrecking after a battle with the Alliance.
• Nar'thak survives the wreckage, being taken to the Temple of the Jade Serpent.
• Nar'thak joins the monks of the Temple and is taught by the supposedly 'mad' Master Yao.
• Sidgar is another student of Yao's, having wound up at the Temple under similar circumstances.
• Nar'thak and Sidgar are taught the Peak of Serenity curriculum, giving them the basics of the pandaren's ways.
• Nar'thak and Sidgar are sent on a journey around Pandaria in order for them to learn how to deal with the Sha.
• Nar'thak and Sidgar become honor-brothers.

• Nar'thak continues his training under Master Yao, specialising the the manipulation of chi.
• Nar'thak learns advanced pandaren medicine under the Temple's apothecaries.

• Nar'thak and Sidgar assist in the defence of Pandaria against the Legion.
• Master Yao leaves for the Wandering Isle in order to join with the monks of the Broken Temple.

• Nar'thak returns to Kalimdor in order to train his skills amongst his own kind.
• Sidgar returns to Stormwind, joining the war effort as a mender.
• Nar'thak joins the Red Blade clan.

In the Footsteps of an Emperor:
Soon to come!

Other stories:
A Journal and a Scroll (Guild Application)
An Initiate's Task

Things you may know about this character:
Nar'thak has spent over six years training under the guidance of the pandaren.
Trains as a monk to chase the ever-elusive 'Inner Peace'.
Fought through the First, Second and Third Wars, as well as served in Outland and Northrend.
Lost his eye in the internment camps to a wizard that had a fondness for testing his magics on the prisoners.

Things you may not know about this character:
Suffers constant nightmares of his acts whilst he was under the effects of the Blood Curse.
He has a close bond with a human named Sidgar Cailen, one he considers to be an honor-brother.
Considers himself to be incredibly selfish, having originally taken up the monk arts solely for himself.
Has a fear of large insect-like creatures.

Spoiler: show

Object:   Created/Gifted by:   Location:
Blademaster's Necklace   Ro'thar   On his person
Cloth Eyepatch   Internment Camp's wizard   On his person
Satchel Bag   Master Yao   On his person
Herbs, brews and other medical supplies   Himself, various vendors   In his bag
Bamboo Monk's Staff   Master Yao   On Feng
Aged Warblade   Ro'thar, repaired by Steelskull   On Feng
Banner of the Burning Blade   Ro'thar   In his home within the Temple Grounds
Basic Cobalt Knife   Horde Expedition quartermaster   In his bag
Bear Hide Armour   Wildmark   On his person, on Feng
Red Blade Tabard   Wildmark   On his person
Red Blade Marks   Himself   In his bag
Link Trinket made of Marks   Steelheart   On his person
Totem to Magor   Himself, items placed upon it taken from battlefields and gifted by others   On Feng
Red Blade Banners   Clan storage   On Feng
Ghost Iron Footguards, Elbowguards and decorative pieces   Temple of the Jade Serpent   On his person, on Feng, decoration used as part of Bear Hide Armour
Dark Talbuk and Red Cloud Serpent Hide Ritual Garb   Himself   On Feng
First War Era Stormwindian Knight's Badge   Sidgar Cailen   On the totem to Magor
Night Elven Tome   Lonetusk   On Feng
Prototype Red Blade Badge   Atar'ka   On his person
Runed Scalemail Gauntlet   Magmafist   On Feng

Views on others in the clan!


(( Updated with a list of belongings as well as a timeline. Please give me a poke if you have ever given Nar an item and I have not listed it here! ))