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Between Worlds

Started by Razaron, September 01, 2018, 08:54:47 AM

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Between Worlds

The Dark Portal was finally built and the Horde had started to invade Azeroth, during this time more and more of the Bleeding Hollow clan were ordered to cross to this new world. The fel corruption had taken it’s toll on the world and the Dark Portal spread the fel like a infection sucking the life out of everything. The Tanaan Jungle had perished, the land was now a barren desert called the Hellfire Peninsula. In the center of desolate region a grand fortress was built, unsurprisingly this fortress was named Hellfire Citadel and the path of glory connected it towards the imposing demonic Dark Portal.

Many months had passed since Razara’s death and Razaron and Gorgush had not spoken since the end of his Om’riggor. It was now common knowledge amongst the Bleeding Hollow clan that Razaron had cheated in his Om’riggor and was given the title the Insane as a punishment for his actions, this news had also started to spread to other clans within the Horde who looked at Razaron with disgust. Razaron tried to keep himself to himself and away from the other orcs, in his spare time had eventually crafted a rylak head piece to wear which he was very proud of. Those that knew him had wrongly thought he had made this as some sort of tribute for completing his Om’riggor, in actual fact it was a trophy to honor his grandmother Razara and her sacrifice. Day by day new reports of the new world would trickle back to Heartblood but today was different, orders were handed to the elders that stated that the whole of the Bleeding Hollow clan would be passing through the Dark Portal! Razaron was part of a reserve group and had not gone through the portal yet but scouts had found a lush jungle that was full of life and strikingly similar to how Tanaan Jungle use to be, this would be the new home of the Bleeding Hollow clan.

The Bleeding Hollow clan had walked the unsettling path of glory, the bones of the dead draenei cracked and shattered beneath their feet as they marched towards the Dark Portal. The clan didn’t seem to care about the remains, they were blood crazed and itching to abandon this world for the glory of the Horde. Even though Razaron had never drank Gul’dan’s gift the fel taint had affected him too, his skin had now fully turned green but that was just physical transformation. Mentally he started to feel the thirst for slaughter like his brothers and sisters, luckily he was still able to control this urge so he was thankful to be leaving this world behind. The clan climbed the great staircase and stood before the Dark Portal, Razaron gazed in to the hypnotic doorway mesmerized by it’s aura, to him these were the powers of the gods and far above his understanding. Many of his clan had heard the rallying cry of their leader Kil’rogg Deadeye and already charged through as Razaron was just standing there in awe, suddenly Razaron got pushed in the back, “Having second thoughts? Going to to disappointment me any more?” Gorgush snapped towards Razaron before pushing him out of the way and disappearing in to portal beyond. Razaron shook his head and sighed, there was nothing left to do then cross between these worlds. He looked behind him at what his world had turned into and then back towards the portal, he held his hand out to the magical essence in front of him. It felt like it was trying to pull him in, eventually he complied with it and walked through willingly. His body twisted and tumbled through space, he let out a cry of anguish and closed his eyes hoping this strange sensation would end and then suddenly everything went black and silent. He opened his eyes and everything was a blur and then a high pitch sound shot through his head, he shook his head to gains some sort of normality and was grateful that his eyes and ears started to recover and was flabbergasted at what he saw, “Life…” Razaron said out loud.

Razaron and his clan had passed through the portal unharmed and had arrived in a murk-ridden marsh, before Razaron could take in his new surroundings the elders of the clan immediately barked orders towards him and others to follow the rest of his kin. The orcs had all started to walk down some rugged paths that were made so they could transport their primitive carts full of supplies through the swamp biome, encompassing the path were hundreds hundreds of orcs laying for dead. The Bleeding Hollow clan had forsaken all traditions following the fel and were not going to stop for orcs too weak to survive the journey be it from the wilds or simply collapsing from exhaustion. Razaron tried to keep himself alert for any dangers that were hiding within the bog but fatigue and starvation was hampering him down, he started to feel dizzy and was about to fall to the ground when he heard, “Everything in your life is a reflection of choice.” It was a memory of Razara speaking to him like a ghost, Razaron suddenly rebalanced himself and willed himself onward. I will not die here he said to himself over and over, I will not!