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Author Topic: Clan Redblade's Code on Warlockry and the Fel  (Read 4238 times)


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Clan Redblade's Code on Warlockry and the Fel
« on: June 24, 2018, 10:27:12 PM »

Pinned to the Clan Redblade noticeboard, wherever they may be, reads the following;

The Code of Clan Redblade regarding Warlockry and the Fel

Application of Fel

Orcs may not;

- Steal the soul of either friend or foe.
- Prematurely age either friend or foe.
- Drain life to sustain oneself from an unwilling party.
- Dishonour the Wilds by corrupting it with Fel saturation.
- May not hunt using Fel Magic as the means to kill.
- Counteract their own death via the means of a Soulstone.

Orcs must;

- Take extreme care when practicing Fel Magic of any kind and only do so under the circumstances suitable.
- Be subject to dishonourable execution if required.
- Be subject to review by an Elder if seen to be acting out of the ordinary.

Orcs may;

- Study Fel Magic in theory in public.
- Draw pentagrams and perform other methods of practice without evoking them.
- Wear items of clothing and use weaponry of an enchanted Fel nature without repercussion.

Application of Demonology

Orcs may not;

- Worship Demons or submit themselves to them or their magic and practices.
- Attempt to summon or bind Greater Demons such as Annihilan, Nathrezim or Man’ari.
- Summon or commune with any Demon outside of the field of battle.
- Rely on a Demon for transport or support outside of the field of battle.
- Create nor use an infernal stone under any circumstances.

Orcs may;

- Prepare rituals and cantrips to aid the process of summoning on the field of battle beforehand.
- Summon Demons under the supervision of an Elder for demonstrative purposes outside of the field of battle.
- Only summon and control the following list of Demons and their variations; Imps, Felhounds, Succubi, Voidwalkers, Observers, Felguard and Doomguard.
- Expect others of the Clan to -not- harm, or impede their summoned Demons unless said Demon acts outside of the Code.

Application of Entropic Felfire

Orcs may not;

- Apply entropic fel-fire on anyone other than a foe of the Clan.
- Create excessive infernos of fel-fire that become out of control.
- Light a hearth or bonfire with fel-fire.
- Burn trees, grass-plains, jungles or forests with fel-fire.

Orcs must;

- Direct and control fel-fire upon an enemy on the field of battle.
- Immediately extinguish fel-fire once the enemy is defeated.

Application of Curses

Orcs may not;

- Curse anyone who has pledged allegiance to the Horde.
- Apply Curses of unnecessary pro-longed inhumane pain.
- Apply Curses as a method of torture.

Orcs may;

-Apply Curses on the field of battle to debilitate and harm enemies of the Clan.
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