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Wisdumb of the Ancestors

Started by Sadok, April 14, 2018, 03:42:22 PM

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Wisdumb of the Ancestors - 40 Sage Sayings of Sadok

I. The Code of Honor was handed down to Reggar Redblade. He'd have objected, but Reggars can't be choosers.

II. War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left.

III. A blood bond brings two orcs closer together. Handcuffs bring them closer forever.

IV. Respect your elders, no matter how hard it may be. Don't worry, they'll die of old age soon.

V. Respect your betters. Respect yourself. You are the best.

VI. Respect your butters. They're a great source of nutrition.

VII. Some say that less is more. I disagree. More is by definition more.

VIII. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But venturing is hard and I'm lazy.

IX. Always be prepared to back your words up. Unless you're a fast runner.

X. You know who says victory or death? Dead orcs.

XI. I'd give my blood willingly to the Horde but I'm allergic to pointy objects.

XII. Be careful lest dishonor fall upon you. Dishonor has put on weight, it's not a pleasant experience.

XIII. Demons are bad. Been there, done that. No touchy the demons.

XIV. Don't harm the young. Unless they had it coming.

XV. Once they come of age, beat the shit out of them. That'll teach them.

XVI. Lay the pelts of your enemies at the foot of your Chieftain. Unless they're bald, in which case back hair will do.

XVII. Witness me now, oh brothers and sisters. Witnesses are crucial for a good alibi.

XVIII. Use every part of a slain beast. Every. Part. I have a fetching scarf made out of wolf rectum.

XIX: Don't eat each other. It's weird and gross. I don't care how delicious they look, stop it.

XX: ''Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. As long as you porked them.

XXI. Path of Wisdom? Path of Strength? I prefer the Path of Conquest.

XXII. Wear Gul'dan's robes or a replica Garrosh pauldron. Whine every time someone comments on your lack of awareness.

XXIII. Fight your enemies to their very end. Punch them in the ass.

XXIV. Bigger is better. Carry a weapon so large you can barely use it in battle. Or why not two?

XXV. Akesh the Poisoner did nothing wrong. Except for the poison thing.

XXVI. Do not brandish your weapon idly. Keep that thing in its sheath, you pervert.

XXVII. Everyone has a wolf mask. Impress your peers, wear a draenei mask.

XXVIII. Don't think of it as exile. Think of it as an extended vacation until you die alone, unloved and unmourned.

XXIX. The fire tastes like burning.

XXX. Why are they called peons if you get in trouble for urinating on them?

XXXI.  Don't ask where the Packweavers went. Unless you want to join them.

XXXII. Be hospitable to your enemies. Send them to the hospital.

XXXIII. Keep your words soft and sweet, lest you have to later eat them. Cake is a good word.

XXXIV. It takes a lot of nails to build an orcling's crib, but just one screw to fill it.

XXXV. The Rite of Cleansing is reserved for warlocks, Death Knights and bad cases of body odor.

XXXVI. Respect your alliances. Except for that Alliance. You know the one I mean.

XXXVII. A good cuirass can make the difference between victory and defeat, life and death. But sometimes you just have to free the nipple.

XXXVIII. Orcs that live in glass houses mustn't stow thrones. Dressing in the basement is optional.

XXXIX. Do not commit a serious crime in the face of the spirits. Do it behind their back.

XL. The history of Clan Redblade is much like your den mother. As vast as it is old.


Hellbrew approves of such wisdoms. Even from the grave it comes!
"Trueblood, Gosh'kar, Brewmaster, The Jade Orc, Transcendent"

Wornag (Kronnor)

This got me wandering. Where did the Packweavers go?


Legend has it that they went off to search for like-minded people to settle down with. It's said that they died from boredom and loneliness when their search proved futile.

Intriguing musings from the spirits otherwise. :D
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Its a code to live by. As for the packweavers they went out for a pack of smokes, i heard the gul'thauks went to look for them as considering the gul'thauks it may take a while.

Wornag (Kronnor)